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Prosperent Suite

Make Money on Your Blog with a Full Shop, Product Inserts, and Direct-to-Merchant Links from Prosperent.

This plugin contains the following tools from Prosperent:

  • ProsperLinks- Any link on your site that leads to a product or merchant will automatically convert to an affiliate link.
  • ProsperInsert- Insert relevant products and deals within your pages and posts, can also be automated.
  • ProsperShop- Create a shop on your blog filled with products relevant to your site content, links phrases to the shop to gain exposure automatically.

This suite will give you everything you need to easily start making money with your blog.

Why choose Prosperent?

  • We are here for you- We are always around to answer questions, office guidance and make sure you have everything you need to make a living online.
  • Traffic optimization- Our algorithm's are always making sure every click you send us goes to the HIGHEST PAYING and HIGHEST CONVERTING merchant at that moment.
  • Size- Because of our high volume, we work with the best Merchants and negotiate the highest commissions out there. Yes, we take a percentage of each commission (30% by default) instead of charging you a monthly fee, but because of our size, we more than make up for that with higher commission rates.
  • Automatic access to top merchants- Once you sign up with us (for Free), you have access to over 40,000 merchants that we work with.
  • Clean data- We clean the data feeds and resize images while serving it all from our global Content Delivery Network which means the images on your site load lightning fast at all times
  • Big data- We have mountains of conversion data. We know which merchants are converting, the brands that are hot, and the products that sell at various times throughout the year. We crunch all of this data and give you access to it all.
  • Limitless and fast!- We handle over 1.6 billion requests per month with no signs of slowing down. Fire off a request to our api, search tens of millions of products, and get back results within a few milliseconds.
  • Join for free- All of our competitors charge you a monthly fee to access their data and tools. We don't! Plain and simple, if you don't make money, we don't make money.
Author Prosperent Brandon
Contributors Prosperent
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  1. prosperent-suite screenshot 1

    The ProsperShop

  2. prosperent-suite screenshot 2

    The product page for a product that was clicked on in the ProsperShop

  3. prosperent-suite screenshot 3

    The ProsperInsert in a sidebar widget

  4. prosperent-suite screenshot 4

    The AutoLinker showing an image and phrase linked to the Shop

  5. prosperent-suite screenshot 5

    ProsperLinks has turned the merchant links on the logos into affiliate URLs

  1. Upload the prosperent-suite folder to the /wp-content/plugins/ directory.
  2. Activate the plugin through the Plugins menu in WordPress.
  3. Go to the Prosperent Settings under Settings.
  4. Connect to Prosperent, if you have issues you can manually connect as well, sign up for a free account here- Prosperent if you don't already have one..
  5. Head over to Prosperent and click Join, its Free to do so. Create your account and sign in.
  6. Once connected you will have access to edit the rest of the settings.
  7. Go to Appearance and then Widgets in your admin menu.
    • There are widgets available for the Search Bar for the Product Search, Top Product widget and Recent Searches.
    • If you have Accessibility Mode activated it will show 'Add' next to the widget, click 'Add' instead of trying to drag it.
  8. When making a page/post all the short code on in the Prosperent Gear Icon.

Congratulations, are ready to start earning money. You can now view your stats on your WordPress Dashboard.

About the Features

  • ProsperLinks is completely automated, once turned on (it is on by default), the plugin will begin affiliating links or re-affiliating links to better converting, high commission merchants.
  • ProsperInsert allows you to place products on pages and posts using the Gear icon dropdown when editing a page or post. It can also be placed in widgets and automated to place products on all posts or pages.
  • ProsperShop is a full fledged shop with millions of products from over 40,000 merchants. Turn on in the settings to gain access.

Additional Notes for Installation

  • This plugin automatically creates a new page called products. Go into that page and change the title to whatever you would like to be visible.


  • Fixed broken images


*Fixed missing CID in Product Inserts




*Fixed inserts, they were all at the top


  • White screen error fixed


  • Optimizations and bug fixes for ProsperInsert
  • Shop is turned off by default now
  • Fixed a Javascript conflict that occasionally would occur
  • Made some changes to memcaches keys
  • Titles have been updated with new WP functions
  • Fixed issues with Linker code to return better results
  • Updates to ProsperShop routing

  • CSS fix on product page
  • Add Widget creation from general settings corrected
  • Fixed FireFox bug when using Search Products and Create Shortcode

  • Fix for queries (there was a bug with apostrophes primarily, though it could have affected other queries with special characters)
  • Small fix/optimization for related products search
  • Moved a div on the no results page
  • Fix for dates on Dashboard charts

  • A few more stying fixes

  • Fixed CSS colors that weren't being inherited
  • Bug found when clearing sorts in the middle of a URL
  • Removing of Discount and Price Range fixed

  • Quick bug fix for extra slash when the default query is being used


  • Updated shop, better theme matching
  • ProsperInserts match your theme better also
  • Added option to disable the details popup on grid view
  • Fixed bugs with the Search Widget and the Prosper Search Bar shortcode
  • Bug fix for Linking Phrases to Shop

  • Fixed issue where you couldn't search by only brand, merchant or category
  • Fixed encoding issue with some merchants/brands
  • Fixed sharing, moved the priority lower

  • Fixed caching bug with v4.4


  • Fix for Front Page Shops
  • Added encoding to curl calls for speed


  • Added Predefined Price Range and Discounts
  • Fixed Search Widget and Shortcode action URL
  • Query suggestion added to No Results Page
  • Optimization- removed 3 api calls for store
  • Optimization- fixed extra redirects that would happen on some domains
  • Catches for ssl
  • Fixed bug with connecting to Prosperent
  • Added interface to ProsperLinker links for better tracking
  • Fix for Content Inserter Visit Store Button Option (re save if you inputted one prior)
  • Fix for product pages when renamed
  • Added changes for better SEO practices
  • Added advanced option to turn off the Related Producst search (to reduce some server load if need be)
  • Updated titles
  • Fixed bug in ProsperInsert where wrong products were coming up in some posts
  • Corrected SID for merchant inserts
  • Better Facebook and Twitter Sharing

  • More network options - control the tools your network sites can use
  • Small bug fixes to using tools on pages/post
  • Using wp_trash instead of delete to trash shop pages


  • Bug Fix- MerchantIds were not being passed to inserter and linker
  • Bug Fix- Merchants and Brands now work show up when editing old shortcodes
  • Fixed some string sanitizing issues
  • Dashboard Commissions graph now shows correctly
  • New stat boxes on dashboard graph
  • Optimized Related Products
  • Added Intercom support, you can now talk to us from within WordPress (once your Prosperent userId) has been added
  • Fixed some issues with Price Comparison ProsperInsert
  • Added Visit Store Button text option for Content Inserter
  • Fallback added if the Ajax call for the product details fails


  • URL updates when parameters get stripped
  • Fixed some url encoding bugs
  • Products page will stay how it should on deactivation, instead of loading new products page
  • Updated Memcache Error message
  • Plugin will automatically create another shop page if you set the main one to the static front page


  • CSS for Mobile
  • Fixed Activation Redirect
  • Fixed Facet Case Bug
  • Similar Products Render Correctly on Product Page now
  • Fixed Dashboard Stats Widget Bugs
  • Fixed Google Rich Snippets for Price Comparison and Product Page
  • Automatic ProsperInsert will not be shown on the shop pages
  • Fixed Bugs within Automatic Shortcode window
  • Added product details to shortcode product result windows and Create a ProsperInsert Page
  • Show More Like this button inside shortcode product result windows
  • Added DO NOT SHOW for automatic ProsperInsert, in shortcode window
  • Fixed shortcodes overwriting one another
  • Automated ProsperInsert Edit shortcode maintains search query


  • Speed Increase for the shop primarily
  • Reworked and optimized relevant product search
  • Added new ShortCode, Create a Link- input a link to be affiliated from a retailer
  • Fixed slash bug in queries


  • Fixed Base_Url issue, wasn't being set correctly
  • Fixed Subdomain issue, sometimes the URL would be incorrect when searching or filtering the store
  • Added manual method to set access key and wordpress key
  • Fixed some styling issues


  • First time shops were not being created


  • View Default wasn't being passed over correctly
  • Updated Relevant products


  • Updated for WordPress Version 4.3 (had issues with clearing filters in shortcodes)


  • Added Disconnect from Prosperent Button
  • Updated the connection method
  • Fixed some messaging


  • Updated Clicks to help us provide you more stats
  • Updated Related Products, faster and better
  • Automatically set WordPress Key and Access Key just by logging in
  • Changed Merchant to Store
  • Filters are removed in short codes if a new query is applied
  • Some Javascript now loads in the footer, should speed up things
  • Fixed Auto Sizing for ProsperInserts


  • Removed the ob_start("gzhandler"), some sites were not resolving when this was applied.


  • New Search Products page in settings - create a short code right there
  • Fixed Store Creation Bug
  • Fixed noFollow bug
  • Added gzip capability
  • Improved all Short Code Windows
  • More Reliability/ Stability
  • Better Store and Front Page Self Setting (No More Manual Base URL)
  • Optimizations
  • General Bug Fixes
  • Memcache error only appears on general settings page
  • Added view button to preview for inserts/linker
  • Fixed bug when switching between views that would remove selected products


  • Fixed a meta noindex issue


  • Fixed List View Pagination, the pages was missing from 4.1.2 in list view


  • Improved editing of shortcodes
  • Updated No Results Found in the shop, no longer returns trending products so as not to confuse
  • Updated the Price Comparison layout
  • Improved Relevant Products in the shop


  • Bug Fix for Front pages


  • Added Dashboard stats- shows commissions and clicks
  • Improved design of turning tools on or off, easier to tell which are on
  • Condensed Options - 3 main tools
  • Cleaned up Settings
  • AutoLinker is part of the shop now- link phrases to the shop
  • Added control over Visit Store buttons in the shop and in each insert shortcode
  • Fixed bugs in Price Range
  • Added Grid/List view icons back into store
  • Fixed Bugs with removing certain categories
  • Improved Shop Javascript - scrolls to show details when item is clicked
  • Added close button to details view
  • CSS improvements- Better Responsiveness
  • Added ability to double click shortcodes to edit them
  • Added some old options back into the shortcodes as requested
  • Shortcodes now show as images or red link instead of shortcodes in Visual editor
  • Added Intercom into Prosperent Settings to help with communication
  • Added fix to QuickTags so it is only requested on Text Editor
  • Optimized Automated ProsperInsert
  • Fixed PriceComparison ProsperInsert
  • Shop Improvements
  • Fixes to Related Products Handling


  • CSS bug fixes
  • ProsperInsert bug fixes
  • Positive and Negative merchant filters work again
  • Fixed white screen issue with shop
  • Added shortode for product search bar width
  • Fixed theme issues


  • Overhauled the shop
  • Removed Deprecated Items
  • Updated Options Pages
  • Added a ProsperDetails popup
  • Updated Facebook Open Graph Details
  • Added Price Comparison Insert Widget
  • Removed many options to simplify things
  • Updated the Shortcode menu systems
  • Category filters for whole shops
  • Removed Brand Positive and Negative
  • Autocomplete Fields for Merchants
  • Increased simplification
  • More jquery for added seamlessness of shopping experience (More on the way)


  • Added Automatic Updates for Minor Update (Option to turn on or off)
  • Added new option to SID tracking, Author Name (UserName), Post ID
  • Added info about Tools/Features Deprecation on June 1st
  • Fixed Filtering bug when Positive and Negative filters were used
  • Shortcodes will not be shown if the tool/feature is disabled


  • Turned all tools back on
  • Optimized Positive and Negative Brand/Merchant Filters
  • Added new option to SID tracking, Author ID


  • New Related Products for when a Merchant or brand is no longer in our catalog


  • Fixed WhiteList issue with POST
  • Made pipes backwards compatible for crawled results, will help with 404 pages
  • Added Coupons to Product Pages
  • Fixed Top Products and Product Insert Widgets*
  • Changed Button Text
  • Changed Options, enable/disable all tools from General Settings
  • Depending on which tools are enabled, only some submenus will appeared
  • Improved List View
  • Improved Products page creation
  • Added option for Facebook Open Graph image sizes
  • Other fixes and improvement for everyone
  • Fixed blank searches
  • Made ProsperShop settings easier to understand


  • 3.6.3 wasn't being offered on WordPress


  • Minor optimizations
  • Fixed uninstall.php (Plugin will delete correctly)
  • Fixed links in Top Products widget and Product Insert Widget
  • Fixed issues with AutoLinker breaking pages


  • Minor optimizations
  • Trending Products widget now opens in new window
  • MemCaching updates


  • Fixed cache key
  • Fixed Content Insert New Query shortcode
  • Fixed Facebook and Twitter Meta Tags
  • Omptimized Inserter and Linker
  • Fixed negative and positive brand/merchants
  • Made Coupon Codes clickable


  • Changed pipes in URLs with multiple brands/merchant to a tilde
  • Fixed the routes issue


  • Maintenance release
  • Fixed encoding bug in return URLs


  • Fixed routing bug
  • Added error message if caching is turned on but Memcache isn't installed
  • Optimizations
  • Other bug fixes


  • Changed File Caching to Memcache
  • Add ProsperNewQuery shortcode for ProsperInsert
  • ProsperAds has been deprecated
  • ProsperShop Page should be created again on installation


  • Help Us Help You, send us anonymous usage data so we can make the plugin better
  • Fixed caching expiration
  • Added formatting to prices


  • Fixed merchant param in url


  • Error uploading 3.3.6


  • True fix for the curl exception
  • Theme SingleFile works correctly and calls the right jquery classes


  • Bug fixes, exception was being thrown


  • Bug fixes for product results page and product page
  • Updated Themes admin page


  • Bug Fixes
  • Options have been redone to help make everything more seamless
  • New themes have been added to choose from
  • Price and Percent off Sliders both work again
  • Price Range for AutoLinker and ProsperInsert shortcodes
  • Price range added for ProsperInsert widget
  • Caching redone, lower expiration
  • Removed prosperentApi.php, wasn't being used
  • Optimized HTML


  • Bug Fixes
  • Options have been redone to help make everything more seamless
  • New themes have been added to choose from
  • Price and Percent off Sliders both work again


  • Product Insert widget
  • Top Products Widget can now display images
  • Added Merchants to Product Insert
  • Added Celebrity name to Products Product Insert to enable users to add celebrity specific products
  • Updated Search Bars to allow for changes (search bar placeholder, search button, and where the search goes)
  • CSS Fixes


  • CSS Changes
  • Option to set facet links to nofollow for crawlers
  • Fixed Recent Searches


  • Small improvements to ProductPage.php
  • Improvements to Local Search


  • SSL for images
  • Added Referrer and Location to API Calls


  • Disabled other caching plugins from caching product pages


  • New ProsperShop Option
  • CSS issue in ProsperInsert
  • Fixed SIDs for ProsperAds and ProsperLinks


  • Plugin Conflict fixes
  • Slider fixes
  • New ProsperShop Options


  • Plugin Conflicts
  • CSS fixes


  • Filtering Bug Fixes


  • Bug Fixes
  • CSS Fixes


  • Bug Fixes
  • Optimizations


  • Updated shop design
  • Optimizations
  • Added some new advanced options for the ProsperShop


  • Fixed a call for ProsperAds


  • Updated SIDs, added widget_name and widget_title
  • Updated Top Product Widget
  • AutoSuggest.js didn't push through with Celeb update
  • Made a few bug fixes


  • Added SID tracking across all Tools
  • Added Merchant filtering to Top Products
  • Added Merchant Linking ability to Auto-Linker


  • Celeb Endpoint has been redone - offers only a search bar that uses auto-complete
  • Optimizations to shop


  • Fixed shortcodes for ProsperAds and ProsperInsert
  • Updated ProsperShop (products, coupons and local) to allow for filtering by category (eg.
  • Updated ProsperentAPI


  • Fixed currency on product pages


  • Fixed StoreChecker
  • Fixed Advanced Options that were being cleared


  • Rebranded Some Parts of the plugin
  • Fixed bugs with filter settings
  • Removed second window from Dialog boxes


  • Fixed grid image issues


  • CSS updates
  • fixed front page link issue
  • fixed link targets that weren't working


  • Squashed some bugs
  • CSS updates
  • A few new options for Product Search
  • Fixed Caching and sort issue
  • Updated look of grid view


  • Squashed some small bugs
  • All short code dialog boxes have been redone. New options added to some.
  • Updated to work with WordPress Version 3.9
  • insertProd.php can now be included in a theme directory, this will change how the Inserter looks
  • javascript has been rewritten
  • CSS updates


  • Some new files didn't transfer correctly.


  • Fixed content placement and product store
  • Added Recent Searches Widget
  • Option to add categories to No Resaults on product searches, and Top Products widget (will help with niche sites)
  • Added option to change grid view image sizes
  • Fixed some theme issues
  • Plugin will now try to create prosperent_cache and prosperent-themes directories
  • Added button to clear cache under General Options (only visible when Caching is enabled)
  • Cache times are now variables for easy changing in the prosperent-suite.php file
  • Recent Searches show up at the bottom of Product Search settings, to allow you to delete unwanted searches
  • Fixed bug with '/' in brand/merchant names
  • Fixed bug that some servers weren't rendering short code .phtml
  • Fixed WordPress Demo URLs
  • Updated README.txt


  • Fixed product search widget, broke it in last update
  • Changed some wording on settings pages


  • Fixed static stores (if you make the product store a static front page, you will need to create another store with the [prosper_store][/prosper_store] short code on it, if that page has a different link than, you will have to go to Advanced Options and change the Base Url to that.)
  • Fixed prosper search widget
  • Adjusted CSS for product insert
  • Fixed Advanced Settings on Activation


  • Fixed base urls, the routes were not flushing properly
  • Fixed minor CSS issues
  • Fixed product page links for similar and same products
  • Fixed broken links


  • Fixed wrong file called in Top Products Widget


  • Fixed more bugs
  • Fixed Rewrite rule bug
  • Fixed Canonical URL bug (will help with indexing)
  • Fixed some bugs inside the Product Inserter


  • Fixed bugs
  • Cache Directory giving warning and not working properly
  • Themes Directory typo on Themes setting page, should have read prosperent-themes
  • Local deals search bug
  • Link for categories not going to correct URL
  • Changed default to list view from grid (can be changed in Product Search settings)
  • Fixed error for network admin page


  • Huge update, so I went straight to 3.0 with this one
  • Added new options
  • Added the ability to use themes (There's a forum post at the Prosperent Community->Prosperent Plugins->Wordpress Plugin Suite, if you want to read more about themes and how to make your own.)
  • Fixed Various Bugs
  • Added Grid View
  • Added many new options
  • Completely Rewrote the plugin for added Optimization
  • Added one Button that hold all the short codes in Visual mode
  • Added Prosper_Store and Prosper_Search as short code buttons.
  • Updated Coupons and Local to make use of the new data
  • Sort has been fixed
  • Fixed the prosperent png since they updated wordpress' admin section
  • Added option to change the label for each store
  • Fixed trends
  • Fixed routes


  • Fixed Trending Coupons
  • Some files didn't upload correctly in 2.2


  • Added option to mask URLs
  • Fixed redirection issue some were having
  • Adjusted subdirectory bug fix from last release
  • Fixed Product Insert Coupon URL bug
  • Adjusted some CSS properties


  • Added new feature to content inserter. By placing [prosperNewTitle="TEXT HERE"] you can change the phrase that the content inserter would use normally.
  • Fixed subdirectory issue with the product store.
  • Removed Comparison Limit from Product Insert. Use normal limit now, and you can still make a comparison happen.


  • Squashed bug in product insert


  • Fixed bug in Product Inserter for all pages/posts (had anonymous function that required php5.3)


  • AutoLinker now works for images (Highlight the image like you word to link a phrase and press the autolink button)
  • Updated Caching warning


  • Fixed bug in Product Insert URL
  • Updated Readme


  • Added new ProsperLink options- Link Optimizer and Link Affiliator
  • Added option to enable caching
  • Added new options for Product Insert- You can now add a product insert to every page/post easily
  • Adjusted Performance Ad Widget
  • Fixed trends bug some were having
  • Product Insert works correctly even if the Product Search is deactivated (CSS and Links)


  • Fixed Performance Ad bug when using auto as height/width


  • Add campaign functionality
  • Fixed Auto Linker Bug
  • Moved Cache directory outside of plugin directory


  • Added New ProsperLink functionality
  • Fixed Preview
  • strip_tags from twitter/facebook title meta tags
  • Pre-Set Base_URL on new activation
  • Adjust Tooltips
  • AutoLinker and Product Insert now accept multiple merchants and brands
  • Added Version Numbers to CSS and JS to avoid caching issues


  • Ease of use for everything
  • Optimizations all around
  • Performance Ad Widget updated- settings now inside widget window
  • Only one Performance Ad Widget now, place it wherever you'd like and size it any way you want
  • Added the width to the Prosper Search widget, you can use pixels, em or percentage to designate a width
  • Caching is now enabled for the Product Search (just need to make the prosperent_cache directory writable (0777) to take advantage of it)
  • Removed unused files
  • Base URL is set automatically now (can be overridden)
  • Added Performance Ad button in the page/post editors
  • Fixed/Changed AutoLinker
  • CSS Updates
  • Fixed brand/merchant filters when they had non alphanumeric characters
  • Added topics to Performance Ads, if you enter a topic, your ad will focus the products on that topic (you can enter multiple topics)
  • General Bug Fixes


  • small CSS fixes on both admin and user side
  • fixed Performance Ads width and height
  • fixed conflict with Simple URLs plugin


  • fixed issue with reroutes suddenly dying, not working in the first place
  • added new option under Product Search under Set Limits... that will affect the amount of products shown in the Similar Products and Other Products From...
  • Changed the name of the Auto-Comparer to Product Insert (same functionality and works the same so it won't mess up older shortcode, just changed the name)
  • fixed a currency issue
  • fixed coupons, they can now be filtered as intended
  • altered titles to work better for Local Deals and Celebrity
  • fixed performance ads, auto-linker, and product insert when using CloudFlare's RocketLoader
  • some css changes
  • fixed meta tag issue when not on the products page
  • removed slashes from titles
  • added fix to header redirects
  • adjusted the pulled urls to better accomodate different permalink types
  • other bug fixes that I can't think of right now

  • fixed uninstall method


  • Fixed bug with Auto-Linker and Auto-Comparer when using CloudFlare's RocketLoader
  • Adjusted some CSS
  • Changed flush rules
  • Added uninstall method and uninstall option (Advanced tab)- if checked will delete all options data from table


  • Added more ways to refine your search (remove query and remove sort)
  • Added Twitter Cards
  • Added options under Advanced tab to add twitter creator and twitter site
  • Fixed coupons
  • Adjusted some CSS rules
  • Added country to Auto-Linker and Auto-Comparer
  • Fixed the disappearing widgets
  • Fixed Product Search Widget and Search Short Code
  • Added more button to description on individual product pages
  • Fixed pagination bug
  • Removes page is new query, filter or sort method is used


  • More Bug Fixes
  • Adjusted Page titles
  • De-cluttered No Results page
  • Adjusted open graph rules (Facebook)
  • Fixed Auto-Linker
  • Adjusted a few options


  • Bug Fixes, fixed page titles, added Open Graph rules

2.0.2, 2.0.3

  • trying to push new css rules for productPage and admin


  • created header redirect for those who had pages indexed with the prior url structure


  • clean, SEO friendly URLs
  • expanded shop
  • added new local deals endpoint
  • updated Prosperent admin settings look, added tabs to better seperate settings
  • added rich snippets
  • trends added to No Results page
  • displays price comparisons if they exist on product page
  • added new settings, can turn on and off any endpoint, positive filters, and others


  • adjusted the last revision, only worked if you were using PHP Version 5.3+


  • bug fix for Auto-Comparer and Auto-Linker when no query is given


  • optimizations

1.2.5, 1.2.6

  • Bug Fixes


  • Updated product search and auto-comparer to look more native to your page, uses more of the same styling as your blog
  • Optimization, a lot of performance increases
  • Changed some options, be sure to look at them
  • Updated the readme, screenshots are now included to give a brief overview of the tools
  • Added another widget, this one displays the top products that are selling through Prosperent


  • Performance Ads will use any tags you may have on a post/page for a fallback for the Sidebar and Footer Ad units, if there are no tags it will use the fallback you set in the admin settings


  • Open Links in new window or tab changed to general settings, shop links now open in new window if you check that setting, does not apply to Ads though


  • Quick fix for those who were having troubles with this plugin and Jetpack, pagination will be turned off if Jetpack is active


  • Added Auto-Comparer tool
  • Short codes will now go where you place them on the page instead of defaulting to the top
  • Fallbacks for Auto-Linker and Auto-Comparer


  • Uses native colors primarily, should allow it to work with more themes
  • Fixed the transparency on the Visit Store Image


  • Removed ProsperLinks
  • AutoLinker has undergone a huge update
  • Major performance increases across all tools


  • First Release
  1. How do I make the ProsperShop my front page?
    • After you have set a page with the ProsperShop short code as a Static Front Page, view the page. Another page should be created for you as the secondary shop page that all queries will be passed to. If this page is not created just make a new page, and add the ProsperShop shortcode to it.
  2. Why isn't the Content Inserter showing up on some pages?
    • This is usually due to the title being used as the query is not producing results. Go to the page or post and choose Edit Automated ProsperInsert Products from the gear icon dropdown.
  3. ** Why am I getting a 403 Forbidden Error, or Mod_Security Error when trying to add products?
    • This is an issue with your host. Please contact them to fix this issue. They should have it fixed for you very quickly.
  4. What is Prosperent?
    • Prosperent is a company that is serious about getting you the tools that simplify your life as an affiliate marketer. We manage relationships with merchants, clean datafeeds, and provide a variety of publisher tools to get products on your site quickly and easily.
  5. How many merchants does Prosperent work with?
    • Currently over 45,000 and growing.
  6. How many products does Prosperent have?
    • We currently index and search against almost 50 million products.
  7. Where can publishers go to get help?
    • Our Community Forums are a fantastic resource. Our entire team is active on a daily basis, and we are always here to lend a helping hand no matter what the question may be.
  8. How do I get paid?
    • Prosperent pays publishers net30 which means we pay you 30 days after commission event takes place. This gives merchants time to see if a product is returned, or otherwise needs to be delayed for whatever reason.
  9. How can we track our earnings?
    • We have a comprehensive reporting system in place that allows you to see which pages are generating earnings, which city/state/country the sales are coming from, and which individual products and retailers are providing those sales.
  10. What is the revenue split?
    • We take a 30% commission and pay you the other 70%. If you are a larger publisher this split changes to 80/20.
  11. What are the commissions paid and terms?
    • The commission rates vary from merchant to merchant, but we are always negotiating the highest rates in the industry. We pay out net30 like most networks. The only exception is when a merchant that we work with extends a commission based on their return policy. Our reporting interface reflects this and allows you to see the status of each commission. It's the same as what you would experience with any of the other affiliate networks like commission junction.


If you have any questions or suggestions, please feel free ask in the Prosperent Community : WordPress Plugin Suite or email me at

Version 4.5.5

Requires WordPress version: 3.0 or higher

Compatible up to: 4.6.3

Last Updated 06 Oct 2016

Date Added: 31 Dec 2012

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