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Ecard - Seasonal Greetings

A complete ecard system to send images as electronic postcard. Best plugin to increase visitors.

What is ODude Ecard?

ODude Ecard is easy way to express feelings. This is very old and traditional way to communicate but still the best. Your site visitors can send image as a postcard to email address. Receiver get private message with selected image. In shorts make site like


  • Quick and easy to post ecards.
  • Can create unlimited albums.
  • Mail will be directly sent to the receiver email address.
  • Link back url at the receiver email address to view the card.
  • Pagination support
  • Shortcode to list ecards from selected albums.
  • Shortcode insert button is available in editor.
  • Multiple layout and specific layout for each ecard
  • Captcha Check before sending ecard
  • Include your own shortcode into ecard page.
  • Mobile Responsive
  • Send Ecard on specified date
  • Preview ecard before you send
  • Adjust dimension of your own thumbnail and large image
  • Facebook Like and share button included.
  • Backgroud music selection
  • Send Ecard to Facebook Friends
  • Background color change for some layouts


For further queries feel free to drop a line at

Live Demo

Click on the link to see the Live Demo.

Layout Demo

Christmas , Valentine , Halloween , Diwali , thanksgiving, Birthday, New Year are best days where you can let your visitors to greet each others.

Author ODude Network
Contributors odude
Tags celebrate, christmas, diwali, e-card, ecard, ecards, emotion, festival, friends, gallery, greeting, greetings card, halloween, image, image gallery, love, new year, odude, postcard, postcards, sorry, valentine, wishes
  1. odude-ecard screenshot 1

    List of Ecards

  2. odude-ecard screenshot 2

    Ready to send Ecard

  3. odude-ecard screenshot 3

    Sample Ecard list

  4. odude-ecard screenshot 4

    Decorate ecards

  5. odude-ecard screenshot 5

    Admin List Ecards

  6. odude-ecard screenshot 6

    Admin Editing ecards

Automatic Installation

  • Go to your plugin browser inside your wordpress installation and search odude by keyword. Then choose ODude Ecard and click install. It will be installed shortly.
  • Activate the plugin from Plugins menu after installation

Manual Installation

  • Download the latest version and extract the folder to the /wp-content/plugins/ directory
  • The plugin will appear as inactive in your Plugins menu
  • Activate the plugin through the Plugins menu in WordPress

Show ecard from specific album

  • Just paste this shortcode [odudecard-list perrow="3" perpage="30" orderby="date" page="off" layout="list" album="test"] in your post or page to get the gallery pictures.
  • Note: Here test is the slug name of album.

Create pickup page

  • It is compulsory to create a pickup page. Pickup page is created dynamically. If it is not created, create it and keep content as [odudecard-pick]. In settings choose pickup from odude card setting page.


  • Send button on preview page
  • Can set thumbnail and large image dimension on PRO version.
  • Wrap message (no more messages in single line)
  • Captcha added in preview page


  • Fixed thumbnail & large image dimensions
  • No image found for deleted pictures.


  • Added Falling Layout to ecard


  • Enabled Rich Text Editor at Basic layout.


  • Fixed language issues


  • Added Facebook Like and Share button


  • Added Send to Facebook User
  • Added Help Page
  • Seperate Stats page
  • Added Background Music selection for PRO version


  • Added Fireworks Layout
  • Best approach is achieved so that email won't go in spam folder.


  • Backround color change for some layouts (PRO)

=1.4.2 = * Updated layout path and added email from options at setting page. Now compatible with Wordpress 4.7

=1.4.3 = * YOAST and Jetpack was creating large image to apear. It is fixed.

1. Can I upload flash movie?

No, currently this is not possible. But we are working on it. It is just a first version. Lots of features is yet to come in next release.

2. What is Pickup Page?

After visitor send ecard. The receiver get private URL linking to pickup page. Which will show the private message. Pickup page no need to be shown in menu.

3. Is there any conflict with JQuery?

We have not used JQuery at front end. So it should not get conflict with other.

=4. I changed thumbnail dimension but nothing happens ? =

After changing dimensions of thumbnail, it will be applied only to newly uploaded images. The old images nearby size will be displayed.

Version 1.4.4

Requires WordPress version: 3.8 or higher

Compatible up to: 4.7.2

Last Updated 08 Feb 2017

Date Added: 09 Oct 2014

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