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Popup a Poll, Survey, Quiz or Form by OpinionStage

Popup a Poll, Survey, Quiz or Form. The popup boosts time on site and page views. Manage the popup assignment & configurations.

The popup a poll, survey, quiz or form plugin let's you add poll, survey, quiz or form popup to your site with 1-click. You can then customize the content popup, including the popup content look & feel, the popup time scheduling and the popup user scheduling.

Popup Example

For a popup content example, click here.

Popup main features

  • Enable the content popup in 1-click
  • Popup content can be set to display pre-created interactive content pieces
  • Popup content can be set to display interactive content created by blog/publisher
  • Popup can include polls content
  • Popup can include trivia quizzes content
  • Popup can include personality quizzes content
  • Popup can include lists content
  • Popup can include email forms integrated in interactive content
  • Full popup support for desktop
  • Full popup for support tablet
  • Full popup for support mobile
  • Poll is built in responsive design
  • Popup can be configured to auto-popup after a preconfigured time
  • Popup can be configured to auto-popup to each user no more than a pre-defined timeout
  • Popup can include facebook comments
  • Popup can include Facebook content sharing
  • Popup can include Twitter content sharing
  • Popup can include Google+ content sharing
  • Popup can include recommendations to additional content
  • Popup includes analytics on integrated content usage
  • Popup supports setting the popup width in desktop and the popup width in mobile
  • Popup can include content ads inside
  • Built-in popup for WordPress
  • Supports adding new popups in case multiple popups with different content are required on the site
  • Supports 1-click enabled/disable of content popup
  • Set the popup tab name
  • Popup supports search for content (pre-made and user made content)
  • Embed popup or use the built-in wordpress popup
  • View popup content reports, including popup content views, popup content activate numbers, popup content completion numbers, popup content shared % and more
  • Auto-close the popup content based on a timeout
  • Set the popup content color theme
  • Set the popup content look & feel attributes including the popup content theme, popup content color, popup content title alignment, popup content font, popup content width and more
  • Set the popup content language

Popup types

  • standard poll content popup
  • social poll content popup
  • multi-image content poll popup
  • head-to-head content poll popup
  • poll set content popup
  • trivia quiz content popup
  • personality quiz content popup
  • list content popup
  • custom content popup
  • native ad content popup
  • popup with email form
  • popup with redirecting content
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  1. popup-for-interactive-content-by-opinionstage screenshot 1

    Example of a popup - Enable popup on desktop only, enable popup on mobile only or enable popup on all platforms. Configure the popup to auto-popup, the popup scheduling, the popup look & feel, the popup content, the popup title and more. Track popup performance, including # of popup display, popup content interaction and more

Thank you for choosing Popup for Interactive Content plugin. The popup for Interactive Content plugin will let you run a popup with interactive content on your site with 1-click. It will let you display in the popup top pre-made interactive content or your own content. The popup for interactive content plugin is full of customization options, including setting the popup look & feel, popup scheduling and which content types are displayed

To install the popup for interactive content plugin from the WordPress dashboard: 1. Upload the "Popup for Interactive Content by Opinion Stage" plug-in to your blog (or search for it) and then install the Popup for Interactive Content by Opinion Stage" plugin on your plug-ins page 2. Active it to start working with the popup plugin

Popup a Poll, Survey, Quiz or Form version 2.3.0

  • Support WordPress 4.7

Popup a Poll, Survey, Quiz or Form version 2.2.0

  • Ad refresh mechanism

Popup a Poll, Survey, Quiz or Form version 2.1.0

  • Various small improvements and fixes

Popup a Poll, Survey, Quiz or Form version 2.0.0

  • Updated help files

Popup a Poll, Survey, Quiz or Form version 1.9.0

  • Added support to popup a form or a survey

Popup a Poll, Survey, Quiz or Form version 1.8.0

  • Support WP 4.5

Popup a Poll, Survey, Quiz or Form version 1.7.0

  • Modified API path

Popup a Poll, Survey, Quiz or Form version 1.6.0

  • Improved usability
  • Easiery content creation
  • Added support for using interactive content shortcodes

Popup a Poll, Survey, Quiz or Form version 1.5.0

  • Fixed warning when trying to load js code

Popup a Poll, Survey, Quiz or Form version 1.4.0

  • Fixed login links

Popup a Poll, Survey, Quiz or Form version 1.3.0

  • Various optimizations

Popup a Poll, Survey, Quiz or Form version 1.2.0

  • Support for WordPress 4.4.1

Popup a Poll, Survey, Quiz or Form version 1.1.0

  • Plugin small optimizations

Popup a Poll, Survey, Quiz or Form version 1.0.0

  • Initial version

Do I need to have an opinion stage account setup already to use the popup?

No, you can create your free account through the plugin to easily start using the popup

Do I need to know how to code or design?

No, the Opinion Stage popup can be activated with 1-click, no need to code or design!

Do I need to set up any wordpress configuration options for this popup?

No wordpress configuration needed to get the popup to work. All the popup settings can be accessed when clicking the popup settings button

Where are Popups stored?

Your popups are stored on opinion stage servers as a standard saas solution, so that you can use all the opinion stage features in your popup including setting content to the popup, configuring the look & feel of the popup, setting popup timings and more

How do I disable the Popup?

From the Opinion Stage popup dashboard in wordpress, just disable the popup in 1-click and the popup will be disabled from your site

What configurations does the popup include?

The popup includes the following configurations: set if popup is displayed on desktop, mobile or both, set auto-popup on/off, set the popup content using search, set the popup button title, set the popup theme, set the popup colors, set the popup fonts, set the popup language

Can you track the popup?

You can track the popup in different reports. Track the popup views, the popup content start, the popup content completed numbers, the popup content shared and more.

How many popups can I create?

You can create as many popups as you want, there is no limit to the number of popup you can create

Can I have more than one popup on the same page?

You can have as many popups as you want on the same page, but you can only set one popup to be opened on each page

How can I set a popup to open automatically?

By default the popup is set to automatically open. To configure the popup open setups, go to the popup settings screen, and set if the popup is automatically displayed, how much time pass before the popup is displayed, and how many popups each user will see in a given time

Other Notes

Popup for Interactive Content WordPress Plugin

The Opinion Stage Popup for Interactive Content Plugin lets you display a popup that includes interactive content created by you or by Opinion Stage, to increase engagement on your blog or site, learn more about your users, gather contacts and more.

To access the Opinion Stage WordPress dashboard

Click on Popup by Opinion Stage on the left-hand sidebar of your WordPress admin panel

To Enable the popup

Enable the popup by changing the switch status. Verify the switch is set on in both the Popup configuration page in WordPress & in the Popup configuration dashboard in Opinion Stage (by default the popup switch should be on) To Configure the popup 1. Edit the content displayed in the popup, by clicking the configure content button near the popup and assigning to the popup either your content or pre-made content from the Opinion Stage dashboard 2. Edit the popup settings (including the popup title text, the popup style and the auto-popup timing setups ) from the popup setting

Popup content

You can select a lot of different types of content to add to the popup. Examples include: popup image poll, popup video poll, popup redirection poll, popup for poll sets, popup personality quiz, popup trivia quiz, popup list, popup lead generation, popup email form, popup native ad, popup for interactive content, popup for top content

Version 2.3.0

Requires WordPress version: 2.8 or higher

Compatible up to: 4.7.2

Last Updated 08 Dec 2016

Date Added: 29 Dec 2015

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