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ACF Post-2-Post

Automatic Two Way (Bidirectional) Relationships with ACF5

This is an add on plugin for Advanced Custom Fields (ACF) Version 5.

This plugin will not work with ACF Version 4.

This plugin will not provide any functionality if ACF5 is not installed.***

This plugin does not create a new type of field or any admin interface. This plugin when used as explained below makes the existing ACF Relationship and Post Object fields work bi-directionaly, automatically updating the relationship field on the other end of the relationship.

For more information see Other Notes

Author John A. Huebner II
Contributors Hube2
Tags 2 way, acf, add-on, advanced custom fields, bidirectional, relationship, two way


Install like any other plugin


  • plugin disabled if ACF5 not installed
  • plugin deactivated if ACF5 not installed


  • removed github updater support


  • initial release to

Nothing yet

Other Notes

Github Repository

This plugin is also on GitHub

How To Use

  • Create a relationship or post object field.
  • The field must be at the top level. It cannot be a subfield of a repeater or a flexible content field.
  • The field name must be the same on all posts. In other words if you want to have different post types be related then you must add a field with the same field name on both post types.

When you add a post to a relationship or post object field and the same field name appears on the post added to the relationship then the relationship field on the related post will be updated to include a relationship to the post being edited.

If a post is removed from a relationship then the post being removed will also be updated to remove the relationship to the post being edited.

Post Object Fields

If a post object field is being used

  • If it allows multiple values then it will work the same way that relationship fields work.
  • If it does not allow multiple values and the related post already contains a value see Overwrite Settings

Overwrite Settings

If the field in a related post, whether it is a post object field that only allows 1 value or a relationship field that has a maximum number of related posts, if the field in the related post already has the maximum number of values allowed, by default, a new value will not be added. You can override this default by specifying overwrite settings.

How to add overwrite settings

add_filter('acf-post2post/overwrite-settings', 'my_overwrite_settings');
function my_overwrite_settings($settings) {
  $settings['field_name'] = array(
      'overwrite' => true,
        'type' => 'first'
  return $settings;

Each element of the $settings array is an array. The index of the array is the field that you want to specify settings for. Each field can have 2 arguments.

  • overwrite: true/false or 1/0. If set to true or 1 then new values will overwrite older values. The default value of this setting is false.
  • type: 'first' or 'last'. Which of the existing values should be removed, the first one added or the last. The default value is 'first'.

after a value is removed from the existing list the new value is added to the end of the list.

Remove Nag

If you would like to remove my little nag that appears on some admin pages add the following to your functions.php file

add_filter('remove_hube2_nag', '__return_true');
Version 1.2.5

Requires WordPress version: 4.0 or higher

Compatible up to: 4.7.2

Last Updated 13 Jan 2017

Date Added: 02 Jan 2017

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