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Obituary Assistant by Funeral Home Website Solutions

Manage obituaries on your funeral home website for free.

Obituary Assistant is a free obituary plugin that allows your funeral home to create and manage obituaries and fully them into your existing website.


  • 100% free, no setup costs, no annual costs
  • Easy to use online Content Management System lets you add and edit your obituaries
  • Mobile optimized and mobile friendly
  • Modern and smooth interface to upload and manage photos and videos
  • Obituary Assistant earns you money through a flower delivery module that is included
  • Earn a 15% commission every time flowers are sold - flowers are delivered by a local florist of your choosing
  • Obituaries can be shared by visitors on Facebook, Twitter and by text
  • Search engine optimization is built into each obituary - your obituaries will be found in Google
  • We migrate your existing obituaries into Obituary Assistant
  • Supports multiple funeral home locations
  • Approve condolences manually or set condolences on auto-approve
  • Notifications about condolences or new photos sent to you by email or text
  • Manage family subscriptions to obituary updates, includes notification options by email or text
  • QR codes on obituaries can be used in printed materials at your services
  • No desktop software to install, add the Obituary Assistant Plugin and access everything online
Author Philip Perry
Contributors fhwsolutions
Tags flowers, obituaries, obituary, obituary editor, obituary manager, online memorial, tributes
  1. obituary-assistant-by-funeral-home-website-solutions screenshot 1

    Set Up: Sign Up Form

  2. obituary-assistant-by-funeral-home-website-solutions screenshot 2

    Set Up: Setting up your dedicated page with Obituary Assistant shortcode

  3. obituary-assistant-by-funeral-home-website-solutions screenshot 3

    Set Up: Letting us know the pagename of the page with the shortcode

  4. obituary-assistant-by-funeral-home-website-solutions screenshot 4

    Set Up: Your credentials

  5. obituary-assistant-by-funeral-home-website-solutions screenshot 5

    Your FHWS administration panel at

  6. obituary-assistant-by-funeral-home-website-solutions screenshot 6

    Adding a new Obituary

  7. obituary-assistant-by-funeral-home-website-solutions screenshot 7

    Your obituary listing page

  8. obituary-assistant-by-funeral-home-website-solutions screenshot 8

    A full Obituary display page

  1. Download plugin as zip file as extract into your WordPress Plugins folder or install zip directly on Wordpress Plugins page.

  2. Activate Obituary Assistant plugin on your WordPress plugins.

  3. Go to Obiuary Assisant plugin settings page, either through WordPress plugins page, or directly through new "Obituary Assistant" menu item on the left side of your WordPress Admin dashboard.

  4. Sign up for your Funeral Home Website (FHWS) Account with the sign up form.

  5. Specify which of your Webpage pages will be dedicated to running the plugin. If you have not yet created one, you can do that now. We recommend calling the page 'obituaries'. On this page, you need to put the shortcode "[obituaries]".

  6. On the Obituary Assistant settings menu, under the "Setup" heading, choose the name of the page you'll be using in the drop down and click "Save Changes".

  7. Obitaury Assistant is now all set up! Go to your FHWS account page at or from the link under the "Manage Obituaries" header to add / manage obituaries.


How will my obituaries look?

Your obituaries will look exactly like your current website does. Obituary Assistant maintains the look of your website template (theme) and will look fully integrated into your website.

After installation, how do I add and edit obituaries? Is this done inside my WordPress login?

There is a separate login from your WordPress login. Go to: and use the login information you were given during installation. Obituary Assistant is easy to use and intuitive but you will be emailed documentation on how to use Obituary Assistant when you sign up.

Is Obituary Assistant really free and why is it free?

Obituary Assistant comes with a flower delivery module. When you sell flowers, you earn a 15% commission on flower sales. Flowers are delivered by the local florist of your choosing. When you sell flowers, FHW Solutions also profits from the flower sale which pays for Obitaury Assistant.

How will my existing obituaries be imported into Obituary Assistant?

Contact us and we'll import your existing obituaries into Obituary Assitant for free. We are working on building an import feature into Obituary Assistant in the future.

Version 1.0.0

Requires WordPress version: 4.1 or higher

Compatible up to: 4.6.3

Last Updated 10 Feb 2017

Date Added: 08 Feb 2017

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