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Ultimate plugin to help your website conversion rate: visitor recordings, live chat, heatmaps. Better woocommerce analytics. Free widget by

Start free with offering not just some web analytics but a suite of tools to help increase the conversion rate of your website, turning more visitors into customers:


A free live chat plugin developed for WordPress users. Our chat widget allows unlimited number of agents to help your website customers and it is not just a 7day free trial. Generally free live chat software from competition will be limited to a few days only. Most of your online visitors will need help with their online purchase and will leave your website if they do not get instant answers this why our online chat will help retain a large proportion of these potential customers. Some of features: mobile friendly (iPhone, android, windows phones); integration with live visitor recording; high conversion, segmentation; simplicity.


For better understanding the user path to conversion we are providing an accurate recording software so user session can be replayed and analyzed. It is not possible to understand what it frustrates the user and provide great user experience unless a recording is place. FREE HEATMAPS Heatmaps help analyze the most clicked / scrolled areas of a web page and helps with A/B tests and landing page optimization also a heatmap helps with understanding how well content is performing. A really useful scroll and click map, real-time tracking mouse activity.


Conversion funnels made simple. Great opportunity to improve pages where visitors leave the site the most. Use our labels to mark these pages or any other pages of importance to be able to easy identify them.


The form statistics we provide bring up a serious of reports of completion rate or abandonment rate of contact forms or of the even more important checkout forms. These reports should help reducing unnecessary form fields and improve completion rates.


We do not ask you to give up google analytics but adopt oopcee as a great add on. Imagine you can watch now a video of the user session and have a free heatmap as well. WooCommerce needs more sophisticated analytics software like oopcee to improve conversions.


You need to have all options on the table. From now you can use oopcee tag manager to run other applications on your website including google analytics.

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    This is the oopcee plugin's main window [screenshot-1.jpg]

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    To change your password please fill the fom fields [screenshot-2.jpg]

This section describes how to install oopcee and get it working.

NOTE: You need PHP curl to be active in order to use the plugin!

Follow these steps in order to use oopcee:

  1. Upload the plugin files to the /wp-content/plugins/oopcee directory.
  2. Activate the plugin.


  • First release. Session recordings, live sessions and live chat.

What commitment do you require?

There is no long term engagement needed. Sign up today, enjoy your free account and then you can keep a subscription as long as you like.

How does it work?

After you sign up, we will provide you with a script you can insert into your website's source code, or via Google's tag manager. Within minutes, the recording will start working.

Will your script slow my website?

No, we use a specific delivery network with high speed throughputs, and all data required for playbacks is supplied by our servers.

Can I manage multiple sites?

Yes. All of our plans provide a limit of websites you can store data for.

Do you use cookies?

Yes we do. You must specify in your privacy policy that you drop cookies.

Can oopcee track dynamic pages built with AJAX or JavaScript?

Yes, oopcee works with AJAX, JavaScript and any other types of dynamic pages.

Does oopcee work with secure websites, shopping carts, login and checkout pages?

Yes. We work with any kind of pages that require logging in, https, shopping carts or checkout pages.

Which browsers and operating systems do you support?

We virtually support every operating system and all browsers with a marketshare greater than 10%.

Do you support ecommerce platforms?

Yes, we do.

Will oopcee record all the users?

Yes, we will record every visit, without any sampling, provided your data plan has not been exceeded. We also do not record any bot traffic.

How much does oopcee help increase conversion rates?

The majority of our clients have an ongoing optimization process in place and manage anyhwere between 20% to 200% increases in time, while the rest still achieve 0-50% with fewer changes.

Is oopcee secure?

Yes, our product is secure. We take highly engage security, and we stay up to date with the latest threats in order to prevent them.

Version 1.0

Requires WordPress version: 4.6 or higher

Compatible up to: 4.7.2

Last Updated 15 Feb 2017

Date Added: 03 Feb 2017

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