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Phoenix Folding@Home Stats

This plugin allows you to display Folding@Home Stats for you or your team in a shortcode or widget.

This plugin retrieves stats from the Folding@Home API and displays them on your WordPress Website. You can display stats for your donor account or for a Folding team. You can show the stats in your sidebar as a widget or in your content area as a shortcode. The following stats are shown:

  • Work units.
  • Total credit in points.
  • Ranking.
  • Date you completed the last work unit.
  • Teams you are a member of/Donors who contribute to your team.

It takes less than a minute to setup. All you need is your donor or team ID. The stats are displayed as a HTML table.

What is Folding@Home?

Folding@home is a project run by Stanford University which allows anyone to assist with disease research by donating their unused computer processing power. Your processing power is used to simulate protein folding, a process whereby proteins assemble themselves into tools which your body can use. Joining in is a doddle; simply download the F@H software to get started. Find out more at the Folding@Home website.

You can see an example at which is also our announcement post.

Author Phoenix Web Development
Contributors jamesjonesphoenix
Tags folding, folding at home, Folding@Home, shortcode, sidebar, stanford, stats, table, widget
  1. phoenix-folding-at-home-stats screenshot 1

    Folding@Home widget editing meta box

  2. phoenix-folding-at-home-stats screenshot 2

    Folding stats donor content table on our website

  3. phoenix-folding-at-home-stats screenshot 3

    Folding stats donor widget on default 2016 theme

  4. phoenix-folding-at-home-stats screenshot 4

    Folding stats team widget on default 2016 theme

  5. phoenix-folding-at-home-stats screenshot 5

    Folding stats donor content on default 2015 theme

  6. phoenix-folding-at-home-stats screenshot 6

    Folding stats team widget on default 2015 theme

  7. phoenix-folding-at-home-stats screenshot 7

    Folding stats team content table on our website


  1. Upload the plugin files to the /wp-content/plugins/plugin-name directory, or install the plugin through the WordPress plugins screen directly. More detailed instructions for this step at
  2. Activate the plugin through the 'Plugins' screen in WordPress.
    • To display the stats as a widget to to the Appearance->Widgets screen and add the widget 'Folding at Home' to a widget area.
    • To display the stats within a post or page, enter the post/page editing screen and add the shortcode.

=Get Donor name or Team ID=

Learn how to get your id here.


If you uninstall this plugin, any stats the plugin recorded to your database will be deleted. No muck will be left behind.



  • fixed: enqueues style when widget and no shortcode present
  • fixed: version numbers in base plugin file added to cooperate with madness



  • fixed: (top x of y) message was showing incorrectly
  • fixed: empty table row for donor table with single team
  • fixed: 'team ranking' to 'donor ranking' on donor table
  • improved: readme.txt


28/11/2016 * Initial Release

Does it cost money?

No. The plugin is free. The Folding@Home software is free. The only real cost is electricity usage while your computer processes calculations.

Does it really make a difference?

Yes, but we don't have nearly enough people contributing. Read this, this and this.


Display the shortcode in your content by writing [phoenix_folding_stats] in the post/page editing area.

  • type - The type of table to display. Set to either 'team' or 'donor'. Defaults to 'team'.
  • id - Your donor or team id. If displaying a team table, this must be your team number. If displaying a donor table this can be your donor name or numerical id. Defaults to 1.
  • class - CSS class to add to the HTML table. This can help with custom styling or getting the style in line with other theme tables. Defaults to empty.
  • show_donor_teams - On a donor table, show or hide the teams the donor is a member of. Set as 'false' or 'no' to hide. Defaults to 'yes'.
  • show_donor_teams - On a team table, show or hide the donors that contribute to the team. Set as 'false' or 'no' to hide. Defaults to 'yes'.
  • show_id - Show a table row with numerical id. Defaults to 'false'.
  • show_logo - Show F@H arrows just after the table header. Set as 'false' or 'no' to hide. Defaults to 'yes'.
  • show_tagline - Show very short spiel about F@H at the bottom of the table. Set as 'false' or 'no' to hide. Defaults to 'yes'.

An example of a shortcode with all these paramaters in use:

[phoenix_folding_stats type="donor" class="table table-striped" show_id="yes" show_donor_teams="yes" id="James_Jones" show_logo="no" show_tagline="yes"]

Making Changes

  • If you just want to change how something looks, the table elements are full of classes you can target with CSS. The plugin itself includes a small amount of CSS which you can easily overwrite.
    • I've sprinkled in some WordPress filters so you can change things.
    • You can overwrite the templates in the plugin by adding your own templates in your theme. Create a folder in your theme called phoenix-folding-at-home-stats and add templates in there. So for example if you want to overwrite the donor table, you would create a PHP file - wp-content/themes/yourtheme/phoenix-folding-at-home-stats/donor.php and make your own table in there.
    • Contact me at the support forums or our website with your desired change. If it's good I will probably add it in.
Version 1.0.2

Requires WordPress version: 4.6 or higher

Compatible up to: 4.7.2

Last Updated 02 Dec 2016

Date Added: 30 Nov 2016

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