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Lead Champion discover

Lead Champion discover is the SaaS solution for lead generation. It allows B2B companies to increase business opportunities on the web.

Using a proprietary technology, Lead Champion discover recognizes the companies that visited your website and ranks them according to the relevance to your business.

Main features

  • Easy to activate: you just need a Lead Champion discover account. Is it possible to create one for free here.
  • Assigns score to each lead. This score calculation can be customized according to the particularity of your business.
  • Enriches each lead with detailed information such as company name, category, number of employees, VAT number, sales turnover, social profiles and contact details.
  • Is a business intelligence tool for marketing: provides useful information to analyze prospects, customers and competitors etc.
  • It integrates with most used CRM software solutions
Author Lead Champion team
Contributors LeadChampion
Tags B2B, lead, lead champion, lead generation, Leadgeneration, marketing, trova clienti, web marketing
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    Lead Champion discover plugin configuration

Download and install the Lead Champion discover plugin into your Wordpress site. Activate it, enter the Site ID that you receive at the license activation, and immediately starts tracing the leads. 1, 2, 3: Done!


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  • Release Date - 28th September, 2016*

  • First release

How does the trial license work ?

The trial license enables all of Lead Champion discover functionality for a limited period. Upon expiry of this period you can purchase a one year license to continue using the service. After the license expires, you can no longer access the data collected by Lead Champion discover.

What are the differences with Google Analytics ?

Google Analytics provides statistics on anonymous visits, therefore, we need to understand how the site is used by visitors. Lead Champion discover instead provides business intelligence data for marketing: the details of the companies that visited your site with its company profile, with scoring assigned for each lead based on customizable settings, the ability to classify the lead by tags ( eg customer, competitor, etc.), the video that plays each visit and a lead focused reporting.

Lead Champion discover can tell me who are the people that visited my website ?

Lead Champion discover recognizes the firm from which navigation was made, it does not collect information about individuals.

How to use the leads that Lead Champion discover provides me ?

The leads, classified by importance to your business, can be used for marketing analysis (eg feedback on the interest of the visitors for geomarketing) or direct marketing actions (eg. Telephone or email marketing contact). Our blog provides insights and useful tips on how Lead Champion discover can get the most from the leads of companies that visited your site.

What are the data of visiting companies shown by Lead Champion discover ?

Data are the following: company name, VAT number, address, website, phone number, fax, email, number of employees, turnover, Facebook pages, LinkedIn and Google+.

What is behavioral scoring ?

The behavioral scoring is a score calculated on the basis of visitor behavior on the site. It can be assigned a different importance to various information (time spent on site, pages viewed, etc.) through the Lead Champion discover Advanced Scoring Settings.

What is the demographic scoring ?

Demographic scoring is a score calculated on the basis of characteristics such as the turnover, the merchandise category or the number of employees. It can be assigned a different importance to various information through the Lead Champion discover Advanced Scoring Settings.

Lead Champion discover works only for visits from my country ?

No, Lead Champion discover can be activated without any territorial limitations: the technology recognizes companies from all around the world.

Version 1.2.2

Requires WordPress version: 3.1 or higher

Compatible up to: 4.5.6

Last Updated 09 Jan 2017

Date Added: 21 Sep 2016

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