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Push Syndication

Push content to multiple sites

Push syndication plugin helps users to manage posts across multiple sites. It’s very useful when managing posts in different platforms like a blog or a standalone WordPress install. It scales very well and with a single click you can push a post to more than 100 sites of different platform. Currently blogs and standalone WordPress blogs are supported and we have plans to extend it to other platforms as well.

The plugin have a settings page along with an API generator tool that can be used to generate API tokens needed to push content in a blog. In the settings page you can select the post types you want to push and whether to delete the posts pushed when the master post is deleted.

To push posts in a blog first you need to create an application in the developer blog with redirect URI as listed in the settings page. Fill the client ID and client secret as displayed in the app page. Clicking the authorize button will direct you to the authorization page of Select the blog you want to push from the dropdown list and click authorize where you will be redirected back to your settings page which displays the API token, log ID and Blog URL. Use this information when registering a site.

Sites must be registered and grouped into sitegroups in order to push content. In the post edit screen a Syndication metabox will appear with the all the sitegroups defined. Select the sitegroups you want to push content and hit the publish button to push content.

Author Automattic
Contributors automattic, nprasath002, batmoo, betzster
Tags REST, xmlrpc
  1. push-syndication screenshot 1

    Push Syndication Settings Page

  2. push-syndication screenshot 2

    Registering an Application

  3. push-syndication screenshot 3 Authorization Page

  4. push-syndication screenshot 4 API credentials

  5. push-syndication screenshot 5

    Registering Standalone WordPress Install

  6. push-syndication screenshot 6

    Registering a Site

  7. push-syndication screenshot 7

    Sitegroups Metabox

As any other WordPress plugin you can enable push syndication plugin through the plugins page in the WordPress admin area. You also need to define an encryption key which will be used to encrypt user credentials and save to the database securely.

define('PUSH_SYNDICATION_KEY', 'this-is-a-randon-key')


  • Initial release
Version 1.0

Requires WordPress version: 3.4 or higher

Compatible up to: 4.7.2

Last Updated 09 Dec 2016

Date Added: 25 Jul 2012


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