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Pinterest Importer

Backup your account by importing pins as Wordpress posts. Supports boards, secret boards and likes.

Pinterest Importer allows you to connect to your account; to grab all your pins (including from secret boards); and to import them as Wordpress posts.

The difference with other plugins is that it is not based on the (very limited) official Pinterest API; which also requires SSL. This means that you can make a full backup (instead of getting only the last x pins); but it also means the plugin may broke one day or another. Better use it quick !

  • Nice GUI
  • Get pins from your boards, secret boards, and likes
  • Get pins from public boards by other users
  • Supports both image & video pins; and set corresponding post format
  • Import original HD images from pins
  • Can be used on an ongoing basis : pins will not be imported several times
  • Set pin creation date as post date
  • Handles hashtags, which are converted to post tags
  • Keep the original pin informations (pin ID, source, etc) attached to the post (stored as post metas)


It truly took me a LOT of time to code this plugin. If it saved you the time to backup manually a few hundred (or more!) pins, please consider converting this time into a donation. This would be very appreciated — Thanks !


This plugin requires at least php 5.3.6 with the exif extension enabled.

  1. Go to Tools -> Pinterest Importer.
  2. Select "My Account" tab; and login to Pinterest
  3. Select the "Boards Settings" tab and choose the boards you want to backup.
  4. Enjoy !


Contributors are listed here


For feature request and bug reports, please use the forums.

If you are a plugin developer, we would like to hear from you. Any contribution would be very welcome.

Author G.Breant
Contributors grosbouff
Tags backup, importer, pins, pinterest
  1. pinterest-importer screenshot 1

    Login screen

  2. pinterest-importer screenshot 2

    Boards Settings

  3. pinterest-importer screenshot 3

    Pending Pins

  4. pinterest-importer screenshot 4

    Processed Pins

  5. pinterest-importer screenshot 5

    Plugin options

  1. Upload the plugin to your blog and Activate it.
  2. Go to Tools -> Pinterest Importer.


  • Less API calls
  • !!! Secret boards are currently unsupported. TO FIX.


  • Pinim_Bridge::get_user_datas() : return data from module>tree>data instead of resourceDataCache>0>data
  • improved Pinim_Bridge::api_response()
  • store AppVersion in session cache
  • new function Pinim_Bridge::email_exists() - not used for the moment


  • Improved errors & responses from pinim-class-bridge; plugin was crashing
  • Removed the ‘me’ stuff, so force user to login with username (so we got it) instead of username or email.


  • new function Pinim_Pin::get_post_content()
  • renamed Pinim_Pin::build_post_content() to Pinim_Pin::append_medias()
  • ignore pin source if does not exists (pin uploaded by user on Pinterest)


  • two new options about post stati when importing pins.
  • removed functions get_blank_post() and get_post_status(), which have been merged with Pinim_Pin::save()
  • renamed the filter 'pinim_before_pin_insert' to 'pinim_before_save_pin'.


  • New filter 'pinim_attachment_before_insert'
  • Added the pin instance as argument to the 'pinim_post_before_insert' filter
  • Some fixes


  • Major release !
  • Supports importing boards from other users
  • Store plugin's db version with each pin
  • Improved storing/getting datas
  • New function Pinim_Bridge::get_board_id()
  • Option to delete board preferences
  • Lots of fixes


  • Fixed bad code which was slowing down the plugin when displaying the processed pins
  • better handling of the pins caching stuff
  • new auto-cache option
  • New 'pinim_post_before_insert' filter
  • new boards views + last choice stored in session
  • 'queue pins' checkbox for boards (stored in the session)
  • progress bar improvements
  • autoselect bulk checkbox when settings of a board are changed (jQuery)


  • Major release !
  • Improved GUI
  • Lots of bug fixes
  • Options page


  • Fixed "Error getting App Version"


  • Fixed "Error getting App Version", thanks to markamp.


  • Fixed "Error getting App Version"



  • Improved remote image download + merged pinim_fetch_remote_image() and pinim_process_post_image() into pinim_attach_remote_image()
  • Added "updated" sortable column for pins (when have been processed)
  • Fixed boards / pins sortable columns
  • Fixed missing slash in pin's get_remote_url()


  • Added support for likes
  • Warning for users who don't have sessions enabled


  • Small bugs fixes


  • Small bugs fixes


  • Fully rewritten ! No more needs to save / upload an HTML file. SO COOL !


  • Replaced http:// by https:// in pinim_get_pin_url(); pinim_get_user_url(); pinim_get_board_url(); because wp_remote_get() was returning 301.


  • Updated plugin's readme.txt
  • quoted_printable_decode() to decode MHTML
  • Uploaded file needs to be MHTML to allow parsing
  • Improved feedback
  • Updated "a.creditItem" selector to ".creditItem a" in get_pin_board() and get_pin_source()


  • Improved code (splitted into classes)
  • Hashtags are now saved as post tags


= * First release

How could I change how pins are saved ?

If you want to change how a pin is saved (for example to change its post type), you can hook actions on the filter 'pinim_before_save_pin'.

For example :


//switch the default post type to a custom one

//change post content

function pin_custom_post_type($post){   
    $post['post_type'] = 'MY_POST_TYPE';
    return $post;

function pin_custom_content($post,$pin,$is_update){   
    $post['post_content'] = 'MY CONTENT';
    return $post;


  • Unchecked checkboxes won't save in the plugin's options (erased by default options as their values are false ?)
  • use wp_update_term_count() ? seems posts count for categories is not updated.
  • add source in post content should be optional
  • a trashed pin should not be considered existing ?
  • use some ajax functions (Pinterest queries, etc.)
  • allow to fetch pins from any Pinterest board
  • bug when creating 'pinim_boards_settings' : last board settings are not saved, so it is detected as new board when the page refreshes.


Version 0.4.7

Requires WordPress version: 3.5 or higher

Compatible up to: 4.6.3

Last Updated 14 Oct 2016

Date Added: 24 Apr 2014

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