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Custom Login Form

Login Form with security, design and redirect features. Custom login WordPress client login website

Login Form with security, redirection and design/style features for Website. Customize your admin login page. Custom login for WordPress websites.

Custom Login Form plugin is brandnew, well tested,
if you find a bug please open a ticket in the support request.
Every issue will be fixed asap!

The Login Form plugin general features:

  • FULLY FREE and customizable login form plugin
  • login form plugin don't sent users data to third parties
  • place login form on any website page within short code (shortcode usage)
  • high secure login form
  • redirects after login
  • "no password" login (possible to create login without password)
  • customizable login form design
  • login form logo customizing
  • no our copyrights
  • no third party links

Security of Custom Login Form

  • protection through typed password control
  • stealth login supported
  • stopping automated password cracking/hacking
  • login redirects for any user role
  • you can manually deactivate standard WordPress login to use this custom login form only

Custom Login form Design / Custom login Styler

  • customize login form style
    • borders
    • shadows
    • colors
    • backgrounds
    • transparency
    • dimensions

The login form plugin can be used to customize WordPress admin login or client login for WordPress websites.

How to use Login Form?

After successfully Custom Login Form plugin activation you can for example:

  1. configure design of your new login form;
  2. past the login form plugin shortcode on any page or directly in post text in your WordPress;
  3. test your created login form for any reason;
  4. if all works fine, you can deactivate standard WordPress login form;

Customize any another setting of the login form plugin, such as redirections, captcha code, form design, etc.

If you forgotten and need it:
your standard WordPress login is "your_domain/wp-admin/" or "your_domain/wp-login.php".

For additional information about sending or receiving of data, please, read the questions and answers on FAQ page.

If you need help with the login form or you want to report a bug please refer to our support on


Screens coming soon

  1. Upload the plugin folder login-form to the /wp-content/plugins/ directory of your WordPress installation;
  2. Activate the plugin through the Plugins menu in WordPress;
  3. Go to "Login Form" plugin page in your WordPress installation;
  4. Copy the short code of login form and Paste on any content post or content page of your WordPress website;

Custom Login Form plugin are tested and supported,
if you find a bug please open a ticket in the support request.
Every issue will be fixed asap!

Changelog coming soon

Where the data from a login form of my website will be sent?

The data will be sent locally between login form and your own website. Directly from plugin to website.

Can I use SSL security for my custom login form?

Sure you can do this. Custom login form plugin works with SSL certificate of your website. The Login Form plugin supports security of your WordPress and make it much more secure.

Version 2.1

Requires WordPress version: 4.0 or higher

Compatible up to: 4.6.3

Last Updated 17 Jan 2017

Date Added: 04 Jan 2016


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