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Pronamic iDEAL

The Pronamic iDEAL plugin allows you to easily add the iDEAL payment method to your WordPress website.

  • Easy installation and configuration
  • Automatic updates



    • ABN AMRO - iDEAL Easy
    • ABN AMRO - iDEAL Hosted
    • ABN AMRO - iDEAL Only Kassa
    • ABN AMRO - Internetkassa
    • ABN AMRO - iDEAL Zelfbouw
    • ABN AMRO - iDEAL Zelfbouw - v3
  • Buckaroo
    • Buckaroo - iDEAL
  • Deutsche Bank
    • Deutsche Bank - iDEAL via Ogone
    • Deutsche Bank - iDEAL Expert - v3
  • Dutch Payment Group
    • PayDutch
  • Easy iDeal
    • Easy iDeal - iDEAL
  • Fortis Bank
    • Fortis Bank - iDEAL Hosted
    • Fortis Bank - iDEAL Internet Kassa
    • Fortis Bank - iDEAL Integrated
  • Friesland Bank
    • Friesland Bank - iDEAL Zakelijk
    • Friesland Bank - iDEAL Zakelijk Plus
    • Friesland Bank - iDEAL Zakelijk Plus - v3
    • ICEPAY - iDEAL
  • iDEAL Simulator
    • iDEAL Simulator - iDEAL Lite / Basic
    • iDEAL Simulator - iDEAL Professional / Advanced / Zelfbouw
    • iDEAL Simulator - iDEAL Professional / Advanced / Zelfbouw - v3
  • ING
    • ING - iDEAL Basic
    • ING - iDEAL Internet Kassa
    • ING - iDEAL Advanced
    • ING - iDEAL Advanced - v3
  • Mollie
    • Mollie
    • Mollie - iDEAL
    • Mollie - iDEAL Basic
    • Mollie - iDEAL Advanced
  • MultiSafepay
    • MultiSafepay - Connect
  • NEOS
    • NEOS - Internet Kassa
  • Ogone
    • Ogone - Easy
    • Ogone - OrderStandard
    • Ogone - DirectLink
  • Paytor
    • Paytor
  • Rabobank
    • Rabobank - iDEAL Lite
    • Rabobank - Rabo iDEAL Kassa
    • Rabobank - OmniKassa
    • Rabobank - iDEAL Professional
    • Rabobank - iDEAL Professional - v3
  • Sisow
    • Sisow - iDEAL
    • Sisow - iDEAL Basic
    • Sisow - iDEAL Advanced
  • TargetPay
    • TargetPay - iDEAL
  • Qantani
    • Qantani - iDEAL
Author Pronamic
Contributors pronamic, remcotolsma
Tags appthemes, bank, cart, classipress, commerce, e-commerce, form, forms, friesland bank, gravity, gravity forms, iDEAL, ing, mollie, omnikassa, payment, rabobank, shopp, woocommerce, woothemes, wpecommerce, wpsc
  1. pronamic-ideal screenshot 1

    Configuration edit page

  2. pronamic-ideal screenshot 10

    Gravity Forms frontend issuer drop down

  3. pronamic-ideal screenshot 2

    WooCommerce - Settings - Payment Gateways

  4. pronamic-ideal screenshot 3

    WooCommerce - Wootique theme - Checkout

  5. pronamic-ideal screenshot 4

    Gravity Forms form edit page(iDEAL advanced)

  6. pronamic-ideal screenshot 5

    Gravity Forms form edit page(iDEAL advanced)

  7. pronamic-ideal screenshot 6

    Gravity Forms feed edit page

  8. pronamic-ideal screenshot 7

    Feeds overview page

  9. pronamic-ideal screenshot 8

    Payments overview page

  10. pronamic-ideal screenshot 9

    Gravity Forms form on site with iDEAL feed


The Pronamic iDEAL plugin extends WordPress extensions with the iDEAL payment method. To offer the iDEAL payment method to the vistors of your WordPress website you also require one of these extensions. Normally this is an e-commerce or forms plugin.

Automatic installation

Automatic installation is the easiest option as WordPress handles the file transfers itself and you don’t need to leave your web browser. To do an automatic install of Pronamic iDEAL, log in to your WordPress dashboard, navigate to the Plugins menu and click Add New.

In the search field type “Pronamic iDEAL” and click Search Plugins. Once you’ve found our iDEAL plugin you can view details about it such as the the point release, rating and description. Most importantly of course, you can install it by simply clicking “Install Now”.

Manual installation

The manual installation method involves downloading our iDEAL plugin and uploading it to your webserver via your favourite FTP application. The WordPress codex contains instructions on how to do this here.


Automatic updates should work like a charm; as always though, ensure you backup your site just in case.


  • Feature - WooCommerce - Credit Card - Added support for Buckaroo.
  • Feature - WooCommerce - Bancontact/Mister Cash - Added support for Sisow.
  • Tweak - Sisow - Sanitize Sisow 'purchaseid' and 'entrancecode' parameters.
  • Tweak - Buckaroo - Renamed Buckaroo gateway from "Buckaroo - iDEAL" to "Buckaroo - HTML".
  • Tweak - Sisow - Renamed Sisow gateway from "Sisow - iDEAL" to "Sisow".
  • Tweak - WooCommerce - Auto submit gateways HTML forms on WooCommerce receipt page.
  • Fix - Fixed fatal error on the "WordPress admin » iDEAL » Extra » Extensions" tab.


  • Fix - iDEAL Basic - Fixed fatal error - Call to undefined function Pronamic_WP_Pay_Gateways_IDealBasic_Items().
  • Fix - iDEAL Basic - Fixed fatal error - Call to undefined method Pronamic_WP_Pay_Gateways_IDealBasic_Item::getNumber().


  • Fix - iDEAL Advanced v3 - Fixed fatal error with iDEAL Advanced v3 gateway.


  • Tweak - - Improved error handling.
  • Fix - Ogone - Fixed fatal error with Ogone order standard easy gateway.


  • Fix - iDEAL Basic - Fixed issue with not loading iDEAL Basic gateway.
  • Tweak - Added some missing text domains in translation functions.
  • Tweak - Easy Digital Downloads - Fixed text domain 'edd' to 'pronamic_ideal'.


  • Fix - Fatal error: Call to undefined method Pronamic_WP_Pay_Plugin::set_roles.


  • Feature - WooCommerce - Added MiniTix gateway for OmniKassa.
  • Feature - WooCommerce - Added Credit Card gateway for OmniKassa and Mollie.
  • Tweak - WooCommerce - Adjusted default payment gateway icons.
  • Tweak - Moved all gateway libraries to
  • Tweak - Mollie - Improved support for the Mollie webhook feature.
  • Tweak - For a lot of gateways we no longer disable SSL verify.
  • Feature - Ogone - Added configuration field for the PARAMVAR field.


  • Feature - - Added basic support for the payment provider.
  • Tweak - Mollie - Added the 'locale' parameter in the create payment request.


  • Feature - s2Member - Added support for 'button_text' attribute in the [pronamic_ideal_s2member] shortcode.
  • Test - s2Member - Tested up to version 141007.
  • Tweak - Gravity Forms - Improved support for delay AWeber, Campaign Monitor and MailChimp subscription.


  • Feature - Added an Ogone configuration field for the ORDERID parameter.


  • Tweak - Payment note comments are always ignored in comment queries.
  • Feature - Easy Digital Downloads - Added support for Bancontact/Mister Cash icon.
  • Tweak - ICEPAY - Added support for http:// and https://.
  • Tweak - Ogone - Moved Ogone gateway to it's own repository (
  • Tweak - Ogone - Updated the Ogone calculations parameters for SHA-IN and SHA-OUT.
  • Feature - Ogone - Add payment notes on Ogone payment status requests.
  • Feature - Ogone - Added Ogone Direct HTTP server-to-server request URL fields.
  • Tweak - Use the global payemnt status pages as backup.
  • Fix - Jigoshop - Fixed support for Jigoshop version 1.12.
  • Test - Jigoshop - Tested up to version 1.12.
  • Tweak - Jigoshop - Moved Jigoshop extension to it's own repository (


  • Fix - OmniKassa - Fixed fatal error.


  • Tweak - Easy Digital Downloads - Display gateway errors.
  • Feature - Easy Digital Downloads - Added support for iDEAL payment icon.
  • Test - Easy Digital Downloads - Tested up to version 2.1.3.
  • Tweak - Qantani - Truncate description longer then 30 characters.
  • Tweak - Initialize post types on 'init' action priority 0 to fix a notice.
  • Tweak - Show 'No logs found.' when no payment logs are found in the logs meta box.
  • Tweak - Gravity Forms AWeber Add-On - Improved support for delayed subscriptions.


  • Test - WordPress - Tested up to version 4.0.
  • Test - Gravity Forms - Tested up to version 1.8.13.
  • Fix - Sisow - Improved support for Gravity Forms without issuer dropdowns.
  • Tweak - Added payment status to the WordPress admin payment details page.
  • Tweak - Gravity Forms - Show add-on options only if they are available.


  • Fix - WooCommerce - Fix fatal error: Class 'Pronamic_WooCommerce_WooCommerce' not found.
  • Fix - Shopp - Fix fatal error: Call to undefined method Shopp::resession().


  • Fix - OmniKassa - Fixed fatal error loading response codes class.
  • Fix - Mollie - Fixed fatal error loading config class.


  • Fix - OmniKassa - Fixed link to the OmniKassa test environment.
  • Feature - WooCommerce - Added extra gateway for the Mister Cash payment method.
  • Tweak - No longer create custom database tables for payments and gateway configurations.


  • Fix - Membership - Check if the Membership Premium function 'membership_get_current_coupon' exists.


  • Feature - Buckaroo - Added support for Buckaroo Push URI.


  • Tweak - Gravity Forms - Improved support for concept or trashed Gravity Forms payment feeds.
  • Fix - Jigoshop - Added support for Jigoshop version 1.9.3.
  • Fix - Mollie - Fixed an status error in the deprecated Mollie iDEAL gateway.


  • Tweak - Removed dot files.
  • Tweak - TargetPay - Fixed TargetPay tests.


  • Tweak - Use Composer and Packagist for some of the payment gateways libraries.
  • Tweak - TargetPay - Simplified TargetPay status update code.


  • Feature - Added support for the Ogone post-sale request.
  • Feature - Added support for the Gravity Forms AWeber Add-On.
  • Test - Shopp - Tested up to version 1.3.4.



  • Fix - ICEPAY - Removed the issuer field from the gateway.
  • Documentation - WooCommerce - Increased requires at least version up to 2.1.0.


  • Fix - Buckaroo - Fixed parameter sorting with mixed characther return.


  • Tweak - WPMU DEV Membership - Improved loading activated gateways.
  • Tweak - WPMU DEV Membership - Display errors if they occur.
  • Tweak - Mollie - Improved handling of errors.
  • Fix - Gravity Forms - Fixed bug with disabling payment feed condition.
  • Fix - WP e-Commerce - Retrieving cart data bug.


  • Tweak - ICEPAY - Update to API library version 2.4.
  • Tweak - Simplified WordPress admin menu iDEAL.


  • Tweak - Gravity Forms - Fixed some notices and improved saving of payment feed data.


  • Tweak - WPMU DEV Membership - Make sure the gateway is active check will succeed.
  • Test - WPMU DEV Membership - Tested up to version
  • Test - Gravity Forms Campaign Monitor Add-On - Tested up to version 2.5.1.
  • Test - Gravity Forms MailChimp Add-On - Tested up to version 2.4.1.
  • Test - Gravity Forms User Registration Add-On - Tested up to version 1.8.
  • Tweak - Marked the gateway "ABN AMRO - iDEAL Hosted" as deprecated.
  • Tweak - Added the gateway "ABN AMRO - Internetkassa" for completeness.
  • Feature - Vantage - Added support for the Vantage theme from AppThemes.


  • Tweak - WordPress Coding Standards optimizations thansk to PHP CodeSniffer.
  • Tweak - Easy Digital Downloads - Fixed an fatal error (public $payment_id).
  • Tweak - WPMU DEV Membership - Use Pronamic capability for iDEAL settings page.
  • Tweak - Moved everything from the 'WordPress' namespace to the 'WP' namespace.
  • Tweak - Improved the private certifcate generate command.


  • Tweak - s2Member - Require email for not logged in users.
  • Tweak - Membership Premium - Added support for version
  • Tweak - Buckaroo - Don't generate an one transaction ID, we now use the 'brq_payment' return value from Buckaroo.
  • Test - WordPress - Tested up to version 3.9.


  • Feature - Added support for the Paytor provider/gateway.
  • Tweak - Grayed out deprecated gateways.
  • Tweak - Improved backwards compatibility for Gravity Forms 1.6.


  • Tweak - WPMU DEV Membership - Fixed error after update to Membership 5.3+, we don't support 3.5+ yet.


  • Tweak - ICEPAY - Use the 'OrderID' in the listener so the correct payment will be updated.
  • Fix - Buckaroo - Fixed support for & charachter in blog name for WooCommerce payment description.
  • Test - WooCommerce - Tested up to version 2.1.5.
  • Test - ClassiPress - Tested up to version 3.3.3.
  • Tweak - AppThemes - Process the order/gateway also in the 'template_redirect' hook, to improve some redirect issues.
  • Tweak - ABN AMRO - iDEAL Only Kassa - Updated the dashboard URL's to the new BackOffice version URL's.
  • Fix - s2Member - Fixed Fatal error: Call to a member function get_level() on a non-object.
  • Test - s2Member - Tested up to version 140105.


  • Tweak - WooCommerce - Improved the {"result":"failure","messages":"","refresh":"false"} error.


  • Fix - Gravity Forms - Fixed JavaScript error while editing an payment form post.


  • Tweak - WooCommerce - Improved usage of WooCommerce gateway/order return URL.
  • Test - WooCommerce - Tested up to version 2.1.3.


  • Tweak - s2Member - Only update user if payment status is changed from 'unknown' to 'succes' to prevent double updates.
  • Tweak - Did a lot of small adjustments to make this plugin faster.
  • Tweak - Automated some tasks with Grunt (PHPLint, JSHint, PHPUnit, makepot.php).
  • Test - WooCommerce - Tested up to version 2.1.2.


  • Tweak - Reduced transient name length to avoid "data too long for column 'option_name'" errors.
  • Tweak - Membership - Added support for coupon codes.
  • Tweak - Membership - After successful payment redirect user to the "Registration completed page".
  • Tweak - Easy Digital Downloads - Don't display gateway input fieldset if the gateway doesn't require input.


  • Feature - iThemes Exchange - Added support for the iThemes Exchange plugin.
  • Tweak - Easy Digital Downloads - Improved support for the Pronamic iDEAL gateway.
  • Fix - iDEAL Basic - Sisow iDEAL Basic returned error TA3260 when the payment description contained a hash tag.
  • Fix - Easy Digital Downloads - Customers weren't redirected to the payment provider upon payment.


  • Tweak - Rabobank - OmniKassa - Moved listener on payment status up in the WordPress code flow.
  • Documentation - Rabobank - OmniKassa - Added OmniKassa documentation v6.0.
  • Feature - MultiSafepay - Added support the MultiSafepay gateway.
  • Fix - Gravity Forms - Improved support for payment feed description with quotes.
  • Feature - Gravity Forms - Added an 'User Registration Delay' setting for the Gravity Forms User Registration Add-On.


  • Feature - Gravity Forms - Added an entry ID prefix field to the payment feed.


  • Fix - Buckaroo - When a payment's invoice number was set to "null" the payment would fail.
  • Test - Buckaroo - Added unit testing for Buckaroo security methods.
  • Feature - Buckaroo - Payment return requests are now logged as a payment note.


  • Fix - readme.txt.


  • Feature - Easy Digital Downloads - Added support for the Easy Digital Downloads plugin.
  • Fix - s2Member - A probable bug in the s2Member AddOn could cause a user not to be able to upgrade their account after an EOT.
  • Fix - s2Member - When no EOT date was set, a successful payment would set the new EOT date on the date of tomorrow regardless of the period paid for.
  • Fix - Event Espresso - Gave a warning message when trying to pay, saying you would lose your payment data when leaving the page.
  • Tweak - WooCommerce - Improved support for WooCommerce Sequential Order Numbers.
  • Tweak - Shopp - Improved support for Shopp 1.3.
  • Test - Shopp - Tested up to version 1.3.


  • Tweak - Gravity Forms - Improved the form check in the Gravity Forms payment processor.


  • Feature - Added support for the Ogone - DirectLink - 3-D Secure feature.
  • Feature - Added payment date the payment details admin meta box.
  • Feature - WooCommerce - Added an option field for the gateway icon URL.
  • Feature - Mollie - Added support for the new universal Mollie API.
  • Feature - Mollie - Added some Mollie badges on the WordPress admin "Branding" page.
  • Feature - Mister Cash - Added three Misther Cash icons on the WordPress admin "Branding" page.
  • Tweak - Improved support for WordPress lower then 3.6 by adding the wp_slash() function.
  • Tweak - Membership - Improved support for "Popup registration form" form type.
  • Fix - Membership - Pass in the correct subscription ID in the Membership create_subscription() function.
  • Tweak - Gravity Forms - Improved usability for delaying notifications.
  • Fix - s2Member - Remove end of time user option if subscription period is lifetime.
  • Fix - s2Member - Calculate new end of time based on the previous end of time.
  • Test - s2Member - Tested up to version 131126.


  • Tweak - s2Member - Added a period option to the s2Member iDEAL buttons addon to be able to subscribe for a lifetime.
  • Tweak - Membership - Improved activating of the iDEAL gateway.
  • Tweak - Jigoshop - Added workaround for the wp_safe_redirect() non AJAX issue to the admin URL.
  • Test - WordPress tested up to 3.8.
  • Test - ClassiPress tested up to 3.3.1.
  • Fix - AppThemes - Fatal error: Class 'Pronamic_WordPress_IDeal_ConfigurationsRepository' not found in classes\Pronamic\AppThemes\IDeal\IDealGateway.php on line 54.
  • Fix - AppThemes - Fatal error: Call to undefined method Pronamic_WP_Pay_Payment::getSource() in classes/Pronamic/AppThemes/IDeal/AddOn.php on line 52.
  • Tweak - WooCommerce - Strict Standards: call_user_func_array() expects parameter 1 to be a valid callback, non-static method Pronamic_WooCommerce_IDeal_AddOn::payment_gateways() should not be called statically.
  • Tweak - Strict Standards: Declaration of Pronamic_Gateways_IDealAdvanced_XML_ErrorResponseMessage::parse() should be compatible with Pronamic_Gateways_IDealAdvanced_XML_ResponseMessage::parse(SimpleXMLElement $xml, Pronamic_Gateways_IDealAdvanced_XML_ResponseMessage $message).
  • Tweak - Jigoshop - Strict Standards: call_user_func_array() expects parameter 1 to be a valid callback, non-static method Pronamic_Jigoshop_IDeal_AddOn::payment_gateways() should not be called statically.
  • Tweak - Jigoshop - Deprecated: Assigning the return value of new by reference is deprecated in classes/Pronamic/Jigoshop/IDeal/IDealGateway.php on line 153.
  • Tweak - Jigoshop - Deprecated: Assigning the return value of new by reference is deprecated in classes/Pronamic/Jigoshop/IDeal/IDealGateway.php on line 172.


  • Tweak - Gravity Forms - Added an processor class wich handles payment forms.
  • Fix - Gravity Forms - Improved support for AJAX driven forms.
  • Fix - Warning: addslashes() expects parameter 1 to be string, array given.
  • Fix - Fatal error: Class Pronamic_Gateways_Ogone_XML_OrderResponseParser cannot extend from interface Pronamic_Gateways_IDealAdvancedV3_XML_Parser.
  • Fix - Strict Standards: Non-static method Pronamic_WPeCommerce_IDeal_AddOn::advanced_inputs() should not be called statically.


  • Fix - Strict Standards: Declaration of 'function' should be compatible with 'function'.
  • Tweak - Added support for slashes in the gateway configuration meta values.
  • Tweak - Added support for '(' and ')' charachters in private key and certificate commands.
  • Tweak - Sisow - Improved support for 'callback' and 'notify' requests to ensure Google Analytics e-commerce tracking.
  • Tweak - Shopp - Improved status update.


  • Tweak - Added cURL version to system status page (for cURL bug in v7.31.0
  • Tweak - Ogone DirectLink - Converted pass phrase and password config fields to password fields.
  • Tweak - Ogone DirectLink - Use UTF-8 URL's when WordPress charset is set to UTF-8.
  • Fix - Ogone DirectLink - Fixed the API URL's in production mode.
  • Fix - ABN AMRO - iDEAL Zelfbouw - v3 - Fixed the gateway URL's.


  • Feature - WooCommerce - Added support for payment description with WooCommerce tags like {order_number} and {blogname}.
  • Tweak - ICEPAY - Use payment ID for the order ID field to prevent "Duplicate IC_OrderID" errors.


  • Tweak - Added character set to the system status page.
  • Tweak - Gravity Forms - Improved delay notifiations function after succesfull payment.
  • Tweak - Gravity Forms - Added support for Campaign Monitor Subscription Delay.
  • Tweak - Gravity Forms - Added support for MailChimp Subscription Delay.
  • Tweak - ABN AMRO - iDEAL Easy - Improved support for mulitple payments for same order.
  • Tweak - Ogone - DirectLink - Improved payment status update.


  • Tweak - Sisow - Use order ID as purchase ID if not empty.
  • Tweak - Event Espresso - Improved support for e-mail notifications after payment.
  • Tweak - iDEAL Advanced v3 - Limit the Directory Request requests.
  • Tweak - ICEPAY - Limit the get supported issuers calls.
  • Tweak - Qantani - Limit the get banks calls.
  • Tweak - Rabobank OmniKassa - Improved upgrade script to convert key version from 1.0 to 2.0.
  • Tweak - Ogone DirectLink - Show Ogone error when nc_error is not empty.
  • Test - Event Espresso - Tested up to 3.1.35.P.
  • Fix - Ogone DirectLink - Added support for Ogone hashing algorithm.
  • Fix - Ogone OrderStandard - Improved upgrade function to convert SHA IN and OUT pass phrases.
  • Fix - Strict Standards: Non-static method Pronamic_Gateways_IDealBasic_Listener::listen() should not be called statically.
  • Fix - Strict Standards: Non-static method Pronamic_Gateways_OmniKassa_Listener::listen() should not be called statically.
  • Fix - Strict Standards: Non-static method Pronamic_Gateways_Icepay_Listener::listen() should not be called statically.


  • Fix - Rabobank OmniKassa - Fixed status update listener.


  • Fix - Ogone DirectLink - Fatal error: Call to a member function set_transaction_id() on a non-object.
  • Fix - Rabobank OmniKassa - Fixed status update listener.
  • Tweak - ICEPAY - Improved error handling.


  • Fix - Gravity Forms - Fatal error: Call to undefined method Pronamic_Pay_Gateway::get_transaction_id().
  • Tweak - Improved upgrade function to convert custom tables to custom post types.


  • Fix - ClassiPress - Improved support for HTML gateways.
  • Fix - Jigoshop - Improved support for HTML gateways.
  • Fix - WooCommerce - Improved support for HTML gateways.
  • Fix - iDEAL Advanced v3 - Improved status update.
  • Test - ClassiPress tested up to 3.3.1.


  • Fix - Improved support for PHP 5.2 (Parse error: syntax error, unexpected T_PAAMAYIM_NEKUDOTAYIM)


  • Fix - Fixed an issue saving Pronamic iDEAL settings.
  • Fix - WooCommerce issue on iDEAL checkout.
  • Fix - Jigoshop issue on iDEAL checkout.
  • Localization - Danish translation by Pronamic.
  • Test - Jigoshop tested up to 1.8.
  • Test - WooCommerce tested up to 2.0.18.
  • Test - s2Member tested up to 131026.


  • Refactor - Converted configurations to posts (custom post type).
  • Refactor - Converted payments to posts (custom post type).
  • Refactor - Converted Gravity Forms pay feeds to posts (custom post type).
  • Refactor - Rewritten all gateways, configurations, update status functions and more.
  • Refactor - Settings pages now use the WordPress settings API.
  • Refactor - s2Member iDEAL gateway rewritten.
  • Refactor - Membership iDEAL gateway rewritten.
  • Refactor - WP e-Commerce iDEAL gateway rewritten.
  • Refactor - WordPress Coding Standards optimizations.
  • Feature - Added support for the "Deutsche Bank - iDEAL via Ogone" gateway.
  • Feature - Added support for the "Ogone - DirectLink" gateway.
  • Feature - Added support for the "Dutch Payment Group - PayDutch" gateway.
  • Feature - Extended the iDEAL Advanced v3 private key and certifcate generate commands.
  • Feature - Added log/note/comment system to payments using WordPress comment system.
  • Feature - Added an dashboard page - latest payments, Pronamic news and more.
  • Feature - Added an system status - supported extensions, versions, build status and more.
  • Feature - Added settings for global return pages.
  • Tweak - Added support for iDEAL Advanced v3 on PHP 5.2 (thanks to ING).
  • Tweak - Display ICEPAY return URL's in readonly fields.
  • Tweak - Adjusted Ogone dashboard URL's to the new dashboard URL's.
  • Tweak - Added support for Ogone hash algorithms (SHA-1, SHA-256 and SHA-512).
  • Tweak - Added more unit testing for gateways and XML parsing.
  • Localization - Added POT file and use makepot.php


  • Improved support for cancelled payments in WooCommerce


  • Fixed bug Fatal error: Class 'Pronamic_WordPress_IDeal_IDealTestDataProxy' not found
  • Added support for the 'Deutsche Bank - iDEAL via Ogone' variant
  • Added check on required OpenSSL version 0.9.8 with SHA256 support
  • Improved support for Event Espresso 3.1, added iDEAL logo


  • Updated to Icepay API library v2.3.0


  • Fixed deprecated notice in Jigoshop Add-On (Assigning the return value of new by reference)


  • Added support for the Qantani iDEAL payment provider


  • Fixed saving of private key and certificate


  • Configuration editor - Removed double private key password field
  • iDEAL Advanced v3 - Improved error handling signing documents


  • Sisow - Added support for Sisow REST API
  • Gravity Forms - Improved send notifications after payment
  • Configuration editor - Extended v3 with private key and certificate commands


  • ICEPAY - Added support for the ICEPAY payment provider
  • Gravity Forms - Fixed send notifications after payment for Gravity Forms 1.7.2+
  • Event Espresso - Fixed double e-mail notifications
  • TargetPay - Added support for customer info in callback (direct debit)


  • Membership - Improved the check for an active iDEAl gateway
  • Mollie - Enabled feedback support for the Mollie gateway
  • Cleaned up the configuration editor and add support for certificate info with iDEAL v3
  • s2Member - Improved support for providers wich support an description (Sisow)
  • WooCommerce - Improved the check payment e-mail note by using get_order_number()
  • Return URL's - Improved use of site_url() and home_url() functions
  • Buckaroo - Added support for the Buckaroo payment provider (thanks to Marcel Snoeck)
  • iDEAL Easy - Improved return handling
  • s2Member - Login is no longer required to pay with iDEAL


  • s2Member - Added support for the s2Member plugin
  • Membership from - Added support for the Membership from plugin
  • Mollie - Use transient for issuers/banks list
  • Jigoshop - Improved order status check, prevent multiple stock reducing with OmniKassa


  • iDEAL Advanced - Improved handling of parsing response messages
  • TargetPay - Improved handling of payment status return information
  • TargetPay - No longer verify SSL
  • WooCommerce - Improved support for WooCommerce 2.0
  • WordPress - Tested up to version 3.5.1
  • Event Espresso - Improved the handling of sending e-mails
  • Gravity Forms - Fullfill order callback is no called only once
  • Mollie - Improved error handling
  • Pages generator pages now have by default no index (WordPress SEO by Yoast)


  • ClassiPress - Improved URL redirect if payment status was not successful


  • Event Espresso - Improved support for gateways wich have input fields
  • ClassiPress - Improved support for gateways wich have input fields
  • Shopp - Fixed issue with gateways with an issuer input field
  • WooCommerce - Fixed issue with no description and gateway input fields
  • Display certificate valid from and to values on the confiugration editor


  • Fix - Fatal error on saving settings


  • WordPress Coding Standards optimizations
  • Performance optimizations
  • Mollie no longer verify SSL, didn't work on all servers


  • Added support for TargetPay iDEAL API
  • Added support for Mollie iDEAL API
  • InternetKassa - Improved handling of signature IN and OUT creating
  • Jigoshop - Improved backwards compatibilty for v1.2 or lower
  • OmniKassa - Fixed issue with key version error in admin tests page


  • OmniKassa - Fixed version key issue
  • Jigoshop - Improved backwards compatibilty for v1.2 or lower
  • Improved the configurations selector
  • Added ID column to the configurations overview table


  • Added support for iDEAL Advanced version 3.3
  • Added support for ABN AMRO - iDEAL Zelfbouw
  • Added status page powered by
  • Abstracted the gateways classes
  • WooCommerce - Added support for Sequential Order Numbers Pro
  • OmniKassa - Added key version field in configuration editor
  • Jigoshop - Updated the iDEAL gateway settings section
  • ClassiPress - Added support for HTTP redirect gateways


  • First official release, removed the 'beta' label.
  • Added an 'Branding' page for easy adding iDEAL banners.
  • Added English documentation for changes in v3.3.1.
  • ClassiPress - Tweak - Improved support for the ClassiPress theme.


  • WP e-Commerce - Tweak - Improved the support for iDEAL Advanced variants.


  • Tweak - Improved support for the iDEAL Easy variant, this variant requires an PSP ID
  • Shopp - Fix - Force auth only for the iDEAL gateway
  • OmniKassa - Removed the optional parameter 'customerLanguage', was giving "Ongeldige waarde : customerLanguage=NL" error
  • OmniKassa - Added documentation "Integration guide Rabo OmniKassa – Version 2.0.1 April 2012"
  • Gravity Forms - Added custom merge tags for payment status, date, amount and transaction id


  • Fix - OmniKassa configuration could net input hash key


  • Tweak - Added extra check in loading certificates files from the iDEAL XML file
  • Shopp - Fix - Purchases with discount payments fix
  • Tweak - Added ABN AMRO Bank : Parameter Cookbook documentation link
  • Feature - Added support for the iDEAL Internet Kassa of Ogone


  • Shopp - Test - Checked the 1.2.2 changelog (
  • Shopp - Fix - Shopp is not showing the new payments settings after saving, bug in Shopp
  • Tweak - Changed home_url() to site_url() for retrieving license information
  • Event Espresso - Tweak - Improved the documentation of some functions and constants
  • Event Espresso - Fix - Removed debug information from choose payment option page
  • Jigoshop - Tweak - Return visitor to view order page after expired payment
  • WP e-Commerce - Test - Version and
  • WP e-Commerce - Tweak - Improved the return, cancel, success and error URL's
  • Shopp - Tweak - Improved the return, cancel, success and error URL's
  • Shopp - Tweak - Improved the automatic status update of purchases
  • WordPress - Test - Version 3.4.1


  • Shopp - Fix - The 'selected' parameter in module settings UI render drop-down menu function is sometimes type sensitive
  • Shopp - Fix - Added wrapper code to JavaScript so $ will work for calling jQuery
  • Event Espresso - Added support for the Event Espresso plugin


  • OmniKassa - Added the "Zo werkt het aanvragen en aansluiten van de Rabo OmniKassa" PDF file to the documentation page
  • OmniKassa - Added an easy interface to execute the five iDEAL simulation transactions
  • Jigoshop - Updated the HTML options table head of the IDEAL gateway to the default Jigoshop format
  • iDEAL Advanced - Fixed an issue with an empty WordPress WPLANG constant, causing field generating error: language. Parameter '' has less than 2 characters
  • Sisow - Added the "Sisow - Pronamic iDEAL" PDF file to the documentation page
  • Gravity Forms - Improved the determination of the status URL
  • Sisow - Added support for "Sisow - iDEAL Basic" variant
  • Sisow - Added support for "Sisow - iDEAL Advanced" variant
  • Gravity Forms - Display error code if somehting is going wrong with the iDEAL Advanced variant
  • Shopp - Added 'keyed' => true parameter to the module settings UI render drop-down menu function
  • Tweak - Removed the utility function remove query arguments from URL, no longer used
  • Tweak - Improved the utility class and the retrieval of the ISO 639 and ISO 3166 values
  • Tweak - Improved the iDEAL Basic test page, the WordPress language value is now used
  • Gravity Forms - Fix - Removed the esc_js() function from the AJAX redirection JavaScript function


  • Gravity Forms - Fixed bug with hidden conditional field, ignore iDEAL


  • Gravity Forms - Added extra constants for the payment statuses
  • Gravity Forms - Improved the way we update the entry payment status
  • WooCommerce - Added WooCommerce utility base class
  • Jigoshop - Added Jigoshop utility base class
  • OmniKassa - Changed the use of the site_url() function, now called with an slash


  • Fixed issue with the use of the dbDelta function wich was causing "WordPress database error: [Multiple primary key defined]" errors
  • Fixed check on (un)paid Shopp 1.2+ purchases, in some way this was mixed up.
  • Gravity Forms - Added field type title for the issuer drop down field
  • Gravity Forms - Changed Dutch translation of "Issuer Drop Down" field to "Banken uitschuifkeuzelijst"
  • Gravity Forms - Fixed redirecting issue with an AJAX enabled Gravity Forms form
  • ClassiPress - Added experimental iDEAL gateway


  • Added some icons for the iDEAL banks to create a nicer issuer select element
  • Added exprimental support for ClassiPress
  • Added Gravity Forms delay admin notification option
  • Added Gravity Forms delay user notification option
  • Added Gravity Forms delay post creation option



  • Added an overview of the registered hashing algorithms and check for sha1 algorithm
  • Fixed plugins_url() function call in the WP e-Commerce Add-On
  • Fixed retrieving succes URL in the Gravity Forms Add-On from an iDEAL feed
  • Fixed edit order link in check iDEAL payment e-mail in the WooCommerce Add-On
  • Added check for unavailable or removed iDEAL variant in Gravity Forms iDEAL feed editor


  • Added an data proxy class, all add-ons are now optimized
  • Added OmniKassa support for all add-ons
  • Added support for the WP e-Commerce plugin
  • Improved the redirection if returned from an iDEAL advanced payment to WooComnmerce
  • Changed the text domain from 'pronamic-ideal' to 'pronamic_ideal'
  • Replaced all references to class constant TEXT_DOMAIN to an string


  • Added documentation for the Rabobank OmniKassa payment method
  • Added documentation for the ABN AMRO iDEAL Only Kassa payment method
  • WooCommerce iDEAL payment orders now get the status "on-hold" instead of "pending"
  • Changed WooCommerce class 'woocommerce_order' to 'WC_Order'
  • Changed WooCommerce class 'woocommerce_payment_gateway' to 'WC_Payment_Gateway'
  • Replaced get_permalink(get_option('woocommerce_pay_page_id')) with get_permalink(woocommerce_get_page_id('pay'))
  • WooCommerce iDEAL Easy and Basic payments send an check payment mail and add note to order


  • Fixed an nonce check wich was causing a lot "Are you sure you want to do this?" notices
  • Added an uninstall hook wich will delete all extra database tables and options
  • Removed the custom made uninstall block from the iDEAL configurations page
  • Fixed database errors / unexpected output while installing the plugin
  • Pages generator will now generate pages with comments closed by default


  • Shopp - Fixed fatal error in Shopp 1.2RC1, the $registry variable in the Settings class is declared as private in version 1.2RC1
  • Gravity Forms - Added link to Gravity Forms entry / lead details on the iDEAL payments page
  • Shopp - Improved the not paid check for the Shopp iDEAL gateway module, now also works with 1.2+
  • Shopp - Changed function for store front JavaScript from 'sanitize_title_with_dashes' to 'sanitize_key'
  • Shopp - Changed the 'shopp_order_success' action functions, in 1.2+ the purchase parameter was removed
  • Fixed notice and bug while generating security certificates and keys
  • Added mandatory tests for the iDEAL advanced variants


  • Fixed notice wp_register_style was called incorrectly in admin
  • Fixed notice undefined variable: nl2br in the Gravity Forms Add-On
  • Fixed issue in WooCommerce with building the iDEAL basic succes URL, Google Analytics e-commerce tracking was not possible
  • Fixed issue with the purchase ID passing through to iDEAL
  • Added extra description to the hash key field on the iDEAL configuration edit page
  • Removed the maxlength="32" attribute from the Gravity Forms iDEAL feed transaction description field
  • Now it is also possible to search on the amount of an payment
  • Moved the return from iDEAL routine form the 'parse_query' routine to the 'template_redirect' routine
  • Improved the 'pronamic_ideal_return' and 'pronamic_ideal_status_update' routines with an 'can redirect' paramter
  • Improved the status update of WooCommerce and Jigoshop orders after an failure status update (from expired to failed)
  • Improved the scheduling of status requests of iDEAL advanced payments
  • Fixed the notice if no status pages or URL's are configured in an Gravity Forms iDEAL feed


  • Replaced the DateTime::getTimestamp() call (PHP 5 >= 5.3.0) with DateTime::format('U') (PHP 5 >= 5.2.0)
  • Removed the addItem function from the iDEAL basic class and added an extra items class
  • Improved the way we load iDEAL items in the Gravity Forms iDEAL Add-On
  • Improved the Shopp add_storefrontjs script to hide / show the iDEAL fields
  • Added the ABN AMRO iDEAL Easy variant
  • Improved and fixed the WooCommerce iDEAL gateway, the status of orders is now set to pending iDEAL payment
  • Moved all the documentation files to an external server, plugin is now much smaller (from 20 MB to 3 MB)


  • Fixed an issue with the WooCommerce iDEAL gateway, the order status is now updated
  • Improved the payment status update of the Shopp and Gravity Forms add-ons


  • Fixed an issue with the success, cancel and error URL's in the iDEAL lite variant gateway for WooCommerce
  • Added support for the Shopp plugin
  • Added search box on the payments page so you can search on transaction ID, consumer name, account number and city
  • Adjusted the default expiration date modifier from +1 hour to +30 minutes


  • Fixed an issue with character set in the iDEAL lite variant with the decoding of HTML entities
  • Added the current time to the iDEAL settings page so users can easily check the server time
  • Improved the expiration date of the iDEAL lite variant, now uses UTC timezone
  • Changed the iDEAL date format, the Z stands for the timezone offset and should not be the Z character
  • Changed the database column width of the entrance code to 40 instead of 32
  • For WooCommerce iDEAL Lite payment we now only add one total item, otherwise the cart discount amount is an issue


  • Fixed issue with loading JavaScripts on the Gravity Forms edit / new form page
  • Added some extra data length checks for iDEAL lite payments
  • Added an extra role iDEAL Administrator, so you can outsource the configuration of iDEAL
  • Added extra capabilities so you can easily grant users to the iDEAL admin pages
  • Fixed bug with ordering the iDEAL payment by date
  • Added an pages generator to easily create pages for each iDEAL payment status


  • Added support for the WooCommerce WordPress plugin
  • Improved the payments repository class
  • Improved the payments overview page (now with pagination)
  • Improved the loading of the admin JavaScripts and stylesheets


  • Gravity Forms iDEAL Lite button is now translatable
  • For iDEAL Lite you can now easily run the mandatory tests
  • Added an private key and certificate generator


  • Improved the calculation of the Gravity Forms price fields and the total amount


  • Added and activated some extra iDEAL banks / variants
  • Enabled the Transient API for retrieving the issuers lists, was temporary disabled for debugging


  • Fixed some security issues


  • Improved the retrieving of license information from the license provider
  • Added some extra admin CSS styling like an iDEAL screen icon


  • Improved the Gravity Forms confirmation message when an iDEAL basic payment is executed, now working correct with AJAX
  • Improved the iDEAL configuration editor and the Gravity Forms iDEAL feed editor, display only necessary input fields
  • Fixed the Rabobank iDEAL payment server URLs in the ideal.xml configuration file


  • Removed all PHP 5.3+ namespace declarations, the plugin should now be compatible with PHP 5.2+
  • Fixed the link to the payment detail page in WordPress admin
  • Fixed the link on the payment detail page to the iDEAL configuration page
  • Fixed redirection problem with AJAX enabled Gravity Forms


  • Issuers list transient is now deleted after updating an iDEAL configuration
  • Added the issuers list to the iDEAL configuration tests page
  • The Gravity Forms iDEAL Issuer Drop Down remembers
  • Description and entrance code are automatically truncated on the maximum length
  • Added better checks on the output of the OpenSSL functions to prefend PHP warnings
  • Use the generic hash() function instead of the md5() and sha1() functions
  • Added transaction description to the GravityForms iDEAL feed
  • Fixed bug with retrieving feeds with no form or configuration attached (inner join - left join)
  • Fixed issue with saving new iDEAL configurations and GravityForms iDEAL feeds
  • Added wp_nonce_field() and check_admin_referer() functions to the forms to avoid security exploits
  • Improved the feeds repository and the feed model
  • Initial release

Are there any known plugin conflicts?

Unfortunately WordPress is notorious for conflicts between themes and plugins. It is unavoidable as you have no control over what other plugins and themes do. While we do take steps to avoid conflicts as best we can, we have no control over other plugins or themes.

As conflicts are found we will update this list. If you discover a conflict with a another plugin, please notify us.

Here is a list of known plugin conflicts:

  • WordPress HTTPS The WordPress HTTPS can conflict with the OmniKassa payment method. It can cause invalid signature errors. The WordPress HTTPS plugin parses the complete output of an WordPress website and changes 'http' URLs to 'https' URLs, this results in OmniKassa data that no longer matches the signature.

To Do

  • Qantani - Check Callback URL implementation.
  • Mollie - Add unit tests for new API.


Pronamic plugins

Version 3.2.0

Requires WordPress version: 3.6 or higher

Compatible up to: 4.0.1

Last Updated 24 Nov 2014

Date Added: 20 Aug 2011

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