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Live Chat - Live support

Live Chat plugin for your website. Chat with your website visitors, monitor website traffic and provide better customer support.

Stop losing your hesitant customers! Install onWebChat module in less than a minute, provide better customer support and have happy customers.

onWebChat live chat plugin for WordPress provides an easy way to integrate your WordPress website with our innovative live chat system. It is also compatible with WooCommerce websites.

Chat with your website visitors in real-time in just one click, monitor your website traffic and maximize your conversions with triggers.

We offer 100% free plan available forever. Plus, you get 1-month free trial of Premium plan with sign up!

Start now! It takes less than a minute, just install onWebChat plugin and sign up for our service:

onWebChat Live Chat Features & Benefits

  • Fully customizable live chat widget (colors, size, position, texts)
  • Real time visitor monitoring - keep track of your visitors
  • Triggers - automatically initiate chat with visitors
  • Typing insights - see what your visitors are typing in real time
  • Operators can start chat with any visitor
  • Transfer chats between operators
  • Geolocation data of visitors
  • Block/unblock visitors
  • Text shortcuts (canned responses)
  • Apply animations to the chat widget
  • Draggable live chat widget
  • Attention Grabbers
  • Send emoticons
  • Full chat transcript history
  • Send chat transcript to email
  • Multiple operators
  • Install chat widget on multiple websites
  • Chat widget language customization
  • Sound / Desktop notifications
  • Sound notification for new visitors
  • Offline form, when you are not online
  • Pre-Chat form
  • Hide/show live chat widget on mobiles
  • Easy File Sharing with your visitors
  • SSL/Data security
  • Free plan available forever!
  • onWebChat live chat improves customer satisfaction, and allows them to:

  • Talk with you directly with no cost
  • Send you a message when you are offline
  • No need to open external application - chat inside your webpages
  • Send/get files very easy using live chat widget
  • Your customers will love it!

    You need any assistance? Feel free to chat with us on onWebChat

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    1. onwebchat screenshot 1

      onWebChat live chat widget on WordPress website

    2. onwebchat screenshot 2

      Operator chatting with a visitor

    3. onwebchat screenshot 3

      Operator console home page

    4. onwebchat screenshot 4

      Operator visitor monitoring

    1. Install and activate the onWebChat plugin.
    2. Create an account on onWebChat live chat service.
    3. Connect plugin to your onWebChat account, using your email and password.
    4. Live chat widget is already on your website!

    *If you cannot connect to your account using email/password, please connect using the Chat Id (you can find it at operator console or registration email)

    onWebChat Live Chat (Chat version 2.0.2)

    • Support for new Chat id format

    onWebChat Live Chat (Chat version 2.0.0)

    • Add login option by username/password or Chat id.
    • Option to show/hide live chat widget

    onWebChat Live Chat (Chat version 1.0)

    • First plugin version

    Do I have to pay for onWebChat?

    No payment is required to sign up. When you sign up, you get for free the Premium plan for 1 month. After 1 month if you don't want to pay, you will downgrade to the Free plan. Please visit our pricing page for more info.

    Do I have to install any extra software?

    No, you have to install this plugin and just sign up on onWebChat live chat service.

    How can I change the appearance of the widget on my page?

    You can change all your widget settings from your onWebChat Operator Console.

    Is it possible to translate any text on the chat widget?

    Yes, all texts are translatable and you can set your own language and texts you like.

    Can I initiate a chat before the visitor does?

    Yes, simply click on a visitor from the visitors list.

    Can I hide chat’s widget when I am offline?

    Yes, just deselect "use offline form" at your operator console. The chat widget will be hidden when all operators are offline or have select "invisible" status. If you select to use offline form, the offline form will be shown.

    Is there a white-label option?

    Yes, on premium plan you can select white-label option with a small extra cost.

    How safe is our data?

    We take data security very seriously. All communication between you and your webvisitors is over SSL (Secure Socket Layer). This ensures that all data remain private and integral.

    Cannot connect to my account using email/password

    It may happen when the outgoing connections are blocked (from a firewall for example). In this case you can connect by copy paste your onWebChat Chat Id from the operator console to the plugin form.

    Version 2.0.2

    Requires WordPress version: 3.1 or higher

    Compatible up to: 4.6.3

    Last Updated 04 Feb 2017

    Date Added: 22 Jun 2015

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