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Per page add to head

This plugin adds content between the head tags for specific WordPress posts, or every WordPress post.

Ever got really annoyed how much effort it took to add style tags for just one page into the head section of a page, using WordPress? Well, I did. So I made this plugin for exactly that purpose. It just adds whatever you give it to the head tag. With a small size and no use of any client side code, efficiency is taken care of. You can also use it to add meta tags, for SEO, auto-refresh, Google Analytics, or anything else you want to put in there.

Of course, you can also use it to add your own stylesheets and JavaScript files. Anything that normally goes in the head section is fine.

Add to head also features an option under settings to add some text inside head on every page. Ideal for favicons, Modern UI start screen icons, or style sheets if you're too lazy to make a child theme.

Just install the plugin, activate it, make sure it is showing in your post editor by clicking screen options and checking add to head while editing a page, and add stuff!

Warning: Don't put stuff in the head tags that shouldn't be there! This plugin does not validate anything, and it is really easy to invalidate your HTML by making mistakes in your head tag. Don't forget to add style or script tags

Author Erik von Asmuth
Contributors Erikvona
Tags CSS, favicon, head

Installation is plain and simple

  1. Add the plugin to WordPress by searching and installing, uploading a zip, FTP copy, or some other way, and activate it
  2. Make sure the add to head box is visible, by checking add to head in screen options within the plugin/post editor
  3. Add your head stuff to the posts!
  4. You can also add head to all posts! Just use settings -> per page add to head


  • Fixed some more errors reintroduced in version 1.4


  • Fixed an error leading to incorrect new line storage


  • Added shortcode support. You can now place shortcodes in both the posts/pages, and the "every page" area
  • Fixed an error generating output during installation, and corrected a misplaced linebreak outside the PHP code
  • Fixed an error that could cause content for a page being inserted into an archive page for a category or tag if the id's matched up


  • Now stores HTML for every page as a WordPress option in the database, instead of as a separate file (fixing problems with WP multisite, but setting a maximum size to it equal to the maximum that WordPress can store inside an option)
  • Now correctly puts line returns in the database, instead of escaping them with %BREAK% (Note: %BREAK% is still being converted into \r\n) NOTE: If you want to use the changed way of storing items, you need to update the fields you want to store that way (change something in them, then change it back)
  • Blocks direct access to plugin files (unnecessary but asked for)
  • Probably fixed problems with persons being redirected to the login page when making changes (can't verify because can't replicate)


  • Fixed a critical installation error introduced in version 1.2


  • Added support for user roles: you can prevent certain user roles from editing the head segment. Note: administrators can't be excluded, and edit the "add head to every page" segment.
  • Added support for custom post types. Note: only works when the post type is displayed "like a page" NOTE: when updating from an older version to version 1.2, make sure you go to settings -> per page add to head, and check the roles and post types you want to use after the update. New installations will have administrator, page and post checked automatically, old ones receiving an update won't


  • Changes the output order to global content first, then page specific content.
  • Moves the per page add to head output down the queue on the wp_head hook, so the content is inserted at the end of the head tag


  • Includes Spanish translation thanks to Andrew Kurtis from WebHostingHub


  • Now supports l18n!
  • Includes Dutch translation.


  • Now uses $_SERVER superglobal to locate current page url
  • Now properly preserves whitespace. Whitespace is visible in the source code, as well as in the meta box of the posts
  • Compatibility with Evona Config Manager (to be released, allows you to keep this plugin from removing its config files upon deinstallation).


Fixed an issue that could occur when WordPress was hosted inside a subfolder of the domain

0.2 beta

Initial release for the WordPress plugin repository

Version 1.4.2

Requires WordPress version: 3.5 or higher

Compatible up to: 4.7.2

Last Updated 20 Dec 2016

Date Added: 05 Sep 2013

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