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Qwizcards - online quizzes and flashcards

Qwizcards lets you create quizzes and flashcard decks using an interactive WYSIWYG editor -- it adds simple shortcodes to your page or post

Online quizzes and flashcards for WordPress. Qwizcards lets you create fill-in-the-blank questions with "autocomplete" suggestion lists. You can include images, and labels that can be dragged-and-dropped to hot-spot targets on the images. Qwizcards includes progress and reporting features -- students can log in when they take a quiz, and you can get score reports by student. See

An interactive what-you-see-is-what-you-get (WYSIWYG) "wizard" makes it easy to create quizzes and flashcard decks, and/or you can edit the shortcodes directly. See

Click the "Q" icon in the WordPress editor to get started!

Author Dan Kirshner
Contributors dan_kirshner
Tags flashcards, interactive quiz, labeled diagrams, quiz

Dashboard > Plugins > Add New


Upload 'qwiz-online-qwizzes-wp-plugin.php' to your plugins directory ('.../wp-content/plugins'). Activate the plugin through the 'Plugins' menu in WordPress

Click the "Q" icon in the WordPress editor to get started!


2017-01-27 Wizard - fix quiz/deck initial style setting. Wizard - add width and height options.


2017-01-26 Wizard starts with choosing first question/card (default no intro). Fix wizard - problem editing existing deck with [qdeck] attributes. Border options in wizard.


2017-01-15 Wizard - user-specified directory name and page name. "Forgot password?" - mail link to reset-password page. Card-back option. "My account" settings page. Wizard for flashcards. Dataset intro on/off option.

3.13 (renamed to 3.15)

2016-09-11 Exit mobile icon, option for no-go mobile. Spaced repetition for datasets. Qwiz wizard beta. Dataset/use dataset for flashcards.


2016-05-11 Refresh option for leaderboard. Handle video/audio embeds - flashcards and datasets. "pre-qwizzled.js" - don't load editing menu javascript unless needed.


2016-04-23 Register quizzes/decks - wasn't allowing flashcard decks to be registered.


2016-04-20 Hangman "hint" button. Leaderboard. Datasets -- create and use via edit menu.


2016-01-28 No-suggestions textentry -- suggest="false" option. "My progress" option on user menu -- progress bars by unit. Fix multi-site updating of textentry suggestions dictionary.


2015-12-22 "Got it!" and "Need more practice" for "show-the-answer" type question. Format login, other for Twentysixteen theme. Fix login -> question view mobile/non-mobile.


2015-12-14 Disable [textentry] after answer. Quizzes: do not require topic for information-only question. [textentry plural="true"] works for dictionary words. Quizzes: blur hangman focus on complete so can trigger next-button click. Mobile view, including click-click alternative to drag-and-drop. Default options for use_dict and use_terms on Settings > Qwizcards admin page. Qwiz icon - link to sharing. Usermenu icon - quizzes shifted with bounces in WordPress 4.4. Fix. Quiz/deck registration - fix URL capture in WordPress 4.4.


2015-10-25 Progress recording/reporting. Fix - working for login. Check if quiz or deck with qrecord_id registered. Check if user will get credit for quiz or deck. Login option to register (independent student). Timeout/warning for login session expiration. "Forgot password?" link. [qscores] - link to login/view scores. [hangman]. Dictionary for textentry suggestions. [qwiz] or [qdeck] attribute: "align=" (center or right). [textentry] attributes: "single_char=...", "use_terms=...", "use_dict=...".


2015-10-08 Information-only "question." "Create a decoy target" option. Class "summary" --> "qwiz_summary" (interfered with, e.g., WooCommerce).


2015-08-31 Correction to usage count collection frequency.


2015-08-31 Mouseenter starts timer for show hint on first card of no-intro quiz or deck. Flashcard fix - Firefox focus-blur (for keydown event) BEFORE textentry focus. Flip front/back on click. Record page hits, quiz/deck hits. Opt-out/in on Settings > Qwizcards. Set WordPress default image links option to "none".


2015-06-27 Fix bug - labels were getting pre-placed after "Take quiz again".


2015-06-26 Team login. Login timeout. Check that attributes have a value given in double quotes. Set textentry minlength for short answer choices. Let zero-length entry metaphones match zero-length term metaphones. Required-input textentry "Check answer" text changes with entry state. works for "Check answer", "Next question", and "Login". [fx] feedback applies to all incorrect choices. Hint button appears after timeout, or after gray "Check answer" click. Qwiz settings option for hint-button timeout. On re-do of a labeled diagram, restore previously-correctly-placed labels. Fix bug - labeled diagrams - "Next" button not showing.


2015-04-26 Word-wrap normal for labels (problem in Firefox). Don't use `` for already-wrapped [q] and [l]. Fix bug -- hint required matching first character. textentry minlength= option. Sort numeric for textentry suggestions. Login/recording capabilities. topic= for flashcards. Recording for flashcards. Briefer topic summary report for quizzes (matches flashcards topic summary).


2015-02-03 "the_content" filter: allow JavaScript to detect mismatched [qwiz]-[/qwiz] pairs. Error messages returned from qwiz_qcards_common.js. Correct content='body' for standalone flashcard decks. Resize flashcard front/back to larger of two (including alternate textentry backs). Hide Qwiz icon when autocomplete starts. Remove resizing handles in labeled diagrams (now have images that would show). Free-form input ([textentry]) with suggestions/hints for quizzes and flashcards. Create qwiz_qcards_common.js to hold common code. random="true" option for quizzes.


2015-01-05 Make sure labeled-diagram questions contain matching opening/closing divs. Just count targets, not labels. Toolbar option - keep "next" button active. Check for allow_url_fopen, check version number. Don't increment number of cards reviewed until "Check answer"/flip. Feedback interleaved with choices, optional.


2014-12-21 Avoid clobbering other plugins' events - WP content filter creates divs for each qwiz/qdeck - rewrite only those divs. On back side of card, "Flip"/"Check answer" -> "Flip back". Gray-out/disable "Need more practice" and "Got it!" until user clicks "Check answer". Take xqwiz sizing div out of flow.


2014-12-16 Fix search for any [qwiz] or [qdeck] shortcodes. Reorder flashcard buttons, default translation: "Flip" -> "Check answer".


2014-12-15 Alternate edit-area iframe id: wpb_tinymce_content_ifr. Make $ (= jQuery) private. Use jQuery rather than $ in qwizscripts.js.


2014-12-13 Explicit visible/hidden for card front/back. (Chrome backface-visibility?)


2014-12-07 Multiple targets for a single label. Accommodate image resizing (resize wrapper, reposition targets). Tolerate whitespace before [h]. Fix check for paragraph with header plus something else -- don't delete. Qwiz icon within - keep the icon inside the border. Reinstate containment for labels -- by table size. qtarget_sibs-... instead of text_target_wrapper (except for backwards compatibility). Don't allow draggable labels to be "underneath" already-placed labels. Keep [!] comments at end of labeled-diagram question outside the question div. Fix: made headers into labels.


2014-12-02 Workaround for Firefox 33.1 problem with long regular expression and long string in intro parse.


2014-11-20 Handle "smart quotes" in attributes.


2014-11-19 Hide shortcodes until finished processing. Option to deploy beta. Add "Q #1/4" to labeled diagram progress.


2014-11-16 Admin/settings: beta capability, revert capability. More backwards compatibility fixes (labeled diagrams assoc_id). Move comments ([!] ... [/!] after labels, delete trailing whitespace in labels.


2014-11-13 Bug fix - "text before intro"


2014-11-12 Delete question and label divs with nothing in them. Nicer formatting of labeled diagram borders in editor. Delete
in header. Separate out "Got it!" from summary text. Editing: improve backwards compatibility with data- (identify labels having targets).


2014-11-09 Nicer qwiz icon, hover effect. Hide icon with flip. Ignore empty paragraphs when no [i]: handle multiple paragraphs. Fix choice highlighting when multiple choices within one paragraph. Admin page: option to hide qwiz icon, or display without link, option to change content div location; option to replace button labels. Handle left- and right-double-quotes in labels="top", etc. Flashcards: correct sizing of larger of front and back (border showing through in Firefox).


2014-11-04 Restore missing double quote -- couldn't split on labeled diagrams.


2014-11-04 Delete php closing tags in .php files.


2014-11-03 A few minor fixes.


2014-11-03 Use classes for labeled-diagram target/label borders - avoid "flash" on page load. (Fixes newly-created labeled diagrams only.) Ignore empty paragraphs (with " ") in intro without "[i]". Qwiz icon/link on intro or first question only. If labeled diagram is wide, reset qwiz div/borders to match. 'div.container' as content option. Use class "qtarget_assocNNN..." instead of data-...; some implementations eat data-...


2014-10-28 Fix topic= for labeled diagram questions. Add labels="top", etc. options for labeled diagram questions.


2014-10-12 Fix "Mode" not showing after labeled diagram. Labeled diagram not "correct" until labels placed correctly on first try. Add random="true" option for flashcard decks - initial order randomized. Warn/prevent use of images with captions for labeled diagrams. A few more strings for internationalization.


2014-10-05 Add internationalization - use .po and .mo files. Add as page content location.


2014-10-01 Suppress errors, delete source in page/post excerpts.


2014-09-29 Bug fix - lost "next" button.


2014-09-29 Apply gray-out to label children, too (overwrite specific settings). [qwizdemo] tags in qwizcards.js, too.


2014-09-29 Labels list vertical-align top. Fix label placement progress when multiple quizzes. -webkit-user-select none - improves Android Chrome drag. [qwizdemo] tags.


2014-09-26 Vertical-center labels in targets. jquery.ui.touch-punch for phone drag-and-drop.


2014-09-21 Re-initialize diagrams (to clone of orig) on restart. Restart button correct in sinqle-question labeled diagram.


2014-09-16 Fix highlighting of choices when no intro. If question with only one choice, "Show the answer" button, not radio. Modify menu header for Safari on Mac.


2014-09-14 Position targets where click. Error message if no questions when click menu. Raise menu z-index (TinyMCE 4.0). "Took n tries" feedback on labeled diagram. Border around labels; labels bulleted.


2014-09-12 While editing, mark bottom border of labeled-diagram question. Cancel fadeout of instruction if new click. In labeled diagrams, ignore max-width of images set by WordPress. Make WordPress consistent in use of standard box-sizing model. Position editing menu fixed.


2014-09-07 Labeled-diagrams capability, including interactive editing. Chrome on Mac: fallback for Flashcards; others: prevent sub/sup showing through. Don't focus on textarea if first Flashcard initially displayed.


2014-08-16 Turn off debugs!


2014-08-16 Remove paragraph marks and headers that contain only [!] ... [/!] comments. Paragraph marks that remained after comments were deleted were taking space.

qwizcards: Remove breaks after textentry.

qwizcards: Remove spacing/margins from back side.


Initial WordPress release 2014-07-31

Version 3.18

Compatible up to: 4.7.2

Last Updated 09 Feb 2017

Date Added: 01 Aug 2014

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