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Organized Docs

Easily create organized documentation for multiple products, organized by product and by subsections within each product.

Create documentation for any number of products, organized by product, and by sub-headings within each product. You can use this to create instruction guides for just about anything.

This is for you if any of these apply:

  • You need to create software documentation.
  • You need to create documentation for one or multiple products, and must have the docs organized neatly, by product.
  • You need to write instruction guides for virtually anything, whether it be products, games, topics, etc. You can label them as "Instructions" instead of "Docs".
  • You don't want to create a separate website for your docs. You simply want to add them on to your current WordPress site.

Built-in SEO

Documentation articles will have microdata. It adds TechArticle microdata to single Docs, and CollectionPage microdata to Docs archives. You can disable the microdata.

Documentation With a User-Friendly Structure For Your Visitors

The main "Docs Page" will list all the products. Clicking on a product will take you to the docs only for that product.

Each product's docs are organized into subsections. The subsections list each individual article in that docs section.

A single docs post will have a Table of Contents widget added to the sidebar. This will show a Table of Contents for docs pertaining only to the product which this current single doc belongs to.

Organized Docs works on Multisite WordPress installations, as well as regular WordPress sites.

Setup Instructions


For support or to report bugs, use the support forum link above, or use GitHub. Forking welcome.

Author Isabel Castillo
Contributors isabel104
Tags docs, documentation, easy docs, instruction guides, organized documentation
  1. organized-docs screenshot 1

    Main Docs page on 2015 theme showing all main, top-level items

  2. organized-docs screenshot 2

    All Docs for 1 product on 2015 theme

  3. organized-docs screenshot 3

    All Docs for 1 product on 2014 theme

  4. organized-docs screenshot 4

    All Docs for 1 product on 2013 theme

  5. organized-docs screenshot 5

    A single Docs article with Table of Contents on 2015 theme

  6. organized-docs screenshot 6

    A single Docs article with Table of Contents on 2014 theme

  7. organized-docs screenshot 7

    A single Docs article with Table of Contents on 2013 theme

  8. organized-docs screenshot 8

    Back-end Docs Admin screen

  1. In your WordPress dashboard, go to "Plugins -> Add New", and search for "organized docs".
  2. Click to install and then Activate the plugin.
  3. See How To Set Up Categories For Docs
  4. Create your Docs articles in your WordPress dashboard --> Docs --> Add New.
  5. Add the main Docs page to your site's menu with these steps.

2.4.2 2016-08-22

  • Fix - Restore the missing option to Change The Main Docs Page Title.


  • BREAKING CHANGE - Changed the filter named od_schema_author to od_author_name. If you are using that filter, you must update the name.
  • New - Updated template single.php to just add a filter which you can use to display the author on single docs. See
  • Tweak - Add better CSS for single Docs post navigation links.


  • New - No more automatically created menu item for "Docs." If you have not previously done so, you may want to add the main Docs page to your site menu. See
  • New - Added action hook in the single.php template file: organized_docs_single_after_nav
  • New - Added action hook in the widget.php template file: organized_docs_before_widget. This lets you add custom content above the sidebar Table of Contents widget.
  • Fix - Fixed PHP noticed for Undefined variable pub.
  • Tweak - Deleted filter hook: od_docs_main_title. Instead, you can edit the Main Docs page title in settings.
  • Tweak - Removed CSS ids: #isa-docs-main-title and ul#organized-docs-main


  • New - Added support for author to Docs post type.
  • Maintenance - Updated microdata with new guidelines for TechArticle and for Accelerated Mobile Pages project.


  • Maintenance - Fixed a PHP warning for undeclared variable.
  • Maintenance - Removed an unused function.


  • New - List ALL posts in the Table of Contents sidebar widget even if not assigned to a child category. This is useful if you use the plugin for books. It will now simply list each post under the book title without using subheadings.
  • New - Added filters to the microdata output.
  • New - Added several actions to the single template and taxonomy template.
  • New - Added a new action to allow insertion of more meta fields on Docs Categories.
  • Maintenance - Updated language .pot file.
  • Tweak - Cleanup unused variables.


  • Fix - The taxonomy page for a sub-category was only showing a max of 10 posts. Now it shows all posts for that sub-category.
  • Tweak - Updated structured data microdata properties.


  • New - Option to show last updated date on single Docs articles.
  • Tweak - Better handling of the Disable Comments on Docs option.
  • Tweak - Updated the version in template files.


  • New - All 4 template files have been updated. If you are using a custom template file for Docs in your theme, you must update the file for Docs to work properly. Please see the documentation, under What's New, for an easy link to grab the new template files.
  • New - Option to sort main, top-level Doc items by alphanumerical order.
  • New - The CSS has been rewritten to leave a more neutral style for the Docs nav menu and the Table of Contents widget. The entire layout has been made compatible with Twenty Fifteen theme, as well as remaining compatible with Twenty Fourteen, Twenty Thirteen, and Twenty Twelve. Please see the documentation, under What's New, for a list of all CSS changes.
  • Optimization - The toggle option now uses pure JavaScript. There is no jQuery dependency.
  • Optimization - Use an HTML entity for the print icon instead of Font Awesome. There is no more option to include Font Awesome.
  • Fix - dynamic_css() was adding empty style tag to head in some cases.
  • Tweak - Renamed the function sort_terms to sort_terms_custom.
  • Tweak - Updated .pot translation file.


  • New - option to toggle the list of individual Docs articles on the top-level category pages.
  • New - option to toggle the list of individual Docs articles in the Table of Contents widget.
  • Fix - remove several PHP warnings that occurred when viewing a single Doc while a category was not assigned to the Doc.
  • Tweak - updated the URL for Setup Instructions.
  • Maintenance - updated the Table of Contents widget to work with the WordPress 4.0 customizer.
  • Maintenance - updated .pot translation file.


  • Tweak: moved prev/next nav links for single docs to a template tag for easier-to-customize template files.
  • Tweak: put back missing comments into single template.
  • Tweak: taller line-height on main docs page.
  • Tweak: eliminated a PHP notice that was triggered in organized_docs_content_nav when sub-categories were not assigned.
  • Tweak: eliminated 2 PHP notices that were triggered in organized_docs_post_nav.
  • Tweak: updated .pot translation file.


  • Fix: improved styling for mobile devices.
  • New: option to disable the Docs Menu Link that get automatically added to your site. You can still add your own link in Appearance: Menus.
  • Tweak: changed category label from just Category to Docs Category for better usability.
  • Tweak: minified CSS for faster page load speed.


  • NOTE: Please see changes for version 2.0.
  • Fix: filter the content on single docs.


  • NOTE: This update has many changes, including style changes, so, please read this entire changelog section.
  • New: new template files eliminate the need to hijack sidebars. Easily make your custom docs templates by adding a folder named organized-docs to your theme. In that folder, you can add a custom single.php, taxonomy.php, archive.php, and sidebar.php. See our new templates directory to copy the originals.
  • New: option to set custom sort order for single docs. You can sort alphabetically, by date, or by custom sort order number. You can also choose to sort in ascending or descending order.
  • New: option to NOT list each single docs post on the top-level item page, nor in the Table of Contents sidebar. Enable this option if you want to list only the subheadings.
  • New: option to change the main Docs slug. For example, you could change it to books.
  • New: option to change the page title on the main Docs page.
  • New: option to not load Font Awesome stylesheet if your theme, or other plugin, already loads it. Checking this will increase your page load speed. If left unchecked, it will only load Font Awesome on single Docs, in the footer, and only if you use the printer icon.
  • New: Docs now include microdata for TechArticle on single Docs, and microdata for CollectionPage on Docs archives pages. There is an option to disable microdata.
  • New: If you are NOT using Twenty Fourteen theme, and you did insert a call to twentyfourteen_post_nav() in order use single Docs navigation, please note that it is no longer necessary since we have a new template system. So, you can remove your call to twentyfourteen_post_nav().
  • Fix: a subheading without a sort order number would not display in some instances.
  • Fix: no longer overriding the _post_nav for the default WP themes.
  • Deprecated: od_docs_main_title filter is deprecated and no longer needed since an option to change the main Docs title is now added. Also, this filter while in legacy-use returns only text, not HTML h1 element. If you are hooking this filter, please update it to return just the text, or remove it altogether in favor of the new option.
  • Tweak: changed h2 page title element on Docs archive pages to h1. You may need to adjust size.
  • Tweak: load styles in footer for increased page load speed. And load it only on Docs pages.
  • Tweak: updated styles for Twenty Fourteen, Twenty Thirteen, and Twenty Twelve themes.
  • Tweak: use singleton class.
  • Tweak: no longer hiding the single docs title.
  • Tweak: no longer necessary to manually drag the Table of Contents widget over to the Docs Widget Area.
  • Tweak: Table of Contents widget will not give error if not on single docs page anymore. This makes it safe to add this widget anywhere, for example, when using your own custom templates with your own sidebar areas.
  • Tweak: updated .pot language file.


  • Fix: 2 files were not synced to svn: custom.php and the localization file.
  • New: option to use title anchor text on Docs post nav links, instead of 'next' and 'previous'.
  • New: option to disable comments on Docs.
  • Maintenance: updated .pot file.


  • New: option to hide custom sidebar IDs to avoid multiple Table of Contents widgets.
  • New: option to hide printer icon and print link.
  • New: Navigate through next and previous docs. If you are not using Twenty Fourteen theme, call twentyfourteen_post_nav() in your single.php to use this feature.
  • Tweak: better styling and padding for compatibility with Twenty Fourteen theme.
  • Maintenance: updated .pot file.


  • New: added .pot file for localization.
  • Maintenance: reset option to update all docs posts with default sort order.
  • Maintenance: removed warning from array_combine when docs category terms are missing.


  • New: option to delete all Docs data upon uninstall.
  • Fix: 1 line which caused posts to save order number as 99999 and ignore the custom number.


  • Fix: Typo in function name stopped script from assigning default sort-order to existing posts.


  • Fix: Docs would not display if custom sort-order was not set. Now, it is not necessary to set a custom sort oder. It remains optional.
  • Maintenance: removed script to give subheadings a default order since no longer needed.

Bug fix: Custom sort-order for Categories was not saving.


  • Fix: give default order to sub-headings. PLEASE UPDATE NOW.


  • New: added sort order for Top-level Doc Items, and for Sub-headings, and for individual Doc articles.
  • New: uninstall.php to remove docs, taxonomies, and custom term options upon uninstall.
  • Fix: PHP error notices on admin Parent column if no category was assigned.
  • Tweak: removed generator tag for less markup.
  • Tweak: added links to 2 demos in the description.
  • Maintenance: updated plugin URL in readme.
  • Maintenance: tested and passed for WP 3.9 compatibility.
  • Maintenance: Removed CSS styling for docs-template for better compatibility with Twenty Fourteen Theme. See


  • Maintenance: removed unused icons.


  • Bug fix: Table of Contents Widget was showing up 3 times on Twenty Fourteen theme.
  • New: added Print button to single docs.
  • New: added link to Setup Instructions.
  • Maintenance: added support for Twenty Fourteen Theme.
  • Maintenance: updated the icon for Docs.
  • Maintenance: removed PHP notices and errors.


  • Bug fix: Main Docs page query was broken.
  • Tested for WP 3.8 compatibility.


  • Bug fix: slug for docs category taxonomy was broken.
  • Tested for WP 3.7.1 compatibility.


  • Initial release.

Why is the layout all messed up?

The Organized Docs layout is compatible with these default WordPress themes: Twenty Fifteen, Twenty Fourteen, Twenty Thirteen, and Twenty Twelve.

On other themes, the layout may look all messed up. It’s very easy to fix this by copying the template files into your theme. Once you have copied them, make the necessary changes to the HTML to make it match your own theme, while leaving the important Organized Docs loop stuff intact.

See how to Customize The Docs Template Files.

Version 2.4.2

Requires WordPress version: 4.0 or higher

Compatible up to: 4.7.2

Last Updated 08 Dec 2016

Date Added: 24 Oct 2013

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