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Portfolio is a super easy responsive portfolio grid plugin which aims to showcase portfolio items, clients or even team members!

Portfolio ( Career Portfolio )

Portfolio is an amazing and powerful WordPress portfolio grid plugin designed to help you display your portfolios, works, clients or even team members in an elegant style. Portfolio provides the all necessary features you'll need to showcase your portfolio items, clients and team members.

Portfolio PREMIUM package:

Portfolio demos and live previews:

Major features in Career Portfolio FREE package include:

  • Responsive Design
  • 1 Layout Style
  • Basic Full Screen Viewer
  • Intuitive Composer
  • Short-Code Support
  • Support

Major features in Career Portfolio PREMIUM package include:

  • Responsive Design
  • 3 Layout Styles
  • Enhanced Full Screen Viewer
  • 100 Hover Styles
  • Category Filtration
  • Social Sharing
  • Overlay Captions
  • Lazy Loading
  • Loading Progress
  • Auto Slideshow
  • Zooming
  • 5 Popup Viewers
  • Design Customization
  • Intuitive Composer
  • Short-Code Support
  • Custom CSS & JS
  • Excellent Support

Detailed Description

This portfolio plugin will show portfolio items within fluid layouts to fit the entire portfolio content inside the container without stretching project images. Career Portfolio provides all the 3 most popular and modern layout models ( free square/rectangular style, masonry style, puzzle style ) to showcase your portfolio items at this moment. This portfolio plugin will provide you a stylish full screen project viewer/explorer with thumbnail scrollers and 5 quick popup viewers. The full screen viewer allows to auto slideshows and zooming. There are more then 100 predefined hover effects and animations which you can customize easily. With this portfolio plugin you'll be able to show your portfolio project titles, descriptions, link or magnification buttons on hover action. Also you can either link the portfolio item to it's origin as en external hyperlink or enable embedded viewers to let your customers without moving away explore your portfolio projects. Career Portfolio supports category filtration. It's super easy to assign a category to each portfolio item. Without separately adding project categories, you can just add a comma separated tags ( categories ), like you're entering different email recipients on your mail client. Career Portfolio plugin will make your portfolio social by one click. Just chose social buttons enabled hover styles and your customers will be able to share your portfolio projects ( via Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus or Pinterest ). The plugin shows a portfolio loading progress on front to prevent potential confusions when the portfolio contains lots of projects and images, so the full portfolio loading can take a while. The next important feature that Career Portfolio plugin provides is an embedded elegant full screen project viewers. Instead of showing your portfolio project details only within a popup viewer, like almost all the other plugins do, this portfolio plugin also provides a full screen viewer, where your customers can find detailed information regarding your portfolio items. The portfolio full screen viewers will show thumbnail scroller at bottom side and will show portfolio project images within a slider, where you can navigate back and forth within the same project. This portfolio plugin supports well known Colorbox 5 popup styles too. You just need to put a preference in your portfolio options section and the portfolio related projects will be shown within a popup. Career Portfolio provides very simple and user friendly admin portfolio composer where you can create a portfolio and customize lots of portfolio related options. This portfolio plugin supports almost the all necessary design customization options you'll need to customize the look and feel of your portfolio. If the available options are not enough to fully customize your portfolio to fit it your needs, no problem, there is a possibility to write a native custom CSS & JS. If you a little bit know either CSS or JS you will easily customize it. Career Portfolio also supports short-codes, which aims to embed a portfolio on any page by one click.

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Author Miixee Lab
Contributors miixee
Tags career portfolio, filtrable portfolio, portfolio, portfolio gallery, Responsive Portfolio
  1. portfolio-wp screenshot 1

    Portfolio - Gallery Layout Style

  2. portfolio-wp screenshot 2

    Portfolio - Our Clients Layout Style

  3. portfolio-wp screenshot 3

    Portfolio - Lightgallery Project Viewer Style

  4. portfolio-wp screenshot 4

    Portfolio - *Masonry Layout Style (PREMIUM)

  5. portfolio-wp screenshot 5

    Portfolio - *Puzzle Layout Style (PREMIUM)

  6. portfolio-wp screenshot 6

    Portfolio - *Our Team Layout Style (PREMIUM)

  7. portfolio-wp screenshot 7

    Portfolio - *Malihu Style Project Viewer (PREMIUM)

  8. portfolio-wp screenshot 8

    Portfolio - *Colorbox Style Project Viewer (PREMIUM)

  9. portfolio-wp screenshot 9

    Portfolio - *Colorbox Style Project Viewer (PREMIUM)

  10. portfolio-wp screenshot 10

    Portfolio - Admin Portfolio List Screen

  11. portfolio-wp screenshot 11

    Portfolio - Admin Portfolio Composer Screen

  12. portfolio-wp screenshot 12

    Portfolio - *Admin Portfolio Options Screen (PREMIUM)

  13. portfolio-wp screenshot 13

    Portfolio - *Admin Portfolio Options Screen (PREMIUM)

  1. Unzip
  2. Upload the portfolio-wp folder to your blog
  3. Just Activate it

Other Notes

How to upgrade/update the installed portfolio package?

  • First of all download a package you need
  • Uninstall currently installed version (if there is already installed one)
  • Install just downloaded premium portfolio package

Can I request a refund?

Sure, within 15 days you’re eligible to request a refund as stated in our refund policy.

Which license should I choose?

Detailed information regarding licenses you can find here.

Version 1.8.4

Requires WordPress version: 4.0 or higher

Compatible up to: 4.7.2

Last Updated 02 Jan 2017

Date Added: 19 Mar 2015

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