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Oh my prints

Connect a post or page to an object for sale on or as it's known in the Netherlands

Connect a post or page to an object for sale on / If a work is not for sale it points to your shop.

Clicks on the shop/photo link are counted and shown as a column in the page/posts overview so you can see how many users clicked on the link.

After installing this plugin you have to put the widget on the pages with sellable photo's, paintings and the like. In the page or posts on the photo you will find a field to save the artcode. Pages with an artcode het the "for sale" texts as given in the widget settings. All other photo's get the description. In the description you can use an ... for the link to the ohmyprint site. As this link works through an ajax call there are some attributes needed and all those are filled in on the %s spot. After clicking the page is loaded in a new tab/window.

in the posts and pages overview there will be a column "sale clicks" which shows the number of times the widget is clicked. If the "for sale" link was followed on an photo which is not for sale an '*' is added to the counter.

Btw. This plugin has no connection with the company behind "Oh My Print" or "Werk aan de muur". They don't have an api or any programmer support and this plugin basically just redirects your users to the right page. To bad for the lack of api, I would love to show some real statistics..

Since version 1.1 there's also a shortcode to use:

[ohmyprints]This photo is for sale! Click here to go to the sales page.[/ohmyprints]

The text will only be shown when there's an artcode for the page. The will be changed into an link with the right info as needed.


For an example of the plugin in action see:

I use this widget together with WooSidebars ( so I can easy controle where the widget ends up.. The WooSidebars widget isn't tested for 4.1 but works without problems for me. In my case it's only loaded for photo's in the "for sale" category.

Author Gerhard Hoogterp
Contributors jondor
Tags ohmyprints, sale, werkaandemuur, widget
  1. oh-my-prints screenshot 1

    Widget as the user sees it

  2. oh-my-prints screenshot 2

    The widget settings

  3. oh-my-prints screenshot 3

    the artcode window

  4. oh-my-prints screenshot 4

    the sale clicks overview.

  5. oh-my-prints screenshot 5

    where to find the artcode.

  1. Upload plugin-name.php to the /wp-content/plugins/ directory
  2. Activate the plugin through the 'Plugins' menu in WordPress
  3. Add the widget to a widgetarea and adjust the fields if needed.
  4. Go to the pages/posts you want to connect and add the artcode.


Some changes to the basic_plugin_class which, regretfully, isn't allowed to have it's own plugin anymore.


Fixes for WP 4.3


I noticed that the english version of the site disappeared. As I'm not sure it ever will show up again, I added a selection to the widget where you can force which language to use. The default is "site language" which works as before. The alternatives are NL, EN, DE and FR.


  • added shortcode
  • few minor fixes.


  • First release

Why did you write this widget?

To hopefully stimulate sales.

I would like some sales statistics on the admin screen

Yep.. me too.. but no api.

the artcode is an image. Can't cut and paste?!

Well, yes.. but the same code is also part of the URL. And there you CAN cut and past!

Version 1.4

Requires WordPress version: 3.0.1 or higher

Compatible up to: 4.3.8

Last Updated 08 Jan 2017

Date Added: 20 Feb 2015

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