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Search for a phrase and jump straight to the point in any video where the words were spoken, then instantly create a clip and share it.

Get video search, clip sharing and detailed analytics with the Peepable plugin.

Get Peepability For Your Videos

Leverage Peepable's advanced video search engine to add "deep" search to your video collection. Users can search your video collection for a phrase and jump straight to the point in any video where the words were spoken, then use our clipping tool to instantly create and share a “Peep” (a short clip) on their favorite social media platform.

Add value to your video content by giving users the power to discover and instantly watch the segments of your videos that are of most interest to them, encouraging them to stay longer and watch more video clips.

Easy set up

Step 1: Sign up at and tell us where to find your videos.

Step 2: We automatically crawl your video channels on YouTube, Vimeo, etc finding your videos, then we create a machine transcription. Your videos are added to our search database.

Step 3: Download the Peepable plugin and install on your website to add a search box.

No Video Uploads

There’s no need to upload your videos to Peepable, as the Peepable media player is compatible with third-party media players and hosting sites, including YouTube.

Traffic & Lead Generation

Drive more traffic/leads to your website by enabling Peepable’s spoken-word search across your whole video collection. Peepable search works for both free and premium video content, driving both traffic and content sales.

User Engagement

Generate greater user engagement as users share their favourite Peeps – short clips of video – on social media, email and third-party websites.

Requires a valid Peepable subscription. See for more details or sign up here.

Currently compatible with YouTube, and public videos on Vimeo and Brightcove. For other platforms please sign up and use our contact form to let us know your requirements.

Author Peepable Pty Ltd
Contributors peepable
Tags brightcove, clip sharing, clipping tool, machine transcript, podcast, podcasters, search, video analytics, video blog, video search, vimeo search, youtube search
  1. peepable-video-search screenshot 1

    The Peepable media player with clipping tool. publishers_homepage_mediaplayer.png

  2. peepable-video-search screenshot 2

    An example of a Peepable search box on a Wordpress website. publishers_homepage.png

  3. peepable-video-search screenshot 3

    The search options page peepable_searchdefault_options.png

  4. peepable-video-search screenshot 4

    This is a screen shot showing Facebook App settings (allows people to share Peeps directly to Facebook timeline) facebook_app_settings.png

  1. Upload the plugin files to the /wp-content/plugins/peepable directory, or install the plugin through the WordPress plugins screen directly.
  2. Activate the plugin through the 'Plugins' screen in WordPress
  3. Sign up at Note your Client ID (found at the bottom of the user details screen accessible via My Account:Details menu) Enter the Client ID into the Peepable plugin General Settings page.
  4. Use to add at least one "Collection". The Collection is a reference to one or more Video Channels. Do this at Note the Collection Key. Enter the Collection Key in the Peepable Search Defaults settings page.
  5. Add at least one Channel to the your Collection. Do this at Enter the Domain Key in the Peepable Search Defaults settings page.
  6. Add at least one Domain, starting with this website, and map it to your Collection. Do this at Note the Domain Key for next step.
  7. Use the Settings->Peepable screen to configure the plugin entering the Client ID,
  8. Create a page to display search results, for example, Add a shortcode to the page in the form shown at the bottom of the Peepable Search Defaults settings page. For example [peepable_results domain_key="{your domain_key}" collection_key="{your collection_key}" url_template="{your URL template}"]

Lastly, if you want people to be able to share Peeps directly on Facebook, you will need to sign up for a Facebook App ID at


First release


  1. Modified all hard coded references to plugin folder name to use FILE
  2. Modified all generic function names to be unique (include peepable prefix
  3. Removed include of get_chapters.php for free plugin version
  4. Minor modifications to text in Peepable admin panel
  5. Poweredby Peepable which is displayed by Peepable JS widget hosted on Peepable server is now turned off by passing a parameter to the widget instead of CSS style:nothing.


  1. Added a new shortcode param "default_search" which sets the query if there is no query in the page options
  2. Moved publisher_options.css to uploads/peepable/css

1. What is Peepable?

Peepable makes videos more discoverable and easier to share. Users can search for a phrase across your collection of videos and jump instantly to any point in a video where the phrase is spoken, the instantly create a share a *Peep*, a short clip of the video.

As a publisher, you can access analytics showing what people search for, watch and share using Peepable.

2. How does it work?

It's easy! Subscribe at, then tell us where to find your video (for example, your YouTube channels). Next we crawl your videos (normally takes 24-48 hours the first time) and index the audio track by creating a machine transcript. Once that's complete, we notify you so you can test searches on your collection and then deploy Peepable search to your website.

3. Do I need to upload my videos to Peepable?

There's no need to upload your videos - we don't host your video, we play it from your chosen hosting platform, such as YouTube.

4. What video hosting platforms/media players do you support?

Presently we support YouTube, Vimeo and Brightcove. We are adding more platforms and media players, as requested.

If you are using a different platform, please contact us using or submit a ticket to our help desk (

5. Do I need a Peepable subscription?

Yes, Peepable is a SaaS service, meaning we provide the servers to handle the search, analytics and other systems so you don't have to. A Peepable subscription is required to use the service.

6. Can I add other people's video channels to my website?

Yes, provided you have a Peepable Pro subscription or higher, and provided the third-party channel allows embedding of their videos. It's a great way to create a video collection which is relevant to your website content.

7. Can I try Peepable before I buy it?

Yes, simply subscribe to the Starter subscription plan and you get a 30-day free trial. You can cancel at any time before billing starts with no charge. Also, our billing is monthly, so no lock-in contracts once you are up and running.

8. What if I use a customised media player or my own video hosting platform?

We'd love to talk. Please contact us using or submit a ticket to our help desk (

9. Will Peepable work with audio as well as video?

Definitely! Again, let us know - we'd love to talk.

10. Can I remove the Powered By Peepable link?

You can remove the PoweredBy Peepable link. However, we would really like it if you display the link and sign up for our Affiliate Program.

11. How good is Peepable's machine transcription?

If you have good quality audio and clear presentation you should get great results. You can also use our editing tools to make corrections if necessary.

Version 1.4.0

Requires WordPress version: 4.4.0 or higher

Compatible up to: 4.6.3

Last Updated 04 Nov 2016

Date Added: 02 Nov 2016

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