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Send To Devices

The QiikChat sharebox allows visitors to easily send your site link to own devices, TV and mobiles. NO APP DOWNLOAD, no registration.

What is QiikChat

This plugin enables WordPress site owner to embed the SEND TO DEVICE feature by QiikChat on their own websites.
Stand out from the crowd, be the first to adopt the newly revamped QiikChat plugin for WordPress now.

Theme Developer's Best Friend: Cry out loud that your WordPress theme is mobile friendly, preinstall the QiikChat Send-To-Device to help potential users checking out.
Streaming site helper: Differentiate from competitors. Allow your user to instantly send your video link from computer to connected TV. No app download required.
Made For Bloggers : The QiikChat's Send To Device button helps your readers to keep your post at hands by simplifying the switch between screens.
Non-intrusive Share Button: The Send To Device button is visible only when the browser's scroll is at the top or if scroll reaches the bottom of the page. The button will not be displayed when the user scrolls down your page.
Beautifully Designed: The rounded QiikChat-Share button looks awesome both on computers and mobiles. It works on any background color including dark background and light background.

What is

QiikChat is a messaging platform for sending text and links to own devices. Typical usage includes sending link from computer to mobile or from mobile to computer. No app download is required; all devices under same local router or home wifi will be instantly connected to each others. Thanks to the QiikChat's patent pending technology, visitors don't need to register to send a link.

Need more?

If you need a whole social share buttons with the QiikChat feature, use the Simple Social Share plugin instead.

Some examples of WordPress sites using QiikChat Share

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  1. qiikchat-share screenshot 1

    QiikChat sharebox

  2. qiikchat-share screenshot 2

    QiikChat on mobile

The setup is easy, just upload the zip file by using the WordPress Add Plugin button, activate the plugin and you are done.


  • Initial release.

How can the user see the sent or shared links?

The user can see sent message by simply visiting with own devices. A history page is also available if the user want to see more than last three messages. Devices need to be under the same local network to see each other.

How to know that devices are under the same network?

Generally, all devices connected to the same router will share the same local network. For example, all devices using the same home WiFi will share the same message stream.

How private are visitors' links?

Visitors can use any of the following privacy modes: Discovery mode: Any message sent with QiikChat will be seen by any device under the same router. Private mode: each device needs to be paired to each other to establish a connection.

How can I use QiikChat as a chat room for my site

Use the code below if you want to use QiikChat as a wifi-based chat room for your website:

<iframe style="max-width: 100% !important;" width="560" height="315" src=""></iframe>

Can I use SendToDevice plugin to create a push to TV button for my video streaming site

If you host your MP4 video on your own server, use instead to create your TV push button.

Version 0.1

Requires WordPress version: Version 4.4.0 or higher

Compatible up to: Version 4.7.1

Last Updated 16 Jan 2017

Date Added: 06 Apr 2016


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