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Customize your login , admin login or client login page with custom login page styler ,Easy to use no coding skills required.

Custom Login Login page styler give's your admin login , login , registration and password recovery page new customized look in few minutes zero coding skill required.More Features then any other custom login plugin , Full control over login page styling and very easy to use ..
Create unique login or admin login with custom login plugin ,Almost every element on login page is customozieable with custom login page styler plugin.Make beautiful and eye catching login page .

Custom Login - Login Page Styler plugin is well tested, if you find a bug please open a ticket in the support request. Every issue will be fixed asap!

If you forgotten and need it:

your standard WordPress login is "your_domain/wp-admin/" or "your_domain/wp-login.php".

SIMPLE AND EASY WORKFLOW. Say goodbye to boring, simple, plain WordPress login page and create one with you our own logo, your own branding, colors, background and so much more . Login Page Styler is different by design because it is focused on efficiency, usability and reliability. It is created in a way that molds simplicity and functionality into a powerful yet usable login customizer. Login Page Styler make you stand out with half the effort. Brand your login page with your branding , More features then any other custom login plugin.

  1. Custom login templates
  2. Google fonts
  3. Unlimited custom login form colors.
  4. Unlimited custom login background colors.
  5. Unlimited form styling.
  6. Border styling.
  7. Login label colors.
  8. Login button color.
  9. Full custom login page styling.
  10. Custom login logo.
  11. Add background image to login.
  12. Login links color.
  13. Form field styling.

    and so much more ...

Powerful And Easy Setting Panel: Custom login - login page styler's Setting Panel is very simple and user friendly. There you are able to design your login page without any hesitation.

Responsive Design: Custom login - login page styler design is totally mobile compatible.

Unlimited Colour Scheme: Custom login - login page styler gives you ability update plugin design with unlimited colours. Colour option is available for login form , login background , login form input field , login button , border etc.

Custom Login CSS Support. Plugin fully supports custom login CSS ability for styling. If you want to make it look perfect, add your custom codes and change the styles of almost every detail.

Custom Login Style and Design Options.<.strong> Professional version of the plugin provides more than 45 options for design available in the Design section of the plugin, which will help to match the style of your website making it look better and be more professional to its visitors.

Custom Login reCaptcha. The security keys from Google which will protects the website from harming programs and robots. The feature to add a reCaptcha and is well known by many site owners.

For additional information about sending or receiving of data about custom login - login page styler , please, read the questions and answers on FAQ page. Premium version Supports full features.

Custom Login plugin is also compatible with any plugin that hooks in the login form, including

  1. BuddyPress,
  2. bbPress,
  3. Limit Login Attempts,
  4. Captcha plugins.

Version 4.5.5 Coming soon Version 3.1.5 Released


  1. Plugin on/off.
  2. Add your own custom logo on login or admin login page with custom login.
  3. Change logo title with custom login.
  4. Hide login logo with custom login .
  5. Hide login error message with custom login .
  6. Hide login lost password link with custom login.
  7. Hide login back to blog link with custom login .
  8. Custom login logo width.
  9. Custom login logo height.
  10. Custom login logo link .
  11. Custom login form position.
  12. Change login form label font size.
  13. Change login form label color.
  14. Change login form label font style.
  15. Login Logo upload button.
  16. Login body background image upload button.
  17. Login form background color.
  18. Custom login label fonts.
  19. Customize login form border width.
  20. Add custom login form border color , border style.
  21. Add custom login form textbox border size color style radius.
  22. Change login form button color , border size, border color.
  23. Change login form button border radius , border style.
  24. Change button hover border size border color, border style.
  25. Add navigation links color , navigation links hover color , links size with custom login.
  26. And so many more coming soon.
Author Zia Imtiaz
Contributors ZiaImtiaz
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    login page screenshot .

Install custom login - login page styler plugin via wordpress dashboard :

  1. Go to the Plugins Menu in WordPress.
  2. Search for plugin \"Custom Login - Login Page Styler\".
  3. Click \"Install\".
  4. After Installation click activate to start using the Custom Login - Login Page Styler on your website.
  • Go to Custom Login - Login Page Styler from Dashboard menu.
  • Enable Custom Login - Login Page Styler feature and do all the styling you want to do on your login .
  • Hit save settings and visit your login page to see the magic .

Install custom login - login page styler plugin via FTP

  1. Download the Custom Login - Login Page Styler plugin
  2. Unzip Custom Login - Login Page Styler plugin
  3. Copy the Custom Login - Login Page Styler folder
  4. Open the ftp \\wp-content\\plugins\\
  5. Paste the folder inside plug-ins folder
  6. Go to admin panel => open item \\"Plugins\\" => activate Custom Login - Login Page Styler

Version 3.1.5 Released

Added New Features

     * Custom Login Templates.
     * Google ReCaptcha for login 
 * Slide value selector for text size ,border size ,border style.
 * Navigation link hover color.
 * Navigation link text size.
 * Google font  for login form.

Version 2.1 released.Added New Features

* Logo upload button.
* Login Body background image upload button.
* Login Form background image upload button.
* Custom Login Label fonts.
* Custom Login border size.
* Custom Login Form border color.
* Login Form border style.
* Login Form input field border size.
* Login Form input field border color.
* Custom Login Form input field border color.
* Custom Login Form input field border style.

Is it legal to change WordPress Logo and texts?

Yes. WordPress gives you the permission to change whole login screen to yours by using WordPress hooks used in custom login - login page styler.

Custom login - login page styler installed and activated but not working, what should i do?

Open custom login - login page styler settings page from dashboard and click yes on the first option Enable plugin, then save settings.

What image size to use for login background image?

Whatever image size you want you can use for login page , it will set as cover because custom login login page styler is designed to set the background image cover

What image size to use for logo image for login page?

In free version you can use 80 X 80 px and in premium version you can use 300 X 200 px logo for login page with custom login - login page styler plugin .

What if I need to style login page element if plugin doesn't offer?

Custom login - login page styler give you option to customize nearly every element on login page, but if there\'s is an element you think needs customization, you can do that in \"Custom CSS\" box available in custom login - login page styler plugin .

I'm not a designer for custom login, can you customize our login ?

Yes, we can customize your login page for you which will match your WordPress site\'s theme. for that Contact us at

Do I need coding skills to design my login page?

No, Custom login - Login Page Styler is created for those who don\'t know how to code. You can just choose from given options how should a specific element will looks like.

Can i change login form position ?

Yes, Custom login - login page styler gives you ability to change login form position.

. Can i change login form opacity to transparent ?

Yes, In settings page of custom login - login page styler we have created a RGBA input field in which you just have to paste a color value with its alpha value to make form transparent for example 255,255,255,0.5 the last vale(0.5) is the opacity value to make login form transparent.

Can i change login form label color with this plugin ?

Yes, You can change login form label color with custom login - login page styler.

Can i change login form label font style ?

Yes, You can change login form label font with custom login - login page styler.

Version 3.1.5

Requires WordPress version: 3.5 or higher

Compatible up to: 4.7.2

Last Updated 14 Feb 2017

Date Added: 25 Feb 2015

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