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Portfolio Manager Lite

A Portfolio plugin to help you show your work in beautiful portfolio lists.

Portfolio plugin for any theme. Show your work in beautiful portfolio lists. Easily, No coding. Well organized. 5 media types. Variety of templates and options.

The Portfolio Manager can also be used to create beautiful image galleries. Every template can display just the images.

Check on the Portfolio Manager Lite: Demo site | Documentation page

Upgrade to the Pro version of this plugin including tons of more features, regular updates and premium support: Portfolio Manager Pro | Demo site

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How Portfolio Manager works - The workflow

It is pretty easy to create a beautiful portfolio list or a gallery. It is all done in the plugin interface with zero coding requirement.

The short version is:

  • Upload portfolio items
  • Create lists
  • Display the lists wherever you need them

Bellow we go in a little more details…

First you need to upload your portfolio/gallery items. Each item is a separate post similar to the default WordPress posts. You can fill in variety of options for each portfolio posts: title, description, short description, details, upload media, and choose categories and tags.

Once you have uploaded your portfolio items you can create lists with them

  • Choose a template
  • Select the portfolio items to display
  • Modify the layout by using the settings for your list
  • Add some custom styling via the custom css field, if needed.

Once you have a list created you can display it wherever you need: your pages, your template files, your sidebars as a widget.

There is no limit for the number of portfolio items or lists you can create. Have as many as you need.


This plugin comes with 8 templates to choose from. Once you select a template then you can customize it however you want.

  • Grid - Portfolio 1 col
  • Grid - Portfolio 4 col
  • Image Left - Portfolio 1 column
  • Newspaper - Portfolio 3 columns
  • Widget Style - Image Left
  • Timeline
  • Slider
  • Carousel 3 columns

Select and re-arrange list item's content

For each portfolio list you can choose to show or hide the following content. You can also re-arrange it. It is all drag and drop, easy!

  • Title
  • Media
  • Portfolio item details
  • Excerpt text
  • Continue reading

Single portfolio items

Portfolio items are well organized in a portfolio custom post type, categories, tags and item details. Use the Media Left template or the default theme's post template to present your portfolio post items.

Media Types

Select media types for your portfolio items / posts:

  • Image
  • Slider
  • Youtube
  • Vimeo
  • Soundcloud

Images are optimized to save your hosting storage. Do not worry, quality stays as the original image you have uploaded.

Add a list in your site

Once you have created a portfolio list you can add it everywhere in your site:

  • In page/post content area (WYSIWYG editor)
  • In template files
  • In a sidebar

Every list has a shortcode you can use to add the list in a page/post content area. Or add it in a template file by using the do_shortcode WordPress function. The plugin comes with a widget that can be used to add portfolio posts list in a sidebar.


Style your list using the Custom CSS class name.


This plugin comes Localization/Internationalization ready. It is following WordPress I18n standards.

This plugin is 100% WPML compatible too.

Pro version of the plugin

Pro version coming soon!

Some of the features of the Pro version:

  • 40+ ready to use templates
  • Page builder
  • Tabs for single portfolio items
  • Create unlimited portfolio item details
  • Single post template builder
  • More single portfolio options – show title, previous/next navigation, related posts, edit option titles, media cropping, lightbox
  • More add list options – exclude categories, tags, authors, delimiter, Load more pagination, Infinite scroll, border and background, social icons, list title and link, click on image and title link to lightbox, 20 hover effects, strip html tags and shortcodes, edit continue reading, portfolio item details elements and order, styling interface
  • Translation/Localization .po/.mo files ready to use
  • Support and free updates.

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  1. portfolio-manager-lite screenshot 1

    Grid - Portfolio 1 col

  2. portfolio-manager-lite screenshot 2

    Grid - Portfolio 4 col

  3. portfolio-manager-lite screenshot 3

    Image Left - Portfolio 1 column

  4. portfolio-manager-lite screenshot 4

    Newspaper - Portfolio 3 columns

  5. portfolio-manager-lite screenshot 5

    Widget Style - Image Left

  6. portfolio-manager-lite screenshot 6


  7. portfolio-manager-lite screenshot 7


  8. portfolio-manager-lite screenshot 8

    Carousel 3 columns

  9. portfolio-manager-lite screenshot 9

    Portfolio Manager menu

  10. portfolio-manager-lite screenshot 10

    Add new item

  11. portfolio-manager-lite screenshot 11

    Portfolio items list

  12. portfolio-manager-lite screenshot 12

    Portfolio categories

  13. portfolio-manager-lite screenshot 13

    Portfolio tags

  14. portfolio-manager-lite screenshot 14

    Add portfolio list

  15. portfolio-manager-lite screenshot 15

    Portfolio lists

  16. portfolio-manager-lite screenshot 16

    Portfolio options

Please refer to online documentation page for more details.


  • Fixed: Skip WP default post limits
  • Updated: call to google fonts via https


  • Added: WPML compatibility verified by the WPML team


  • Fixed: Minor shortcodes fixes


  • Fixed: Slider margins fix


  • Updated: load the latest version of the otw components check


  • Fixed: insert portfolio lists from a button in the page editor


  • Fixed: minor css class name conflicts


  • Updated: all portfolio items active by default
  • Fixed: remove not used labels


  • Fixed: fancyBox scripts


  • Updated: replace new lines with br
  • Updated: ajax posts selection logic


  • Fixed: fancyBox scripts


  • Initial release

Please refer to online documentation page for more details.

Version 1.12

Requires WordPress version: 3.8 or higher

Compatible up to: 4.6.3

Last Updated 29 Sep 2016

Date Added: 02 Dec 2015

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