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PrePost SEO

WordPress SEO plugin: Check Plagiarism / Duplicate Content, Broken Links, Keyword density, content, meta tags, images optimization, etc.

PrePost SEO plugin check your Post SEO before it's Published and helps to improve your Website SEO (Search Engine Optimization).

Plagiarism checking process is now 10x faster at You can check full feature of this plugin here: View Full Features and Details

We are planing to provide up to 1000 free search queries for our users.

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Bug Reports
Bug reports for PrePost SEO are welcomed on

What will be new in next version
Seo score widget will be added in the next version, you will be able to use that widget in where in your blog posts.

Features of PrePost SEO plugin:

Check Plagiarism

Duplicate content can harm your website SEO very quickly. So make sure that, the article you are going to publish is a unique article or copied from any other website.

  • Check Duplicate / plagiarized on one click.
  • Sentence wise checking
  • Display results for each sentence
  • Ignore current url of your blog.
  • You can also generate reports form website.
  • How it works check a demo here Plagiarism Checker

Next Version:
Compare button will be available in the next version. Check Demo More tools available.
Broken links checker
ping urls online. You can ping multiple urls to 65 search engines with just one click
Domain Authority Checker. Check Domain Authority of multiple websites
Page Authority Checker. Check Page Authority of multiple websites
Varify Backlinks
Moz Rank checker
Similar Page Checker

We have recently added article rewriter at Purpose of developing article spinner is that; if your content is plagiarized you can rewrite your content to avoid plagiarism. There is no limit of using that tool. That tool will be integrated with plugin directly in next versions; so that you can rewrite your text directly from the wordpress admin panel

New Feature Added in the next version which is called plagiarism comparison search. Now you will be able to compare documents for plagiarism with your wordpress plugin. You can compare your text with any source or url. This tool will check similarity between two documents, two webpages or two text files.

Seo Score Checker

seo score checker is now have more options. Now domain authority and page authority is also checked by seo score checker. You can check seo review of your website. This plugin will analyze your website from every side and find every single possibility to improve your website seo. How this SEO score checker works you can check its demo here: seo checker

Grammar Checker

  • Check Grammar and Spelling on just one click.
  • View details about each mistakes.
  • provide relative terms for specific work or sentence.

Other Features

  • Check Words and characters in your current post
  • Check Headings in the live preview of that post
  • Count Links and check their do-follow and no-follow status
  • Warn you if any broken link found in your post
  • Check images in your post and alt attributes of your images
  • Calculate Keywords density in your post.
  • Display SEO score of your current post.
  • Analyze Meta tags in live preview (Meta Description, title, etc.)
  • Gives you suggestions for each post to improve your post SEO.
  • Optimizes your post titles for search engines like Google, Bing, etc.

For Any help, please contact us.


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Author Ahmad Sattar
Contributors mianahmad
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  1. prepost-seo screenshot 1

    Start Checking Your Post SEO

  2. prepost-seo screenshot 2

    Review your blog post deeply and figure out all possible mistakes

  3. prepost-seo screenshot 3

    Check Broken links in your post

  4. prepost-seo screenshot 4

    Check Keywords density in the current post

  5. prepost-seo screenshot 5

    Plagiarism checker will check each and every sentence

  6. prepost-seo screenshot 6

    Displays overall SEO score for that post and also suggest you to improve your post SEO

  7. prepost-seo screenshot 7

    Grammar and spelling checker

You can use the built in installer and upgrader, or you can install the plugin manually.

  1. You can either use the automatic plugin installer or your FTP program to upload it to your wp-content/plugins directory the top-level folder. Don't just upload all the php files and put them in /wp-content/plugins/.
  2. Activate the plugin through the 'Plugins' menu in WordPress
  3. Visit your Options Page to check plugin status.
  4. Configure any options as desired, and then enable the plugin
  5. That's it!

After Installation, create an account at to get API key for your wordpress plugin and put that API key on the settings page of PrePost SEO.

Version 1.5

  • Plagiarism Checking 10x Faster
  • Check Previous Plagiarism Report results
  • Seo score checker for full website improved
  • Bugs fixing in design

Version 1.4

  • Bugs Fixing
  • New Plagiarism Checking Design
  • Now your data is even more secure with https requests

Version 1.3.3

  • Loading bug fixed
  • more fast

Version 1.3.1

  • Fixed some bugs..

Version 1.3

  • Compare button added in plagiarism checker
  • Site SEO score checker added
  • Grammar checker improved

Version 1.2.1

  • Image Compression Removed
  • improved Plagiarism checker
  • Some Bug fixed
  • Faster

Version 1.2

  • Image Compression Added
  • improved Grammar checker
  • No-title Bug fixed
  • Meta description and meta keywords bug fixed

Version 1.1

  • Grammar Checker Added
  • Queries Limit Increased
  • Options for checking added
  • Bugs Fixing

Version 1.0 First release.

Version 1.5

Requires WordPress version: 3.3 or higher

Compatible up to: 4.7.2

Last Updated 17 Dec 2016

Date Added: 17 Oct 2015

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