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Bell your wordpress website with browser notification in minutes. Send push notifications to your users on browsers like Chrome, Safari and Firefox.

Installing the plugin adds a notification bell (Refer Screenshot) and subscribe button (only posts) on your website. Users click the bell to subscribe for notifications on browsers like Chrome, Safari and Firefox. Subscribe button is at the end of the blog helps better conversions as readers subscribe more after reading a blog. The message for bell and button are both customisable to suit your needs. The plugin will integrate more browsers as they start supporting push notifications.

Browser push notifications can be used to engage with your users without mobile app installs, cold emails, SMSes or even bringing the user to your website. You can send new updates to your users using Pushchamp APIs or dashboard.

About Pushchamp

Pushchamp is a cross-platform communication tool for developers and marketeers to engage with their users everywhere. We support all push enabled platforms like android, iOS, Chrome, firefox, Safari, windows, and also SMS and Email.

Author Pushchamp
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  1. pushchamp-bell-your-website screenshot 1

    This is how the bell would look on your webpage. Default is hidden.

  2. pushchamp-bell-your-website screenshot 2

    Subscribe button at the end of all posts.

  3. pushchamp-bell-your-website screenshot 3

    Sample of browser notification.

  1. Signup on Pushchamp.

  2. Go to Create application. Click on checkboxes Chrome, Safari and Firefox.

  • For Chrome and Firefox

    • Uncheck HTTPs supported
    • Provide subdomain. If your website is give subdomain value as sitename
  • For Safari:

    • Check the box "make it for me"
    • Provide website name like Sitename. (This comes when Safari asks for user permission for notification)
    • Choose a Safari icon, square in shape of size greater than 256x256. (Apple requires different icon sizes. You just upload single image and we resize it into required sizes)
    • Provide site which will receive notifications separated by new line. Give You can also give http://localhost if you want to test notifications

    Click Save!

  1. Go to Pushchamp settings in your wordpress admin panel. Provide value of Pushchamp app ID. You can get this from settings page on Pushchamp dashboard. You can also customise your bell giving the position, color and text (While asking for notification from the user.) Just go to page bell your site on Pushchamp Dashboard to see how your bell looks with the customisation.

You can reach us on for any questions.

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Version 0.3

Requires WordPress version: 3.0.1 or higher

Compatible up to: 4.4.7

Last Updated 08 Sep 2016

Date Added: 18 Feb 2016

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