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Purple Heart Rating (Free)

This rating plugin allows your readers to rate and comment. It creates these stars in the search results which creates trust. To your online success!

Purple Heart Rating Plugin for Wordpress

This cool and customizable rating plugin is the 'new kid on the blog' and was created by online marketers for online marketers and with them in mind. We at WP Buddy wanted to create something that 'scratches our own itch', meaning: a rating plugin that

  • is easy to set up,
  • makes it easy for the website visitors to rate and also invites them to comment,
  • is customizable to your own gusto, and
  • leaves away any unnecessary gizmos.

There is a free and a premium version for this plugin. While the free version will as well help to create these much wanted stars in the search results (through the implementation of micro data), naturally the premium version offers you a nice range of more useful key features. To see a comparison of the free and premium version of Purple Heart Rating Plugin, see here:


(where marked with * the feature is only available in the premium version)

  • Rating of articles, pages, custom posts, products, images: no matter what you want to have rated, your readers can rate it and this way create some much needed social proof
  • stars in the search results: you can enhance your visibilty and your trust by offering your website visitors a chance to rate your content
  • customize: nobody is alike, therefore you can adjust the color, size etc of the graphic-user interface and give it your personal flavor (the premium version also contains different icons to choose from)
  • feedback option:* based on the latest Wikipedia feedback option this feature invites your website visitors after rating in a discrete way to also send you feedback about the site so your offerings get better and better
  • import existing ratings from GD Star Rating: this allows you to keep all your existing GD Star Rating data by clicking only one button!
  • Top-10 Widget for your sidebar*: implement this widget and your website visitors will see which articles/products/... have been rated the most by other website visitors
  • Plugin shortcode*: by using the shortcode [purple_heart_rating] you can place the plugin practically anywhere on any page, rather than just on the top or bottom
  • Rating of comments*: allows your website visitors to give a heart to comments from others
  • Sorting of comments based on rating*: The best-rated comments will move up so that they can be seen immediately by others, adding to the value of the conversation
  • *Support within 48 hours**: Issues can always appear in the case of plugins, since there might be a conflict with other plugins or with the used theme; we'll be here when needed (note: please understand that we do not offer support for the free version but you are welcome to inform us about technical bugs related to the Purple Heart Rating Plugin, of course)

You are not convinced that stars in the search results can create trust? Don't take our word for it, but Google's! Google says that Rich Snippets (where the stars are created) are highly wanted: "We look forward to seeing structured markup continue to grow on the web, powering richer search results and new kinds of applications." (see ful article on Google's blog)

Our goal is your online success!


Why not go premium right away? Check out the detailed overview of features & benefits of the Purple Heart Rating Plugin!

Translators that contributed so far (thank you guys, you're awesome!)

Danish: Rasmus Lindgren

English & German: WP Buddy

Spanish: José @

You would like to contribute to Purple Heart Rating Plugin by offering a free translation? Perfect! Please contact us through our contact form, indicating the language and we can send you the .po file. As a thank you you will get the Premium Version of our rating plugin for free and we will be happy to mention you here.

Author wp-buddy
Contributors wp-buddy, floriansimeth
Tags article feedback tool, article rating, comment plugin, comments, custom wordpress plugin, feedback tool, google rich snippets stars, google stars, micro data, page, page plugin, page rate, page rating, plugin wordpress, Post, rating, Rating by Page, Rating by post, Rating by post type, ratings, review plugin, rich snippets,, search results, seo, star, thumb, thumbs, vote, widget, wikipedia, wikipedia style rating, wordpress rating, wordpress reviews plugin
  1. purple-heart-rating-free screenshot 1

    This is how the frontend looks like.

  2. purple-heart-rating-free screenshot 2

    This is how it should look like in Googles search results.

  3. purple-heart-rating-free screenshot 3

    This is how the backend looks like.

Extract the zip file and just drop the contents in the wp-content/plugins/ directory of your WordPress installation and then activate the Plugin from Plugins page.


  • Fix PHP warning: get_currentuserinfo() is a deprecated function in WordPress.


  • Added uninstall.php
  • Fix: jQuery now uses beforeSend and afterSend function instead of ajaxStart and ajaxStop
  • Fix: a PHP warning appears when no ads could be loaded on the settings screen


  • In general: made the plugin compatible with WP 3.8
  • Copied Japanese language translations from the PRO version
  • Updated Bootstrap CSS
  • Updated Font Awesome


  • Added language translations from the PRO version (de_DE, es_ES, da_DK, it_IT)


  • Update: Updated WP-Buddy Plugin Framework
  • Improvement: Now using load_plugin_textdomain instead of load_textdomain
  • More compatibility with WordPress 3.6


  • Fixed a problem where older logging entries get deleted to early
  • Fixed the "fatal error" problem on plugin activation


  • Updated WP-Buddy Plugin Framework
  • Solved a database-problem when upgrading to the PRO-version
  • Added a translation.pot file so that you can translated the plugin on your own


  • Solves a problem that WordPress adds p and br tags between the rating plugin
  • Updated CSS so that it's compatible with some more themes out there
  • Updated WP-Buddy Plugin Framework


  • The first free version

Any questions?

Version 1.3.2

Requires WordPress version: 3.8 or higher

Compatible up to: 4.7.2

Last Updated 02 Dec 2016

Date Added: 03 Apr 2013

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