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Adds a "Portfolio Item" custom post type with associated "Portfolio" and "Porfolio Tag" taxonomies.

This plugin adds a "Portfolio Item" custom post type with associated "Portfolio" and "Porfolio Tag" taxonomies.

Any instances of the_tags() by your theme when on a portfolio item post are filtered to use Portfolio Tags.

Theme Blvd Integration

If you're using a theme with Theme Blvd framework v2.3+, this plugin has some cool integration features.

  • Breadcrumb integration for Portfolio Items and associated taxonomy archives.
  • Portfolio and Portfolio Tag WordPress can display in grid mode.
  • Post List and Post Grid page templates can accept "portfolio" and "portfolio_tag" custom fields to filter posts.
  • Standard "Post Options" meta box is integrated into the portfolio item custom post type.
  • With our Layout Builder plugin, options to pull posts by Portfolio or Portfolio Tag are added to verious elements.
  • With our Shortcodes plugin, you can use "portfolio" and "portfolio_tag" parameters for [post_list] and [post_grid] shortcodes.
  • With our Sliders plugin, you can use "portfolio" and "portfolio_tag" parameters with [post_slider] shortcode.
Author Theme Blvd
Contributors themeblvd
Tags bundle, jason bobich, portfolios, theme blvd, themeblvd
  1. Upload portfolios folder to the /wp-content/plugins/ directory.
  2. Activate the plugin through the 'Plugins' menu in WordPress.

1.1.4 - 09/11/2016

  • Improvement: Apply archive post display option to portfolio item archives, opposed to just portfolio and portfolio tag taxonomy archives.

1.1.3 - 02/10/2015

  • Changed default value for "Portfolio Info Boxes" option.
  • Added Banner functionality to portfolio items (for framework 2.5+ themes).

1.1.2 - 12/16/2014

  • Fixed filters applied to registering the taxonomies.
  • Added option for sidebar layout on portfolio archives (for framework 2.5+ themes).
  • Added more code examples to FAQ on using these filters.

1.1.1 - 12/15/2014

  • Fixed Theme Blvd integration hook, from last update.
  • Fixed post meta integration (for framework 2.4 themes).

1.1.0 - 12/13/2014

  • List associated portfolios at the bottom of the portfolio item post (for framework 2.5+ themes).
  • Added portfolio archive options at Appearance > Theme Options > Content > Portfolios (for framework 2.5+ themes).
  • Fixes for Layout Builder 2.0+ integration.
  • Added support for filtering with Post Grid, Post List, and Post Showcase elements of Layout Builder 2.0+ (for framework 2.5+ themes).
  • GlotPress compatibility (for 2015 release).

1.0.1 - 07/21/2014

  • Fixed PHP warning on Portfolio Items breadcrumb trail when no portfolio is selected.

1.0.0 - 08/01/2013

  • This is the first release.

Will this plugin work if I'm not using a Theme Blvd theme?

Yup, but it just won't do a whole lot. You'll essentially end up with a "Portfolio Item" custom post type and associated "Portfolio" and "Portfolio Tag" taxonomies.

How can change the number of columns and rows in portfolio archive grids?

function my_grid_columns() {
    return 3; // Number of columns (1-5)
add_filter('themeblvd_default_grid_columns', 'my_grid_columns');
function my_grid_rows() {
    return 4; // Number of rows per page
add_filter('themeblvd_default_grid_rows', 'my_grid_rows');

How can disable portfolio archives from displaying in a grid?

function my_portfolio_mods() {

    $portfolios = Theme_Blvd_Portfolios::get_instance();

    remove_filter( 'themeblvd_theme_mode_override', array( $portfolios, 'theme_mode' ) );
    remove_filter( 'themeblvd_template_parts', array( $portfolios, 'template_parts' ) );

add_action('after_setup_theme', 'my_portfolio_mods');

How can I change the sidebar layout of Portfolio and Portfolio Tag archives?

If you're using a theme with Theme Blvd framework 2.5+, there's a user option for this at Appearance > Theme Options > Layout > Sidebar Layout > Portfolios. And if not, you can use the following code.

function my_sidebar_layout( $layout ) {

    if ( is_tax('portfolio') || is_tax('portfolio_tag') ) {
        $layout = 'full_width';

    return $layout;
add_filter('themeblvd_sidebar_layout', 'my_sidebar_layout');

More Info: Customizing Sidebar Layouts

How can I change the URL slug of Portfolio and Portfolio Tag archives?

function my_portfolio_tax_args( $args ) {
    $args['rewrite'] = array('slug' => 'my-slug');
    return $args;
add_filter('themeblvd_portfolio_tax_args', 'my_portfolio_tax_args');
function my_portfolio_tag_tax_args( $args ) {
    $args['rewrite'] = array('slug' => 'my-other-slug');
    return $args;
add_filter('themeblvd_portfolio_tag_tax_args', 'my_portfolio_tag_tax_args');

Note: Remember to flush your re-write rules! In other words, after you make this change, go to Settings > Permalinks in your WordPress admin, and re-save the page.

Version 1.1.4

Last Updated 11 Sep 2016

Date Added: 01 Aug 2013


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