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POWr Pack

POWr Pack combines the most popular WP tools to boost your site. Grow an email list, capture leads, get social shares on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter.

Increase your website’s performance instantly, with free tools to work smarter, not harder. If you’re looking to boost sales and conversions, expand your mailing list, and grow your social media Likes and Follows, POWr Pack is the free Wordpress solution you need.

Make it incredibly easy for new visitors to sign up, join your email list, or request a free trial. Prevent visitors from leaving your Wordpress site with a special deal, offer, or promo code. And help visitors find and engage with your social media accounts across every major social platform.


POWr Form Builder has changed the way we make forms. Create anything - contact forms, registrations, surveys, sign ups, order forms, mailing lists, subscriptions, and more - all right inside the intuitive POWr Editor. There’s no code to learn, and no complicated setup. POWr Forms are 100% mobile-responsive and work in any Wordpress template or theme. Join the 500,000 people already saving time, money, and effort with POWr Form Builder.

Accept Payments POWr Form Builder lets you easily accept secure payments through PayPal or credit card. Create custom payment forms, order forms, billing templates, sales agreements, and collection letters, then add them to any website or send directly with a link. Or create a donation form and collect donations for a nonprofit or charity. You can even charge customers for memberships and service agreements with recurring subscriptions, including trial periods, setup charges, and discount codes. Tack on shipping and tax charges, and you’re ready to start selling anything online with this simple eCommerce order form.

Smarter Forms Powerful conditional logic lets you create smart forms quickly and easily. Add a conditional statement to a form field, and choose which conditions will display that field. Just like an “if then” statement, you can set specific choices on specific form fields to trigger other fields later in your form. Smart forms save your visitors time, increase conversions, and help you optimize website design by conserving space. It’s your own personal “if this then that” (IFTTT) generator.

Advanced Behavior What happens after someone submits your form? With POWr Form Builder, you decide. Receive an automatic email alert in your inbox. Choose to lock or hide the form, reset the form to blank and allow another submission, or redirect your visitor to another page where they can complete a payment, write a review, or continue browsing. Making a poll? Consider showing statistics from previous submissions. Or display a friendly success message. You can even set up automatic confirmation emails sent to your visitor or customer, with customizable sender, subject line and email content. Building trust and confidence with your visitors has never been easier.


POWr Social Feed is a whole new way to leverage social media on Wordpress. Get more conversions, encourage return visits, and increase time spent on your site. With a few clicks, you can connect any social media account or channel to your social feed, and display posts right on your website. Combine images, videos and articles in a single responsive gallery. Then, set the priority of each feed to balance your content mix.

Any Platform POWr Social Feed supports every major social media platform, so you can drive traffic to all you social media accounts. Connect Facebook business, celebrity, and event pages; Instagram @handles and #hashtags; Pinterest boards; YouTube users, channels, and playlists; Twitter @handles and #hashtags; Vine @handles and #hashtags; Tumblr blogs; Flickr users; Vimeo users and channels; Dailymotion users; and RSS feeds. No matter what social media networks you use, Social Feed helps you get more Likes, Shares, and Followers quickly and easily.

Automatic Updates Keep your website fresh and engaging without spending time or money. POWr Social Feed automatically pulls in posts from all your social accounts, posts them to your website or store, and automatically arranges them in a beautiful gallery. Blazing fast update times keep your visitors up to date with all your social activity. Let Social Feed update your site and capture new followers automatically, while you focus on running your blog or business.

Manual Approvals Easy to use moderation controls let you hand pick which posts to display, and which to hide. Fine tune your content mix to engage your target audience, and maximize your social media shares and follows. Choose to automatically display new posts, then remove individual posts manually. Or hide all posts automatically and manually enable only the posts you want to display.


POWr Popup lets you add a custom popup message to any page. Promote sales, highlight products, or build your mailing list. Stop worrying about optimizing the top of your funnel, and let a beautiful popup do the work for you. Convert one-time visitors into lifelong readers or customers. Drive more sales by letting shoppers know about special offers and new releases at exactly the right moment. You can even grow your social media following with embedded links, videos, and content.

Custom Forms Most popups let you collect a name and email address. But only POWr Popup lets you embed the legendary POWr Form Builder inside a custom popup message. Collect the exact visitor information you need, with customizable form fields, conditional logic, and even built in payment options. POWr Popup lets you leverage the deep functionality of custom forms at exactly the right time. Whether you’re building an email list or signing up visitors for a free trial, this popup lets you automate and simplify your marketing funnel.

Time Controls Catch visitors at the perfect moment to increase your conversions. POWr Popup can be triggered on a time delay, a visitor’s click, or right before a visitor leaves your page. Cut your abandonment rates by 50%, without ever lifting a finger, and increase visitor time on your site. POWr Popup knows when someone is about to exit your page, and gives you the opportunity to present a special deal, offer, or promotional code, or even a quick email sign-up. So you can keep visitors engaged, or reach out to them later.

Rich Media Don’t limit yourself with static content and boring text blocks. Grab attention and keep visitors interested with rich media like photos, videos, and even responsive social galleries. Welcome visitors to your site or store with a popup intro video. Or push them to follow your social media accounts with a set of linking social media icons. Even add a miniature online store, to help visitors find your best deals without ever having to search. POWr Popup is a blank canvas that lets you decided what, where, and when to engage your visitors.


  • Free one-click integration with any WordPress template or theme
  • 100% mobile responsive on tablets, phones, and any other device.
  • Asynchronous loading keeps your site speed fast and agile.
  • 100% customizable to match any theme or layout.
  • Optional CSS and JS controls
  • Form Builder Features
  • Instant email notifications every time a form is submitted.
  • Fully customizable form fields (checkboxes, dropdowns, multiple choice, text, paragraph, email input, number input, address field, file upload, image selector, and more)
  • Easily export form responses to Excel or .csv.
  • Built-in form response dashboard and statistics.
  • Simple email integration with MailChimp
  • Easy PayPal integration.
  • Supports payments through credit card and Paypal.
  • Easily set up recurring subscription payments.
  • Change price dynamically based on customer selections.
  • Easy conditional logic for fancy smart forms.
  • Adjustable sizing and spacing.
  • Optional vs required controls for every field.
  • Multiple email administrators.
  • Customizable controls for behavior after user submits.
  • Custom confirmation emails.
    Social Feed Features
  • Connect to any social platform.
  • Facebook - business, celebrity & event pages
  • Instagram - @handles & #hashtags
  • Pinterest - boards
  • YouTube - users, channels & playlists
  • Twitter - @handles & #hashtags
  • Vine - @handles & #hashtags
  • Tumblr - blogs
  • Flickr - users
  • Vimeo - users & channels
  • Dailymotion - users
  • RSS Feeds - feeds
  • Rapid refresh rates.
  • Gain social media Likes and Follows.
  • Display images, videos, and articles.
  • Adjustable priority on every feed.
  • Follow @handles, #hashtages, users, accounts, and more.
  • Custom fonts, borders, colors, and backgrounds.
  • Adjustable sizing and spacing.
  • Supports text in any language.
    Popup Features
  • Works on any page, template, or theme.
  • Customizable content with text, images, videos, documents, CTA buttons, and ANY POWr plugin.
  • Integrated forms to substantially increase email sign ups.
  • Set custom time delays.
  • Launch popup on a specific user click.
  • Exit intent options display popup before visitor leaves your page.
  • Fully customizable design and layout.
  • Adjustable transition behaviors.
  • Set your own frequency controls to better target each user.
  • Grayed out background to focus visitor attention.
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Download, install, and activate POWr Pack.

Then drop the widget anywhere in your theme.

Or add to a page/post with the POWr Icon in the WP text editor.

Then visit your site to and click the settings icon to edit right in the page.


  • First released version

Do I need to create a POWr Account?

Yes, you need a POWr Account. Your account allows you to edit plugins right in your live Wordpress site, and to recreate and use plugins across many different sites.

How do I add a POWr Plugin to a page or blog post?

Open POWr Pack in your Wordpress Dashboard. Find the plugin you’d like to use, and click the Install button. Copy and paste the plugin’s shortcode (ex. [powr-form-builder id=”xxx”] into your page or post. You can now edit the plugin from your Wordpress Dashboard, or on your live Wordpress site.

How do I add a POWr Plugin to my WP theme?

Open POWr Pack in your Wordpress Dashboard. Find the plugin you’d like to use, and click the Install button. Copy the plugin’s shortcode (ex. [powr-form-builder id=”xxx”] then open your WP Appearance menu and click on Widgets. Drag the Text widget into your Sidebar or Footer, then paste the shortcode into the Text box, and Save. You can now edit the plugin from your Wordpress Dashboard, or on your live Wordpress site.

Will my users see the Edit icon above my plugins?

No! You only see the settings icon because you own the plugins. To temporarily hide it, click on your page and then type 'p + down arrow' (the letter p followed by the down arrow). You can show the icon again by typing 'p + up-arrow'.

I can't see the settings icon anymore, what happened?

You are just logged out of Go to and log in to your account. Then refresh your Wordpress page and the Edit icon will appear.

Are POWr Plugins free?

Yes, all POWr Plugins are available 100% free. You can upgrade for more advanced features, but this is not required.

Why should I upgrade?

Upgrading gives you access to advanced features, removes all POWr watermarks, and gives you access to priority support.

How do I get started with POWr Form Builder?

POWr Form Builder can be added to any page, post or theme, and can be edited in your Dashboard or live page. For help getting started, click here.

Where are my form email alerts?

If you are not receiving email alerts when someone submits your form, open the POWr Editor and make sure you’ve entered your email address in the space provided in the Connect menu. For more help, click here.

How do I add questions to a form?

To add a new element to a form, open the POWr Editor to go to the Content menu. Under Form Elements, click the Add button. Select an element from the popup box. For more help, click here.

How do I view and export my form responses?

To view or export form responses, open the POWr Editor and go to the Connect menu. Click on View Form Responses. For more help, click here.

How do I set up payments in my form?

To set up payments in a form, open the POWr Editor and go to the Content menu. Scroll down to the Payments menu, and turn on the Require Payment toggle. Fill in details in the Payment menu, and Save. For me help, click here.

How do I set up subscription payments in my form?

To set up subscription payments in a form, turn on Payments in the Content menu, and select Subscription from the Payment Type dropdown. For more help, click here.

How do I create different pricing options in my form?

Pricing can be effected by any dropdown, multiple choice, or checkbox element. To add price changes to these elements, you must first set up payments, then add price changes to each choice in the dropdown, multiple choice, or checkbox element. For more help, click here.

How do I send confirmation emails after someone fills in my form?

To send a confirmation email, you must first add an Email element to the form. You can only send confirmation emails if you are collecting an email address. In the Email element, turn on Send Confirmation Email. This is a premium feature. For more help, click here.

How do I connect Mailchimp to a form?

To connect MailChimp to your form, open the POWr Editor and go to the Content menu. Open the MailChimp menu and click Connect. You will need to log in to your MailChimp account and select a MailChimp list to connect. This is a premium feature. For more help, click here.

How do I set up a smart form with conditional logic?

To set up conditional logic, you’ll need at least one dropdown, multiple choice, or checkbox element in your form. You can then create conditions on other elements to only display if your visitor selects a certain answer from the dropdown, multiple choice, or checkbox element. These controls live under Advanced Options in each form element. For more help, click here

Version 1.6.2

Requires WordPress version: 3.0 or higher

Compatible up to: 4.5.6

Last Updated 06 Jan 2017

Date Added: 06 Oct 2016

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