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Amazon Link Localizer

Amazon Link Localizer plugin allows you to convert all your Amazon links on WordPress to local/ specific country link with your affiliate IDs in it.

Amazon Link Localizer plugin allows you to convert Amazon links on your WordPress site to specific country links with your affiliate IDs in it. Once installed the plugin automatically detects visitors’ location and takes them to their respective country’s Amazon storefronts (eg: a UK visitor to and a US visitor to

The Amazon Link Localizer is developed using API. By linking the plugin with your Prourls dashboard you can access advanced analytics of your links.

Amazon Link Localizer works on a freemium model. You can use the plugin for free for creating local links for various Amazon store fronts and earn commission. You can join one of Proruls' paid tier if you want detailed link analytics or any custom services such as API access.

For earning commission for various Amazon stores, please ensure you add affiliate IDs for various Amazon stores in your account. The plugin will automatically insert the corresponding affiliate ID for each country’s link based on visitor’s location.

How does it work?

Once you install the plugin, all your Amazon URLs will automatically be localized based on visitors' location. Each existing Amazon link and newly added link on your blog will be localized when your webpage loads. And once you add your country specific affiliate ID you can straightaway start earning more commission from your existing links.

Why work with us?

*We have been affiliate marketers ourselves and we understand the nitty-gritty of affiliate marketing and how important it is to monetize every single click to the links

*We are flexible in our approach. We may offer custom link redirection solutions to our clients, where possible

*It’s simple to use. Just install the plugin, put your affiliate IDs and you start making money straightaway

*Our pricing is simple and open/ no hidden charges

*Our customer service is amazing, just try us

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How to Install the plugin and earn commission from Amazon international stores?

Stage 1

Installing the plugin

  1. Download the plugin from WordPress Plugin Directory

  2. Unzip the folder, and use your FTP program to upload plugin files to your WordPress plugins (wp-content/plugins/) directory.

  3. Activate the plugin from 'Plugins' menu in WordPress, go to Stage 2


  1. Click 'Add New' option from your WordPress plugin page after login into your WordPress installation

  2. Search for 'Prourls' plugin

  3. Install the plugin, go to Stage 2

Stage 2

For earning commissions from Amazon international stores

  1. Sign up for Amazon international programs For earning international affiliate commission from various Amazon stores across the globe, follow the simple steps mentioned in the following post (

  2. Add your affiliate IDs to Prourls dashboard Once you sign up for the store of your choice you can create a free account with and add all the affiliate IDs to

  3. Add your Prourls API key to your plugin Once you create your account go to the account settings page and obtain the API and API Secret, add it to plugin and you are ready to go.


  • Initial Release


  • Performance improvements


  • UI changes
  • Description and Changelog updates


  • Readme update

What is Prourls?

Prourls detect the location of visitors and take them to their respective country’s Amazon storefronts (eg: a UK visitor to and US visitor to Prourl's detailed analytics not only helps you to learn the geography of your audience, but also shows you which referrer page drives you more clicks and the devices they used. Also, our Short URLs are tested and optimized for higher clicks and increased conversions. This can result in up to 20% increase in clicks compared to traditional URLs.

Do I need a Account to use this plugin?

No, you don’t need to have a Prourls account to use this plugin. By default, once you activate the plugin it will start localizing your international traffic (a UK visitor to and US visitor to However, if you want to add your Amazon affiliate ID and see detailed stats about links you should have a account. By default Affiliate ID will be used until you connect your account.

Do I have to pay for Prourls?

Our basic plan remains completely free, which allows you to create unlimited links and view basic analytics. However, we have a paid plan for our serious customers, namely, The Amazing Plan.

Version 1.2

Requires WordPress version: Wordpress 3.0 or higher

Compatible up to: 4.7.2

Last Updated 19 Jan 2017

Date Added: 03 Sep 2016

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