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Physical Custom Upload Folder

Physically organize your media library uploads (Real Media Library extension).

Do you know the wp-content/uploads folder? There, the files are stored in year/month based folders. This can be a very complicated and mass process, especially when you are working with a FTP client like FileZilla.

With this plugin you can determine where to store your uploads. This can also have some SEO benefits.

This plugin is an extension for the WP Real Media Library plugin that allows you to create folders in media library. This plugin needs version >= 2.8 of the WP Real Media Library plugin.

Create thumbnails folders: As you can see in the header screenshot above, there is also a folder with the thumbnails in it (of each image). This feature is not coming with this plugin, you need to install WP Real Thumbnail Generator.

Moving already uploaded files: This plugin does not allow to move the files physically when you move a file in the Real Media Library because WordPress uses the URL's in different places. It is very hard to maintain such a process. So this only works for new uploads.

Author Matthias Günter
Contributors mguenter
Tags files, folders, ftp, media, media categories, media category, media folder, media folders, media library, media library folders, organize, real media library, rml, upload, uploads, wp-content
  1. Goto your wordpress backend
  2. Navigate to Plugins > Add new
  3. Search for "Physical Custom Upload Folder"
  4. "Install"


  1. Copy the upload_dir-real_media_library folder into your wp-content/plugins folder
  2. Activate the Real Media Library plugin via the plugins admin page
  3. Upload a file to a folder and see what happens in your wp-content/uploads folder


  • Fixed incompatibility with RML version 2.8.2

1.0.1 & 1.0.2

  • Failure version commits


  • Initial Release.
Version 1.0.3

Requires WordPress version: 4.0 or higher

Compatible up to: 4.7.2

Last Updated 07 Feb 2017

Date Added: 27 Jan 2017

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