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ProfilePress - Custom Login, Registration & Password Reset Form Builder for WordPress

A shortcode based WordPress form builder that makes building custom login, registration and password reset forms stupidly simple.

Ever wanted to create a custom Login, Registration, Password Reset forms and Front-end User Profile that will conform to a WordPress (theme) design? With knowledge of just HTML & CSS, code the form component in combination with our expressive shortcodes, make it pretty with CSS and ProfilePress will handle the rest.

Don’t know how to code? Get form designs from the theme shop installable via the built-in theme installer.

You don't need to worry about server-side PHP validation, authentication and authorization. Simply code the forms in HTML with the help of the plugin form builder and ProfilePress will turn them into functional custom login, registration and password reset forms. Magic

Note: This is the lite version of ProfilePress plugin. Want even more features? Click here to purchase the best custom login, registration, password reset forms builder and account manager plugin now!

Live Demos

Features of the plugin include:

  • Unlimited front-end login forms / user login.
  • Unlimited front-end registration forms / user registration.
  • Unlimited front-end password reset forms.
  • Live preview of form design as you code.
  • Multi-step registration forms.
  • Redirect WordPress default login to custom front-end login page
  • Redirect WordPress default registration to custom front-end registration page
  • Redirect WordPress default password reset to custom password reset page.
  • Redirect users to a custom page after login
  • Redirect users to a custom page after logout.
  • Built-in theme installer for installing ProfilePress form themes.

Want More? Go Premium

  • Ajax login, registration and password reset forms.
  • Unlimited edit-profile forms.
  • Unlimited front-end user profile.
  • One-click WordPress widgets creation.
  • Custom avatar uploads for users.
  • Social login: Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google, GitHub.
  • Unlimited custom profile fields.
  • Customizable tabbed widget.
  • One-time passwordless login.
  • Auto-magic user login & redirection after registration.
  • Redirect user to a custom page after login.
  • Redirect user to a custom page after logout.
  • Redirect default profile to a custom edit Profile page.
  • Welcome message to newly registered users.
  • Customize-able password reset mail.
  • Built-in user moderation.
  • Users login with username or email address.
  • Global admin login to users account.
  • No CAPTCHA reCAPTCHA for combating spam.
  • SEO optimized.
  • And lots mote...
  • Go Premium


  • Pinnacle - a smooth and clean custom login, registration and password reset ProfilePress theme for WordPress with social login.
  • Montserrat - a beautiful one-page ProfilePress account form that combines a login, registration, password reset and social login together thus eliminating the need for creating a separate forms for user registration, login and reset of passwords.
  • Stride - an elegant, customizable WordPress multi-step registration form.
  • Bash one-pager - a simple, pretty, responsive one-page account form with social login.
  • Bash Edit Profile - an elegant, responsive front-end edit profile form for WordPress.
  • Parallel - a horizontal, responsive & aesthetic login, registration and password reset form with social login.
  • Perfecto - a clean, polished login, registration and password reset form with two color flavors.

Free Extensions

  • Admin Bar & Dashboard Control - disable admin bar and control users access to WordPress admin / dashboard.
  • Navigation Menu Links - adding login, login/logout, registration, password reset, edit profile & my profile links to WordPress menu made easy.

Paid Extensions

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Author Collins Agbonghama (W3Guy LLC)
Contributors Collizo4sky
Tags AJAX, author, Avatar, avatar upload, captcha, custom field registration, custom fields, custom login, custom password reset, custom redirects, custom registration, custom registration form, customize registration email, edit profile, email confirmation, extra user fields, Facebook Login, file uploads, form, form builder, front end, front-end edit profile, front-end login, front-end profile, front-end register, front-end registration, front-end user registration, frontend, github, google, Google Login, gravatar, hide wp-admin, linkedin, linkedin login, log in, login, login redirect, login widget, members, multiple registration forms, password reset, password strength, password strength meter, profile, profile builder, recaptcha, register form, registration, registration page, shortcode, sidebar, sidebar login, social login, tab, twitter, twitter login, ultimate member, user approval, user custom fields, user email, user listing, user login, user profile, User Registration, widget, wordpress login
  1. ppress screenshot 1

    Form catalog

  2. ppress screenshot 2

    Form builder

  3. ppress screenshot 3

    Form live preview

  4. ppress screenshot 4

    CSS code area

  5. ppress screenshot 5

    Live demo on a site.

  6. ppress screenshot 6

    Front-end user profile

  7. ppress screenshot 7

    Social login - login form

  8. ppress screenshot 8

    Jakhu password reset theme

  9. ppress screenshot 9

    Registration form with avatar upload

  10. ppress screenshot 10

    Smiley registration theme

  11. ppress screenshot 11

    Facebook-like login form

  12. ppress screenshot 12

    FlatUI front-end edit profile page

  13. ppress screenshot 13

    Pinnacle signup theme

  14. ppress screenshot 14

    Pinnacle login theme with social login.

Installing ProfilePress is just like any other WordPress plugin. Navigate to your WordPress “Plugins” page, inside of your WordPress dashboard, and follow these instructions:

  1. In the search field enter ProfilePress. Click "Search Plugins", or hit Enter.
  2. Select ProfilePress and click either "Details" or "Install Now".
  3. Once installed, click "Activate".


  • Theme installation deprecated.
  • Performance and WordPress compatibility enhancements.


  • Codemirror assets now loaded only on pp builder pages.
  • Added server-side validation of required fields.
  • Performance enhancements and minor bug fixes.


  • Fixed mixed content warning in console for Rye google font css import rule.
  • Added detection of ssl flag during login via profilepress login forms.
  • Heartbeat auth check now return default wp login page instead of ProfilePress page.
  • Performance enhancements.


  • Increase plugin security hardening.
  • New: Addition of buttons to install/re-installer starter forms.
  • Lots of bug fixes and code improvements.
  • Performance enhancements.


  • Updated fzbuk forms css.
  • Fixed: duplicate creation of pages when plugin is deactivated and reactivated.


  • Updated fzbuk forms css.
  • Fixed: duplicate creation of pages when plugin is deactivated and reactivated.


  • Fixed error: Call to undefined function pp_create_index_file()


  • Fixed small bug in flatui CSS.


  • Added user id to pp_after_Registration action hook
  • Added filter to password reset sender name and email address
  • Added feature for wordpress to cleanup query args.
  • Added notice when registration is disabled in WordPress


  • Fixed multiple admin notification
  • Added filter to password reset error notice.


  • Removed early escaping of user email address during password reset.


  • Added admin notification when a user is registered.


  • Front-end reset of password now live.
  • Fixed profilepress menu displaying in non-admin user dashboard.
  • Fixed fzbuk login form css.
  • Made admin notices dismissible.


  • Fixed: several bugs.


  • Fixed compatibility issue with press permit plugin.
  • Removed action attributes from form tags


  • Fixed broken 1.1.1 update


  • Fixed password reset key getting invalid when resetting passwords


  • Fixed problem when plugin in multisite causes 500 internal server error.
  • Removed network_admin_menu from plugin
  • improve plugin uninstallation for multisite
  • Few bug fixes and code improvements.


  • Fixed fatal error after upgrade in 1.0.8


  • Updated TGM activation class
  • Removed unused function and asset


  • Added filter for login and logout redirect


  • Few bug fixes
  • Improve translation (coming soon)
  • Improve upgrade to premium


  • Fixed undefined make_widget variable error.


  • Fixed a registration bug.
  • Minor bug fixes


  • Fixed jakhu forms css.
  • Minor bug fixes


  • Fixed theme installer


  • Added new forms design


  • the genesis

ProfilePress automatically create a custom login, registration and password reset page for you on activation.

The following will be the URL for the custom login, registration, password reset page.

Henceforth, all visit to the default WordPress login, registration and password reset page will be redirected to their respective custom pages created with ProfilePress.

See the website for more info

Version 1.4.1

Requires WordPress version: 4.0 or higher

Compatible up to: 4.7.2

Last Updated 19 Jan 2017

Date Added: 21 May 2015

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57 ratings


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