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Popping Content Light

Custom popping layouts. Insert ready to use shortcodes in just a few clicks.

Create custom popping layouts and insert ready to use shortcodes in just a few clicks. Nice and easy!

How Popping Content works

  • Set up Your Overlay / Popup
  • Create Layout
  • Insert Shortcodes

All done in just a few clicks with the OTW Grid Manager.

Upgrade to the full version of Popping Content | Demo site

Popup / Overlay types

  • Full bars
  • Side boxs
  • Popups / Lightboxes

50+ Ready to use Shortcodes

Insert any of the ready to use content items / shortcodes to fill in content in your columns. All settings are easily done in a nice and intuitive interface. Here is the list of content items / shortcodes:

  • Button
  • Info boxes
  • Dropcaps
  • Quotes
  • Unordered Lists
  • Ordered Lists
  • Tabs
  • Toggles
  • Dividers (Horizontal rules)
  • HTML editor

Custom Layouts - OTW Grid Manager

Creating custom layouts in your overlays is just a few clicks job with the OTW Grid Manager. No coding is required. It is all done in a very easy to use interface.

Custom styling

Create a new class for each overlay / popup in its edit screen so you can style it however you want.


This plugin comes Localization/Internationalization ready. It is following WordPress I18n standards.

Full version of the plugin

Upgrade to the full version of Popping Content | Demo site

  • Responsive Layouts in your Overlay
  • 50+ Ready to use Shortcodes
  • Visibility for any set of pages, page templates, posts , categories, tags, archives, custom post types, taxonomies, user roles, WPML languages, WooCommerce, bbPress, BuddyPress
  • Full Bar and Side Box Positioning - Header, Footer, Left and Right
  • Full Bar and Side Box - Scrolling Type
  • More Animations
  • Active Periods
  • More open/close events - on page load, on page load with delay, after a number of page views, on exit intent, from a link, number of page loads, period of time, etc.
  • Custom Styling via an interface in the back-end
  • Overlay First Load - Opened / Closed
  • Content Position - right and center
  • Show Button Label
  • Hide for small screens - on / off
  • z-index
  • Trigger from a link via Shortcodes
  • Trigger form a WP menu item
  • Support and Updates
  • Zero Coding Required

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Contributors OTWthemes
Tags custom layout, full bar, lightbox, open close events, poping content, popup, relevant content, shortcode, side box
  1. popping-content-light screenshot 1

    Full Bar Header - closed

  2. popping-content-light screenshot 2

    Full Bar Header - opened

  3. popping-content-light screenshot 3

    Side Box Right - closed

  4. popping-content-light screenshot 4

    Side Box Right - opened

  5. popping-content-light screenshot 5


  6. popping-content-light screenshot 6

    Overlay options page

  7. popping-content-light screenshot 7

    OTW Grid Manager

  8. popping-content-light screenshot 8

    Shortcodes Interface

Please refer to online documentation page for more details.


  • Updated: call to google fonts via https


  • Updated: js shortcodes settings optimization


  • Fixed: Correct positioning on scrolling/fixed overlays on scrolled page refresh


  • Fixed: use component path instead of component url


  • Fixed: light box close effect on escape or background click
  • Updated: Combine js and css libs


  • Updated: code optimizations


  • Initial release

Please refer to online documentation page for more details.

Version 1.6

Requires WordPress version: 3.6 or higher

Compatible up to: 4.6.3

Last Updated 28 Sep 2016

Date Added: 23 Mar 2015

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