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Tribulant Newsletters

Newsletter plugin for WordPress to capture subscribers and send beautiful, bulk newsletter emails.

A full-featured WordPress newsletter plugin created by Tribulant Software for WordPress which fulfils all subscribers, emails, marketing and newsletter related needs for both personal and business environments.

It has robust, efficient and unique features! This is an all-in-one newsletter tool for your WordPress site can be configured to behave as desired and it will provide the best experience for your email subscribers at the same time.

The software works the way you do so you can focus on creating newsletters and giving your website the necessary exposure!

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Some of the features in the WordPress Newsletter plugin include:

  • Mailing Lists
  • Bounce Email Management
  • Newsletter Queue & Scheduling
  • Newsletter Templates
  • Complete Email History
  • Unlimited Sidebar Widgets
  • Post/Page Opt-In Embedding
  • Offsite Subscription Forms
  • Publish Newsletter as a Post
  • Send Post as a Newsletter
  • Add Email Attachments
  • SMTP Authentication
  • Ajax Powered Features
  • Import/Export Subscribers
  • Paid Subscriptions (PayPal & 2CheckOut)
  • Integrates with the banner rotator plugin
  • WordPress Multi-Site Compatible
  • Email Tracking
  • IP Logging of Subscribers
  • Newsletter Themes
  • POP/IMAP Bounce Handling
  • Latest Posts Subscription
  • Single/Multiple Posts into Emails
  • click tracking
  • Autoresponders
  • Newsletters by conditions
  • Multilingual (qTranslate & WPML)
  • Custom Post Types
  • Link/click tracking
  • DKIM Signature
  • WordPress Dashboard Widget
  • and much more...

Demo and Support

See the online demonstration and view the online documentation for tips, tricks, guides and more.


There are many free and paid extension plugins for the WordPress Newsletter plugin. All extensions work with both Newsletters LITE and Newsletters PRO, no problem.

Some extensions include:

Visit the Newsletters extensions page

Email/Newsletter Templates

Included with the newsletter plugin are several premade email/newsletter templates.

Shop our newsletter templates for more variety and high quality, premium, responsive newsletter templates.


All language files and the instructions to use them are in POEditor. Anyone can join the project to add languages and contribute translations for strings.

Thank you for these wonderful people who contributed in translating the plugin:

PRO Version

The Newsletters LITE version has all the features that the PRO version has but it has some limitations.

You can have one mailing list, 500 subscribers, send 1000 emails per month and the custom dynamic fields are not available. These limits should be sufficient for a personal blogger or a small business.

To remove these limits, you can upgrade to the PRO version and submit your serial key inside the plugin.

In addition to the limits being removed, you will receive priority support from Tribulant Software.

Visit the Newsletters PRO page

Author Tribulant Software
Contributors contrid
Tags auto newsletter, automatic newsletter, autoresponder, bounce, bulk email, campaign, email, email alerts, email subscription, emailing, follow up, insert posts into newsletter, latest posts, mailing list, marketing, newsletter, newsletter signup, newsletter widget, newsletters, optin, post notification, subscribe, subscribers, subscription
  1. newsletters-lite screenshot 1

    Premade newsletter themes included

  2. newsletters-lite screenshot 2

    Detailed statistics for emails, subscribers, etc.

  3. newsletters-lite screenshot 3

    Flexible configuration settings

  4. newsletters-lite screenshot 4

    Easy, WYSIWYG newsletter creation

  5. newsletters-lite screenshot 5

    Complete history of newsletters with stats

  6. newsletters-lite screenshot 6

    Import subscribers from CSV or Mac OS X vCard

  7. newsletters-lite screenshot 7

    Export subscribers to CSV file

  8. newsletters-lite screenshot 8

    Email queue with scheduling

  9. newsletters-lite screenshot 9

    Many extensions and integrations available

  10. newsletters-lite screenshot 10

    Dashboard widget for quick overview

Installing the WordPress Newsletter plugin is simple. Follow these steps:

Automatic Installation

  1. Go to Plugins > Add New in your WordPress dashboard.
  2. Search newsletters to find this plugin, by Tribulant Software.
  3. Click Install Now to install it and then activate it after the installation.

Manual Installation

  1. Extract the zip file to obtain the plugin folder.
  2. Upload the plugin folder to the /wp-content/plugins/ directory
  3. Activate the plugin through the Plugins menu in WordPress

  • IMPROVE: Descriptive message for Email Queue schedule not running when queue empty
  • FIX: Recurring and scheduled newsletters not always queuing


  • ADD: Show "Offsite HTML" under Subscribe Forms > Codes
  • ADD: Compatibility with Rapid Mailer shortcodes for migration
  • ADD: IMAP for bounce handling as well as POP feature
  • IMPROVE: Remove phpMailer from the plugin package and use phpMailer included in WordPress
  • IMPROVE: Prevent double queuing on post/page with multiple save_post hook fires
  • IMPROVE: Sorry, this file type is not permitted for security reasons
  • IMPROVE: Faster Amazon SES API sending with bulk mode to reuse handler
  • IMPROVE: Remove background processing from autoload to increase site performance
  • IMPROVE: Faster queuing and database load reduced
  • IMPROVE: Faster and more reliable POP3 fetching on large mailboxes
  • IMPROVE: Faster counting of queued emails to reserve memory
  • IMPROVE: Further multi-site improvements
  • IMPROVE: Push error emails to the end of the queue
  • IMPROVE: Offsite popup should redirect manage subscriptions in parent/main window
  • FIX: MessageID not saving on wp_mail emails
  • FIX: Delete bulk action on newsletters not accurate
  • FIX: Unsubscribe "This email was not sent to any lists" after changing lists on newsletter
  • FIX: Duplicate emails sending when trying to send too many per interval
  • FIX: Apostrophe in email address causes database error
  • FIX: Avada Fusion page builder breaks the TinyMCE editor
  • FIX: History items cannot be removed
  • FIX: Possible double queuing of emails/newsletters
  • FIX: Queue process WordPress cron does not always start the first time
  • FIX: Possible about page "Too many redirects..."
  • FIX: Multi-site problems with queue, importing, etc.
  • FIX: "Clear" on history doesn't remove emails, stats, etc.

  • IMPROVE: Remove time limit in sending emails from the queue
  • FIX: Memory could cause queue not to send out
  • FIX: Some shortcodes not replaced in WordPress emails styled by the plugin
  • FIX: Possible issue with recurring, scheduled, etc. newsletters cron
  • FIX: Deleted user/subscriber can get the queue stuck
  • FIX: Dollar/percentage signs break and are stripped

  • IMPROVE: Restore emails per interval setting
  • IMPROVE: "Run Now" button in queue page
  • IMPROVE: Smaller queue batches to prevent resource issues
  • IMPROVE: Improved clearing of the email queue
  • FIX: Ajax sending setting under Configuration causes "No subscribers available" error
  • FIX: Clear queue not working
  • FIX: Manage Subscriptions authenticating incorrectly
  • FIX: Manage subscription - auth link in email redirect back to login page if not logged in
  • FIX: Offsite value not posting immediately from 3rd party form


  • ADD: WordPress 4.7 compatibility
  • ADD: Offsite and Hardcode for subscribe forms
  • ADD: "Codes" section for each subscribe form
  • ADD: Use default WordPress languages/translation folder structure as an option
  • ADD: Change database charset to utf8mb4 and collation to utf8mb4_unicode_ci
  • ADD: New post shortcode improvements and procedures
  • ADD: Make all [wpml...] shortcodes available as [newsletters_...] as well
  • ADD: Break large import CSV into smaller batches
  • ADD: Import very big lists of subscribers, new background import process
  • ADD: MailGun webhooks for events like click, open, bounce, etc.
  • ADD: Username/password authentication for Manage Subscriptions
  • ADD: Make live preview responsive
  • ADD: SendGrid event webhooks for bounces, spam, unsubscribes, etc. integration
  • ADD: Save/log preview emails as sent emails and also track stats on them
  • ADD: [newsletters_date time=""...] parameter for a time string eg. +1 day
  • IMPROVE: Improved and simplified SMTP debugging
  • IMPROVE: Update MobileDetect script/library to latest version
  • IMPROVE: Make offsite code HTML more prominent
  • IMPROVE: Use Emogrifier for faster, more accurate inline styles
  • IMPROVE: Update the Amazon SES API to 0.8.8
  • IMPROVE: Change is_email() to PHP filter_var() FILTER_VALIDATE_EMAIL
  • IMPROVE: Include Subscriber Email to Bounced Notification
  • IMPROVE: Change test attachment name, mail server doesn't like word "mailinglist"
  • IMPROVE: Change 'messageid' field on emails table to varchar for indexing
  • IMPROVE: Add link tracking to wpmlpost_thumbnail shortcode in a newsletter
  • IMPROVE: Set phpMailer SMTPAutoTLS to false
  • IMPROVE: Make sure updating only runs once
  • IMPROVE: Updated Welcome/About page
  • IMPROVE: Improve Stats Overview Accuracy
  • IMPROVE: Do not bypass serial key validation on localhost
  • IMPROVE: Check for PHP 5.4+ upon activation
  • IMPROVE: Make "Send as Newsletter" data hidden custom fields/meta on posts/pages
  • IMPROVE: Remove auto unsubscribe link from "Send as Newsletter"
  • IMPROVE: Remove safety measurement to prevent duplicate emails on preview email or a test list
  • IMPROVE: Optimise performance of latest posts subscription queuing
  • IMPROVE: Instant subscribe upon user registration
  • IMPROVE: Remove InnoDB queue table, table locking and transactions
  • IMPROVE: Single Ajax call for preview, spam score, save draft, etc. while creating newsletter
  • IMPROVE: Save messageid values from sending APIs to emails
  • IMPROVE: Prevent "Go to section" and "Save Settings" box from overlapping settings boxes
  • IMPROVE: Remove Mandrill from plugin since it's discontinued
  • IMPROVE: Remove C:\fakepath... from file uploads
  • IMPROVE: File upload custom field for non-Flash users
  • IMPROVE: Allow longer custom field titles
  • IMPROVE: More accurate phpMailer error messages instead of SMTP Connect() failed
  • FIX: WordPress database error: [Column 'subscriber_id' in where clause is ambiguous]
  • FIX: Add new (existing) subscriber, remove all lists
  • FIX: AltBody empty for text subscriber/email
  • FIX: Amazon SES failed email blocks queue from sending
  • FIX: Sorting "Emails Sent" table on newsletter shows duplicate records
  • FIX: Can't turn off "Notification to Subscribed Users"
  • FIX: Auto create lists during import creates multiple lists
  • FIX: Compatibility with All in one events calendar plugin
  • FIX: Search box disappears in some sections with no results found
  • FIX: Sort subscribers by "List(s)" column broken
  • FIX: Blank mailing lists under "Emails Sent" after subscriber unsubscribed
  • FIX: Cannot use emoji in subject and body of newsletter
  • FIX: No read more link with read more tag
  • FIX: Too many bounces record
  • FIX: Unlink post from newsletter link is broken
  • FIX: User clicks are showing as "None" under clicks section
  • FIX: Clicks total don't match at table with filter
  • FIX: Pressing Enter key on preview email input saves draft
  • FIX: Stuck transient on email queue prevents sending of queued emails
  • FIX: WordPress User Import doesn`t trigger Confirmation
  • FIX: Create mailing list if it doesn`t exist during import
  • FIX: "Send Preview" not parsing all shortcodes and 3rd party shortcodes
  • FIX: Embedded images setting not saving in config settings
  • FIX: ANSII CSV format issue with import
  • FIX: Apostrophe in status message breaks bounces
  • FIX: read_date empty/null after update
  • FIX: “None” subscribers on clicks
  • FIX: Clicks not deleting
  • FIX: Autoresponder - Always send help typo
  • FIX: Amazon SES/SNS bounces not recording to individual newsletters
  • FIX: Post object overwrite thumbnail
  • FIX: Not all records (bounces, unsubscribes, etc.) are deleted when a history newsletter is deleted
  • FIX: "Clear" on history doesn't remove emails, stats, etc.
  • FIX: Offsite code field names incorrect
  • FIX: File upload field in admin when saving subscriber doesn't save
  • FIX: Mailing lists not removed from subscribers in admin when editing
  • FIX: "Add Mailing List" button removes current selection
  • FIX: Save subscriber "Select All" for mailing lists not working


  • ADD: Always show/specific lists bulk action for custom fields in admin
  • ADD: Link to newsletter from Newsletters > Configuration > Latest Posts Subscriptions
  • ADD: See all expired and active paid subscriptions respectively
  • ADD: Edit paid subscription paid date and expiration date, etc.
  • ADD: Use hidden custom fields for fields conditions/segmentation
  • ADD: Setting to turn On/Off the resubscribe link on unsubscribe
  • ADD: Multiple payment methods for paid subscriptions
  • ADD: Add new shortcode for [newsletters_activate_url]
  • ADD: Show unsubscribe per sent newsletter
  • ADD: Fields conditions on checkboxes custom fields
  • IMPROVE: Apply new system emails and backup previous ones
  • IMPROVE: Indicate when a post/page has already been sent with "Send as Newsletter"
  • IMPROVE: Register "read" on the day it was read, not the email sent date
  • IMPROVE: Improve help (?) icons in admin panel
  • IMPROVE: Prevent multiple/duplicate admin notifications to the same email
  • IMPROVE: 2CO sandbox account support
  • IMPROVE: Ignore more tag on full post in newsletter
  • IMPROVE: Remove all PHP flush() calls
  • IMPROVE: Increase wp_remote_get() timeout value throughout
  • FIX: Generate new API key not working, returns 0
  • FIX: Untick all list checkboxes on subscribe form shows all fields
  • FIX: "Quick Edit" of post/page sends newsletter again
  • FIX: Scheduling a newsletter increments "sent"
  • FIX: Date field not prefilled on Manage Subscriptions
  • FIX: newsletters_meta...] not working in post loop with no [post_excerpt] shortcode
  • FIX: Extend paid subscription not updating
  • FIX: Paid subscription is reset/removed when subscriber is edited
  • FIX: PayPal recurring subscription subscr_cancel not working
  • FIX: List specific custom fields required on Manage Subscriptions even if not subscribed
  • FIX: Links generated in [newsletters_post_loop] don't track
  • FIX: XSS security vulnerability
  • FIX: Fields empty when updating lists in checkboxes subscribe form
  • FIX: Existing subscriber redirect to manage subscription page on "Do nothing" setting selected
  • FIX: Fields become inactive with list choice in subscribe form
  • FIX: Checkboxes custom field not pre-checking on Manage Subscriptions
  • FIX: Comma separated admin emails break some admin notifications
  • FIX: Sent & Draft stats show all lists on a subscriber
  • FIX: links not generated
  • FIX: Editing a subscriber shows empty custom fields
  • FIX: Style and Script checkboxes reset when installing a new update.
  • FIX: Unsubscribe link show all mailinglists or wrong lists for unsubscribe
  • FIX: Enforce required custom field on subscribing from manage subscription page
  • FIX: Permissions/sections/roles reset upon plugin update
  • FIX: Incorrect mailing lists in unsubscribe email notification


  • ADD: IP address column under Newsletters > Subscribers in admin
  • ADD: Subscribe forms interface with drag/drop form builder and settings per form
  • ADD: Progress bar for forms with file upload custom fields
  • ADD: Ability to remove/delete uploaded file in subscribe form/manage subscriptions
  • ADD: Replace video URL with video image and play icon and link to video
  • ADD: Minimum number of posts setting for latest posts subscription
  • ADD: "Add Mailing List" in several sections to add list while staying on the screen
  • ADD: Specify custom size for [newsletters_post_thumbnail...] eg size="300,200"
  • ADD: Let subscribers extend their existing, active paid subscriptions
  • ADD: Show expiry date for paid subscriptions on manage subscribers page
  • IMPROVE: Remove newsletters.log file at an interval so it doesn't get too large
  • IMPROVE: Show price of list per interval under Newsletters > Mailing Lists
  • IMPROVE: Create a new sent/draft email for each latest posts subscription queue/send
  • IMPROVE: Disable all fields in subscribe form upon Ajax submit
  • IMPROVE: Make Google reCAPTCHA ASYNC so it is not cached
  • IMPROVE: Handle WP_Error on inline CSS on theme/template
  • IMPROVE: Set paid subscription paid date to created date on import
  • IMPROVE: Remove pie chart from Sent & Draft Emails section overview
  • IMPROVE: Faster and more accurate import WordPress users as subscribers
  • IMPROVE: Improved PayPal paid subscriptions reliability
  • IMPROVE: Save Latest Sent Posts to Sent/Drafts
  • IMPROVE: Updated PayPal IPN for paid subscriptions
  • FIX: Shorcodes not included with snippet in text version
  • FIX: Paid subscriptions incorrectly extending for first payment
  • FIX: Duplicate indexes on some database tables
  • FIX: Date shortcode not showing in correct language
  • FIX: Line breaks not included in text formatted emails
  • FIX: vCard file not importing properly
  • FIX: Import subscribers preview shows utf8 characters incorrectly
  • FIX: Import subscribers encoding issues with non-UTF8 files
  • FIX: Manage Subscriptions "Log out" doesn't remove cookies/session properly
  • FIX: Reactivating plugin restores some settings like default template
  • FIX: "Use progress bar to queue/send emails" is always ticked/checked
  • FIX: WPML language not switching properly for entire newsletter template
  • FIX: Shortcodes not working in email snippets
  • FIX: Do not use date_default_timezone_set(), conflicts with some plugins date/time
  • FIX: WordPress database error: [Illegal mix of collations...]
  • FIX: [newsletters_meta...] not working in posts loop
  • FIX: Unsubscribe on User Deletion not working
  • FIX: Strip shortcode tags from system emails since they are irrelevant
  • FIX: Read more link not shown on [newsletters_sendas...]
  • FIX: Content before/after [newsletters_posts_loop] is repeating for each post
  • FIX: Some shortcodes don't work when sending a preview
  • FIX: Unsubscribes section mailing lists incorrect bug High Priority

  • IMPROVE: Do not show private mailing lists on manage subscriptions page enhancement
  • IMPROVE: Updated extensions section with new extensions
  • IMPROVE: Support for ISO encoded CSV files in new import
  • IMPROVE: Add a setting for not allowing subscribers to unsubscribe from a private list
  • FIX: Delete newsletter custom posts when sent & draft emails are deleted
  • FIX: Auth not generated on import, preventing unsubscribe, etc.
  • FIX: Resubscribe link doesn't work
  • FIX: Autoresponder emails not going out
  • FIX: Confirmation email/link not working
  • FIX: No history emails on email history page
  • FIX: Wrong confirmation email sent in some cases upon optin
  • FIX: Custom field segmentation broken when creating newsletter
  • FIX: Cannot save checkboxes custom field on subscriber
  • FIX: List checkboxes subscribe form with specific lists shows all lists on refresh
  • FIX: Links/clicks wrong date recorded
  • FIX: Custom fields in newsletter showing in new line/paragraph
  • FIX: WordPress database error due to key length for index
  • FIX: Removing a mailinglist on saving a draft is not removing the mailiglist
  • FIX: Authentication email message not showing on manage subscription page - default theme folder
  • FIX: Unsubscribe link show all mailinglists the newsletter was sent to
  • FIX: Mandatory user can unsubscribe


  • ADD: Import subscribers CSV Ajax preupload and preview
  • ADD: Subscriber meta model and database table for storing values on subscribers
  • ADD: SendGrid API for sending emails/newsletters
  • ADD: Output post/page custom field values with [newsletters_meta key="metakey"]
  • ADD: Show newsletter in autoresponder email section
  • ADD: Select Active, Inactive, All status when sending a newsletter
  • ADD: Mandrill email API
  • ADD: Seach for authors/users while creating a newsletter
  • ADD: Amazon SES email API
  • ADD: The ability to send a plain TEXT newsletter only without formatting/HTML
  • ADD: Link ([newsletters_subscribe_link...]...[/newsletters_subscribe_link]) in newsletter to subscribe to mailing lists feature High Priority
  • IMPROVE: Deprecated PHP function preg_replace to preg_replace_callback
  • IMPROVE: Reduce the number of menu items in admin dashboard
  • IMPROVE: Queue autoresponders instead of sending immediately
  • IMPROVE: utf8_encode() on date strings
  • IMPROVE: Parse shortcodes in the excerpt of posts
  • IMPROVE: Do not change email attachment file names
  • IMPROVE: Deprecated constructor / PHP7 compatibility
  • IMPROVE: Convert ISO 8859-15 to UTF-8 upon import
  • IMPROVE: FontAwesome update to 4.5.0
  • IMPROVE: Load scripts/styles locally instead of CDN/remote
  • IMPROVE: Import, queue, send, etc. Ajax progress in larger batches
  • IMPROVE: Parse shortcodes with do_shortcode() in hidden custom field values
  • IMPROVE: Change admin_print_scripts to admin_enqueue_scripts
  • IMPROVE: Custom fields shortcode changed from [wpmlfield...] to [newsletters_field...]
  • IMPROVE: Improved custom field shortcodes in newsletters
  • IMPROVE: Major performance improvements by autoloading classes
  • IMPROVE: Remove (recommended) next to local server
  • IMPROVE: More columns in "Emails Sent" CSV export like unsubscribe, etc.
  • FIX: Autoresponder apply existing sends multiple for the same subscriber
  • FIX: Call to style.less file that doesn't exist
  • FIX: New latest posts instance doesn't fire unless paused and unpaused
  • FIX: "Images" column is not removed with Avatars deselected in screen option
  • FIX: unsubscribe-success.php file missing in /default/
  • FIX: Comma separated admin emails break spam score utility
  • FIX: Not able to save custom field dropdown options with shopping cart plugin active
  • FIX: Autoresponder "Always send option" send autoresponder to subscriptions on other lists
  • FIX: Visual Composer and Multilingual breaks Ajax calls URLs
  • FIX: Send as Newsletter with post(s) shortcodes in it breaks
  • FIX: DKIM signature not working
  • FIX: No confirmation email send on import
  • FIX: Newsletter resending from post/page "Send as Newsletter"
  • FIX: Last autoresponder in series doesn't send
  • FIX: First autoresponder sends twice
  • FIX: Broken CKEditor in the newsletter template section
  • FIX: Unsubscribe emails not working from manage subscription page
  • FIX: Delete under clicks does not work
  • FIX: Admin cannot edit hidden fields on subscribers
  • FIX: Bulk actions under Newsletters > Clicks not working
  • FIX: Autoresponder pending emails count disappears when sorting
  • FIX: Problem with importing checkbox, select and radio custom fields from CSV
  • FIX: Custom fields removed on "resubscribe" link
  • FIX: Visual Composer post shortcodes conflict
  • FIX: Autoresponders sent to all subscribers with always send off


  • ADD: Multilingual from name/address
  • ADD: "All Categories" selection for multiple posts shortcode
  • ADD: Pause/resume latest posts subscription instances
  • ADD: Change/set the author/user of a newsletter
  • ADD: WPML and newsletters, setting to exclude posts where language not available
  • ADD: Update custom fields on user import
  • IMPROVE: Redirect main window from iFrame and Popup offsite forms
  • IMPROVE: Enable date_default_timezone_set() to ensure timezone of plugin and settings match
  • IMPROVE: Improved CSS inline styles to prevent @media CSS from being inlined
  • IMPROVE: Review X-Priority, X-Mailer and List-Unsubscribe email headers
  • IMPROVE: phpMailer update to 5.2.14
  • IMPROVE: Newsletter stats
  • IMPROVE: Review automatic inline styler if a connection isn't made
  • FIX: Cannot save "Authenticate Link Text" setting
  • FIX: Do not fill date field (datepicker) if date is empty (0000-00-00)
  • FIX: Unsubscription notifications not sending from Manage Subscriptions page
  • FIX: Default theme/template not selected when loading a snippet into editor
  • FIX: Only ISO-8859-1 should be UTF-8 encoded upon import
  • FIX: Auto delete inactive subscriptions not working
  • FIX: Could not schedule cron hook, please check the settings
  • FIX: Bulk delete bounced subscribers not working
  • FIX: Fatal error: Call to undefined function mb_convert_encoding()
  • FIX: Latest posts subscription multiple schedules and wrong times
  • FIX: Snippet not loaded in editor
  • FIX: Shortcode [newsletters_if...] not populating content areas
  • FIX: When saving a custom field with options Fatal error: Call to a member function save() on a non-object
  • FIX: Input fields missing in some admin sections
  • FIX: Some tables on new installations not created
  • FIX: Some post titles are not linking to the posts correctly
  • FIX: Text area/block custom field loses formatting in newsletter
  • FIX: Import users doesn't update existing subscribers with new meta values
  • FIX: Latest posts subscription firing twice
  • FIX: WPML + latest posts subscription wrong language
  • FIX: Redirect on subscribe not working for offsite code

  • FIX: Some database tables not creating

  • ADD: "Open in New Window" link/button next to preview when viewing history/draft
  • IMPROVE: Do not send autoresponder emails upon import immediately
  • IMPROVE: Better pause/unpause indicator on button in queue
  • FIX: Send as Newsletter" blank content
  • FIX: Incorrect colour on "Reads" on chart line mode


  • ADD: "Format" column under Subscribers in admin
  • ADD: Setting to turn On/Off post attachments
  • ADD: Custom system email template for "Send as Newsletter" from post, page, etc.
  • ADD: Format (HTML/TEXT) bulk action under Newsletters > Subscribers section
  • IMPROVE: Show read/opened stats in graphs/charts throughout
  • IMPROVE: Validate email addresses on import
  • IMPROVE: Do not change/execute date_default_timezone_set()
  • IMPROVE: Don't use send as default template on latest post subscription
  • IMPROVE: "Continue editing" checkbox for email snippets
  • IMPROVE: "Send" link in table/list of email snippets
  • IMPROVE: Authentication email system template
  • FIX: Overlay/enlarge loading graphic not showing in admin
  • FIX: Shortcodes outside newsletters_post_loop repeat inside the loop
  • FIX: Some post/metaboxes hidden with CSS on Create Newsletter page
  • FIX: System emails on Default are not using system default but default, blank instead
  • FIX: error handling, do not replace original URL
  • FIX: [newsletters_post_thumbnail...] size parameter not effective for loop
  • FIX: Email queue history emails list too big/long
  • FIX: Newsletter custom post types still show public archive
  • FIX: Post snippet overwrite
  • FIX: Cron schedule does not stay set
  • FIX: TypeError: null is not an object (evaluating 'tinyMCE.activeEditor.getContent')
  • FIX: Preview not showing, metaboxes breaking
  • FIX: Do not output lite limit messages in Ajax calls
  • FIX: No paragraphs and broken ASCII characters in TEXT version

  • IMPROVE: New file upload custom field and procedure for subscribers
  • IMPROVE: Remove Uploadify completely
  • FIX: Javascript error under Newsletters > Create Newsletter

  • ADD: Shortcodes to display ip address, device, format and more in newsletters
  • IMPROVE: Remove floating box under Newsletters > Create Newsletter
  • IMPROVE: Import performance improvements
  • FIX: Click tracking not working
  • FIX: Parse error: syntax error, unexpected T_STATIC class.html2text.php
  • FIX: Clicks section paging not working
  • FIX: Future scheduled newsletters not queuing for user roles
  • FIX: Import custom field values with umlauts don't import

  • ADD: Standard/Advanced admin configuration mode feature
  • ADD: Make newsletter custom posts invisible/unsearchable
  • IMPROVE: Improved default, blank layout email template
  • IMPROVE: TinyMCE "Insert Featured Image" dynamic image sizes
  • IMPROVE: Import encoding improvements for non-UTF8 files
  • FIX: Unable to unselect "Different Reply To" setting
  • FIX: Parse error: syntax error, unexpected T_STATIC class.html2text.php
  • FIX: Mandatory status on subscriber not saved
  • FIX: Spam score utility generates Javascript error
  • FIX: TinyMCE single post, empty category remains on "loading..."

  • ADD: Show selected subscribers that newsletter will queue/send to
  • ADD: Set Reply-To header and address to a different value
  • IMPROVE: Move RSS feed setting to System > WordPress Related
  • IMPROVE: Set Content-Type of TEXT emails to text/plain properly
  • IMPROVE: Show a font/text icon next to plain TEXT format subscribers
  • IMPROVE: Match host in lowercase always for serial key validation
  • IMPROVE: Add button to load default custom fields manually
  • IMPROVE: Improve content of newsletter from post/page "Send as Newsletter"
  • IMPROVE: Improved "Send as Newsletter" box design/layout
  • FIX: Subscribe form checkbox mailing lists not displaying correctly
  • FIX: Template in TEXT version setting ineffective
  • FIX: POP3 authentication error even though Amazon SNS or Manrill is used
  • FIX: No paragraphs and broken characters in TEXT version
  • FIX: Mailing list error in subscribe form not showing
  • FIX: Search clicks causes database error
  • FIX: Default custom fields not loading with qTranslate-X/WPML active
  • FIX: Fatal error: Call to a member function get_default_language() on a non-object
  • FIX: Make sure to use stripslashes on the newsletter title
  • FIX: Remove excerpt HR tag
  • FIX: Custom fields not always prefilling values
  • FIX: Segments in newsletter does not queue newsletter to subscribers
  • FIX: Dashboard number of columns, allow 4 columns
  • FIX: Single Post Insert not Working
  • FIX: Checkboxes segmentation "any" and "contains" issues on custom fields
  • FIX: First letters of Export File Causing Errors (SYLK file)
  • FIX: 100% read tracking
  • FIX: Insert post into newsletter, after category selection it still shows select
  • FIX: Can't remove custom field value on a subscriber
  • FIX: link in content breaks sending of email
  • FIX: Subscriber exists, selected lists not pre-selected
  • FIX: Posts from "Insert into Newsletter" not adding 'language' attribute to shortcode
  • FIX: Autoresponders are not sending
  • FIX: Conflict with WordPress SEO by Yoast

  • IMPROVE: Dismissable errors/notices in admin dashboard enhancement
  • FIX: Templates not included when sending a newsletter
  • FIX: Latest Posts Subscription Preview doesn`t Work
  • FIX: "Open in New Window" not working until a draft has been saved
  • FIX: Html2TextException Cannot load HTML
  • FIX: Content area shortcodes not parsed without any template/theme selected
  • FIX: Paragraphs shouldn't be automatically applied to content and contentareas
  • FIX: Bulk delete bounced emails not working
  • FIX: Mailing list admin getting subscribe email on unsubscribe
  • FIX: A Duplicate newsletter does not include content areas
  • FIX: Attachments don't send on sending an autorepsonder again
  • FIX: Manage clicks paging/per page issue
  • FIX: Caching stops working eg. Nginx, WP Super Cache, etc.

  • ADD: Allow html and bigger text area in Acknowledgement field.
  • IMPROVE: Edit user link for "User" column under Manage Subscribers in admin.
  • IMPROVE: More icons on some buttons, links and other areas.
  • IMPROVE: FontAwesome update to 4.4.0.
  • IMPROVE: Only show admin footer rating request on plugin page.
  • IMPROVE: Load Manage Subscriptions Javascript always for [newsletters_management].
  • IMPROVE: TEXT version put links inside the content.
  • FIX: Subscriber avatar image not always showing.
  • FIX: TEXT version is including doctype, CSS and other things.
  • FIX: Can't delete bounces.
  • FIX: Unsubscribes on newsletter recording for all lists, not just once for newsletter.
  • FIX: "Email exists..." issue when saving subscriber in admin.
  • FIX: WordPress password reset link missing in email with styled template.
  • FIX: Subscribers on TEXT format don't get links in TEXT version of emails.
  • FIX: Remove unassociated SubscribersLists records from removed duplicate subscribers.
  • FIX: Fatal error: Call to undefined function qtranxf_getLanguage().
  • FIX: Working ajax buttons show inactive in import/export.

  • IMPROVE: Make subscribers table email column a unique key
  • FIX: Duplicate subscribers generated by some procedures like import users

  • IMPROVE: Remove the "Welcome to..." notice after updating, it is annoying
  • IMPROVE: Show "System Email" under subscriber's sent emails view
  • IMPROVE: Rename folder procedure improvements
  • IMPROVE: Bigger/higher editor when creating newsletter on autoresponder
  • IMPROVE: Remove irrelevant LangSwitch plugin integration
  • IMPROVE: Rename 'bootstrap' handle to 'newsletters-bootstrap' for style
  • IMPROVE: Don't force styles/scripts on Manage Subscriptions page
  • IMPROVE: Change "Send Confirmation" to "Log In" on Manage Subscriptions auth
  • FIX: Attachments don't stick when saving newsletter without lists/roles selected
  • FIX: Future scheduled newsletters not going out with no emails in queue
  • FIX: Newsletter used by autoresponder still shows draft status
  • FIX: "List/Role" column on emails sent not accurate
  • FIX: Not all delayed autoresponders sending correctly
  • FIX: Tabindex on subscribe form submit button
  • FIX: Tabindex on "Mailing List" select field in subscribe form
  • FIX: Newsletters > Subscribers table missing tfoot checkbox
  • FIX: Captcha Settings Missing under "System"
  • FIX: Default, styled newsletter template setting overwriting on update of plugin
  • FIX: Strip slashes from quotes, etc. in autoresponder subject
  • FIX: Database update message not always disappearing

  • IMPROVE: Security to prevent direct access to files
  • IMPROVE: Ability to hide the database update message/notice
  • IMPROVE: Save all existing subscribers to SubscribersOption model
  • IMPROVE: Global CSV delimiter setting for exports
  • IMPROVE: Checkbox custom fields for fields conditions
  • FIX: PCLZIP_ERR_BAD_FORMAT upon installation through WordPress
  • FIX: High load on the server
  • FIX: Newsletter sent to admin while creating newsletter
  • FIX: Unsubscribe not working: No subscriber ID was specified
  • FIX: Latest posts shortcodes not rendering posts
  • FIX: Permissions/sections/roles reset upon plugin update
  • FIX: Textdomain is incorrectly set
  • FIX: Import requires mailing list(s) to be selected
  • FIX: Send Preview Problem
  • FIX: Roles show Array on sent/draft emails
  • FIX: Conflict with CodeStyling Localization Plugin

  • ADD: Setting to turn on/off stripping of width/height attributes on images
  • FIXED: Posts shortcode and latest posts duplicates and incorrect values
  • FIXED: Parse language on import confirmation email
  • FIXED: Paragraphs in editor becoming one block when creating newsletter
  • FIXED: Thumbnail_size Parameter not Working
  • FIXED: Unsubscribe page styling broken


  • ADD: Remove width/height attributes on IMG tags before newsletter is rendered
  • ADD: [newsletters_bloginfo show=X] for blog name, description, url, etc.
  • ADD: New "default2", Bootstrap theme folder, beautiful!
  • IMPROVE: Change jQuery attr() to prop() for disabled
  • IMPROVE: Improved usability of the styles/scripts panel for theme folders
  • IMPROVE: Anti Spam Filters (Precedence, List-Unsubscribe)
  • IMPROVE: Improvements to queue table locking and select
  • IMPROVE: Change "Stop" button to "Pause" for Ajax procedures
  • IMPROVE: Limit/restrict alerts/notices to just the sections of the Newsletter plugin in admin
  • IMPROVE: CSS selector/scope for "default2" bootstrap theme to prevent conflicts
  • IMPROVE: Remove some flush() calls in unnecessary places
  • BUG: Default styles/scripts not loading with new installation
  • BUG: Duplicate history/draft emails when creating newsletter
  • BUG: Posts shortcode title permalink broken/incorrect
  • BUG: From name/address change on newsletter not effective
  • BUG: Importing subscribers CSV issues
  • BUG: Attachments don't send with preview
  • BUG: jQuery cookie called in default theme folder
  • BUG: WPML/qTranslate filter on Multiple Posts Shortcode
  • BUG: Sending preview doesn't load newsletter content/settings again
  • BUG: New content areas not loading after sending preview
  • BUG: Ajax Subscribers Import

  • IMPROVE: Change back to "default", too many CSS conflicts
  • IMPROVE: Load functions.php from original theme if not in child theme

  • ADD: Panel for turning on/off default styles (CSS) that load on the front-end
  • IMPROVE: Better placement/alignment for "Uploaded file" from file upload custom field
  • IMPROVE: Improved panel for turning on/off loading of default scripts
  • FIX: Autoresponders filtering/sorting causes database error


  • ADD: Show emails per hour/day total based on email scheduling settings
  • ADD: Setting to update/overwrite subscribers with import or not
  • ADD: Support for a functions.php file in theme folder or child theme folder
  • ADD: When sending to roles, map meta to custom fields
  • IMPROVE: Change WP_CONTENT_DIR to a hookable function
  • IMPROVE: Improvements to spam score report utility
  • IMPROVE: Change spam score checker from PHP CURL to wp_remote_post for performance
  • IMPROVE: Remove jQuery Cookie
  • IMPROVE: Remove jQuery UI (tabs, buttons, dialog, etc) completely on front-end
  • IMPROVE: display:none; inline style on the honeypot field
  • IMPROVE: Change out jQuery.Watermark with "placeholder" property/attribute
  • IMPROVE: Open links under Newsletters > Extensions in a new tab
  • IMPROVE: Recursive snippets
  • IMPROVE: More action/filter hooks for developers
  • IMPROVE: Select2 CSS should load in the HEAD, not footer
  • IMPROVE: CSS selector for jQuery UI styles in admin dashboard
  • IMPROVE: Default E-mail Template Outlook Conflict
  • FIX: Spam score report overlay blank on second load
  • FIX: Subscribing in Manage Subscriptions overwrites custom fields
  • FIX: Draft/unsent/private newsletters should not create published /newsletter/ custom post
  • FIX: Radio button pre-selected in subscribe form
  • FIX: Cannot edit the Default List in the lite/free newsletter plugin version
  • FIX: Sending to user roles causes duplicate emails
  • FIX: Importing overwrites existing subscribers
  • FIX: Undefined Notices
  • FIX: Cannot go to PayPal when buying Pro version in overlay
  • FIX: Not all system emails have a template setting
  • FIX: Bounce not recording with "Subscriber delete on bounce" turned off
  • FIX: Delete User on Unsubscribe
  • FIX: CSS Conflict with Elegant Themes Panel
  • FIX: W3 Total Cache breaks some pages
  • FIX: Content areas not loading in autoresponders
  • FIX: All scripts can't be disabled, at least one stays selected
  • FIX: CKEditor is adding overflow-y:hidden to the HTML tag of templates
  • FIX: Dashboard charts not loading
  • FIX: Serial key declined and with second attempt it's accepted with no success message


  • ADD: Javascript search under Newsletters > Extensions section
  • ADD: Rename 'newsletter' custom post type slug
  • ADD: Import subscribers date from CSV
  • ADD: IP Address on subscribers CSV import
  • ADD: Filter subscribers export fields/columns
  • ADD: Use newsletter template for WordPress system emails
  • IMPROVE: Separate jQuery UI CSS with unique CSS selectors and class names
  • IMPROVE: Show lists and roles for newsletter email sent
  • IMPROVE: Prevent false read/opened newsletter tracking
  • IMPROVE: Apply $ = jQuery.noConflict() for plugin/theme conflicts
  • IMPROVE: Class attributes on all generated links for CSS styling
  • IMPROVE: Added Send to Friend to the extensions section
  • IMPROVE: Load minimal editor under System Emails tab for performance
  • IMPROVE: Edit/view links for newsletter on "Save an Autoresponder" page
  • IMPROVE: Review automatic inline styler if a connection isn't made
  • IMPROVE: Only load scripts and styles where needed
  • IMPROVE: Improve deletion of queued emails to prevent duplicates
  • FIX: Possible duplicates with Ajax sending/queuing
  • FIX: Encoding issues with HTML offsite code and other areas
  • FIX: Subscribers CSV export "IP Address" column values in wrong place
  • FIX: Sending preview gives Forbidden/404 Not Found due to email in URL
  • FIX: Do flush_rewrite_rules() for new custom post type
  • FIX: Custom fields options order not saving
  • FIX: Cannot add new custom fields options on some setups


  • ADD: New interface for enabling/disabling scripts to load
  • ADD: WYSIWYG editor for sending a test email/newsletter
  • ADD: Setting to enable/disable the styled default template for none and system emails
  • IMPROVE: Load minimal editor under System Emails tab for performance
  • IMPROVE: Admin footer rating request in lite version
  • IMPROVE: Check flush_rewrite_rules() for 'newsletters' custom post type
  • FIX: From name/email on newsletter not saving
  • FIX: More select drop downs conflicts (WooCommerce, NextGen, etc)
  • FIX: Cannot export subscribers with Ajax progress
  • FIX: Select2 Javascript Error
  • FIX: Subscribers add/import/subscribe, database error

  • FIX: Subscriber save/import/subscribe issue, db error (apologies!)


  • IMPROVE: Update subscribers custom field values with database update
  • IMPROVE: Move Javascript outside of output into .js file
  • IMPROVE: Remove all dashicons
  • FIX: Multilingual fields append values as they are submitted
  • FIX: Subscriber radio, checkbox and select fields not updating correctly
  • FIX: Resubscribe link text not translating
  • FIX: Subscribers, radio, checkbox and select values not showing correctly
  • FIX: Select2 drop down conflict with other plugins
  • FIX: "Send as Newsletter" from post/page hangs
  • FIX: field_id database error message
  • FIX: "Update Automatically" button does nothing in lite version


  • ADD: Show newsletters details under Users section in WordPress per user
  • ADD: Show user roles when viewing sent & draft newsletters
  • ADD: New default template for system emails and "None"
  • ADD: Export failed records while sending/queuing with Ajax progress
  • ADD: Screen layout number of columns added in WordPress dashboard
  • ADD: Show if a child theme folder is present
  • ADD: Show logged in users if they are already subscribed
  • ADD: Unsubscribe comments upon unsubscribe from manage subscriptions
  • ADD: Show autoresponders linked to history/draft newsletter
  • ADD: Media files per newsletter
  • ADD: New colorbox theme/design
  • ADD: Unlink a post from a newsletter without deleting the post
  • ADD: New icons throughout the plugin
  • ADD: Choose between line/bar graphs in admin
  • ADD: Pause email queue
  • ADD: Prefill subscribe form with GET/POST variables
  • ADD: Expand CKEditor functionality
  • ADD: "Export All" button for emails of a history/draft email
  • ADD: Set theme per email template/system email in configuration
  • ADD: Duplicate newsletter theme/template
  • ADD: Send emails through the JSON API
  • ADD: Section to view bounced emails
  • IMPROVE: Show recurring details on sent & draft newsletter view page
  • IMPROVE: Minutes and months intervals for recurring newsletters
  • IMPROVE: Change API examples to Github Gists
  • IMPROVE: Change serialized Ajax import/export/send/queue to JSON for performance
  • IMPROVE: Improve subscribers CSV export with fputcsv()
  • IMPROVE: Increase database field length for many languages
  • IMPROVE: Focus email field of "Test Email Settings" utility upon open
  • IMPROVE: More accurate live preview while creating newsletter
  • IMPROVE: Deprecated TinyMCE API call: .onKeyDown.add(..)
  • IMPROVE: Improvements to the spam score report output
  • IMPROVE: TinyMCE editor improvements related to newsletters
  • IMPROVE: Deprecated TinyMCE API call onChange.add
  • IMPROVE: Subscriber exists improvements
  • IMPROVE: Datepicker custom field to go further than current year
  • IMPROVE: Add subscribe form all lists option to TinyMCE button/dialog
  • IMPROVE: New jQuery UI theme/design
  • IMPROVE: Autoresponder newsletter editor improvements
  • IMPROVE: Log clicks for view online, unsubscribe and other internal URLs
  • IMPROVE: Change get_user_meta() to get_user_option()
  • IMPROVE: Layout improvements to manage subscriptions custom fields
  • IMPROVE: Layout improvements for post/page newsletter subscribe forms
  • IMPROVE: Better select drop downs throughout the plugin
  • IMPROVE: Load proper metaboxes for content areas while creating newsletter
  • IMPROVE: Style ReCaptcha better, it is too wide
  • IMPROVE: Show total emails sent under Newsletters > History per newsletter
  • IMPROVE: Apply wpautop() to newsletter content areas
  • IMPROVE: Always use WordPress date_format and date_i18n
  • IMPROVE: Improved history newsletter emails export format
  • IMPROVE: Performance on create newsletter page (Ajax calls)
  • IMPROVE: Custom fields options improvements
  • IMPROVE: More records with "Per Page" setting in admin
  • IMPROVE: Improve bounce accuracy
  • IMPROVE: New WordPress 4.1 paging for all sections
  • FIX: Subscriber active/inactive status issues
  • FIX: User roles not saving upon saving draft of newsletter
  • FIX: Manage subscriptions multilingual setting not showing correctly
  • FIX: Textdomain typo in tinymce-dialog.php
  • FIX: WPML zh-hans issues with splitting
  • FIX: "None" newsletter theme/template doesn't stick on newsletter
  • FIX: Cache on some settings under Newsletters > Configuration
  • FIX: "Management Link Text" not responding to multilingual strings
  • FIX: "Reset Transient" on cron goes in infinite loop
  • FIX: No email saved, please try again
  • FIX: Recurring/scheduled newsletter should change from draft to sent if it was sent
  • FIX: Help tooltips not working/showing everywhere in the dashboard
  • FIX: Open/closed hand cursors for drag/drop not loading
  • FIX: TinyMCE button 'eftype' not applying to shortcode
  • FIX: Link/click tracking not applying on content areas
  • FIX: Charts/graphs year overlap issue
  • FIX: Dollar/percentage signs break and are stripped
  • FIX: Pie chart tooltips not showing
  • FIX: Inactive subscriptions with require activate turned off
  • FIX: Custom field title field length issue with long titles
  • FIX: Quotes (single/double) breaks certain links such as tracking
  • FIX: Single quote (') breaks custom field options
  • FIX: Import subscribers CSV from Excel with semi-colon (;) doesn't work
  • FIX: Single opt-in on a mailing list not working with double opt-in set in global setting
  • FIX: Unsubscribe link in "View in browser" doesn't work
  • FIX: Setting mailing lists on field "Duplicate entry '0' for key 'PRIMARY'"
  • FIX: Content areas not showing in TEXT version newsletter
  • FIX: 'eftype' parameter in post(s) shortcodes is ineffective
  • FIX: Sending preview loses some selections
  • FIX: Recurring newsletter only going to lists and not roles
  • FIX: Bounced emails count wrong on email tracking information

  • FIX: PHP asp_tags On causes parse errors with charts
  • FIX: PHP older than 5.3.0 causes fatal error due to global namespaces


  • ADD: Bar chart/graph for each individual newsletter sent
  • ADD: New pie/doughnut charts for read/unsubscribe/bounce/etc
  • ADD: 'thumbnail_...' attributes for posts shortcodes
  • ADD: [newsletters_online_url] shortcode for URL only
  • ADD: Template IMG SRC prepend URL setting
  • ADD: More filter/action hooks
  • ADD: Manage subscriptions setting to choose between cookie/session
  • IMPROVE: Thumbnail/image size, align and hspace in TinyMCE editor icon/button
  • IMPROVE: New dashboard widget design
  • IMPROVE: New HTML5 chart library integration for pie, bar, line, etc charts
  • IMPROVE: Use get_avatar() function for subscribers pictures
  • IMPROVE: Log Mandrill bounce deferral
  • IMPROVE: Prevent plugin files in Google index
  • IMPROVE: Remove personal information from links like unsubscribe URL
  • IMPROVE: Google reCAPTCHA API update
  • IMPROVE: Bounce status saved for POP, Mandrill and Amazon SNS
  • IMPROVE: 'align' and 'hspace' parameters for 'wpmlpost_thumbnail' shortcode
  • FIX: Javascript errors on editor button with no custom post types
  • FIX: Sent/Draft filter not working in newsletters history
  • FIX: Custom fields regex escaping slashes are stripped
  • FIX: Confirmation email still sends on single opt-in mailing list
  • FIX: "Subscription is invalid" error message
  • FIX: Autoresponders not logging when double opt-in is turned off on mailing list
  • FIX: “Fatal error: Cannot redeclare class Mobile_Detect “
  • FIX: History emails filters don't stick on paging
  • FIX: History shortcode content being escaped. Do stripslashes
  • FIX: Admin widget language tabs not working on first load

  • ADD: TinyMCE editor for multilingual system emails
  • ADD: Link to delete post on newsletter previously published
  • ADD: Support for qTranslate X multilingual newsletters
  • ADD: Mandrill webhook bounce configuration
  • ADD: Setting to include custom fields in HTML offsite code
  • ADD: Subscribe redirect URL per mailing list
  • IMPROVE: Prevent plugin files in Google index
  • IMPROVE: Class attribute on read more links of posts for easier styling
  • IMPROVE: wpMandrill plugin compatibility
  • IMPROVE: Latest posts scheduled task not showing correctly
  • IMPROVE: Better printer friendly version of newsletter from print link
  • IMPROVE: Remove personal information from links like unsubscribe URL
  • IMPROVE: Manage Subscriptions pages for WPML multilingual
  • FIX: "Send Default" template overrides previous, manual choice
  • FIX: Tracking links/images break when tracking is turned off afterwards
  • FIX: TinyMCE adding paragraphs to system email templates
  • FIX: Quotes in some settings cause problems
  • FIX: Edit newsletter template on post/page includes no editor
  • FIX: Template cache causing issues with custom fields
  • FIX: "sent date" of newsletters on the subscriber
  • FIX: Emails archive even if the archiving setting is turned off
  • FIX: Manage subscriptions "Activate" button remains
  • FIX: Cannot undo publishing of post on a newsletter
  • FIX: Email format of subscriber overwrites when subscribing again
  • FIX: Manage subscriptions cache issue on profile save
  • FIX: Autoresponders not adding when subscribing on Manage Subscriptions
  • FIX: Admin subscribe notification not working from manage subscriptions
  • FIX: Manage subscriptions subscribe notification shows old subscriber info
  • FIX: Clear subscriber search not working
  • FIX: Cannot save custom value hidden field
  • FIX: Manage subscriptions "Current" listing buggy when removing
  • FIX: Conflict with QuForm Builder
  • FIX: Redirect on subscribe not working for offsite code


  • ADD: Conditional tag/shortcode [newsletters_if...]
  • ADD: Ability to specify a predefined value for a hidden custom field
  • ADD: Google reCAPTCHA localization/language setting
  • ADD: Setting to apply STYLE tags as inline styles before sending the email
  • ADD: Include print link and version in newsletter
  • IMPROVE: New CSS to inline styles API integration
  • IMPROVE: Faster sending by rendering the email only once
  • IMPROVE: Change "Themes" to "Templates" throughout the plugin
  • IMPROVE: Change "Email Templates" tab to "System Emails" in configuration
  • IMPROVE: "Get More Themes" button under Newsletters > Themes section
  • IMPROVE: Open theme previews in iFrame to prevent conflict with dashboard
  • IMPROVE: Don't check permissions on each page load
  • FIX: Latest posts order of posts not saved
  • FIX: Latest posts start date/time not effective on schedule
  • FIX: Latest posts not logging posts correctly, sending old posts again
  • FIX: Notification emails not going to admin email on mailing list
  • FIX: Fields conditions "any" breaks MySQL query
  • FIX: Unable to edit address of Lagoon template


  • ADD: jQuery UI datepicker for date custom field
  • ADD: Setting to hide current subscriptions in manage subscriptions page
  • ADD: Multiple, unlimited latest posts subscription instances
  • ADD: Merge mailing lists
  • IMPROVE: Load Visual/Text tabs on new content areas with "Add Content Area"
  • IMPROVE: Show current date/time above touch_time for future scheduling
  • IMPROVE: Dynamically show "Emails Sent" value per subscriber
  • IMPROVE: Improve tracking image in default foot.php template file
  • IMPROVE: Ability to save newsletter themes without [wpmlcontent] tag
  • IMPROVE: Turn on SMTP debugging when plugin debugging is on
  • IMPROVE: Use isFunction for all jQuery functions
  • IMPROVE: Prevent use of reserved WordPress words in custom fields such as 'name'
  • FIX: Ajax progress sending/queuing checkbox confusion
  • FIX: Checkbox custom field values incorrect in admin subscription notification
  • FIX: "Add Attachment" button conflict with some themes on Create Newsletter
  • FIX: Unwanted STYLE tags in premade themes
  • FIX: Invalid textdomain on certain strings in the core
  • FIX: "You are not authorised to use this link..." error. Auth fails


  • ADD: Setting to turn on/off the excerpt length/text settings
  • ADD: Filters, bulk actions, etc... under "Emails Sent" per sent/draft email
  • IMPROVE: Sorting improvements to emails sent of sent/draft email
  • IMPROVE: "Duplicate" button when viewing individual sent/draft email
  • IMPROVE: Show post link when viewing individual sent/draft email
  • IMPROVE: Show database optimize cron schedule under Scheduled Tasks
  • IMPROVE: Deprecated upgrade-functions.php
  • IMPROVE: Undefined property $indexes
  • IMPROVE: PayPal IPN notify-validate CURL alternative to fsockopen()
  • IMPROVE: Change PayPal protocol from SSL to TLS
  • IMPROVE: Amazon SNS bounce wp_remote_request as alternative to CURL
  • IMPROVE: Retain/save filters selected under Newsletters > Subscribers
  • FIX: Pagination missing under "Emails Sent" of history email
  • FIX: Mailing list(s) column incorrect under Emails Sent of history email
  • FIX: Duplicate newslette

Requires WordPress version: 3.8 or higher

Compatible up to: 4.7.2

Last Updated 27 Jan 2017

Date Added: 26 Aug 2014

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