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Poll is will help you more easily create powerful poll, quiz, vote, results and simple dashboard. You can from admin panel see who voted and from wher

Poll plugin is a responsive and customizable for WordPress. Poll plugin will help you more easily create powerful poll, quiz, vote, results and simple dashboard. You Can from admin panel see who voted and from where.

WordPress Poll plugin allows you to create polls on your WordPress site. It has many powerful features to put very beautiful and easy to use polls on your website. You can create / edit polls, change the color and appearance. If you are looking for a simple, easy but very professional polls on your website, this plugin is what you are looking for.

Polling plugin is a robust yet complete WordPress plugin to help everyone create and manage polls effectively.

Poll plugin is built to show polls in posts, pages and widgets of WordPress. Along with various setting options in each poll, Total Soft Poll has a user-friendly interface design that assists you during setting process.

Poll is strongly customizable and flexible. Apart from 18 gorgeous themes, there are tons of options to support you in changing colors or text of poll elements.

This plugin allows you to create polls in WordPress, and includes the following features.

  • 9 animated types to display voting results.
  • Poll results within WordPress admin.
  • Several polls on the same page.

Standard type a standard poll with text choices. The very basic and beautiful of polls.

Results Options

  • Always show the results before, as a user will vote.
  • Allow users to click on the link to show results before vote.
  • Several polls on the same page.
  • Do not show results.


  • Fully Responsive WordPress Polls.
  • User friendly interface with mobile-first approach.
  • Unlimited number of Polls.
  • Create unlimited questions.
  • Possibility to define unlimited count of answers.
  • Possibility to define color from predefined colors or define own color for each answer.
  • Ability to add images.
  • Ability to add videos (YouTube & Vimeo).
  • Create, edit, trash and delete polls.
  • Edit poll title, question.
  • Easy install and use.
  • Easy to customize.
  • Create question in any language.
  • Allow you to upload image for each option of the answer while creating a Question.
  • Compatibility: Poll works well on the latest version of WordPress.
  • Add an unlimited number of answers in one poll. As you have already created a number of answers, you can add poll via the shortcodes on your page as you need.
  • Easy to use: You can easily play with it without obstacles.
  • Easy integration: You can easily add your poll on the sidebar with Total Soft Poll widget or realize your poll in any place with the help of Total Soft Poll shortcode.
  • Data Logs: You can find out from the admin panel who voted for your poll (Date, IP, Country, Region, City and flag of country.).
  • Simple, but powerful and customizable poll.

Support - If you use Total Soft poll plugin and have problems or conflicts with other plugins and themes, do not forget to contact our support team by e-mail:

Pro Version

  • Change polls template.
  • You can customize the poll color, font size and font family.
  • Customize templates settings (colors, layouts, choices per row etc... )
  • You can change the results of the poll.
  • From admin panel to see who voted (Country, region, city and flag of country.)
  • Unlimited number of colors.
  • Can choose main background color for poll.
  • Customize results fragments (votes, percentage).
  • Customize typography settings (font family, image size, poll size).
  • Customize templates settings (colors, layouts, choices per row etc...).

  • Unlimited Color Customization: You can customize each poll color according to your site color scheme. Color customizer allows you to customize poll question color, option color, row colors, button color and many more.

  • Vimeo and YouTube. Ability to add videos to the poll from video websites Vimeo and YouTube.

  • Add Questions. Type your question and then add answers. From this point you can simply hit create poll and you're ready to go. The rest of the steps are optional. No account or signup required.
  • Set Options. On the Themes tab select one of our default themes or create your own. On the settings tab set options like allowing multiple answers, allowing voters to enter their own answers and much more.
  • Place Polls Anywhere. You can use shortcode, to insert polls anywhere in content.
  • Single/Multiple Voting. You can use both checkboxes, or radio buttons.
  • Manage Votes: You can reset, or add desired count of votes for any answer.
  • Images and Url attachments: You can attach images to the answers and link answers with urls as well.
  • Photo contest. A contest poll based on photo or images choices.
  • Effective Process. Mood Poll show result right after users submit votes. You can vote and view result without refreshing the page.
  • Poll Answers. You are allowed to add unlimited answers to a poll as well as set color and edit vote count of each answer.
  • Compatibility. Advanced Poll works well on latest Wordpress versions.
  • Flexible answer type. Unlike other polls which accept only text, Total Soft Poll allows you to insert image to your poll answers.

Total Soft Poll allows you to add standard and social issues in your profile easily. We did everything possible to help WordPress users to create queries faster and easier.

Choose your background, ask questions, start collecting opinions.

Gather valuable feedback Find out what your visitors really think. A great way to find out what work, and what doesn't.

Insert poll to the WordPress page, post, widget - Every poll could be inserted into a page, post or widget with shortcode.

Plugin works in Chrome, Safari, Opera, Firefox, Internet Explorer - Use your poll with all the popular browsers.


  • jpg, png & gif images are supported. Upload from computer or remote url upload is supported. This uses wordpress default uploader in frontend.

Easy To Use

  • Setting up and using the Total Soft Poll plugin is ridiculously easy. Manage your polls and create new opinion polls just like you would WordPress posts.

Great Design

  • Opinion polls stand out to your website visitors. Custom backgrounds and lots of styles.

Fully customizable

  • Select the type of poll, as a lot of options, background images and custom outcomes.

Poll Statistics

  • See how many votes have each option from the rear end, and the last time someone voted.

Fully Responsive

  • Poll plugin fits perfectly into the content. Great for people who like to vote on the move.

  • All your polls are saved, so you can come back later to add or update as you wish.


Poll WordPress plugin has his own ID number. Simply you must copy it and paste to that place, where you want to see your poll plugin.

[Total_Soft_Poll ID = "N"]

If you think any feature adding to this plugin can improve its features, please recommend it.

Technical Support If You have notice any errors or have any questions in our WordPress Poll, You can notify us about that. We will investigate and solve the problem. Please, contact to us by this address:

Thanks for downloading and installing Total Soft Poll plugin.

Author totalsoft
Contributors totalsoft
Tags Photo Poll, poll, poll plugin, poll statistic, polling, polls, rate, ratings, responsive poll, surveys, vote, wordpress poll
  1. poll-wp screenshot 1

    An example of plugin in action (Poll Standard Theme)

  2. poll-wp screenshot 2

    An example of plugin in action (Poll Standard Theme)

  3. poll-wp screenshot 3

    An example of plugin in action (Poll Standard Theme)

  4. poll-wp screenshot 4

    An example of plugin in action (Poll Standard Theme)

  5. poll-wp screenshot 5

    An example of plugin in action (Poll Standard Theme)

  6. poll-wp screenshot 6

    An example of plugin in action (Poll Standard Theme)

  7. poll-wp screenshot 7

    An example of plugin in action (Poll Standard Theme)

  8. poll-wp screenshot 8

    An example of plugin in action (Result in Admin Page)

Here's how you install and activate the Poll plugin:

Download the plugin. Upload the file in your WordPress plugin directory. Activate the plugin from the "Plugins" menu in WordPress. After activating Poll plugin, choose the type of version you wish to use.

Version 1.0.6 (08.02.2017)

  • Add New Type "Image and Video in Question"

Version 1.0.5 (31.01.2017)

  • Add New Type "Image and Video Without Button"

Version 1.0.4 (27.01.2017)

  • Add New Type "Standard Without Button"

Version 1.0.3 (24.01.2017)

  • Add New Type "Image Poll"
  • Add New Type "Video Poll"

Version 1.0.2

  • Fixed Syntax Error.

Version 1.0.1

  • Added new menu in the plugin.

Version 1.0.0

  • Initial Version Release

Is Total Soft Poll Free?

Yes, the basic version of Poll is completely free.

There are some restrictions for adding answers?

There is no limit for the amount of answers. You can add as many answers as you want. Poll plugin has no limitations.

When I update plugin free version of the commercial version, I lose all the things that I have made up in the free version of the Poll?

Of course No. Total-Soft team was thought about this problem. Before that , what was created in the free version will remain unless you delete and replace the commercial version.

How can I add a poll on the widget?

Go to the widget, and then add our WordPress plugin Poll widget to the sidebar. Then select the poll, and then choose a theme for the poll.

Can I embed a poll manually? an equals sign

Yes, just post the following shortcode to any post / page: [Total_Soft_Poll ID = "N"], where N is the survey ID.

Can I add the same poll in different pages?

Yes. You can add the same poll at different posts and widgets at the same time.

There are some restrictions for adding polls?

There is no limit for the amount of polls.

You can add as many polls as you want. Plugin has no limitations.

Do you have some problems with plugin instalation?

You can contact with our [Support team] (, they will help you to quickly install a poll plugin.

We are always ready to help everyone.

How to get an updated version?

Pro users can get updated version of the poll plugin contacting with us at the following [Email] ( As long as it's given for plugin Pro versions.

Free version users can find the update notification on their WordPress Admin panel.

Pay for the Pro version, and until now have not recieved the link or file updating. Please help. What to do?

If you make a purchase and haven't received file, or you just got and it have some problem, contact us on our email address Please send us the order number which you received after purchasing the Poll WP. We will check it and send you directly.

You bought the Pro version, installed it in WordPress but You still see the free version. What to do?

This can occur from browser caches.

Click ctrl+f5 (Chrome, FF, for completely refreshing) If you are using Safar or another browser please clean the storage.

Where to change the settings?

The settings you can change in the manager's poll. This options is only for Pro version.

Where can I see a working demo?

A fully featured Poll WordPress demo is now available.

Other comments

Step 1 Install the plugin

To install the plugin use the following steps

For free version

  • 1) Find and install plugin from Plugins section in the WordPress plugin menu > Click Add New Button > Search For the Poll plugin from Total-Soft - If you have downloaded the zip file from our website use the following step N2
  • 2) Install the zip file from Plugins in the WordPress dashboard > Add New > Upload Plugin
  • 3) Activate.

For Pro Version

After you have purchased and got the zip file of the plugin, follow these steps to switch the license and install the Pro version.

  • Through WordPress

  • 1) Go To Plugins> Poll (free version) > Deactivate > Delete If you don ' t have free version then pass the first step

  • 2) Plugins > Add New > Upload Plugin, add the zip file of Pro version and after installation click
  • 3) Activate.

For users of MAC

  • 1) Go to the downloads folder and local the folder with the poll
  • 2) Right click on the folder and select Compress. Now you have just created the .zip file, which can be installed as described here
  • 3) Click the download and install button to download and install the plugin
  • 4) Click the Activate plugin button to activate the plugin
  • 5) If the poll installation is succeeded, you will see a message in the image
  • 6) In case of any problems during the installation of the plugin, please contact us

  • You may also install the zip file via FTP

  • 1) Download the ZIP file from WordPress website

  • 2) Extract the poll-wp directory to your computer
  • 3) Upload the poll-wp directory to the /wp-content/plugins/ directory
  • 4) Activate the plugin in the Plugin dashboard
  • 5) You can see the plugin installed on WordPress left menu.

There are no difficult instructions for using this poll plugin because this plugin designed to make all easy. After reading demonstration of our plugin we believe that you will understand how to use plugin and you will use it easily.

Step 2 Configuration and Usage

  • Poll Question. At first we choose what kind of statement of a question is needed. Define the poll question in which answers should be placed.
  • Theme. Choose one among available poll themes

  • Answers. Type here poll answers. What kind of answers should be for our polling. Answers can be two or more than two. You can drag and drop the answer to a desired position.

  • Add Image. Click on Add Image button to open media library. Can add images through URL , from Media Library section or upload from your PC.

Step 3 - General Options

Every view has it ' s options. Choose the view you use, and under that tab make beautiful changes playing with plenty options.

3.1 Standard Poll

Main Options Styles

  • Max Width. Define the poll max width
  • Position. Make a choice among the 3 positions for the poll: center, right, left.
  • Border Width in px. Add a border and adjust its width
  • Border Color. Pick up a color for the element border
  • Border Radius. Determine the radius for the border.
  • Box Shadow. Choose to show the box shadow or no
  • Shadow Type. Select the shadow type
  • Shadow in px. Choose the shadow size for the poll
  • Shadow Color - Set the shadow color

Question Options Styles

  • Element Question Background Color. Select a background color, where can be seen the question
  • Element Question Font Color. Adjust the color of the question text in poll
  • Element Question Font Size in px. Change the text size on question in pixels
  • Element Question Font Family. Select your preferable font family for question, poll plugin has a fonts base.
  • Element Question Text Align. Choose the text position for question

Line After Question Styles

  • Width in Percentage for Line After Question. Inside poll between question and answer you may have lines, or remove them
  • Height in pixels for Line After Question. Choose height size for separation line.
  • Color in pixels for Line After Question.Color. Select your preferred color. To show the line of separation between the question and answers
  • Line Style. Identify the basic style of the line, and you can change it at any time. Select 4 different types of borders: solid, dotted, dashed, double

Answer Options Styles

  • Answers Has Color. Adjust the color of the answers text
  • Answer Font Size in px. This option is for the answers. You can select font size. The size of the answer in responsive poll.
  • Main Background Color. Here you can select your favourite main background color for theme
  • Answer Background Color. Use this option to change the color for background
  • Element Answer Font Color. Change the font color of element answers.

Checkbox Options

  • Check Many. Select an unlimited number of answers or no in one poll
  • Checkbox Size. The plugin allows to get most suitable check box that are most appropriate for your site. Select 4 different types for size
  • Type Before Checking. This field be used for selecting the values from a list of checkboxes
  • Color Before Checking. Select color for selected checkbox
Version 1.0.6

Requires WordPress version: 3.4 or higher

Compatible up to: 4.7.2

Last Updated 13 Feb 2017

Date Added: 20 Dec 2016

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