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Project Guide

Create an awesome project documentation in the WordPress admin area.

Project Guide for WordPress

Project Guide is a simple, but effective documentation tool for WordPress projects. Create documentation content easily in your admin area, similar to adding new posts or pages. Build your individual guide structure using the integrated Project-Guide-Builder. Include an unlimited number of items into your navigation and simply arrange them by drag and drop.
Each navigation item can be used as a chapter headline or a section with content. You may display any page, post or Project Guide topic inside a guide section.


Project Guide is translation ready! It is already translated into english and german language. Get involved and help us translate it or this plugin page into your language:

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This plugin is created by Tobias Karnetzke - WordPress developer at ATHOSS.

Author Tobias Karnetzke
Contributors oneside
Tags admin, backend, customer, documentation, easy, guide, integration, plugin, plugins, project, simple, support
  1. project-guide screenshot 1

    Documentation - Create a awesome project documentation inside your WordPress admin area.

  2. project-guide screenshot 2

    Visual Projekt-Guide-Builder - Build your guide structure with the visual Project Guide builder.


  1. Go to your WordPress admin area Plugins and click add new.
  2. Search for Project Guide.
  3. Click install
  4. Click activate.

Or simply upload the plugin .zip into your plugin directory and activate it.


  1. After the installation you will have a new menu section "Project Guide" in your admin area.
  2. Add your first Project Guide Topic Content under "Project Guide > New Topic".
  3. Create your Project Guide "Project Guide > Builder". Add new navigation items and arrange them by Drag & Drop. After clicking on a navigation title you can rename it and select the content to be included using the select field. Use "Chapter headline without content" to add a new chapter without content or select a post, page or a Project Guide Topic to be included.
  4. After creating or changing a navigation item save it pressing the [Enter] key or clicking the green save button.
  5. Save your complete Project Guide Structure using the "Save Changes"-Button at the bottom of the page.
  6. View your Project Guide under "Dashboard > "Project Guide".

1.2.1 (SIRRAH)

  • Added settings menu.
  • Integrated permission settings.
  • Integrated Guide title settings.
  • Added Guide menu Group-Line option.
  • Added Guide menu view on click option.
  • Added Guide disable option.
  • Added edit content button to sections.
  • Added display debug informations.
  • Fixed show deeplink
  • Updated translations.

1.1.1 (NUNKI)

  • Added capability role check before custom post type registration.
  • Added guide-Button after navigation save action.
  • Added setup links on guide page if not setup yet.
  • Fixed navigation item nesting limit.
  • Added message Guide-Page when PG is not configured yet.
  • Rebuild translations.

1.0.1 (POLLUX)

  • Hello World!

Is it possible to create multiple guides in one installation?

Sorry, this feature is not available.

Version 1.2.1

Requires WordPress version: 4.1 or higher

Compatible up to: 4.6.3

Last Updated 09 Nov 2016

Date Added: 03 Nov 2016

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