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Landing Pages, SEO Content. Increase sales & leads

Landing Pages increase sales, traffic, registrations on your website

Landing Pages is hidden weapon at most website specialists and professionals.
Fact is: Landingpages increase sales, traffic, registrations on your website.

If you have questions about landing pages like:

  • What is "Landing Page" and "How it works"?
  • How to increase website sales, traffic, visitor/customer registrations?
  • How to make Dynamical and Statical Landing Pages?
  • please, refer to FAQ page of Landing Pages.

Landing pages plugin can easily increase website traffic & sales by adding of landing pages to website.

All of sales or orders will be saved in your database. To view the orders, just open in back-end menu "Orders through landing pages".

Landing pages on WordPress website can be created by following these simple steps:

  1. After installation and activation of Landing page plugin - one category named "landing-page" will be created automatically. All pages, added to this category will be automatically converted in landing pages of your website;
  2. Each landing page will become a Contact From. You may customize this form for a better conversions;
  3. Customize your created landing page by adding of your own text near Contact form due Settings in the plugin;
  4. Customize your text for the "textarea" of Contact form in your landing page;
  5. Customize the Title text of the landing page;
  6. Landing page can be linked with your normal articles and pages through the page tags, which you can add for each normal page in WordPress;


If you have any questions, need help with the plugin or you want to report a bug, please refer to

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  1. Upload the "Landing pages, SEO Content leads analytics" plugin folder "landing-pages-leads-analytics-seo-content" to the /wp-content/plugins/ directory of your WordPress installation.
  2. Activate the "Landing pages, SEO Content leads analytics" plugin (or activate the plugin through the Plugins menu in WordPress).

If you have questions like "how to use?" or "where can I find my landing pages?", please read the description of landing page plugin here.

If you need help with the plugin or you want to report a bug, please refer to

Please, try to update this plug-in to the latest version to avoid security and other problems.

The latest version of this plugin is: 1.0.1

Thank you.

What is "Landing Page"?

Landing Page - is the special created subpage(s) on your website, that contain a special optimized statical or dynamical content, that will cause interest of target website visitors. Download Landing Pages plugin

How landing pages can increase my website sales, traffic or visitor/customer registrations?

Your website-visitor "lands" on one of many subpages of your website only if search engine "think" that content of this sub-page is relevant to website-visitor's keyword search request.
It means, that first of all subpage of your website should prompt interest of website visitor. Download Landing Pages plugin

How to prompt interest of website visitors to be my customer?

There are many actions, that you can do. Download Landing Pages plugin

How to create WordPress Landing Page or Landing Page with special Content?

Landing Page (Landingpage) is the specially created subpage(s) on your website. Landingpage is a subpage(s) of your website, that will be created as static page or dynamic generated page with dynamic generated and high relevant content on it. Download Landing Pages plugin

How to make a Dynamical Landing Page?

You should be programmer or just use our SEO plugins. Just search on WordPress for "WPAdm" plugins and you will find some of very useful SEO plugins, also for content, landing pages, as also for WordPress shop or other Internet webshop. Download Landing Pages plugin

How to make a Statical Landing Page?

We can say, that every created Page in your WordPress installation is a "Statical" page, cause the content does not change depending on the conditions like website-visitor interest, geo-targeting or something else like this. The content on a Statical Landing Page should be concentrated around a particular thing, product or service. Statical Landing Page should be filled within keywords from one sense direction. Download Landing Pages plugin


Optimization of landing page

For right content and usability optimization of landing page it is important to understand what will the customer, how psychologist. Under usability type of landing page understand: pricing landing page, product information or contact form landing page. The usability optimization of landing page template and choosing the wright type of landing page is existential for SEO, sales and traffic increase, because the visitor decides within 3 second if he will stay on the website. In this version create a content contact form of landing page. In this contact landing page template there are place for one picture so that the visitor see visual for what he was looking for. Right next to the picture is the contact form with registration, this inquiry form with email and telephone is form of call to action for the visitor. If the visitor see for what he looking for on picture and on the heading the next step must be to call or to wright email. The email and place for telephone number is in WordPress templates included. This template is suitable for all WordPress websites. To increase the traffic on your website it is important to choose the right image content with the good resolution and size. This landing page plugin creates automatically the right size with best resolution for SEO and page speed; there by increase this plugin the page traffic. In the same time automatically treatment of landing page treatment reduced the time for preparation of pictures for landing pages.

Version 1.0.3

Requires WordPress version: 3.9 or higher

Compatible up to: 4.7.2

Last Updated 18 Jan 2017

Date Added: 22 Oct 2015


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