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Pricing Table

Pricing Table Builder will allow you to create awesome responsive pricing tables for your site/blog. Responsive Pricing Table By Huge-IT.

Pricing Table Builder

Pricing Table Builder gives you tools to create and add your own pricing table in your blog easily and fast without any programming skills. If you are in the sphere of trade and you want your product to be sold, our Pricing Table Builder is just the thing you need!


  • Unlimited plan features
  • Ribbon - possibility to add words to the highlighted part of the pricing table like 'new' or 'best'
  • Highlight a plan - emphasize the best plan you have in your pricing table
  • 12 free pricing table themes

Available fields for pricing table each plan:

  • Plan name
  • Pricing (any currency)
  • Pricing plan (one-time fee, per month, per year etc.)
  • Plan features (unlimited number of features)
  • Button URL and text
  • Shortcode for button
  • Ribbon (highlighting option)

PRO features:

  • 120 pricing table themes
  • Theme design customization

Get Pricing Table Builder PRO package

Why should I use Pricing Table Builder?

If you want to make money by selling products online our pricing table plugin will help you in a challenge from both the design and usability standpoint. A pricing table must be simple but at the same time clearly differentiate between features and prices of different products or services. A pricing table should help potential customers pick the most appropriate plan for them.

Our pricing table plugin clearly gives visitors only the information they would be interested in: available features, options and costs. If a pricing table is not nicely constructed/designed it increases the probability of losing potential customers, because you make it more difficult for them to compare various plans and select the best one.

Our plugin gives you the possibility of adding from 2 to 6 pricing plans in your pricing table. We also have a wide range of themes, which gives you a rich and diverse choice of what will suit your website better. You can also add unlimited number of features to your different plans writing each feature in a separate line. The preview button allows you to see how the price table you created will look on your web page. Our pricing table builder is perfect to showcase the main features of your product/service and expose them in different packages, marking one of them as the 'recommended' or 'the best' bundle. Embedded pricing tables are responsive and coded to automatically fit into your layout. You don't need to worry about the width values, it will take the available space you give them. Pricing table builder contains many customization options and predefined styles, which means, your pricing table will meet the needs your theme/design requires.


Our team is very responsible and always ready to help you. We always do our best to solve the problems you have concerning the options and the way of using our pricing table plugin. We provide you with quick responses. Even in very complicated cases we search ways to help our users.

If you think that you found a bug in our Popup Builder plugin or have any questions, please feel free to contact us at

Pricing Table Builder

Author Huge IT
Contributors Huge-IT
Tags chart, comparison, comparison table, grid, price, price table, pricing, pricing plan, pricing table, responsive pricing table, table
  1. pricing-table-builder screenshot 1

    Pricing table (green to blue)

  2. pricing-table-builder screenshot 2

    Pricing table (beige)

  3. pricing-table-builder screenshot 3

    Pricing table (gradient)

  4. pricing-table-builder screenshot 4

    Pricing table (black)

  5. pricing-table-builder screenshot 5

    The list of your pricing tables

  6. pricing-table-builder screenshot 6

    Add new pricing table

  7. pricing-table-builder screenshot 7

    Select your desired theme for your pricing table

  8. pricing-table-builder screenshot 8

    Preview of pricing table

Install Pricing Table Builder either via the plugin directory, or by uploading the files to your server.

Activate the Pricing Table Builder through the 'Plugins' menu in WordPress.

Go to the Pricing Table Builder settings and set your desired options.


  • 1) We have changed the links according to the codex , so that it leads to the correct pages of user's manual, demo and full Pro plugin.
  • 2) Updated the banner with the full description of features.
  • 3) Fixed a notice error appearing in the plugin.


  • Bug fixed connected to new field for shortcode.


  • Added new field for shortcodes.


  • Bug fixed connected to shortcodes which can be used inside the button text.


  • Now shortcodes can be used inside button.


  • Bug fixes and stability improvements.


  • Code cleanup.


  • Pricing Table clone bug fixed.


  • Bug fixes.


  • Preview bug fixed.
  • Clone added.


  • Bug fixes and stability improvements.
  • Theme improvements.


  • Bug fixes and stability improvements.
  • Tested up to WP 4.5


  • Bug fixes and stability improvements.
  • FAQ added.


  • Minor bug fixes in pricing table.


  • Code cleanup.
  • Minor bug fixes in pricing table.


  • Bug fixed in pricing table.


  • Bug fixed.
  • Responsiveness added.


  • Initial Commit.

1. Do I need to have any programming knowledge to be able to create a Pricing Table?

  • No, the Pricing Table Plugin is very easy to use. It does almost everything for you. There are all the detailed instructions to use this Pricing Table Plugin.

2. Is there a limit of Pricing Tables that I can create?

  • Sky is the limit! You can create as many Pricing Tables as you wish.

3. Can I select themes for my Pricing Table?

  • Yes! You can choose the theme of your Pricing Table and make it look as you want it to.

4. What do I have to write in the plan name field of the Pricing Table?

  • You can name the Pricing Tables according to the price differences, for example, you can set "Free", "Silver", "Gold", etc.

5. Is there any limit of the price that I can set for the Pricing Tables?

  • It's completely up to you! You can set any price you want for your Pricing Tables.

6. Can I set the plan of the Pricing Table per year?

  • Yes, you can set any period you want to. You can set "Per year", "Per month", "Per week", etc.

7. Can I set any amount of features for each Pricing Table plan?

  • There is no limit for the features of your Pricing Tables, you can add as many features as you wish.

8. Is there any specific text for the Pricing Table buttons?

  • There's no specific text for the Pricing Table buttons. You can write "Buy", "Login", "Share", etc. It's all up to you!

9. What is the Button URL for?

  • Button URL is the link to the page where you'll be redirected to to make the functions you have mentioned in the Text Button.

10. What is the ribbon for?

  • You can choose the best Pricing Table of yours and name it "Best" to make the users know that's the best pricing table plan of all the rest.

11. Why should I buy the Pro version of this Pricing Table plugin?

  • Our plugin gives you many different options to make a great Pricing Table. But in the Pro version of our plugin there are way more pricing table themes (120 themes) and there is a theme design customization to make your work easier and result a flawless Pricing Table that you could ever dream of.

12. If I have some problems concerning the Pricing Table plugin, who can I ask for help?

  • If you have any problems concerning our Pricing Table plugin that you can't solve yourself, you can write to our Support team and our developers will do their best to help you!

13. Everything works PERFECT. What do I do?

  • Leave us a good review :)

Other Notes

If you have products or services selling on your website, you'll be needing Pricing Tables. You can demonstrate the prices of your products and services in a nice and organized way. Pricing tables will not only help you organize the price demonstration on your page, but also make it more attractive and professional. You should include the features of your products/services, their prices, the time of the payment (per-year, per-month, per-week, etc.), also you can choose the best plan of your pricing table and highlight it.


Pricing tables are usually horizontal. That's just because it's more organized and more convenient to compare the features and prices when they're presented next to each other. But you can make it vertical, if you wish, it's up to your preferences! If the plans, the features and the whole content are not so extended, that may even look quite good.


Design is a powerful tool in every sphere and every structure. Web design is not an exception. The look and feel of your pricing tables may be very important in your sales. If the pricing table is well-designed, well-organized and in general, is pleasant to look at, the customers will surely pay attention to it. Every single detail should be neatly done and has to be balanced. Design can increase your sales and you should remember that simplicity is the key to success of price chart. You should concentrate on the most important things and do not include not necessary things to your tables. You can't add any imaginary features to your columns that you don't really have. Everything must be clear and must be done honestly, without any tricks. As the experience shows, this may give you some advantages and up sales at the beginning but roughly affect your sales after the truth comes out. So, be very attentive, and create a pricing table based on real features and real prices.

Version 1.2.0

Requires WordPress version: 3.9 or higher

Compatible up to: 4.6.3

Last Updated 01 Nov 2016

Date Added: 16 Dec 2015

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