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Knews Multilingual Newsletters

Finally, newsletters are multilingual, quick and professional: Create and send automated newsletters or through his WYSIWYG editor.

Knews is a powerful multilingual plug-in that allows you to build professional looking newsletters, segment subscribers in different mailing lists as well as segment them by language all in a matter of minutes.

Includes a custom, unique modular WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get) editor. Based on templates, with no need to know HTML.


  • Multilingual: it recognizes the languages of the blog or website automatically; compatible with Polylang, WPML and qTranslate / qTranslate X.
  • Gravity Forms support added through Knews + GF Glue free plugin: add easily a subscription checkbox to your GF forms
  • Contact Form 7 support added through Knews + CF7 Glue free plugin: add easily a subscription checkbox to your CF7 forms
  • Multiple mailing list subscription at once
  • Partial support(1) for WooCommerce templates: Lets Sharp & Cool Shop
  • 591 domain blacklist added (keep mailing lists clean)
  • Autoresponders** please, take a look here
  • REMOTE SUBSCRIPTION ADDED: Now Knews give you an iframe HTML code for remote subscription in external websites.
  • Tracking pixel: Now Knews uses an image to track opened newsletters, not only user clicks.
  • Support for Polylang: Now Knews support Polylang, a high quality free multilingual plugin.
  • HTML code edition inside WYSIWYG Editor!
  • Easy SMTP default configuration for 1&1 and GoDaddy hostings & Gmail and Yahoo external accounts.
  • Automated newslettering creation and submit (tutorial here).
  • Widget for subscriber and surfing language capture, with Name and Surname optional fields.
  • Newsletter customization: Name and Surname token replacement in submit time.
  • Possibility of creating your own templates (tutorial here).
  • Segmentation of subscribers by language and in different mailing lists
  • Support for SMTP sending (tutorial here).
  • Total control of deferred sending, pause, start, end, logs, error reports and re-sending.
  • Support for CRON (tutorial here) and Cron emulation by JavaScript.
  • Personalisation of all interaction messages with users, in any installed language.
  • Multilingual back office: English, Portuguese, Russian, Arabic, Spanish, German, French, Italian, Finnish, Dutch, Greek and Catalan.
  • Automated subscription, cancellation and confirmation of subscribers.
  • Flexible, simple and intuitive import wizard: any order of columns and encoding will be correctly interpreted in a .CSV file.
  • Statistics: Sign ups, unsubscriptions, newsletter submits, user clicks, user can't read click, etc.
  • Free and without limitations.

(1) Knews Free can't automate the use of the featured post image, you should also add the Product image manually. Knews Free can't automate the e-commerce newsletter creation.

Premium features:

Knews has a Premium version, with this extra features:

  • Automated bounce handling
  • Double width newslettering: desktop and mobile
  • User mass management
  • Latest Newsletters Widget, shortcode & function
  • Permission management: Allow & disallow users by roles
  • Custom Post Types: support for manual & automated
  • Add custom fields as you want to the users
  • Featured post image support for manual and automated insertion

More info here:

A WYSIWYG Editor Demo:

Admin languages:

Do you want to translate Knews to your language? We will give you Knews Pro for free as exchange, please, contact us here:

Future releases

  • Support for xili-language and transposh plugins.
  • Continued improvement of the WYSIWYG editor.
  • More templates.
Author Carles Reverter
Contributors creverter
Tags automated newsletter, batch sending, email capture, email subscribe, newsletter, newsletter multilingual, newsletter signup, newsletters, subscribers, subscription, wysiwyg newsletter editor
  1. knews screenshot 1

    Personalisation of all interaction messages in all languages.

  2. knews screenshot 2

    Segmentation of subscribers by language in different mailing lists.

  3. knews screenshot 3

    The WYSIWYG Editor doing module insertion (doing drag).

  4. knews screenshot 4

    The submit process.

  5. knews screenshot 5

    Statistics: Sign ups, unsubscriptions, newsletter submits, user clicks, user can't read click, etc.

  6. knews screenshot 6

    The Clean Blue Template and a sample customisation (Sports Car Magazine).

  7. knews screenshot 7

    The Sweet Barcelona Template and a sample customization (Wine).

  8. knews screenshot 8

    The Casablanca Template and a sample customisation (Christmas).

  9. knews screenshot 9

    The Glossy Black Template and a sample customisation (White Background).

  10. knews screenshot 10

    The Officina Template.

  1. Add the plug-in using wordpress admin, find or upload it, via website or FTP.

  2. Activate it.

  3. Go to the Knews configuration page and configure: Sender: Name and e-mail will appear as those of the submitted newsletters.

  4. You can also optionally configure:

  5. a) Multilingual: Knews works as monolingual by default, but it can recognise the languages defined in Polylang, WPML or qTranslate / qTranslate X if you choose.

  6. b) CRON: By default Knews works with wp_cron, but it can be changed (highly recommendable for websites with low traffic). (tutorial here).

  7. c) SMTP sending: by default Knews sends by wp_mail (). You will have more features and fewer newsletters ending up as spam if you configure data sending using SMTP. (tutorial here)

  8. As an option, you can create different mailing lists: open to all registered wordpress users and/or segmented by language.

  9. You can optionally modify all the texts and dialogues in all the installed languages.

  10. To place the subscription form, you have the following options:

  11. a) Drag the Knews widget to the sidebar.

  12. b) Put the following shortcode on any page or post: [knews_form]. NEW Options: [knews_form id=1 name=ask surname=required stylize=1 labelwhere=outside|inside|none subtitle=0|1 requiredtext=1|0 terms=0|1 script=1|0]

  13. c) Write in your theme: <?php echo knews_plugin_form(); ?>. NEW: Or: <?php echo knews_plugin_form( array(0[or mailing list id], 'name'=>'ask', 'surname'=>'required', 'stylize'=>[0|1], 'labelwhere'=>'outside|inside|none', 'subtitle'=>[0|1], 'requiredtext'=>[0|1], 'terms'=>[0|1], 'script'=>[0|1]) ); ?>

  14. If you already have subscribers in some other system or e-mail programme, save them as CSV files: with the import wizard everything will be simple and intuitive.

  15. You can configure the automated newsletters feature: [] (

  16. You can customize your email/newsletter with name and surname users values, write: {%name%[Dear user]} {%surname%[]} in any place of newsletter, the tokens %name% and %surname% will be replaced by the user fields in submit time. If there are empty, then will be replaced by the default values (between []).


  • Now the submit time (hour and minute) can be set for automated newsletters
  • Autocreation / autoresponders tasks settings can be edited (no delete and create another one anymore)
  • Solved bug on for French release: bad escaped apostrophe break JavaScript on admin side
  • Solved bug on spam live test (now works for https admin sites)
  • Clean wp-cron knews task when another options has selected (webserver cronjob or js-cron)


  • Solved bug on some images resizing
  • Solved bug in stats for multisites
  • .htaccess code improvements for tracking pixel:
  • _ Code persists after permalinks change
  • _ Code compatible with multisite config
  • Solved pagination bug in manual post selector


WYSIWYG EDITOR NEW FEATURES: - New clean styles button added (on upper toolbar) - Clean text paste from Word and others: avoid unstable formats after paste - Selected nodes-only HTML code editor (on bottom bar) - Solved issues on Internet Explorer: token insertions (gear icon for username etc) and text color

  • solved issue on automation: some posts was not included on automation
  • deferred publication posts (future date) loosing the "knews for automation" choice at publication time: solved.
  • fixed issue on tracking stats for https protocol websites on front-end
  • dates on admin side are now shown localised, not GMT
  • Ready for the new-wave-templates (comming soon)


  • Solved bug on new stats: not displaying on 1.7.8 (sorry, guys)...


  • Better stats: Now uses the google graphs library
  • Solved issue in excerpt length (sometimes ignored)


  • Integrated WordPress Farbastic color picker on WYSIWYG editor
  • Better scroll control on WYSIWYG editor
  • Less intrusive advices
  • Faster editor loading


  • Real Spam Test: check easily your SMTP configuration with real Spam Assassin diagnose results
  • Text version added on every newsletter sent. It will get better (automatic extraction from HTML content)
  • Solved warning about WPLANG on admin dashboard
  • Better pixel tracking code script
  • Solved some auto-creation newsletter issues


  • Solved the missing /wp-content/plugins/knews/includes/knews_subscribe.js?ver=1.7.4 bug. Bug introduced in 1.7.4. (Sorry guys!)


  • Gravity Forms support added through Knews + GF Glue free plugin: add easily a subscription checkbox to your GF forms
  • Complaints [Google PII Adsense Policy] ( (Personally Identifiable Information)
  • Support new qTranslate X 3.3 release(a qTranslate branch)
  • JavaScript front-end code enqueued in a WP standard way: subscription forms and subscription/unsubscription dialogs compatibles with jQuery loaded on footer.



  • Contact Form 7 support added through Knews + CF7 Glue free plugin: add easily a subscription checkbox to your CF7 forms
  • Multiple mailing list subscription at once option added (chekboxes instead select on subscription widget as option)
  • Consistent local time info instead of GMT time on admin side


  • Crop image (on/off) on resize added as option
  • Support for polylang different domain per language
  • Localised time format on Knews admin pages
  • Added https support for CRONJOB url
  • Support for background styles on body tag on newsletter templates
  • Saffety bug solved on SQL injection attack
  • Bug solved into automated newsletter creation: a second newsletter somethimes was created with fewer posts
  • Some old installs can't create autometed newsletters. Now solved.
  • Solved bug on email testing: newsletters can't be sent manually to emails with hypens on domain
  • Bug solved in URL on newsletter can't read link


  • Partial support for the new e-commenrce templates (for WooCommerce)
  • Add support for body inline styles on templates


  • The excerpt length can be set in Knews preferences
  • Solve the broken URLs in newsletter editor for some installations


  • Export subscribers tool now works like a charm
  • Solved bug: some installations haven't confirmation message / PHP error message on subscription form submision
  • Solved: Some newsletter links wasn't traced on stats
  • Solved automation newsletter bug: now you can set again the every amount of time value on admin side
  • Solved: PHP Error on SMTP test while test fails


  • Improvements on submit script:
  • solved double submit bug after submit error
  • PHP timeout error proof (really)
  • reset smtp after email send error
  • wait after 5 consecutive email send error


  • Solved an stupid bug: the Knews preferences was deleted when you do an scanning blacklist (Now safe).
  • This bug was introduced on 1.6.5. Sorry guys!!!


  • 591 domain blacklist added (keep mailing lists clean) from:
  • Clean scanning blacklist tool added for current subscribers
  • Automated newsletter creation timeout error proof
  • Open newsletter detection for users without tracking pixel configured
  • Reliable email submit script (it will restart at the same point if some error like PHP timeout break the script)
  • Spaces in emails bug solved (on import, subscription and manual creation and edition)
  • Solved newsletter display over home page in some WP installations


  • Added a quick status check pane on submit newsletter screen
  • Support for %the_content_1% ... %the_content_n% in custom newsletter
  • You can add your custom speed in wp-config.php file: define ('KNEWS_CUSTOM_SPEED', x); //where x is emails sent every 10 minutes
  • Solved bug on multistep import: some users experienced fail in large files
  • Solved bug on admin submits screen pagination
  • Solved: In manual post insertion, it shows ALL articles, even those which are in trash.
  • In mailing lists, now count the total users well
  • Solved PHP warnings about temporary text file deletion (lockfile.txt and lockfile2.txt)
  • Minor bugs solved


  • Autoresponders can be filtered by user language
  • Extra info added in the list
  • Emails at once added on manual submision
  • Bug solved: some autoresponders never was sent to some users
  • Support for new Polylang versions
  • Solved a qTranslate issue in automated newsletters


  • Complaint with the new WP 3.9 WPDB extra layer for PHP 5.5+ (Warning: mysql_real_escape_string()... messages)
  • Solved bug in autoresponders: never was created when used with one list filter.
  • Solved issue with qTranslate on manual post insertion


  • Solved bug in autoresponders: never was sent in some installations
  • Solved issue with qTranslate on image insertion


  • Finally! Autoresponders!! please, take a look here
  • Emails at once in autocreation
  • Newsletters classified by type: manual, autocreated, and autocreation + autoresponders
  • Assistant inside WYSIWYG Editor for tokens and shortcodes insertion
  • More stable newsletter autocreation
  • Emails per hour preview
  • Support in WYSIWYG Editor for HTTPS administration


  • Added language filter in subscribers administration
  • Added support for the new MAC Safari versions (WYSIWYG drag & drop works again)
  • Solved link tracking bug for stats


  • Solved the "email submission failed" message. It's a bug introduced in 1.5.7 (the emails really was sent, but Knews always show sending error, in SMTP test, unique submission and mailing list submission.


  • New styles for 3.8 admin interface
  • Subscription form outer WordPress (from other websites through Iframe)
  • Solved auto-creation bug when more than one process starts at same time (only one was sent in past)
  • Trying re-subscribe error message solved
  • Solved the HTML code editor blank error


  • Solved empty subject bug when the newsletter was sent trough SMTP: We're sorry, guys!


  • Double optin subscription on/off (default on)
  • Email subscription advice (Knews email you when someone subscribes)
  • Error in image resize solved
  • Gmail port corrected in SMTP wizard
  • Solved downloadable file link tracking stats param issue in newsletters


  • Chinese Simplified & Traditional added
  • User IP and registration date export added (in CSV)
  • Solved not-homepage-issue under newsletter or dialog
  • Full support for distinct /wp-content folder name
  • Full support for Hungarian chars (thanks to @easy82)
  • Support for relative image URLs inside WordPress
  • Patch added for some users who can't see stats graphs (thanks to @burakali)
  • More clean code in newsletters (less comments)
  • Better code line cut


  • Better mailing lists panel: in send newsletter and export users
  • Better stats
  • Lighter export users (less timeout issues, about 50.000 users)
  • Better search users
  • Solved tracking codes repeated
  • IP and date registration in user info panel
  • Support for one-blog plugin activation in a multiblog site
  • Support for distinct than wp-content folder name - See more at:


  • Tracking pixel automated, with easy configuration wizard (it needs one change in htaccess file)
  • Better stats, better colors and reset option added
  • Now you can add custom CSS for subscription widget (don't need modify your CSS theme anymore)
  • Too faster search subscriber (admin side)
  • Solved bad links in outlook (last slash in unsubscribe and can't read links)
  • Tabbed configuration and sexy switches instead checkboxes


  • IMPORTANT: SOLVED 1.5.0 BUG: 1.5.0 users can't send newsletters


  • Removed automated upgrade from Knews Free to Pro ( guidelines)
  • Portuguese language added (Thanks to BAANNNG.
  • MySQL error messages at first installation solved.


  • Solved can't read link don't show the newsletter bug
  • Solved manual user insertion bug
  • Better support for Polylang


  • Solved select post blank popup in newsletter editor


  • Support for Polylang (Now Knews works as multilingual with WPML, Polylang and qTranslate)
  • Nice URLS (In subscription opt-in, cant read and unsubscribe links)
  • Solved blank dialog after subscription
  • Less interferences with another plugins


  • Solved blank color picker window under WordPress 3.6
  • Suport for WPML 2.9
  • Import CSV multistep filename error solved
  • Automated newsletters stability
  • Solved some interferences with another plugins


  • Solved the "Knews cant update. Please, check user database permisions. (You must allow ALTER TABLE)" error (only in 1.4.4, we're sorry)


  • Subtitle added (optional)
  • Show required fields text (optional)
  • More specific message error for required fields
  • Accept terms checkbox (optional)
  • Import multiple step (every 500 users, in order to avoid memory issues)
  • Mailing lists creation (supports multiple, comma separated)
  • Import error log (see which and why emails reports issues)
  • IP saving in subscription time
  • Manual user creation with one step name and surname introduction and options remembering
  • Test SMTP: added from, from name and debug info
  • Saving which link was clicked inside a newsletter
  • Cron call overlap prevented
  • The resize IMG bug in editor (forbidden) solved for some users
  • The retry submission for the errors now works
  • The aphostrophe JS bug in the "see log" option (on submits) in some languages solved.


  • Newsletters shown in a light window over the home page (follow the newsletters can't read link)
  • Confirmation subscription dialog prettyfied
  • Unescaped strings break JavaScript (aphostrophe, some languages only) solved
  • Subscription form extra borders issue solved (1.4.2 bug)


  • Subscription form layout: Labels outside fields (default), inside or hidden as an option
  • Changes in the subscription form tags structure
  • Better excerpt extraction: without extra BRs and other issues
  • More stable auto creation newsletter


  • Support for the new Wordpress 3.5 media uploader
  • Greek language added
  • Emails with spaces behind or before now supported (in subscription form, CSV import and user search)


  • Automated update to premium version
  • Hungarian special chars support added
  • Subscription form IDs removed (now code validates W3C rules)
  • Solved line height editor bug in font dialog
  • Solved dancing cursor in Firefox while writing


  • Added HTML edition for the HTML coders inside HTML WYSIWYG Editor
  • Easy SMTP default configuration for 1&1 and GoDaddy hostings (the most asked & confuse hostings). And Gmail and Yahoo external accounts (most used external SMTP).
  • Solved a bug in the Test SMTP config for IsSendmail() configuration: always failed with right config (thanks to Manuel López Riego)
  • Solved PHP Warning in automated_jobs.php for qTranslate users (thanks to Andrija Kokanovic)
  • Solved PHP notice in newsletter creation: notice undefined variable anytemplate (thanks to Hasan Yousef)


  • Cleaner in the WYSIWYG Editor for the font size bug (appears only in some mail clients, most times in some letters inside the link) now solved.
  • More clean and shorter code lines in sent newsletters html: solves rare mail client issues.
  • Support for the new jQuery 1.9: alternatives for the deprecated live() and browser() methods. More performance and support for older jQuery versions.
  • Export subscribers: Now exports the name and surname fields.
  • Post content: insertion now really gets the_excerpt content (if exists, otherwise generates it using the content).
  • Select post pagination() function re-declaration bug solved (some WP themes uses this function name).


  • Solved a bug while saving the newsletter in the WYSIWYG editor


  • Russian language added (Thanks to Ivan Komarov. http:// ).
  • Google + icon added in the newsletter templates.
  • Added IsSendmail() in mailserver connection options (before only IsSMTP(), 1&1 webservers needs this method ).
  • Added alerts if all the mailing lists are closed (subscribe widget doesn't shown).
  • Fixed image resize issue under WP 3.5v (first time image resize / change).
  • Solved broken links can't read and unsubscribe for users not subscribed (submits through manual submit).
  • Some unstranslated strings solved (some strings added in latest releases).
  • Solved issue while saving in the editor (broken ajax communication).
  • Now the_excerpt gets the real post excerpt if there is one.
  • Subscription form back (if something goes wrong) now doesn't scroll up when doing click.
  • Right headers for stats images (some users can't see graphics stats).


  • Error message "Knews cant update. Please, check user database permisions. (You must allow ALTER TABLE)." solved. We're Sorry!!!
  • Subscription form back (if something goes wrong) without reload NOW WORKS.


  • Dutch language added (Thanks to Carl Rozema. )
  • Title added in the newsletter page after user clicks can't read link
  • User administration improvements: search for name and surname and order by any field
  • Subscription form back (if something goes wrong) without reload
  • Special Class added to the subscription form button for easy CSS customisation
  • Now Knews uses the WordPress PHPMailer built-in library, less conflicts with another plugins
  • Plugin upgrade checks for database alter table permision before upgrade
  • FIXES:
  • Admin prefs checkboxes (automated options and compatibility options) changes aren't saved into 1.2.6 version, fixed.
  • Eternal welcome to the 1.2.6 version bug solved
  • Font Picker (selector) blank window bug solved
  • Select page for insertion 404 error solved
  • Magic quotes gpc activated proof (some webservers has this activated)
  • Fifth step importation bug solved (rare issue)
  • JS-Cron step #2 404 error solved


  • TESTED IN WP 3.5
  • DEEP CHANGES IN SECURITY: XSS & CSRF attaks prevention
  • Added button to force automate script start with debugging info
  • Now the imported posts gets the "include posts for automation by default" preference
  • Autosave posts deactivating automation user preference solved
  • Automate posts by creation/update date preference added
  • FIXES:
  • Pagination added into select post popup (preventing memory overflow for much posts)
  • Long lang code support added (chinese and portuguese)
  • First character ? in newsletters fixed (rare, only a few webservers issue)
  • Import users bug fixed
  • PHP set_time_limit warning solved


  • Added automated config option: older edited posts should be included on automation (on/off)
  • Added subscribe config option: Antispam bot check (on/off) (Subscribe always fails "wrong e-mail adress" message issue in some Cache systems)
  • Fatal error in admin newsletter page fixed
  • Added 250 and 500 users per iteration submit (only for high performance SMTP)
  • Fixed issue in the text email version (Thanks to Ernscht)
  • Fixed issue in special chars email validation (Thanks to Ernscht)
  • Added widget format (label/input position)
  • Hidden Knews in admin menu fixed
  • Fixed mailto in links on newsletters


  • Solved double subscription bug into windows webservers (definitely, we swear)
  • Solved bug in the scheduling of autocreation task
  • Added JS-CRON force button in submits screen (look at the bottom list)
  • Added support for NextGen Gallery images insertion in the WYSIWYG editor
  • Added apply_filters['the_content'] deactivation to avoid post insertion issues with another plugins like NextGen Gallery and others


  • Solved htaccess bug in newsletter images (bug in 1.2.2 version for some webservers)
  • Double subscription bug fixed
  • Fixed broken HTML newsletter submit when includes bad URLs (like )
  • Added mailing lists order field (for selector order in subscription form)
  • Bad URL tutorials fixed
  • Solved JavaScript post content insertion into newsletter bug (from plugins like add Link to Facebook)


  • Solved SQL bug ('last_run' missing field) in knews 1.2.0 /1.2.1 clean installations (in Auto-creation admin page)
  • Solved a token replacement bug about name/surname fields in submitted newsletters.
  • Now you can specify a mailing list id, name, surname and/or stylize it in shortcode and theme knews_plugin_form() call (see installation for details).
  • Solved statistics bug: now shows the Submits OK/Error graph and calculates right the clicks percentages
  • The custom templates can be uploaded to /wp-content/uploads/knewstemplates/ in order to preserve it when you updating the plugin.
  • New premium template "Glossy Black", in our (new shop).


  • SOLVED IMPORTANT BUG!!! Cron submits never be submitted in 1.2.0 version.
  • Solved two bugs in the can't read page: Now replaces the tokens (Name and Surname) and the unsubscribe link now works. Thanks to IanFox.
  • The e-mail now is url encoded into user confirmation, unsubscribe and can't read email. Emails like works now. Thanks to Ernscht.


  • Added Name and Surname fields, in the subscription form and token replacement in the newsletter submit.
  • Automated creation and submit newslettering.
  • Deep change in the Ajax way: from old-school method to standard WordPress method: This will solve some incompatibility issues with other plugins in the WYSIWYG editor and other Ajax Calls.


  • NEW: Bosnian added - sr_RS - about 60% translated (thanks to: Hasan Yousef)
  • WOW: CSS and images on/off preview in the WYSIWYG editor.
  • Post selection for insertion in the newsletter editor enharcements:
    • in the right language by default.
    • with the_content filters from theme/plugins in %the_content% replacement
    • posts without title can be selected. Thanks to Hasan Yousef
  • Add subscriptor function added: $Knews_plugin->add_user(email, id_list_news, lang, lang_locale) e.g. $Knews_plugin->add_user('', 1, 'en', 'en_US'). Thanks to @drskullster.
  • Cross-domain bug solved in ajax subscription when WPML differents domains per language option activated. Thanks to Matthieu Huguet
  • Import bug solved when submit confirmation is activated. Thanks to @berardini.
  • Cache bug in the WYSIWYG editor after saving for some users solved by adding random param. Thanks to Miran Peterman

  • Stats bug solved (function name incompatibility with other themes/plugins). Thanks to @ashishsehgal.

  • The extrange forbidden error while saving the newsletter solved. Thanks to Hasan Yousef

  • A casablanca template background image bug solved.


  • Fixed an Stupid bug in the widget that breaks the sidebar... we apologize this!!!


  • NEW: Croatian added - hr - about 60% translated (thanks to: Hasan Yousef)
  • NEW: Serbian added - sr_RS - about 60% translated (thanks to: Hasan Yousef)
  • Custom templates folder. Upload your custom templates to /wp-content/uploads/knewstemplates and plugin uploads don't erase it.
  • FIXED AUTOMATED SUBMIT BUG IN WP CRON configs (some users can't submit newsletters, the submit process stopped at 0% forever). Thanks to: Tudor
  • Fixed issue with the JavaScript CRON Emulation (previous versions marks JS-Cron as a cronjob server input)
  • Fixed exact size upload error in the WYSIWYG editor (when no resize is needed). Thanks to: Hans-Heinz Bieling
  • Fixed the selection post issue in the WYSIWYG Knews Editor (some qTranslate configurations can't switch between languages). Thanks to: Acorderob
  • Added mailing list ID as optional param in the knews shortcode. Thanks to: Luis Briso de Montiano Aldecoa
  • Fixed javascript bug when 2 or more knews subscription form cohexists in one page (sidebar + shortcode or more than one shortcode). Thanks to: Luis Briso
  • Fixed the drag and drop modules issue in older created newsletters (from knews versions 1.0.0 to 1.0.5). Thanks to: Xavier Goula
  • Easy color change and delete of links in the newsletter editor. Thanks to Hans-Heinz Bieling
  • Fixed the position of the false comments textarea in the subscription form (to avoid spam bots). Thanks to: Hasan Yousef
  • DOING_AJAX constant added in ajax pages for WP_DEBUG activated configs. (See


  • Fixed automated submit bug (some users can't submit newsletters, the submit process stopped at 0% forever). Thanks to webken.
  • Added import option that allow add mailing lists to old subscriptors trough new CSV. Thanks to: Luis Briso de Montiano Aldecoa.
  • Fixed minor translation bug in Arabic language. Thanks to: Hasan Yousef.
  • Updated dashboard advices system.
  • Fixed a path bug link to the JavaScript CRON Emulation file.
  • Fixed the selection post issue in the WYSIWYG Knews Editor (some WPML configurations can't switch between languages). thanks to: Hasan Yousef.
  • Fixed an undo image URL change issue in Editor.
  • Fixed the too small image message bug in Editor: Before, show an incorrect permissions error message.
  • Link to videotutorial in the editor added.



Solved a Cross-Site Scripting Vulnerability (XSS) in the file: knews/wysiwyg/fontpicker/index.php (Technical info here

  • Anti-spam bots hidden inputs was added to registration widget / form (thanks to Hans-Heinz Bieling)
  • Anti-spam bots hidden inputs was added to registration widget / form (thanks to Hans-Heinz Bieling)


  • wizard dialog for social buttons, to easily insert the URLs and hide undesired icons.
  • Image oversize limitation (non breaking layout)
  • Image attributes edition (alternate text, links, border, vspace and hspace properties)
  • The horizontal insertion spaces between modules are hidden in edition time, only appears during dragging module
  • There are a zoom view in the editor
  • The editor has now an insert image button at the cursor position
  • -- languages --
  • NEW: Arabic added - ar (thanks to: Hasan Yousef)
  • NEW: Finnish added - fi (thanks to: Eccola )
  • -- fixes --
  • Save newsletter error re-fixed (thanks to Javier)
  • User and password SMTP fields autocomplete issue solved (thanks to Esa Rantanen and Thorsten Wollenhöfer)
  • WP_DEBUG alerts breaking ajax actions and WYSIWYG editor (from current theme or another plugins error messages) fixed
  • Wordpress core files inside directory broken URLs fixed (different WP address and Site address) (thanks to Manuel Burak and André Hilhorst)


  • Support for image selection in Multisite WordPress sites (thanks to Esa Rantanen)
  • WP-CRON interactions with other plugins fixed (thanks to Thorsten Wollenhöfer)
  • Save newsletter error fixed (thanks to Javier)
  • Image selection blank dialog fixed (thanks to Javier)


  • URGENT: Preview and can't read newsletters bug fixed (thanks to Esa Rantanen)
  • Image resize bugs fixed (thanks to Esa Rantanen)


  • MAJOR BUGS Fixed in Windows webservers (thanks to Hans-Heinz Bieling)
  • Resolved WYSIWYG editor issues in Macintosh Chrome (thanks to Max Schanfarber)
  • Minor bug in modal window after subscription on twenty elevens theme (thanks to Esa Rantanen)
  • Fixed customised messages bug (thanks to Hans-Heinz Bieling)


  • WYSIWYG improvements:
  • Solved change image bug when no link is provided (thanks to Alfredo Pradanos)
  • Now you can resize template images in situ, with re-sharp and undo buttons (click on images)


  • Template Casablanca improvements: background and layout issues with Gmail solved
  • Duplication of newsletters option added (not necessary start from scratch every newsletter)


  • Habemus Plugin!!!

** How can I use the tokens to customize the e-mails? **

In the email/newsletter, write: {%name%[Dear user]} {%surname%[]} in any place, the tokens %name% and %surname% will be replaced by the user fields in submit time. If there are empty, then will be replaced by the default values (between []).

Can someone with no knowledge of HTML create a newsletter and send it to their clients?

Yes, absolutely. The newsletter editor is WYSIWYG and modular. It is not necessary to have any knowledge of HTML and in a matter of minutes you can make a professional looking newsletter that will be seen correctly by all devices and e-mail programmes.

What is special about Knews editor?

Knews editor is unique. It takes advantage of HTML5 properties to create a really unique WYSIWYG editor. You can drag modules to build the newsletter as large as you have things to say, load content of the posts or enter new ones, upload images or use those of the multimedia library, change colours, fonts, images and much more...

The widget and shorcode of knews don't work, I can't see the subscription form.

If there is not any mailing list opened, the widget and the form doesn't prints... maybe this the problem? Go to Knews > Mailing lists in the WP admin menu, and check if at least one mailing list is defined and opened for everyone and for the registered users. If you are running a multilanguage WP, check if at least one mailing list are opened for every lang in the same admin page.

Knews is not translated into my language

Knews allows you to easily modify all the interactive texts for the website visitor (subscriptions, cancellations, etc.). In your case, you will begin with texts in English. There are 20 sentences in all. If you want to collaborate and translate the whole of Knews into your own language, you will find the necessary files in directories/languages. Contact us and help us make Knews great!

How do I install additional languages in Knews?

You don't have to. If you have configured Knews to work with Polylang, WPML or qTranslate / qTranslate X, when you configure a new language in these plug-ins, Knews will already be ready.

Why do you recommend configuring CRON, when wp_cron already works in wordpress without doing anything?

Knews works initially with wp_cron that is based on running the tasks assigned from time to time. Now, if a blog or website doesn't receive many visits, it won't be reliable, because wp_cron has not been run if there are no website visits, so, start sends and the rate at which they are sent depends on the visits to the website. (tutorial here).

Knews have statistics?

Since version 1.1.0, Knews has statistics. This include: sign ups, unsubscriptions, newsletter submits, user clicks, user can't read click, etc.

I am a designer and I need to give my clients a customised template

Here you have a tutorial to create a 100% personalised template. You will be able to define which areas are editable and which are not (images, colours, texts, links, etc.), and preview the different types of information to display, creating different modules for the newsletter editor.

Why do you recommend configuring an SMTP account?

If sending is done by SMTP, the amount of e-mails reported as SPAM will drop. Knews sends the e-mails one by one by SMTP as you would, therefore guaranteeing a high rate of assured sending. (tutorial here).

My newsletter must go out today, CRON doesn't work and I don't have enough entries in the website.

No problem. Simply choose the option to use Cron emulation in JavaScript and send normally. You will have to keep a window open until the sending ends that's all.

How many templates Knews has?

At the moment Knews only has 3 free templates. We have 6 premium templates also. Just we launched a pair of WooCommerce compatible templates in our (new shop). In any case, the degree of personalisation of our templates is immense, with thousands of different combinations available. You can also follow our tutorial to modify a template or create a new custom one for yourself.

Version 1.8.2

Requires WordPress version: 3.1 or higher

Compatible up to: 4.6.3

Last Updated 21 Sep 2016

Date Added: 28 May 2012

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