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Plugmatter Optin Feature Box

Plugmatter Optin Feature Box is the Only List Building Plugin that Allows You to Create High Converting Optin Feature Boxes for Your WordPress Site.

Plugmatter Optin Feature Box Plugin lets you create beautiful optin feature boxes to grow your email list.

See all the Plugmatter Feature Box features at:

What is an Optin Feature Box?

An optin feature box is an email optin box that sits right under the header of your WordPress site but above the content. Using an optin feature box, you can easily grab the attention of your visitors and convert them into email subscribers.

Why Use an Optin Feature Box?

Simply because an email subscription box featured above the fold grabs the most attention and converts really well. When your visitors visit your site, the first and the most important thing to do is grab their email address. And that’s exactly what an optin feature box lets you do.

How Do You Create an Optin Feature Box?

You can either hire an expensive designer to design/code a professional feature box OR download and install the Optin Feature Box plugin from Plugmatter for free. It saves you time, money and gives you what you need to boost your list building efforts.

You’ll start with the free version of Plugmatter Optin Feature Box. It will help you get up and running with your first fully functional optin feature box. If and when you require more templates and features, you can pay and upgrade to the PRO version.

Why Choose the Plugmatter Optin Feature Box Plugin?

  • Why Choose the Plugmatter Optin Feature Box Plugin?
  • No designing/coding required
  • Ready-made templates
  • Experiment with different designs
  • Manage multiple optin feature box variations
  • Super easy customization
  • Simple integration with popular email services
  • Highly cost effective
  • Awesome 24/7 support

Supported Email Services

  • Aweber
  • MailChimp Single / Double Optin
  • Constant Contact
  • Infusionsoft
  • Ontraport
  • iContact
  • Google FeedBurner
  • GetResponse
  • Mad Mimi
  • Jetpack
  • Mail Poet
  • Campaign Monitor
  • Feedblitz
  • Send In Blue

Here's what you get with the LITE version:

  • A Premium Quality WordPress Email List Building Plugin that Can Boost Your Email Subscription Rate by 200%
  • Two High Converting Premium (Responsive) Templates that You Can Use to Design Your Own Optin Feature Box
  • Turn Off Your Optin Feature Box for Already Subscribed Visitors.
  • An Amazing User-interface that Makes Creating Optin Boxes a Cakewalk
  • Standard Support that Works Rigorously to Help You Successfully Setup the Plugin

Premium Features (Pro Version):

  • Three More Premium (Responsive) Templates Along with an Exclusive Video Template
  • Create Professional, Matching Mini Optin Feature Boxes to Collect More Emails
  • Use Your Own Custom Designed Optin Feature Box
  • Leverage Different Sections of Your Site for Higher Response
  • Target Individual Posts and Pages with Unique Optin Feature Boxes
  • A/B Split-Testing — Run Unlimited Split-Testing Campaigns
  • Treat Returning Visitors Differently for Better Conversions
  • One Year Priority Support & Updates

Upgrade to the PRO Version Now!


"I can't believe how easy Plugmatter Optin Feature Box was to set up! Absolutely brilliant! When setting up a new blog, signup forms are usually the last headache I take on. This time around, it's the first thing I set up! I’m a lifelong fan of the plugin." - Samar Owais, Freelance Flyer

"I've tried and tested a lot of mailing list plugins but it's rare to find a plugin that will allow you to take advantage of the prime real estate located under your nav bar – Plugmatter Optin Feature Box makes this easy which in turn helps you build your list faster." - Adam Connell, Blogging Wizard

"You have a really nice plugin. A feature box is a great way to get more email subscribers." - Mitt Ray, Social Marketing Writing

More than helping you with your list building efforts, we strive to offer Excellence in Customer Service. We're passionate about seeing you have a happy experience, so we'll do our best to fix anything that may come up — as soon as possible.

We're glad to have you, Syed Naimath Co-Founder,

Go to our official site | Free Version (if you install from the WP directory) OR Pricing Plans

Author Plugmatter
Contributors SNaimath, Akramquraishi
Tags aweber, build email list, constant contact, conversion, dashboard, email, email list, email list building, email marketing, email subscriptions, feature box, forms, getresponse, grow email list, hover, icontact, lightbox, list building, list building plugin, mailchimp, mailing list, mailpoet, newsletter, onclick popup, optin, optin box, optin feature box, optin form, optin popup, page, pages, pop-up, popup, popup box, popup message, popup window, popups, Post, posts, shortcode, subscribers, subscriptions, thesis feature box, unblockable, widget, wordpress popup, wp feature box
  1. plugmatter-optin-feature-box-lite screenshot 1

    Plugmatter Feature box - Template Preview

  2. plugmatter-optin-feature-box-lite screenshot 2

    Plugmatter Feature box - LITE Version License Key

  3. plugmatter-optin-feature-box-lite screenshot 3

    Plugmatter Feature box - "What You See is What You Get" Template Editor

  4. plugmatter-optin-feature-box-lite screenshot 4

    Plugmatter Feature box - Over 630 Amazing, High Quality Google Web Fonts for You to Use

  5. plugmatter-optin-feature-box-lite screenshot 5

    Plugmatter Feature box - Eye-Catchy Button Styles That Help Improve Conversion

  6. plugmatter-optin-feature-box-lite screenshot 6

    Plugmatter Feature box - The ONLY In-line Editor for Optin Forms in the Industry

  7. plugmatter-optin-feature-box-lite screenshot 7

    Plugmatter Feature box - Supports All the Major Mailing List Services

  8. plugmatter-optin-feature-box-lite screenshot 8

    Plugmatter Feature box - Feature-Loaded to Take Your List Building to the Next Level

You can easily install Plugmatter Optin Feature Box Plugin using the method of your choice:

WordPress Search:

  1. Use WordPress Plugin Search in your WordPress
  2. Look for "Plugmatter Optin Feature Box"
  3. Click to Install and Activate
  4. A new Plugmatter Feature Box - Lite will appear in your Admin column
  5. Enter your name and email address in order to activate the plug-in

Download & Install:

  1. Download the ".zip" of the plugin file from the top right corner of this page on to your computer
  2. Go to your Plugins section and click "add new"
  3. Select the tab "Add"
  4. Click "Upload" to upload and install the plugin from your computer / desktop
  5. Once installed, activate the plugin
  6. A new Plugmatter Feature Box - Lite will appear on your Admin column
  7. Enter your name and email address in order to activate the plug-in


  1. You can also install the plugin using the FTP
  2. Simply Download the ".zip" file of Plugin from top right of this page
  3. Login to your WordPress FTP
  4. Upload the ".zip" file in your wp-content > Plugins
  5. Login to your WordPress and Activate the Plugin
  6. A new Plugmatter Feature Box - Lite will appear on your Admin column
  7. Enter your name and email address in order to activate the plug-in

**After the plugin installation, add the below line of code in the header.php file:**

Path: Appearance > Editor > Header > Line at the bottom


  • Fixed form submit issue after new buttons integration.


  • Fixed the CTA button alignment issue.
  • Other style issues for responsiveness.


  • Integrated new button editor
  • New button styles added


  • Fixed inline text editor issue.


  • Now Optin Feature Box Supports InInbox email service.
  • Improved GetResponse user experience


  • Fixed Minor issues and enhanced performance.


  • Fixed ActiveCampaign nlbox form field issue.


  • Fixed MailPoet Subscription issue and enhanced performance.


  • Enhanced Performance, fixed button css issues.


  • Enhanced Performance, fixed minor issues.


  • Minor Bug Fixed


  • Added Support for new GetResponse API Update


  • Enhanced Performance, Fixed Image lazy loading issue.


  • Enhanced Performance, Fixed Image lazy loading issue.


  • Enhanced Performance, Fixed Image lazy loading issue.


  • Added Support for ConvertKit Email Support.


  • Enhanced performance and tested with latest version.


  • Fixed Bugs and enhanced security.


  • Fixed Bugs and enhanced security.


  • Fixed Bugs and enhanced security.


  • Fixed Bugs and enhanced security.


  • Fixed Bugs and enhanced security.


  • Fixed Bugs


  • Added support for Active Campaign email service.


  • Support for SSL enabled sites


  • lazy loading fixed.


  • CTA Button CSS issue resolved.


  • CTA option issues fixed


  • New Feature: CTA only Feature Box
  • Switch to CTA or Email-only even in Edit Mode
  • Custom CSS issue fixed
  • New CTA Buttons Added


  • Added Mailchimp Single Optin support
  • Added Jetpack Subscription support


  • Fixed bugs.


  • Fixed Google Analytics issue.
  • Notices Suppressed.


  • Bugs Fixed.
  • Notices Suppressed.


  • Bugs Fixed.


  • Bugs Fixed.


  • A new inline support widget is added.
  • Support for Google Analytic Events.
  • Improved performance
  • lazy loading of feature box on the front end
  • code snippet verification added
  • Notification on trying to install on top of an existing package
  • Option added to retain data on plugin uninstall


  • Fixed front-end CSS loading issue.


  • Fixed issues with input field options
  • Video template CSS updated


  • HDI Template Image sizes updated
  • Custom Template Loading Issue Fixed.


  • Video support for Wistia added
  • Constant Contact native integration added
  • First Name and Email field switching options added


  • Settings Page Updated


  • Centralist template updated
  • Settings page alert messages updated
  • Template frontend css issue resolved


  • Plugin Supports Wordpress 4.1
  • iContact Support Enhanced
  • JavaScript variable issue fixed
  • Feature Box Single template heading issue resolved


  • colour picker issue fixed


  • Gradient Template mobile landscape view improved.
  • action URL issue solved


  • Gradient Template mobile landscape view improved.
  • action URL issue solved


  • Gradient Template mobile view improved.
  • AB testing stats display error fixed


  • Gradient Template Responsiveness improved.


  • New feature Added, Custom CSS effects immediately.
  • Fixed some minor js errors.


  • Fixed some minor issues for color picker.


  • Fixed some CSS issues in templates and improved cross browser compatibility.


  • Fixed AB Testing and conversion track for mailpoet.


  • submission button problem fixed.


  • Submmit button enter issue fixed.


  • Custom CSS option issue fixed
  • Get Support added
  • "Turn off feature box for subscribed visitors" setting disabled by default.
  • CSS fixed for template input and button. Required after implementing bootstrap.


  • Separated main_lite to fix wordpress repo issue
  • Added custom css option in template editor
  • Added Contextual Help option for email services


  • Shortcode processing for user designed templates


  • Decreased Portrait & Elegance picture size
  • Fixed heading color issue
  • Fixed HDi template styling for heading color
  • Added MailChimp form tracking
  • Package validation added on plugin activation


  • Email services fixed/added: Constant Contact, Ontroport, SendInBlue
  • H2 support added
  • New HDi templates added


  • Email services added, Feedblitz, Jetpack
  • iContact issue fixed


  • Infusionsoft fields updated


  • Custom form option updated


  • Aweber form tracking enabled
  • Responsive templates improved


  • Input placeholder made editable
  • User designed template loader error fixed


  • Image uploaded updated to WP Media uploader


  • Aweber redirection issue fixed
  • License Key page updated
  • Notices fixed


  • Support for Campaign Monitor added
  • AB test issue fixed
  • fixed issues related to calling files
  • Other minor fixes


  • Lite version registration
  • InfusionSoft settings updated
  • Aweber settings updated


  • Minor bug fixes in AB split test
  • Video template style fix
  • Plugin menu changed


  • Replicating description issue fixed in Template Editor
  • Template loader now using WP_AJAX
  • Google Web Fonts On error fall back to generic fonts


  • Home page and front page targetting issue fixed.
  • Theme editor font and color selector improved.


  • Deactivation issue fixed
  • Responsive templates improved


  • Bug fixes in responsive templates


  • Alignment options added, Width, Top Margin, Bottom Margin.
  • Video template added
  • All templates are made responsive
  • Added support for MailPoet (WYSIJA)


  • Minor bug fixes


  • Fixed Aweber redirection issue.

You can check out our FAQs on our website:

Get FREE Support

At Plugmatter, we take Customer Support very seriously, even for our free users. For any issues you may have using the plugin, feel free to contact

Version 2.1.35

Requires WordPress version: 3.7 and above or higher

Compatible up to: 4.6.3

Last Updated 03 Oct 2016

Date Added: 24 Mar 2014

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