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pipwave WooCommerce

pipwave WooCommerce is simple, reliable and cost-effective plugin that helps WooCommerce merchants sell online. It's FREE!


Get your online store to accept payments in minutes!

With pipwave, intergration is made easy with simple API to help save time and cost for WooCommerce Store to accept payments from anyone, anywhere in the world with more than 100+ payment methods, 160+ currencies in more than 170+ countries available to use.

All you need to do is link your payment account with pipwave, configure your pipwave API key and secret in your WooCommerce store and it's done!


For merchant who using same pipwave account in MULTIPLE sites, kindly prefix your order number to prevent duplicate order number issue.

Author pipwave
Contributors dpodium
Tags BitPay, cart, checkout, commerce, downloadable, downloads, e-commerce, ecommerce, gateway, ipay88, payment, paypal, shop
  1. pipwave-woocommerce screenshot 1

    Activate Plugin.

  2. pipwave-woocommerce screenshot 2

    Go to WooCommerce Settings.

  3. pipwave-woocommerce screenshot 3

    Select Checkout / Payment Gateways tab.

  4. pipwave-woocommerce screenshot 4

    Select pipwave option.

  5. pipwave-woocommerce screenshot 5

    Enable pipwave, fill in the details and save changes.

  6. pipwave-woocommerce screenshot 6

    Sample place order page.

  7. pipwave-woocommerce screenshot 7

    Sample checkout page after order is placed. Payment methods will be shown for buyer to choose to make payment.

  1. Download pipwave WooCommerce.
  2. Login to your WordPress WooCommerce admin dashboard, navigate to the Plugins menu and click Add New.
  3. Install/upload 'pipwave-woocommerce' directory to '/wp-content/plugins/'.
  4. After installation is successful, activate the plugin.
  5. Navigate to WooCommerce > Settings. Click Checkout/Payment Gateways Tab.
  6. Click on the Checkout Options | pipwave.
  7. Fill in your pipwave API Key & pipwave API Secret to the respective fields.
  8. Turn on test mode if you would like to test pipwave API.
  9. Fill in Payment Processing Fee Group Reference ID if you would like to impose processing fee to your customers. Meanwhile you should already configured this reference ID in your pipwave account.
  10. Save the configuration and it's done!


  • Fix incorrect x-api-key array value structure.


  • Update loading image


  • Update CURL option `CURLOPT_SSL_VERIFYHOST1 value to 2


  • Update caller_version value follow pipwave standard (ShoppingCartName_v1.0.0)


  • Add caller_version into pipwave checkout API to ease troubleshooting in different version.


  • Echo "OK" to notify received of notification in callback.


  • Implement Payment Processing Fee Group Reference ID setting for merchant to impose processing fee to customers. Meanwhile merchant should already configured this reference ID in their pipwave account.


  • Update pipwave SDK script
  • Use customized order number as txn_id to prevent duplicate txn_id issue for merchant who has multiple sites.


  • Update description, installation & tags in readme.
  • Add pipwave logo.


  • Update function name for plugin uniqueness purpose.


  • Update readme.txt.


  • Initial commit to support WooCommerce.

How to set up your pipwave merchant account?

Visit pipwave Merchant Center and sign up pipwave merchant account.

Does it cost money to sign up a pipwave account?

No. It's FREE.

How to get pipwave API Key and API Secret?

  1. Log in to pipwave Merchant Center.
  2. Go to Development > Setting.
  3. Copy and paste your API Key and API Secret into your WooCommerce Checkout | pipwave configuration.

pipwave WooCommerce is awesome! Can I contribute?

Yes you can! Join in on our GitHub repository :)

Version 1.0.11

Requires WordPress version: 4.1 or higher

Compatible up to: 4.5.6

Last Updated 07 Feb 2017

Date Added: 02 Sep 2016

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