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WooCommerce OnePage Shop

"WooCommerce OnePage Shop" plugin is a woocommerce product listing quick One Page shop plugin.

"WooCommerce OnePage Shop" plugin is a woocommerce product listing quick One Page shop plugin. it lists all products and create a product List in a single page so that you can easily browse and shop. you can easily add to cart. you can set it up very quick and easily.just call a shortcode and list menu will be populated and ready to shop.

You will be able to:


  • create custom product listing shop page.
  • browse products category wise.
  • browse product date wise.
  • search category.
  • add to cart from the munu list.
  • browse and shop all products in a single page.

Get more features and full technical support with our pro verison WooCommerce OnePage Shop Pro also comes with a premium paid version. Upgrade to WooCommerce OnePage Shop Pro.


  • one page product listing shop.
  • fully controllable from admin.
  • fully dynamic colors.
  • responsive design.

This plugin is compatible and tested up to Wordpress Version: 4.6.1

Author UpScaleThought
Contributors upscalethought
Tags bulk add to cart., food menu, one page shop., Product Quick List, products, Quick list, quick menu, quick-shop, quick-view, Restaurant food menu, woocommerce, woocommerce bulk shop, woocommerce category menu, woocommerce one page shop, WooCommerce Product, WooCommerce Product Display, WooCommerce Products Quick View, WooCommerce quick list, WooCommerce Quick View, WooCommerce Shop Page
  1. onepage-shop-for-woocommerce screenshot 1

    Front - One Page Shop

  2. onepage-shop-for-woocommerce screenshot 2

    admin-shortcode setting

  3. onepage-shop-for-woocommerce screenshot 3

    admin-Plugin menu and pro verison

1) Copy/Upload 'gen-woo-onepage-shop' folder to the '/wp-content/plugins/' directory 2) Activate 'WooCommerce OnePage Shop' from wp plugin option in admin area 3) Plugin will appear in the menu bar of WP Dashboard 4) create a page and then call shortcode: [gen_wops_onepage_shop] to generate the front end One Page Shop for woocommerce.



First version of "WooCommerce OnePage Shop" . No errors known.

Version 1.0

Requires WordPress version: 3.3.0. or higher

Compatible up to: 4.6.3

Last Updated 25 Jan 2017

Date Added: 25 Jan 2017

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