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L7 Login Customizer

Customize your login, logout, and register pages. Add a custom logo and background image easily.

Easily and quickly add a logo and customize the login, logout, and register pages. Simple settings so a user can make adjustments quickly and easily without knowing any code. You can add a background image, set it to repeat or just leave it centered, choose the color of text, link hover, and whether to display the "forgot password" and "register" links.

Not interested in doing the customizations yourself? Purchase an addon from Layer 7 Web - Addons. Install and be done. You will still have the ability to add a logo and make custom CSS changes.

Adding a custom logo gives your clients a fully customized experience, rounding out your work for a real professional look. Custom css for advanced users provides you with complete control over the display when creating your custom login, logout, and register pages.

Users can:

  • Upload/Add a logo
  • Set logo height
  • Set logo width
  • Set the space between the logo and the top of the form
  • View a preview of the selected logo
  • Set the link that the logo links to
  • Add a logo image title
  • Set the pages background color
  • Set the form’s background color
  • Set the small form’s (inner form) background color
  • Set a background image for the whole page. Set it to repeat or not
  • Preview the background image
  • Set text color
  • Set the links color
  • Set link hover color
  • Hide the links
  • Hide the back to blog link
  • Submit button background color
  • Submit button’s border color
  • Set your custom css for complete control

Language Translations

  • Nederlands
  • French

Works with Wordpress v3.3 up to v4.7

Works on all hosting providers

No Dependencies

  • This plugin does not require any php extensions and can work with PHP v5.3.


Author Jeffrey S. Mattson
Contributors jeffreysmattson
Tags background, branding, change, CSS, custom, customize, login, logo, logout, register, screen, Style, theme, wp-login
  1. l7-login-customizer screenshot 1

    The settings page for adding logo and making changes to the display.

  2. l7-login-customizer screenshot 2

    An example of a login page customized.

  3. l7-login-customizer screenshot 3

    Login page customized.

  4. l7-login-customizer screenshot 4


  5. l7-login-customizer screenshot 5


Option 1

  • Login as administrator on a Wordpress site
  • Navigate to the plugins page
  • Click Add plugin
  • Search for "L7 Login Customizer"
  • Install and activate the plugin

Option 2

  • Download the latest ZIP
  • Login to your Wordpress installation as an administrator
  • Go to Plugins -> Add New -> Upload Plugin
  • Upload the ZIP file
  • Activate the Plugin after it is installed
  • Make changes in settings -> Custom Login


  • Removed unnecessary files


  • Bug fix


  • Background image fix.
  • Bug Fix.


  • Most stable release
  • Bug Fix.


  • Bug Fix.


  • Template theme optimizations.


  • Added ability for template theme addons to be activated.


  • Fixed colorpicker. It was not showing the colors to choose from.


  • Added remove logo and background image buttons.


  • Fixed a simple save button error.


  • Minified and concatenated scrips.
  • Suggestions and Comments Box added.


  • Added Language Translation for French


  • Added Language Translation for the Nederlands


  • Minor PHP warning fix.


  • Added floating save and preview buttons
  • Added submit button color
  • Added submit button border color
  • Minor UI adjustments


  • Fixed minor warnings
  • Corrected background color bug.


  • Added the ability to hide the links and the back to blog link separately.
  • Moved space between logo and top of form setting


  • Added hide links checkbox. Hides all links below the form.


  • Added warning banners when inputs are not in the correct format.
  • Fixed minor security bug.


  • Fixed Logo Height bug.
  • Added logo Width setting.


  • Added space between logo and top of form adjustment.
  • Fixed conflict with l7 Help Video Plugin
  • Fixed logo link bug
  • Fixed logo title bug


  • Grouped Setting Options
  • Moved Color Picker from right to left


  • Added Bootstrap Colorpicker!
  • Added small form area setting
  • File structure change

When I select an image, no image appears in the settings.

When choosing or uploading an image you must make sure that the URL is in the "Link URL" field in the upload form. This can be done by simply clicking on the "File URL" button. Once you see the image URL in this field you can select your image.

What size image is the best to upload as a logo?

Depending on the image it can vary but a square image fits best without adding custom css. The height of the image is adjustable.

If I use a plugin that changes the URL of the login will this plugin still work?

Yes. This plugin currently is compatable with any plugin that changes the login url.

Is this plugin compatable with WP-Members?

This plugin is compatable with WP-Members although they have the option to use one of thier templates for login. This will not customize that login page.

After viewing the preview several times I am no longer able to view the login page. A notice is shown saying my ip has been banned and I am no loger able to view the login page.

Due to the increase in brute force attacks on Wordpress sites, Some hosting providers have security measures in place that will not allow the loading of the login page a set number of times in a time period. You will have to contact your hosting provider to have this changed. Usually you are only banned for a few minuets.

Version 2.3.0

Requires WordPress version: 3.3 or higher

Compatible up to: 4.7.2

Last Updated 10 Dec 2016

Date Added: 16 Jul 2015

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