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NextGEN Public Uploader

NextGEN Public Uploader is an extension to NextGEN Gallery which allows frontend image uploads for your users.

NextGEN Public Uploader does not officially support NextGEN Gallery 2.0.x at present time.

The NextGEN Public Uploader plugin for WordPress allows users to upload images from the frontend of your website to a specified gallery in NextGEN. Upon upload the submitted image is marked as "excluded" and an email notification will be sent letting you know an image is waiting to be reviewed.

REMEMBER: Always backup your database!

NextGEN Public Uploader is an extension of NextGEN Gallery

NextGEN Gallery

Special thanks to Patrick McCoy for his help.

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Author WebDevStudios
Contributors WDS-Scott, williamsba1, pluginize, webdevstudios, tw2113, JustinSainton
Tags gallery, image, nextgen, nextgen gallery, nextgen public uploader, nextgen uploader, photo, picture, public, upload, uploader, visitor
  1. nextgen-public-uploader screenshot 1

    Sample use in front-end (placed below gallery and in sidebar)

  2. nextgen-public-uploader screenshot 2

    Excluded Images in gallery, uploaded by anonymous users

  3. nextgen-public-uploader screenshot 3

    Plugin Settings

  4. nextgen-public-uploader screenshot 4

    TinyMCE Integration

  5. nextgen-public-uploader screenshot 5

    Shortcode Example

  6. nextgen-public-uploader screenshot 6

    Upload Widget

  1. Upload the nextgen-public-uploader folder to the plugins directory in your WordPress or WPMU installation.

  2. Activate NextGEN Public Uploader.

  3. Drag the NextGEN Public Uploader widget to the desired sidebar or use the shortcode in your pages/posts.

View the plugin settings page for shortcode examples.

For More Information Visit

NextGEN Public Uploader Homepage

REMEMBER: This plugin requires NextGEN Gallery in order to work.

V1.8.3 - 02.03.2017

  • Fix compatibility with 2.1.77 and loading orders.

V1.8.2 - 03.08.2014

  • Fix usage of removed constant from NextGEN Gallery

V1.8.1 - 11.14.2013

  • Fix old php version bug with empty()

V1.8 - 11.14.2013

  • Converted widget to proper widget class extension.
  • Better translation support, including changed textdomain to match WP3.7 translation changes.
  • Translation pot file.

V1.7 - 10.5.2012

  • Confirmed Working: Tested with latest versions of NextGen and WordPress, everything works fine
  • Moved settings menu: The menu now righfully resides as a sub-item of Gallery
  • Updated settings: Dropped unnecessary options, updated all setings to use WordPress Settings API
  • Security Updates: Added a couple more security measures for data sanitization

V1.6.1 - 4.25.2011

  • Security Patch (QuickFix): Adds random hash to images held for moderation. (Thanks to

V1.6 - 1.30.2010

  • Updates: Added localization
  • Updates: Displays gallery name in TinyMCE

V1.5 - 12.7.2009

  • New Feature: TinyMCE Button
  • Bugfix: Widget Uploader
  • Updates: Settings Page

V1.4 - 11.5.2009

  • New Feature: Image Description
  • Updates: More options available via settings page
  • Updates: Default Gallery Drop-down
  • Updates: Added button to reset default values
  • Updates: Edit more text areas from settings page
  • Bugfix: Fixed bug when saving options

V1.3 - 10.20.2009

  • New Feature: Widget Uploader
  • New Feature: Select which user level can upload
  • Fixed: More than one form can be displayed
  • Updates: More options available via settings page
  • Updates: Readme.txt updated
  • Updates: Check if NextGEN Gallery exists optimized
  • Bugfix: Saving options with WPMU

V1.2.2 - 10.7.2009

  • New Feature: Ability to edit messages displayed

V1.2.1 - 10.7.2009

  • Bugfix: 404 File not found

V1.2 - 10.7.2009

  • Updates: Options page updated
  • Updates: Readme.txt updated

V1.1 - 10.5.2009

  • Fixed: SVN repository

V1.0 - 10.5.2009

  • NextGEN Public Uploader is launched

Will this plugin work without the NextGEN Gallery plugin?

No, this plugin requires NextGEN Gallery in order to work.

If you don't have it grab it here.

Why am I getting the following error?

"NextGEN Public Uploader requires NextGEN gallery in order to work. Please deactivate this plugin or activate NextGEN Gallery."

If you have installed NextGEN Gallery, please make sure that it is activated.

Still Need Help? Please visit the NextGEN Public Uploader Support Forum

NextGEN Public Uploader Support


NextGEN Public Uploader is distributed under an open source license called the GNU General Public License, or GPL. The text of the license is distributed with every copy of this plugin.

Version 1.8.3

Requires WordPress version: 3.4 or higher

Compatible up to: 4.7.2

Last Updated 04 Feb 2017

Date Added: 06 Oct 2009

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