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Price Comparison Shopping Engine

The Price Comparison Shopping Engine is a great tool to monetize your website.

Price Comparison Shopping Engine

GoodsPack - is price comparison shopping engine which allows your website visitors to search, compare and buy products directly from your web-site. You could provide your clients great shopping via your web-site as a result you get commission (2% - 15%) from each sale which your visitors do.

GoodsPack - is a price comparison shopping engine (like Google Shopping, ShopZilla, NextTag or which can be installed on your website.

This price comparison system provides access to products from thousands of merchants like Walmart, Newegg, Zappos, Rakuten and hundreds of others.

Main features of this Price Comparison Shopping system are:

  • You get commission from orders
  • Search for products and discounts
  • Support of thousands of merchants
  • Support of "Similar Searches" function
  • Support of "Shopping Cart"
  • Support for Colour Themes
  • Support of "Shop by Categories" filter
  • Support of Price & Sorting filters
  • Support of Prosperent and PopShops search engines
  • Free version is available

Using this search engine you don't have to spend your budget and time for web-development - you just need to embed GoodsPack into web-site1 and start earning money right away.

GoodsPack will make your business more competitive & profitable:

  • GoodsPack allows expanding a range of services provided by your web-site*. Visitors will do shopping directly from your web-site - it will increase your Brand awareness and will have a good influence on SEO.
  • GoodsPack is a free service, which is very easy to install on a web-site (it is just like embed video from YouTube on a website). So you don't have to spend money on web-developers.
  • We are working on improvements for GoodsPack all the time - we make search results more relevant, adding new filters and other features. So you will be always going with the times.
  • GoodsPack can be customised. Your developer (or we) can change the look of GoodsPack to fit your web-site design.
  • We provide you with support, so don't hesitate to contact us.
  • PopShops and Prosperent establish limits for the amount of searches per month. Using caching and other techniques we increase these limits twice or even trice.
  • And finally - You get all commission from sales - we don't take any percent.

Our team specialises at price comparison shopping engine, data feeds and e-commerce platforms. We are using the newest technologies and UI technics to achieve the best sales results for your business.

So, don't hesitate - sign up on our web-site (, setup API keys and open new opportunities for your business.

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  1. price-comparison-shopping-engine screenshot 1

    It shows a list of categories.

  2. price-comparison-shopping-engine screenshot 2

    Search by Categories.

  3. price-comparison-shopping-engine screenshot 3

    Full description of the product.

Method 1: Download the zipped plugin file to your local machine by this link: LINK HERE Go to WordPress admin -> Plugins menu Add New->Upload->browse the zipped plugin Upload and Activate the plugin.

Method 2: Go to WordPress admin -> Plugins menu Add New-> search plugin enter plugin name of “Price Comparison Shopping Engine” -> search plugin -> choose plugin “Price Comparison Shopping Engine” -> install now. Activate the plugin.

  • Do not Forget to check GoodsPack at the Admin Menu
  • Instruction & FAQ


  • first version

I have found a bug, how can it be fixed?

You need to send email to us and provide us with details: - How to reproduce bug - Screenshots of bug - Best way to describe the problem is to create video (you can use software like Jing)

Version 1.0.7

Requires WordPress version: 4.0.1 or higher

Compatible up to: 4.6.3

Last Updated 20 Jan 2017

Date Added: 13 Dec 2016


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