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PeepSo is the next-generation of Social Networking plugin for WordPress. It allows you to create your own Online Community in just a few clicks!.

PeepSo is a super-light, free, social network plugin for WordPress that allows you to quickly and effortlessly add a social network or an online community, similar to Facebook right inside your WordPress site. Social network for WordPress - in just a few clicks!

The plugin supports the addition of a social networking plugin in the main area of your WordPress site. Widgets that display users' photos, videos and friends are also available on installation and can be placed on any widget position inside your theme, or directly inside PeepSo itself.

Our primary goal when developing this social networking plugin for WordPress was to provide those who wanted to create a community with WordPress an alternative to the existing solutions, with a modern look and feel, lots of great features and scalability.

What sets PeepSo apart from other social networking solutions is its light weight and stellar design. PeepSo works right out of the box and within seconds, you can start a social network, right inside your WordPress site. There's no need to hire a developer, mess with code, hack another plugin to make it look and work the way you want it. It simply works.

PeepSo core is totally free. We encourage you to install it and see how it works. Keep in mind, some features are not available on the free version. There are currently three free additional plugins for PeepSo:

  • PeepSo Moods MoodSo is a plugin for PeepSo. It lets members share one of sixteen different moods on their stream using emoticons.
  • PeepSo Tags - TagSo is a plugin for PeepSo which enables tagging of friends or any other member who contributed to a stream post. Simply type @ then the name of the member you’d like to tag. Tagged members can get onsite and email notifications.
  • PeepSo Location - LocSo is a plugin for PeepSo. It lets your users share their location in their status updates. They will also be able to send their location in private messages.

Some of the features that PeepSo Core offers are:

  • Activity Stream of the entire Community.
  • Users can share their Posts with different privacy settings.
  • Nested Comments under Posts.
  • User Profiles with Avatars and Cover images.
  • Customizable User Profiles.
  • Pinned Posts - these are great for making announcements.
  • Members list, including Member search and filtering.
  • 3 Widgets: PeepSo Profile, PeepSo Online Members, PeepSo Latest Members.
  • Coherent configuration.
  • Dashboard with an Overview of your Community.
  • And many more...

On top of all the previously mentioned features you'll also get:

  • Stability - it’s rock solid! You can sleep well and not worry about anything.
  • Upgrades will never break anything on your site.
  • Works out of the box - 1st time. Everytime. Period.
  • Lots of Features - and the Core is free.
  • Awesome Support - yes. We support our plugins.

There are also other plugins available for a pretty low price. Installing all of them will give you all the features that PeepSo has to offer. The plugins enable sharing photos on the stream, sharing videos, photos, photo albums, friends, messages and chat, fully customizing user profiles and many more! View addons for PeepSo.

Author PeepSo
Contributors peepso, JaworskiMatt, rsusanto, davejesch
Tags acl, activity, alerts, avatars, Chat, comments, community, cover photos, Facebook, Like, networking, notifications, pages, peepso, privacy, profile, social, social media, social network, social networking, stream, twitter

From your WordPress dashboard

  1. Visit "Plugins > Add New"
  2. Search for "PeepSo"
  3. Press install
  4. Activate PeepSo from your Plugins page.


  1. Download PeepSo
  2. Navigate to the Admin area of your site.
  3. Go to Plugins > "Add New".
  4. Select "Upload Plugin".
  5. Select the ZIP installation file of PeepSo.
  6. Activate PeepSo from your Plugins page.





  • New Login redirect improvements
  • New Default images for PeepSo Profile Avatars and Covers
  • New Redesigned Toolbar navigation
  • New Redesigned PeepSo Profile Widget navigation
  • Impr Generated new .POT file.
  • Impr Support for GroupSo plugin.
  • Impr Notifications scroll to middle of the screen instead of top.
  • Impr Notifications scroll when inside a post view.
  • Impr Rename 'Extensions' to 'Addons' in PeepSo backend
  • Impr Nested comments not visible to guests
  • Impr PeepSo::get_user_id() is not needed
  • Impr Remove options from backend for notifications
  • Fix PeepSo pages creation during activation - date issues (scheduled)
  • Fix Comment textbox has too low height on Mobile view
  • Fix Error raised on form.js
  • Fix Hardcoded email footer.
  • Fix PeepSo page titles are hardcoded.


  • New Notifications for comments - SCROLL.
  • New Notifications for comments under posts - Nested Comments.
  • New Nested comments - follow the rules for showing the number of comments.
  • New Check if file directory is writable anywhere in wp-admin.
  • Impr Generated new .POT file.
  • Impr Notifications - right click and open in new window.
  • Impr Notifications - remove link highlights.
  • Impr Profile Widgets Style.
  • Impr Add email field in User Profile > Preferences > Basic.
  • Impr Preferences > Account Settings.
  • Impr Single activity view improvement.
  • Impr Nested comments and replies.
  • Impr Creating new post when a pinned post is present activity stream placement improvements.
  • Impr Remove Getting Started Page.
  • Impr Colors should be taken from the theme (eg. Pinned post ribbon).
  • Fix Only Admins should be able to PIN posts.
  • Fix Notifications don't show when on the page.
  • Fix "profile_like" notification - wrong link
  • Fix Bootstrap (?) styling conflicting with WP 4.6 wp-admin fonts
  • Fix Someone commented on user's cover
  • Fix Write on someone's wall - notification rewording
  • Fix 'Remove link preview' doesn't show when adding a link in EDIT post and comment
  • Fix Nested comments notification link is broken
  • Fix Remove fade out on notices - like when reposting
  • Fix If there are no notifications, it should say so in the popover.
  • Fix Dynamic sidebar wont load on specific pages.


  • New PeepSo Extensions Page
  • New Pinned Posts
  • New Nested comments - 1 extra level.
  • New add "nofollow" to URL fields in user profiles
  • Impr Generated new .POT file.
  • Impr Compatibility with WordPress 4.6
  • Impr Revamped Stream Action Titles
  • Impr Refactoring: peepso() & template tags
  • Impr WordPress 4.6 Compatibility
  • Impr Notifications refactoring
  • Impr comment field should be read only while posting
  • Impr stream default action_text should be empty
  • Impr Send "Enable Account Verification" email to all admins
  • Impr stream AJAX calls are not aware of the context
  • Impr Option to share users profiles to other social networks.
  • Impr Show comments in batches not to show all at once.
  • Impr Security issue - review AJAX calls auth
  • Impr Add WSL Social Login buttons on the registration page.
  • Impr Rename / reorganize backend setting for Account Verification.
  • Impr Missing Email template for Share Post
  • Impr Spacing on the PeepSo Profile Widget
  • Impr Missing Preference for 'Like Comment'
  • Impr Use default Underscore and Backbone library
  • Impr Add peepso_after_login_form action - 3rd party plugins integration filter
  • Fix error notice on profile widget if there are no custom profile fields
  • Fix comment error while saving
  • Fix show 1 more commentS
  • Fix cannot post own site URL (own status update)
  • Fix "Community feed" text is hardcoded in peepso.php
  • Fix Members page Alphabetical sorting by name.
  • Fix Delete all activities on Admin still counts undeleted activity
  • Fix 'Remember me' checkbox on peepso login has no effect.
  • Fix 'Remember me' in login activity page view and widget checkbox misbehavior when checking it.
  • Fix Cannot change privacy dropdown on repost window
  • Fix 'someone liked your comment'- wrong link in email notification.
  • Fix URL fetching issues
  • Fix User keep receiving email and notification when their settings are off
  • Fix Hash issue on observer.js
  • Fix Notification page styling
  • Fix Comments on reposts causing errors.
  • Fix User A got notification even User A put a comment at own post
  • Fix Misspelled 'apperance' tab in Profile fields settings.
  • Fix cannot share own site URL
  • Fix Automatic updates don't fire all hooks.
  • Fix Missing Translation strings
  • Fix Upload directory reference shouldn't be hardcoded.


  • Fix Ajax Security Improvements.


  • Fix Exploitable AJAX endpoints allowing users to modify non-PeepSo user meta


  • New Core Profile Fields admin configuration.
  • New Open Graph and embedding support.
  • New Online Members Widget
  • New PeepSo Latest Members Widget
  • New Landing Page Image settings in PeepSo config.
  • New Temporary ban.
  • New Redesigned "Edit Profile" interface for users.
  • New Profile Completeness progress bar in user profile/about.
  • New Profile Completeness progress bar in PeepSo Profile widget.
  • New Add notifications to PeepSo Profile widget.
  • New Add title option to PeepSo Profile widget.
  • New Add option for users to hide their profile from all user listings.
  • New Add option to posts and comments to remove fetched link preview.
  • New Add option for linking WordPress profiles to PeepSo profiles on frontend.
  • New Add option to use "WP avatars only" within PeepSo.
  • New Activity ranking based on numbers of likes, comments, shares, views.
  • New Change 'Show All Comments' to 'Show X more comments'.
  • Impr Generated new .POT file.
  • Impr Reorganize user preferences on frontend.
  • Impr Change a phrase if no posts are on the stream.
  • Impr Improvements to feedback gathering.
  • Impr Simplified registration when confirming email address.
  • Impr Rendering links to PeepSo pages improvements.
  • Impr Separate email for 'Someone liked your comment'.
  • Impr Move comment delete icon to top right corner and remove 'Delete' text.
  • Impr Move 'email and notifications' settings to: 'preferences' page.
  • Impr Change 'About Me' to 'Edit Profile' in the Profile menu in toolbar and PeepSo Profile widget.
  • Impr Core refactoring of internal link handling.
  • Impr Improved API security and privacy handling of usernames, first names and last names.
  • Impr PeepSo config rearrangement and improvements.
  • Impr Performance improvements.
  • Impr Changing all GET ajax calls to POST.
  • Fix If there are no posts the notification is misaligned with tabs.
  • Fix Mailqueue emails problem when using Mandrillapp.
  • Fix Hide repositioning covers completely on mobile.
  • Fix Localization issues.
  • Fix Link fetching issues
  • Fix Double page title in page source.
  • Fix Change wording on 'read more' setting in config.
  • Fix Admin notification email when Admin Approval is set to 'yes' email tags generating "'s".
  • Fix Notifications to admin are stuck in mailqueue.
  • Fix Change wording in config of WSL integration.
  • Fix After cropping an avatar, the crop indicator stays in place.
  • Fix New User Registration email still stored at mail queue and not be sent immediately.
  • Fix Click option 'Edit post' more than once opens multiple editing fields.
  • Fix Mailqueue breaks if the user changes email.
  • Fix Editing a post or a comment that contains special characters doesn't escapes them properly.
  • Fix Cannot edit post on activity more than once.
  • Fix peepso_config conflict upon activating many plugins at once.
  • Fix Show 'RePost' link only on posts with 'Public' and 'Site Members' privacy.
  • Fix the unsubscribe link in the email footer.
  • Fix Words breaking in the middle.
  • Fix Clicking 'edit caption' many times results in opening the edit field multiple times.
  • Fix Page title containing apostrophe renders html code in emails.
  • Fix Page titles on profile pages should be consistent.
  • Fix Activating just PeepSo Core sometimes created an error of "unexpected output".
  • Fix Bootstrap datepicker being overriden by jQuery UI.
  • Fix Delete a comment from stream Photos/Videos gives a PHP notice.
  • Fix Unclosed html tag on Approved User email.
  • Fix Deleting a comment gives a PHP notice.
  • Fix Fix the Strict Standards warning on wp admin > users.
  • Fix Warning error on mailqueue after new user registration.
  • Fix Fatal error on php7.


  • Impr Generated new .POT file.
  • Imp Compatibility with WordPress 4.5


  • Impr Generated new .POT file.
  • New Gathering feedback upon PeepSo deactivation.
  • New Opt-in stats gathering on PeepSo dashboard.
  • Fix User Full Name Token not working for registration email.


  • Impr Generated new .POT file.
  • New WordPress Social Login integration.
  • New Gravatar support.
  • New A list of Pending Members PeepSo Dashboard.
  • New A list of Reported items to PeepSo Dashboard.
  • New Create a public endpoint for running the mail queue.
  • Impr Interface changes to the reported items page.
  • Impr Label gender and presentage color on User Demographics on PeepSo Dashboard.
  • Impr Reorganize the dashboard.
  • Impr Remove socialsharing, add repost config.
  • Impr Cleanup user roles and their descriptions.
  • Impr Fallback to username if there's no first name.
  • Impr Change wording in profile preferences.
  • Impr If every core PeepSo plugin installed, hide the list of plugins and bundle.
  • Fix Recent Members on backend empty and error
  • Fix RePost photo broken
  • Fix check_permissions doesnt always return bool
  • Fix Adding a shortcode to a POST changes url.
  • Fix Remove "email_register" template.
  • Fix Registration emails mixed up.
  • Fix posting activity fails for IPv6.
  • Fix Password recovery doesn't work with captcha plugins.
  • Fix Sidebar not showing on register page.
  • Fix Warning error depricated function on date function.
  • Fix Fetching links preview in FireFox.
  • Fix If user put "[peepso_profile]" as status update, all profile page will be 404.


  • Impr Generated new .POT file.
  • Impr User deletion Phase 1
  • Impr Too slow visual feedback is causing people to click 'like' multiple times.
  • Impr Change 'Share' / 'RePost' notification.
  • Fix Profile cover stretched with certain views.
  • Fix Multiple notifications for the same action.
  • Fix Cannot upload avatars when PHP's allow_url_fopen config is disabled.
  • Fix Conflict between PeepSo core and Advanced Custom Fields (ACF) plugin.
  • Fix Links fetching in comments leaves a gap, no image is shown.
  • Fix Remove the possibility to post images and videos on someone else's profile.
  • Fix Archiving posts with photos or videos is not hiding them.


  • Impr Generated new .POT file.
  • Impr Version check speed on plugins list.
  • Impr Posting comments on mobile.
  • Impr Styling of Likes on posts, comments, profiles.
  • Impr User search - logic behind "total count" optimization.
  • Impr Checking minimum avatar size.
  • Fix Changing avatars from 'friends', 'photos', 'videos' views in profile caused error.
  • Fix Broken demographic stats in dashboard.
  • Fix Misalignment on the login screen in Safari on Mac OSX.
  • Fix Likes count doesn't show number of likes.
  • Fix Admin wp_list_table in mobile view.
  • Fix Adjustment of cover images in full and half cover views
  • Fix Notices displaying in wrong place in the backend > PeepSo > config.


  • Impr Generated new .POT file.
  • Impr Change the 'my orders' link in the backend of PeepSo config to a proper one.
  • Impr General compatibility improvements with WP 4.4.
  • Impr Design issues in backend on WP 4.4
  • Fix Activity infinite scroll keeps loading first page.
  • Fix Profile page and web title are not same.
  • Fix User cannot save profile when admin allows users to change username.
  • Fix Login modal when logged out.
  • Fix Use default WP user role when registering.


  • New Add setting to allow / disallow users to change usernames.
  • New Allow others to write on my wall.
  • Impr Generated new .POT file.
  • Impr Cleaned up assets and made overrides easier for every single image in PeepSo
  • Impr Add avatars to users' names when adding them to conversation in modal.
  • Impr Allow using '@' in usernames upon registration and profile edit
  • Impr Change validation on 'admin email' field.
  • Impr Styling for delete profile buttons.
  • Impr Right side with comments doesn't fit.
  • Impr Cannot changing avatar at about me page.
  • Impr User listing styling on new message modal in dark theme.
  • Impr Check if mailq is in the crontab.
  • Impr Remove the notice after repositioning the cover photo on profiles.
  • Impr Avatar change on mobile modal size improvements - cropping library.
  • Fix Misspelled 'received'.
  • Fix Guests see the option to block users.
  • Fix Blank confirmation message for delete profile.
  • Fix User search on toolbar.
  • Fix Page titles on profiles.
  • Fix User change role not working on WP 4.4
  • Fix Reposting modal styling
  • Fix gender count in wp-admin dashboard


  • New 'Read More' on posts and comments.
  • New Config section javascript validation and change indicator.
  • Impr Generated new .POT file.
  • Impr Cleaned up assets and made overrides easier for every single image in PeepSo
  • Impr Styling of PeepSo so it blends more with themes
  • Impr Profile and navigation changes
  • Fix When recent activity is set as home page single activity view doesn't work.
  • Fix Reset password email invalid token.
  • Fix Avatar modal styling issues on mobile.


  • New "hide my online status" profile setting in user profiles.
  • Impr Generated new .POT file.
  • Fix Count mailqueue failures and only permanently fail after 5 times.
  • Fix Warnings when fetching links in Postbox.
  • Fix Email notification links display html.
  • Fix Errors when saving "advanced" config tab


  • New Dark theme.
  • New Show who’s online.
  • New ReCaptcha on user registration form.
  • New Reset notification emails content to default.
  • Impr Adjusting cover photo horizontally for panorama images.
  • Impr Resizing and compressing of cover images for performance.
  • Impr Reorganized Backend configuration settings.
  • Impr Generated new .POT file.
  • Impr Optimizing enqueue_scripts.
  • Impr Replace all GET ajax calls with POST.
  • Impr Licenses checking handling.
  • Impr Make sure that email notifications are sent using the html template.
  • Impr Config code refactoring.
  • Impr Banned users handling.
  • Impr Convert "link" tokens to elements in notification emails.
  • Fix Remove old activities.
  • Fix Notification emails content.
  • Fix Clean up filters and actions.
  • Fix Comment shown as a single activity.
  • Fix Keep line breaks the same way the text was entered in comments.
  • Fix Date picker width on "Twenty Fifteen" theme.
  • Fix Admin notification email not being sent when account verification is on.
  • Fix Cropped avatar quality loss.
  • Fix Can't modify the content of some email notifications.
  • Fix Notifications text, especially space before ':'.
  • Fix Layout on members page for long names.


  • New Automated updates for PeepSo and its plugins.
  • New Setting to use round / square avatars.
  • Impr Reorganized config page.
  • Impr Action buttons styling.
  • Impr Tweaks to the profile page styling.
  • Impr New way to load overrides for PeepSo styling.
  • Fix Missing checkbox on Terms and Conditions registration page.
  • Tested PeepSo on nginx servers.


  • New Option for administrators to ban users on frontend.
  • New Setting in the backend for PeepSo avatars to be used globally or not.
  • New Another way to load overrides for PeepSo CSS.
  • Impr Improved router.
  • Impr Increased font size of comments on stream.
  • Impr Change avatar styling from round to square.
  • Impr Friend related action buttons on profiles and user listings.
  • Impr Unified styling to square and sharp edges.
  • Impr Actions related to blocking users are moved to ‘cog’ with other misc actions.
  • Impr Username handling.
  • Impr Name and Last name fields to accept space and misc characters.
  • Impr Members page view in Safari on Mac.
  • Impr Move ‘connection timeout’ notice to browser console.
  • Impr Change the font that’s being used in PeepSo.
  • Fix Mail queue non-array paremeter error.
  • Fix Buttons for login and register on private profile not working for guests.
  • Fix Like button on profiles not working.
  • Fix Typo in the backend ‘Achieved’ changed to ‘Archived’.
  • Fix Email topics not handling special characters.
  • Fix Handling missing oEmbed images when sharing links on stream and in comments.
  • Fix Dividing and breaking words on stream in comments, messages etc. between new lines.
  • Fix The ‘x’ in postbox for removing preview of fetched links not working.
  • Fix Comment input box not resetting to default size after posting a comment with more than one line.
  • Fix Moved hardcoded language strings to .POT language files.
  • Fix Opening links in new tab not working as expected.
  • Fix Postbox not resetting after posting status updates.


  • Impr See 'self' in search results.


  • New oEmbed handling
  • New New Members Page filtering and sorting.
  • New Timezones handling per user.
  • Impr Purge Content default setting changed to ‘0’.
  • Impr Add loading indicator when searching members on Members Page.
  • Impr Dashboard graph for user engagement improvements.
  • Impr Notifications layout.
  • Impr Added a 'loading’ indicator when the postbox is fetching a link preview.
  • Impr Members page settings for default sorting added on the backend configuration page.
  • Impr More granular time of posting indication 'a moment ago' etc.
  • Fix Displaying profiles of users with 'space' in usernames
  • Fix Added PeepSo and supporting plugins' .pot language files.
  • Fix Long Terms and Conditions text is not scrollable in the modal.
  • Fix {sitename} tag does not parse the site name.
  • Fix Notification count misaligned in mobile view.
  • Fix Notifications on mobile are sticking out of canvas.
  • Fix Long links and text breaking styling on Activity Stream posts.
  • Fix Line breaks in comments should be kept.
  • Fix When a slug is changed it shouldn't break PeepSo pages.


  • New All members page
  • New Getting Started screen with essential information.
  • Impr Make the input box for path file system wider.
  • Impr Administrator area code improvements.
  • Impr Dashboard plugins list improvement.
  • Impr Changed default settings in admin for "Emails" section.
  • Impr Spacing improvements in Postbox.
  • Impr Replaced the image on the login screen.
  • Impr After blocking a user, redirect to Activity Stream.
  • Impr Improved comments styling.
  • Impr Friends, users search improvements.
  • Fix Notification popovers displaying too high in submenus.
  • Fix Widgets not initializing properly for all licensing scenarios.
  • Fix Profile on toolbar doesn't show submenus when in /friends or /photos or /videos views.


  • Fix Issues with WordPress mobile app login when PeepSo is activated
  • Fix A rare occurrence of blog post listing displaying underneath a single activity view
  • Fix Disabled an incomplete Open Graph implementation


  • New Add "Register" link to "mini-profile" widget.
  • Impr Registration confirmation emails need to skip mail queue and be sent immediately.
  • Impr Licensing improvements.
  • Impr PeepSo Avatars outside of PeepSo.
  • Fix Blog posts showing under profile sub-pages.
  • Fix Remove "view profile" link from blocked users listing.
  • Fix Logging in from PeepSo Me widget with wrong credentials doesn't provide feedback to user.
  • Fix Powered by PeepSo Showing more than once.
  • Fix Likes rating setting fixed for profiles.
  • Fix PeepSo overriding themes' styles outside of PeepSo.
  • Fix Avatar should NOT change until "done" is clicked.
  • Fix Uploaded avatars not contained by the wrapper.
  • Fix Vimeo videos not playing inline on stream.


  • Dashboard PeepSo Plugins check which are activated.
  • Remove "Fancybox 2.0′ and use custom code.
  • Videos don't play in Firefox.
  • Renamed menu items in the backend.
  • Contain the notification popovers and make them scrollable within their own boundaries.
  • On new install, assign proper PeepSo Roles to existing WordPress users.
  • Remove the "drag and drop" cursor from backend options and the styling.
  • Can't like an individual photo from a batch upload in modal.
  • Can't report a picture from modal, when uploaded in a batch
  • Can't repost a picture from modal, when uploaded in a batch
  • Sending a photo in a private message puts those photos in widgets and under profiles.
  • Remove the option to add videos from PostBox in messages.
  • Remove the privacy option from messages PostBox.
  • Entered message doesn't stay when switching between video and photos in messages PostBox.
  • Photo attachment to messages breaks message list.
  • Photo thumbnails improvements and optimisation on the Activity Stream.
  • CSS improvements of the Activity Stream.
  • Can't tag people in comments in modal in photos.
  • Fetching thumbs from websites returns black thumbnail.
  • Compatibility of special characters in name / last name fields.
  • Improved Licensing.
  • Improved PeepSo Versioning.
  • Optimized assets, minified JS.


  • Initial release

Can I use my existing theme?

Yes! PeepSo was designed from the beginning to be used with your existing theme and does not require a theme designed to work with PeepSo. We have tested PeepSo with several themes and Frameworks already but your theme may require some customization. You can do this by creating a CSS Override.

Where do I find translations?

Translations for PeepSo and all of its plugins can be found on Crowdin

Where do I get support for PeepSo?

You can use the Support Forums here on the WordPress website

Or on our support forum here on our website under Your Account

Is there documentation available for PeepSo?

Yes! You can find documentation on the use of PeepSo and designing themes and extensions for PeepSo at PeepSo Docs

How do I report a bug/problem with PeepSo?

You can use the Support Forums here on the WordPress website

Try the demo

If you want to see how a social networking on WordPress looks live, you can visit our demo site. You will be able to log in as a real user (username: demo, password: demo) and take PeepSo for a test drive. The demo includes all the premium plugins so you'll be able to see them all in action.

Or, simply join our own Community and see how it works in a real life environment :)


PeepSo automatically generates pages for you with shortcodes to allow you to start fast. Here's a list of pages and shortcodes available. Use the shortcodes to display the content in case you've deleted the automatically generated page.

  • User Profile - [peepso_profile]
  • Recent Activity - [peepso_activity]
  • Members - [peepso_members]
  • Recover Password - [peepso_recover]
  • Site Registration- [peepso_register]
  • Messages - [peepso_messages]

Getting Started

To get a social network on your WordPress site up and running, follow these steps:

  • Login to your WordPress admin.
  • Choose "Plugins".
  • Search for "PeepSo".
  • Click "Install".
  • Go to "Appearance -> Menus"
  • Select the menu you'd like to link to your social network.
  • Add the page "Recent Activity" to that menu
  • Save.

Your new social network will now be displayed on your site.

More Information

More plugins are currently being developed to extend PeepSo's functionality.

All of the plugins supporting the PeepSo core are available on

Version 1.7.3

Requires WordPress version: 4.2 or higher

Compatible up to: 4.7.2

Last Updated 18 Jan 2017

Date Added: 11 Jul 2015

Plugin Homepage


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29 ratings


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