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Name Directory

Name directory (glossary) with lots of options. Very easy to add to your site with a simple shortcode. It can have multiple directories.

This plugin adds name/term directories to your WordPress installation. They are like glossaries. The output on your website is like a glossary/index. I recommend you to take a look at the screenshots, they illustrate more than words.

The Name Directory plugin was orginally developed for to show a directory of names to name your budgies.

A name directory is a directory that contains entries with the following properties:

  • name
  • description
  • submitter

You can create multiple directories with this plugin. Every directory can be embedded with a very simple shortcode which you can just copy-and-paste in your own pages and posts. Every directory has a few configuration options that customize the layout and functionality of the directory:

  • Show/Hide title
  • Show/Hide description
  • Show/Hide suggestion form
  • Show/Hide submitter name
  • Show/Hide search function (searches names/titles and description)
  • Show/Hide a horizontal rule between the entries
  • Show/Hide all entries when the user has not chosen an index-letter yet
  • Show/Hide the newest entries (and choose an amount of newest entries to show)
  • When you embed a directory, you can configure it to start with a letter of your choosing. E.g.: start on letter J.

The administration view of this plugin has the familiar look and feel of (the rest of) the WordPress Administration panel. I have done my best to enable some AJAX-features in the administration panel, so you can work efficiently while adding new entries.

Also featured since v1.7: .CSV-file import functionality

Current supported languages:

If you want to help with translations, please let me know on the support forums.

Author Jeroen Peters
Contributors jeroenpeters1986
Tags dictionary, dictorionaries, directories, directory, glossaries, glossary, index, name, Name Directory, NameDirectory, names, telephonebook
  1. name-directory screenshot 1

    The output of a name directory on a standard WordPress website. It's a full-featured name directory (search form, index links, descriptions and submit button)

  2. name-directory screenshot 2

    Overview of all the name directories in the WordPress Administration screen for this plugin

  3. name-directory screenshot 3

    List of all names in the selected directory and the 'Add name' form

  4. name-directory screenshot 4

    Settings screen for a name directory

  5. name-directory screenshot 5

    Where to find the Name Directory plugin settings page

Displaying a directory on your site

  1. Go to the Name Directory settings page
  2. Hover over the directory you want to add to the page.
  3. A few options should show now, like Delete, Manage and Shortcode (see screenshot
  4. Click 'Shortcode', a little textbox will show now.
  5. Copy-and-paste the content of the textbox into the page you want the plugin to show up.
  6. Save and view the page to see the result.

Installing the plugin

Installation is very easy. You can just download this plugin through the Plugin Finder in your WordPress Administration Panel.

If you download the zip-file, installation isn't that difficult either:

  1. Unzip the file which results into a directory called name-directory
  2. Upload that directory to the /wp-content/plugins/ directory
  3. Activate the plugin through the 'Plugins' menu in WordPress
  4. Create a new name directory and add some names
  5. Copy the shortcode and paste it into a post or page to show it on your website


  • WND-45: Better multisite support


  • WND-44: Front-end submit form now requires at least a name


  • WND-42: Option to use latest was broken, treated as L


  • WND-41: Verified translation from
  • WND-40: Fixed bug there selecting only names that start with numbers, everything was shown


  • WND-39: Added name_directory_active class on index to indicate which character was activated
  • WND-39: Added name_directory_empty class on index to indicate there are no entries for a character
  • Started working with the Stable tag:
  • Removed translations so we can benefit from :)
  • Do you want to help me translate this plugin in your own language? Let me know in the support forums! I will credit you!


  • WND-38: Database structure adjust


  • WND-35: Fixed CVS import
  • WND-36: Tested WP 4.4.2


  • WND-24: Fixed Possible XSS vulnerability


  • WordPress 4.3 compatible
  • Added Arabic translation (Thanks Ahmad from
  • Updated some PHP-code
  • Prevent possible function collisions


  • Updated Norwegian translation (Thanks Mikael!)
  • Some improvements for English language
  • Synced .pot and .po files


  • WND-25: Send e-mailnotification to WordPress admin when a new name is submitted
  • Generated new .pot file and synced all .po files


  • Ordering enhancements
  • Generated new .pot file and synced all .po files


  • WND-32: Show X latest (most recent) names
  • Updated Dutch Translation


  • Added Norwegian translation thanks to Mikael
  • WND-31: Search for searchterm in description (but only if show_description is enabled)
  • Moved common code to helpers, preparing for better code


  • WND-11: Import names and descriptions by csv-upload, find this option at the manage-screen
  • WND-24: Toggle published-status for name (easily show or hide names)
  • Name in WordPress settings menu is now "Name Directory" instead of "Name Directory Plugin"
  • Extended FAQ
  • Code improvements
  • Updated Dutch Translation


  • WND-26 & WND-28: Honour the Show Description setting in frontend


  • Added little spacers in the admin on the Manage names screen
  • Every name on the front-end got an anchor name


  • Added new translation file
  • Updated Dutch translation


  • WND-23: New option to only show letters on the index when there are entries, so A B D E when there is no entry with C
  • Fixed small legacy db-convert bug
  • Gave the admin panel for directory settings some space


  • Expanded FAQ
  • Updated documentation / edited screenshots
  • Updated information displayed at the WordPress Plugin Repository page


  • Search URL's didn't function properly
  • Search argument didn't work together (selected name and input filter)
  • function didn't work when WordPress was running without SEO tools
  • URL improvements (also tested with Yoast SEO plugin)


  • URLencoded the # sign, so entries starting with a number will show up


  • WND-21: Checked translation strings. Also edited two fussy strings in the Dutch translation
  • WND-22: Fixed wp-admin paths for WP Multisite users


  • WND-17: Added option which let's the user choose a default starting-character when displaying the name directory. For example: use [namedirectory dir="X" start_with="j"] to start with the letter J.
  • WordPress 4.0 compatibility
  • Added Icon to the installer gallery



  • Fixed small display bug


  • Showed submitted name


  • Updated French translations
  • Fixed too-many-slashes issue


  • Updated Dutch translations
  • Fixed display bug.
  • The All-link is hidden when you a visitor HAS to choose a letter from the index


  • Added option 'Show all names by default', this can be disabled to hide all entries if a user hasn't chosen a letter from the index.


  • Fixed bug in CREATE TABLE and backlink in form, thank you very much MerlIAV for the patch!


  • Fixed bug that prevent saving searchform preference in admin


  • Added search box on front-end (You can enable this in the name-directory settings)
  • Added support for four-column layout
  • Added Russion Translation (Translated by: Rig Kruger


  • Fixed bug which allowed non-published items to be shown



  • Fixed sorting issue at the frontend


  • WND-19: Added support for HTML in the name description


  • Name lists can now have multiple columns at the frontend
  • Added css in a separate file
  • Added database upgrade module


  • Plugin url's are now compatible with third party SEO modules


  • Added support for submission form on the front-end
  • Added possibility for admin to filter on published/unpublished names
  • Rearranged directory overview for admin, overview now shows totals for published/unpublished


  • Added double name detection


  • First major public release


  • First version for private use

What does the shortcode look like?

The shortcode for this Name Directory plugin is like this:

[namedirectory dir="1"]

The 1 in this example is the internal ID of the directory, the rest of the shortcode should always look like this.

I created a directory, how do I show it on my site?

  1. Go to the Name Directory settings page
  2. Hover over the directory you want to add to the page.
  3. A few options should show now, like Delete, Manage and Shortcode - see screenshot
  4. Click 'Shortcode', a little textbox will show now.
  5. Copy-and-paste the content of the textbox into the page you want the plugin to show up.
  6. Save and view the page to see the result.

Can you install this plugin or directory for me?

Maybe, send me an email to see if we can work this out.

Is there a bulk-add or import in this plugin?

Since v1.7, yes there is! You can import a .csv-file into a directory.

  1. Go to the Name Directory settings page
  2. Hover over the directory you want to add to the page.
  3. A few options should show now, like Delete, Manage and Import - see screenshot for a settings-example
  4. Click 'Import'
  5. Select your .csv-file
  6. Upload

You can add names, descriptions and submitter entries, just the first column (name) is required. Good to know: the first row is always ignored (they should be headers). You can download an example file at If you need any help, contact me on the forums.

Can I make the text bigger or another color?

Yes you can, with CSS. If you know your way around CSS you might already know that you can style elements by their class name or HTML structure. This plugin was written with styling / CSS in mind. Using the HTML inspector of your favourite browser you should be able to discover the classnames, but here are a few popular classes:

  • .name_directory_index: Index links (the letters A-Z)
  • .name_directory_name_box > strong: Name / Entry title
  • .name_directory_name_box > div: Name / Entry descriptiong
  • .name_directory_total: Total count of names / entries
  • .name_directory_index > form: Search form
  • #name-directory-search-input-box: Search input box
  • #name-directory-search-input-button: Search button
  • .name_directory_submit_bottom_link: Link to submit form
  • .name_directory_active: Currently active character on index
  • .name_directory_empty: Indicates that there a no entries for character

How can I contact you?

You can through this plugin information page or in the Support forums.

Version 1.7.14

Requires WordPress version: 3.0.1 or higher

Compatible up to: 4.7.2

Last Updated 05 Feb 2017

Date Added: 08 Nov 2013

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