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Permalink Manager

Permalink Manager helps to maintain and bulk regenerate or "find and replace" any word in your permalinks & slugs.

A really intuitive and easy-to-use plugin that helps to manage the permalinks for all your posts, pages and other custom post types items.

Currently, the plugin allows to perform four main actions:

  1. It allows to manually adjust selected permalinks (URIs or native slugs) for all posts/pages/custom post type items.
  2. It allows to bulk replace particular words used in permalinks (or native slugs) with another words (works also with substring).
  3. It allows to bulk regenerate/reset permalinks (or native slugs). This might be especially useful if your post titles are updated and native slugs need to be recreated.
  4. It allows to change the default permalink bases (permastructures) for all custom post types & posts and pages.

To improve the user experience, each tool allows also to filter the permalinks by post types or post statuses.

"Find and replace" usage example

Word "krakow" should be replaced with "gdansk" in all your permalinks. === [changed] ===> === [changed] ===> === [changed] ===> === [changed] ===> === [changed] ===> === [not changed] ===> === [not changed] ===> === [not changed] ===>

All features

  • "Permalink Editor" - list of your permalinks (groupped by post types).
  • "Regenerate/Reset" permalinks, custom and native URIs (slugs).
  • "Find and replace" strings in permalinks, custom and native URIs (slugs).
  • Support for "Primary Term" functionality implemented in "Yoast SEO" plugin.
  • Optional redirect (301 or 302) from old (native) permalinks to new (custom) permalinks.
  • Possibility to disable native canonical redirects.

Planned functionalities

  • REGEX for Find and replace section
  • Support for WPML and another language plugins
  • AJAX support.
Author Maciej Bis
Contributors mbis
Tags custom permalinks, custom url, permalink, permalinks, slug, slugs, uris, url, urls
  1. permalink-manager screenshot 1

    "Permalink editor".

  2. permalink-manager screenshot 2

    "Find and replace" section.

  3. permalink-manager screenshot 3

    "Regenerate/Reset" section.

  4. permalink-manager screenshot 4

    "Permastructures" section.

  5. permalink-manager screenshot 5

    A list of updated posts.

  6. permalink-manager screenshot 6

    Editable URI box in Post/Page/CPT edit pagees.

  7. permalink-manager screenshot 7

    Settings section.

  8. permalink-manager screenshot 8

    Developer section.

Go to Plugins -> Add New section from your admin account and search for Permalink Manager.

You can also install this plugin manually:

  1. Download the plugin's ZIP archive and unzip it.
  2. Copy the unzipped permalink-manager folder to the /wp-content/plugins/ directory.
  3. Activate the plugin through the 'Plugins' menu in WordPress

After the plugin is installed you can access its dashboard from this page: Tools -> Permalink Manager.


  • Another hotfix


  • Hotfix for "Settings" section


  • Code refactoring completed
  • Interface changes
  • Hooks enabled


  • Hook for removed posts (their URI is now automatically removed)


  • Pagination bug - SQL formula fix (offset variable)


  • Strict standards - fix for arrays with default values


  • 302 redirect fix.
  • Code optimization.


  • Bug with infinite loop fixed.
  • Bug with revisions ID fixed.


  • Redirect for old URIs added.
  • Debug tools added.


  • Hotfix for "Screen Options" save process.


  • Hotfix for bulk actions' functions - additional conditional check for arrays added.


  • Hotfix for "Edit Post" URI input (the URIs were reseted after "Update" button was pressed).


  • Rewrite rules are no longer used (SQL queries are optimized). The plugin uses now 'request' filter to detect the page/post that should be loaded instead.
  • Now full URI (including slug) is editable.
  • A few major improvements applied.
  • Partial code optimization.


  • Hotfix for not working custom taxonomies tags.
  • Now the rewrite rules for custom post types are stored in different way.


  • Hotfix for bug with dynamic function names in PHP7.


  • Hotfix for front-end permalinks. The custom permastructures worked only in wp-admin.


  • Hotfix for Posts & Pages permastructures


  • Now all permalink parts can be edited - new "Permalink Base Editor" section added.
  • Code optimization.
  • Bugfixes for Screen Options & Edit links.


  • First public version.


  • A first initial version.

Q. Does the plugin support WPML/qTranslate

A. Unfortunately not, the WPML/qTranslate support will be added in next versions.

Version 0.5.3

Requires WordPress version: 4.0 or higher

Compatible up to: 4.7.2

Last Updated 09 Feb 2017

Date Added: 09 Jan 2016

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