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LazyEater, A WooCommerce multi-vendor online food ordering & restaurants network system.

LazyEater is a powerful multi-vendor online food ordering & restaurants network system allowing you to create your own restaurants network and give each of your restaurants there own dashboard to manage there menu, dishes, coupons, orders, withdraw and profile settings, all from the front-end. LazyEater fits any country, any city and any number of restaurants.

How it works

  1. Users browse the site to find their favorite dish.
  2. Users then make an order and choose the payment method and order type (Deliver, Pickup, Dine-in, Curbside).
  3. Restaurant processes orders through their LazyEater dashboard.
  4. Site owner gets his commission and the rest goes to the restaurant account.

LazyEater features

  • Advanced item and restaurant search, based on user chosen location.
  • Filter items by ingredients and recipe.
  • Geolocation and Google Maps Places API support.
  • Unique restaurant page including:
    • Restaurant menu grouped by item recipe.
    • Restaurant rating score.
    • Restaurant Table Reservation Info.
    • Restaurant contact and location details.
    • Restaurant type which can be used to filter other restaurants.
    • Restaurant delivery fee, minimum order for delivery and delivery speed.
    • Restaurant logo, cover and social links.
    • Restaurants Coupons codes.
    • Restaurant opening/closing status.<
  • Unique item info and purchase details popup.
  • Supports Delivery, Pickup, Dine-in, and Curbside order types (Each restaurant can set their accepted order types when open and when closed).
  • A user friendly front-end dashboard for each restaurant including:
    • Home Page - Includes quick statistics on sales, refunds, current balance, orders status, top selling items, and top customers.
    • Products Page - Where the restaurant can completely manage their items for sale and add new items using an advanced product form.
    • Orders Page - Where the restaurant view and process their orders, add notes to customers change orders statuses.
    • Coupons Page - Where the restaurants manage and add their discount codes with an advanced coupon form.
    • Withdraw Page - Where restaurants submit withdraw request to the site owner, view history of previous withdraw requests and track current withdraws.
    • Settings Page - Where the restaurants desice how their business will work and look. The settings page includes:
      • Logo and cover images.
      • General information settings.
      • Delivery settings.
      • Orders settings.
      • Social profile settings.
      • Opening/Closing timing.
      • Withdraw methods and details.
  • Based on the powerful e-commerce system - WooCommerce.
  • Support any payment gateway support by WooCommerce.
  • Unlimited layouts with more than 200 functional and layout options using the theme customization options and front-page content types that comes with Frozr.
  • 100% responsive, quick and lite on Mobile devices, saving mobile data amount.
  • 100% support for BBPress.
  • Right 2 Left.
  • What you see is what you get no additional techniques or plugins used in the plugin demo.
  • Free auto updates for ever.
  • SEO Ready.
  • Translate Ready.

Test Drive

For a test drive, register at as a restaurant. Note: Locations set in the demo are just for testing purpose, just set your location to any one.

Author Mahmud Hamid
Tags cart, checkout, cuisine, dish, downloadable, downloads, e-commerce, ecommerce, food, food ordering, front end, marketplace, multi vendor, paypal, restaurants, restaurants network, sales, sell, shop, store

NOTICE: LazyEater will only work with LazyEater supported themes like Frozr WP theme. You can download Frozr for free @ OR you can learn how to integrate LazyEater with your theme

  1. Unzip & Upload the frozr-lazyeater .zip file to your WordPress plugins directory and the frozr .zip to your themes directory.
  2. Activate the Frozr theme first and then the LazyEater plugin from your WordPress admin, also make sure you already have WooCommerce running.
  3. In your WordPress admin go to Settings -> Permalinks and just click Save Changes.


  • Add support for Wordpress 4.7 +
  • Fixed restaurant header


  • Add support for Wordpress 4.7 +


  • Fixed Dubble footer in dashboard pages.
  • Fixed uninstall functions.
  • Fixed security bug (user roles).


  • Fixed restaurant by cusine search.
  • Fixed order types when restaurant is open.


  • Fixed security bug in ajax add to cart.
  • Fixed user location detect function.
  • Fixed fontawsome icons class.
  • Added support for SMS notifications plugin.


  • Fixed sellers phone &address.
  • Fixed withdraw actions.
  • Fixed withdraw popup layout.
  • Fixed coupon actions.
  • Fixed print order link after orders refresh.
  • Add seller name to edit popup.
  • Add withdraw ID to edit popup.
  • Add confirmation step before editing withdraw.
  • Add currency balance to user balance in withdraw request.
  • More developer support.


  • Fixed restaurant functions.


  • Fixed security bugs in saving user cookies.
  • Fixed page templates.


  • Fixed Geolocation bugs 5543j3.
  • Fixed security bugs jk445r and 54jak in 45gh and 45th.


  • Fixed Geolocation to only work with users from the base WooCoomerce country.
  • Advance box filters with auto set to "Restaurants" type if user location was not found in db.
  • Fixed Notices Layout.
  • Fixed the location set input.


  • LazyEater can now work on other themes.
  • Fixed some layout bugs.


  • Added Geolocation and Google Maps API support.
  • Fixed Spanish translation.
  • Fixed Withdraw status change bug.


  • Quick fix for LazyEater Options.


  • Quick fix for the theme customizer and LazyEater admin.


  • Removed the Seller percentage option and introduced the new "Fee/Commission" setting tab in plugin admin.
  • Added print order action to restaurants dashboard orders page.
  • Fixed Website fee on Cash on Delivery (COD) (Temporary Fix).
  • Fixed restaurant page product listing.
  • Fixed shop product scrolling.


  • Coupon creating and usage security fix.
  • Fixed dashboard sales summary.
  • Added Print templates (beta).
  • Fixed minor layout bugs.


  • More developer support.
  • Added cart count number.
  • Fixed ajax add to cart for variable products.


  • More detailed dashboard sales summary report.
  • Orders in sellers dashboard are now auto updated to load any new orders every 1 minute via Ajax.
  • Added full product link to product popup.
  • Added Terms of Service for Sellers and Customers.
  • Added Spanish translation.
  • Added ability for admin to send direct email invitation letters to people from the "Sellers" page.
  • Fixed new product form variations.
  • Fixed the grouped product type form.
  • Fixed customer cart delivery calculations.
  • Fixed other minor issues.


  • Fixed Restaurant Rating Function.
  • Added Ajax Add To Cart on Restaurant Page.


  • Fixed some R2L layout bugs.
  • Added Arabic Language.

  • Fixed some R2L layout bugs.
  • Fixed restaurant timing issue with different time zones.

  • Fixed restaurant new order email notice for all countries.
  • Fixed other minor bugs.


  • Fixed delivery fee function, restaurant owners can now set their delivery fee per item or per order.
  • Added Indian currency Symbol fix.
  • Fixed mobile layout bugs.
  • Fixed other minor bugs.


  • Fixed restaurant timing settings layout.
  • Fixed restaurant front-page filters layout.
  • Fixed restaurant tables popup layout.


  • Added restaurant food types served.
  • Restaurants Addresses are now filterable.
  • Admins can now modify the frontpage item/restaurant filters and sort them directly without the need of the WordPress Customize tool.
  • Added new search filters for items and restaurants.
  • Added Restaurant Table Reservation Info.
  • Added Sellers page to the admin frontend dashboard.
  • Added email messages to notify restaurants on new orders.
  • Fixed some frontend dashboard bugs.

  • Fixed the Opening hours function.


  • Fixed some layout issues.


  • Added Pickup, Dine-in, and Curbside orders types.
  • Fixed some minor layout bugs.


  • Restaurant home page search box is now completely editable from customize tool.
  • Added "Accept Emails" & "Allow off-line orders" options to restaurant settings.
  • Delivery locations and restaurant types taxonomies are now editable by admin.
  • Added item special comments before add to cart.
  • All new restaurant settings page.
  • All new store item popup.
  • All new Dish/Item edit page.
  • Fixed some dashboards functions.


  • Fixed Filter dishes by type links.
  • Add support for developer modifications.
  • Fixed some spellings mistakes.
  • Fixed some layout bugs.


  • Fixed Dashboard pages and sub pages layout.
  • Fixed the Right 2 Left layout.
  • Added new links to dish edit page.
  • Fixed dish and settings saving function.
  • Fixed dish gallery function.
  • Fixed Dish variations function.


  • Fixed some layout bugs.
  • Fixed product edit link.
  • Fixed user dish delete function.
  • Fixed products count.
  • Fixed restaurant registration mail.


  • Added system email messages.
  • Fixed system registration process.
  • Updated & Fixed LazyEater customizer options.


  • Fixed system email messages issues.
  • Fixed some security issues.
  • Fixed dish edit functions and layout.
  • Fixed other minor issues.


  • Fixed some layout bugs.


  • Added Location guiding and user location cookie.
  • Fixed some layout bugs.


  • Fixed front-page dish filtering by dish detail.
  • Added dish ingredients to the quick dish layout.


  • First release beta version.

Can you provide modifications on LazyEater functionality?

We provide a free layout customization when giving LazyEater a 5 start rating on We also provide some functionality modifications and extension with extra costs depending on the modification/extension required.

Is it possible to allow customers to make orders from other websites or social media?

Making orders is a WooCommerce functionality, so if there is a plugin that will allow WooCommerce orders from other websites, it will not conflict with the LazyEater.

Can the plugin be used for food trucks instead of static restaurants?

The plugin can be used for any organization having a static address and provide food service, this can be even homemade food business.

How can I make my website look like the plugin demo?

Follow instructions in the Demo Content & Settings article.

How can I customize the plugin layout?

You can fully customize the layout through the WordPress customize tool and you can customize the layout of the frontpage food and restaurants filtering section directly from website frontpage, you only have to be logged in as admin.

Can I change the language of the plugin?

The plugin is translation ready, that means it will support any translation plugin. Currently, Arabic and English translations are included. If you wish to translate to your language you can use the WordPress WPML plugin.

Is the plugin mobile friendly?

Yes, the plugin is fully responsive and mobile friendly. The plugin will also stop using some scripts on mobile for a lightweight, quick mobile experience.

Does your script work like Grubhub and Eat24? Is it a Grubhub and Eat24 clone?

The scenario might be close, but LazyEater is not a clone of Grubhub or Eat24, LazyEater will function according to its own rules and steps, that might be different from how Grubhun and Eat24 works.

Is it possible for this plugin to be white-labeled?

No, please refer to purchase license on

Could you develop a native Android & IOS app to be used in conjunction with the website that is powered by the plugin?

We currently do not provide mobile app development, but we will soon start providing this service.

Version 1.2.3

Requires WordPress version: 4.4 or higher

Compatible up to: 4.7.2

Last Updated 15 Feb 2017

Date Added: 16 Aug 2016

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