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PayIBAN Recurring payment gateway for Subscriptions

Payment gateway for Woocommerce, enables SEPA direct debit and recurrent payments in more than 33 countries! – powered by PayIBAN.

This plugin offers you a payment gateway for processing SEPA Mandates and creating SEPA Direct Debits. This plugin enables you to offers your customers bot single and recurring payments. We offer everyone an easy way to sell and pay for subscriptions. Both you and your customers don’t need a credit card or paypal account.

This plugin requires a free account of PayIBAN. PayIBAN is a payment provider and provides you via this plugin a payment gateway for processing SEPA mandates and creating SEPA Direct Debits. Any questions related to SEPA mandates, SEPA Direct Debits or our payment gateway : please sent us an email :

Author van Stein en Groentjes
Contributors VanSteinenGroentjes
Tags iDEAL, incasso, incassomachtigen, payment gateway, payment provider, SEPA direct debit, SEPA incasso, subscriptions, woocommerce
  1. payiban-sepa-direct-debit-for-subscriptions screenshot 1

    In the checkout section of woocommerce settings you can find payIBAN listed in the payment gateway list. Press the settings button to go to the PayIBAN plugin settings.

  2. payiban-sepa-direct-debit-for-subscriptions screenshot 2

    In the settings screen of this plugin you can fill in your API username and password and specify some texts that are shown on checkout.

  3. payiban-sepa-direct-debit-for-subscriptions screenshot 3

    This is the checkout interface (depending on your theme). In three simple steps your customers can pay with their IBAN account.


  • Wordpress
  • Woocommerce
  • Subscriptions


Using this plugin requires Woocommerce within your WordPress installation and a PayIBAN account.

How to install this plugin: 1. After download locate the “” file on your computer 2. Login into your Wordpress-site and go to Plugins > Add New to upload the new plugin. 3. Click on Uploads in the top menu. 4. Click Choose File and select the .zip file you had located in step 1. Press okay. 5. Once you have your file selected, click on Install Now. 6. Activate the plugin right after upload. After activation you will receive an email containing your PayIBAN-credentials 7. Login into your PayIBAN account. 8. Select your username and password from the API and Plugin section. 9. Login into Wordpress-site and go to Woocommerce settings. 10. Select Check out and go to PayIBAN. 11. Use username and password to connect plugin with your PayIBAN account.


  • Now also saves BIC and IBAN in order after completion.


  • Fix in price for non-recurring items.


  • You can now specify the language of the TAN code messages. (en,nl,de,es)


  • Added support for different initial payment.


  • Important bug fix.


  • Added support for number of terms.


  • Added account creation on activation


  • Added synchronisation from Subscriptions to PayIban When order details change, such as subscription recurring amount, IBAN etc. they will be updated in PayIBAN.
  • Added synchronisation from PayIBAN to Subscriptions, When a payment fails in PayIban, the order will be put "on hold".


  • Added Dutch language support.
  • Fixed various bugs.


  • Started

=What do I need to do after installation of this plugin?=

Register your free PayIBAN account and connect your PayIBAN account to the plugin. Connecting the plugin with your PayIBAN account ensures that your payments are converted into SEPA direct debits and SEPA Direct debit files.

=How do I activate this plugin?=

Two steps validation: Step 1. After installation of the plugin in your Word-press site you need to activate it. After registration of your PayIBAN account you need to activate the plugin by filling in the username and password from your PayIBAN account.

=How can I test the plugin?=

In the plugin settings you can select Test-mode and see if your payments are processed. Check the Mandates section within your PayIBAN account is payments have been processed succesfully.

=What do I pay for using this plugin of conversion of payments into SEPA Direct debits? =

The plugin is free of charge. You only pay for payments which have been converted into SEPA Direct Debits. Check our pricing here.

=When do I pay for conversion of payments into SEPA direct debits?=

Payments for conversion will automatically be charged on the 1st of each new month. The number of SEPA direct debits are being calculated and these numbers are then charged.

=How do I collect payments?=

If you have a collection contract you will automatically receive SEPA direct debit files. You can sent these files directly to your bank for collection.

=Do I a need a collection contract?=

No, should you not have a collection contract we setup an additional account for you. This account is created on the payment platform of one of our partners. We ask additional information for onboarding. For more details please sent us an email :

=I do not receive a TAN code when testing payIBAN=

When the testmode is active TAN codes will not be send to your phone. Fill in a fake TAN code to procede with testing the plugin.

Version 4.3.0

Requires WordPress version: 4.0.1 or higher

Compatible up to: 4.5.6

Last Updated 02 Jan 2017

Date Added: 30 Oct 2015

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