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Pods Gravity Forms Add-On

Integrate with Gravity Forms to create a Pod item from a form submission.

Requires Pods 2.4+, Gravity Forms 1.9+.

Check out for our User Guide, Forums, and other resources to help you develop with Pods.

Please report bugs or request featured on GitHub

Special thanks to Rocketgenius for their sponsorship support and to Naomi C. Bush for her help in the initial add-on UI work.

Author Pods Framework Team
Contributors sc0ttkclark, jimtrue, naomicbush, gravityplus
Tags form mapping, gravity forms, pods
  1. pods-gravity-forms screenshot 1

    In the Pods Admin, create your Pods and Pod Fields: Pods Admin -> Add New

  2. pods-gravity-forms screenshot 2

    In the Pods Admin, create your Pods and Pod Fields: Pod Edit Screen

  3. pods-gravity-forms screenshot 3

    Create your Gravity Form that will be used to create a Pod item

  4. pods-gravity-forms screenshot 4

    Form Settings->Pods menu

  5. pods-gravity-forms screenshot 5

    Pods feed page

  6. pods-gravity-forms screenshot 6

    Map form fields to Pod fields

  7. pods-gravity-forms screenshot 7

    Example form

  8. pods-gravity-forms screenshot 8

    New Pod item created from form submission

  9. pods-gravity-forms screenshot 9

    Form entries page showing Pod ID

1.2 - October 4th, 2016

  • Added: When using a custom action and setting the form ID option in Pods GF UI, a new custom action will be used which embeds the GF form (if no callback provided in action_data option)
  • Added: New Pods GF UI option, specific to each action, for action_link which corresponds to the action_links Pods UI option
  • Fixed: Support for recent GF versions where pre_save_id hook uses a different Form-specific naming convention
  • Fixed: Custom confirmation handling may have not been functioning properly in some cases
  • Fixed: Removed some issues that were causing PHP notices

1.1 - June 13th, 2016

  • Added: Support for edit mode when using the Pods GF add-on mapping in the GF UI -- Use the new filter pods_gf_addon_edit_id, just return the ID to edit and the options will automatically be set for you
  • Added: When filtering the Pods data in Pods_GF::gf_to_pods() (via the pods_gf_to_pods_data and related filters), if you set the proper ID field in that array it will now be used to save over the existing item; Helpful for dynamic editing configurations based upon different processes and workflows in the code
  • Added: Pods_GF::confirmation() now supports {@gf_to_pods_id} replacement in confirmation URLs, replacing the variable properly to the resulting saved ID
  • Fixed: Pods_GF::_gf_to_pods_handler() would sometimes get the action improperly set to edit, but only add, save, or bypass are valid
  • Fixed: When an invalid pod is called in Pods_GF::_gf_to_pods_handler(), there's now a proper fallback to avoid PHP errors/warnings/notices
  • Fixed: When an invalid pod is called in Pods_GF::_gf_field_validation(), there's now a proper fallback to avoid PHP errors/warnings/notices
  • Fixed: Pods_GF::confirmation() would add the gform_confirmation_{$form_id} filter incorrectly and would cause PHP warnings about the callback, causing the confirmation functionality to not work properly
  • Fixed: Pods_GF::confirmation() confirmation URL replacement now handles a few more cases where previously PHP notices would result
  • Changed: Pods_GF is now storing multiple instances statically, cannot be called with new Pods_GF(), must be called with Pods_GF::get_instance() but more importantly should be called through the standard pods_gf() helper function to remain backwards compatible with previous versions
  • Changed: Pods_GF::$gf_to_pods_id is no longer an integer, but an array of integers keyed by the GF Form ID
  • Changed: Pods_GF::$keep_files is no longer an boolean, but an array of booleans keyed by the GF Form ID

1.0 - March 4th, 2016

  • Initial release
Version 1.2

Requires WordPress version: 4.0 or higher

Compatible up to: 4.6.3

Last Updated 04 Oct 2016

Date Added: 04 Mar 2016

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