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Magento 2 WordPress Integration

Combine Magento 2 with the CMS capabilities of WordPress. Seamless user experience for visitors by integrating the design of Magento and WordPress.

Combine the powerful e-commerce solution Magento 2 with the excellent CMS capabilities of WordPress. The Magento 2 WordPress Integration Plugin integrates Magento 2 with WordPress so users will have an unified user experience. Share session/cart data, navigation menus, header, footer, products, layout elements and static blocks by using shortcodes or functions.

This plugin is not meant to replace Magento 2, instead it will allow you to create a seamless user experience for your visitors by integrating the design of Magento and WordPress.

This is a FREE VERSION with LIMITED FUNCTIONALITY of the premium plugin that can be found here:


  • Include Magento header in your WordPress theme by our API
  • Include Magento css into WordPress theme header automatically
  • Manage store views
  • Manage including of css and showing Magento header
  • Manage one or more blocks to build your customized header by Magento 2 blocks
Contributors modernminds, yaroslav0yachmenov, maximtkachuk
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    General settings

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    Advanced settings

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    Magento 2 WordPress Integration

You can only use this plugin if your WordPress installation is on the same server as your Magento installation. This plugin requires several Magento store files to be included using PHP, this means it needs to be on the same server as your WordPress Installation. In addition, session data is stored per server and thus only available if both platforms are installed on the same server. Nevertheless, in most setups you can use different subdomains with this plugin.

  1. Purchase and download the WordPress plugin
  2. Upload the contents of the zip to your plugin directory
  3. Enable the plugin in your WordPress admin
  4. Complete the settings in the plugin settings page
  5. Apply the following patch to WordPress to avoid conflicts between WordPress and Magento 2:

File: WORDPRESS_ROOT/wp-includes/l10n.php

WordPress __() function is used for translation but is in conflict with Magento 2. Therefore, please find this function at around line 172 and


function __( $text, $domain = 'default' ) {
return translate( $text, $domain );


function __( $text, $domain = 'default' ) {
if(defined('M2I_MAGE_DIR') && class_exists('M2I_External') && M2I_External::$needs_mage_translate){
return M2I_External::translate(func_get_args());
} else {
return translate( $text, $domain );


  • Translations added (English and Ukrainian for now)
  • More hooks (m2i_before_init, m2i_after_init), plugin is more flexible
  • baseUrl error fixed, when Magento 2 is launching from root
  • Select2 field for Store view with searchability


  • Store-view field improved
  • Flags options fixed
  • Integrator improved


  • Launched the base version of the plugin

Where can I purchase the premium plugin?

You can buy the premium plugin that includes all features at:

What should be the absolute path of my Magento directory?

An example could be: /data/web/magento2/ It should go the the main directory of your Magento 2 installation

Does it support Magento 1?

No, for support of Magento 1 there are several other plugins available

What are the server requirements?

Magento 2 and WordPress should be able to read eachothers location. Therefore, it does not matter if you use a subdirectory for example, as long as they are on the same server and can be accessed by the same user.

Features in the Premium Version

  • Include Magento blocks in your WordPress theme
  • Use shortcodes to include products, layout blocks, and static blocks in the WordPress editor
  • Share session and cart data between Magento 2 and WordPress
  • Include product information in your WordPress editor
  • Seamlessly integrate your Magento 2 and WordPress theme
  • Display cart/mini cart with session data

Basic Usage Premium Version

You can use the following functions in your theme files:

  • Echo Header: m2i_get_header()
  • Echo Footer: m2i_get_footer()
  • Echo CSS files: m2i_get_links_css_tags()
  • Echo JS files: m2i_get_scripts_js_tags() or filtered m2i_get_scripts_js_filtered()
  • Get Product Data as array: m2i_get_product($sku_or_id, $by_id = false)

You can use the following shortcodes in your WordPress editor:

  • Show Blocks by Name (like Static Blocks): [m2i-cms-block name="name_in_layout"]
  • Show Product Slider (like Static Blocks): [m2i_category_slider cats_ids="1,2,5" dom_id="name" qty="# of products in slider" margin="10"]
Version 1.1.2

Requires WordPress version: 3.5 or higher

Compatible up to: 4.7.2

Last Updated 04 Jan 2017

Date Added: 27 Sep 2016


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